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Top 10 Funniest | Parks and Recreation Moments

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These are my favourite bits from Parks and Rec. I hope you enjoy the video. No copyright infrigment intended.
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chrissy flores (6 hours ago)
The ice rink one gets me everytime
Robyn A (2 days ago)
What about prom episode
Robyn A (2 days ago)
*’’the only thing I will be waving is your decapitated head in front of your weeping mother’’*
Kimag (4 days ago)
Snake Juice. Ron Swanson. Enough said 😂😂😂😂
Kyle Collins (4 days ago)
How about when Andy tackled a possum
Kongo Bongo (7 days ago)
Ill always love chris treagers birthday kiss to ron.
rockoperajon (10 days ago)
Rob Swanson dancing on Snake Juice is the greatest 3 seconds in television history.
Erik Nyberg (15 days ago)
did you paus it?
Proud Republican (19 days ago)
Burt maclin or michael scarn
The Hyper Monkey (20 days ago)
My favorite scene in the show is when Mona Lisa is asking ben for money, and when he declines she destroys the glass thing and says “MONEY PLEEASE!” in the deep voice
SteveClass1c (21 days ago)
This was someone's 5 funniest scenes?
Joshua Gomez (22 days ago)
you talkin to me bitch?
J Fulkerson (23 days ago)
There are funnier moments
Tiff. (28 days ago)
When Rob Lowe was sick with the flu and he said he puked somewhere in the room but forgot where, and then told himself in the mirror to stop pooping. That will always make me laugh.
Shimmie McDewford (29 days ago)
"Snake Juice" is personally my number 1! It just gets me every fucking time 😂
Am ph an. (29 days ago)
Just eat the freaking banana.
Ken Hasibar (30 days ago)
That was shit and a waste of time. Stop making uploads.
Kai Cutler (30 days ago)
Where's the nipple scene
M a d o n n a (1 month ago)
I can think of literally 100s of funnier moments than this
Gary Gillett (1 month ago)
So, if those were the FUNNIEST bits, I haven't missed much. Thanks!
Jax McGee (1 month ago)
"did you pause it" LMFAOOO
just some trash (1 month ago)
we are so fucking screwed
Natasha D Witt (1 month ago)
Ok, but what about Jerry’s fart attack?
Madison Doyle (1 month ago)
Two words Ben Batman
brandonisi (1 month ago)
The first time I saw the ice rink scene I was laughing so hard I literally cried.
Dax TRAX (1 month ago)
Smile and wave bois
Original Vambian (1 month ago)
All. Everything.
Haesschen (1 month ago)
Olive O'Connor (1 month ago)
man if someone built me an iron throne I'd marry that person on the spot
Exavier McSimmons (1 month ago)
Truly hilarious. One of the best shows in the history of TV. Ron Swanson is possibly the best character to ever appear on the screen, except for maybe Fezzik.
Dr. Dax (1 month ago)
There were DEFINITELY better funny scene ps to put in here
jackalexander (1 month ago)
"our starship is in trouble" literally the best scene in the entire show
Prison Mike (1 month ago)
"The calzones... Betrayed me?"
Mikebdj Snsjxjc (1 month ago)
Ba ba booeey
Ryker Holmes (1 month ago)
No i got run over by a lexus
impeacheso (1 month ago)
"Our starship is in trouble" that killed me lmao
Gamer Lad (1 month ago)
I still don’t know why they had confessions and people with cameras that were able to be seen and talked to.
Austin Truesdell (1 month ago)
These moments arent funny
Max’sWorld (1 month ago)
Anyone else here because of Deh Ham Sandwich.
xyz xyz (1 month ago)
Adrian W. (1 month ago)
Very bad picks. So many more interesting scenes
Donna Lanzanas (1 month ago)
The Sister City episode should have been included!
U MAD BRO? (1 month ago)
No one is mentioning 4:09? Goddamn hilarious 😂
lps corgi pawer (1 month ago)
Does anybody else love when Chris has the flu and says in the mirror to himself, "STOP. POOPING!"
Devin Weir (1 month ago)
Our starship is in trouble
Dustin Bishop (2 months ago)
“Uh, ja boys an answer on the bar exam.”
SpanishDandy (2 months ago)
“Come here, come here though peasant, who are you? “ “Our Starship is in trouble”
Rafael B. (2 months ago)
Because eyes are the windows to the house. Andy Dwyer
Wølfgirl TM (2 months ago)
4:05 what????
Nomsi K (2 months ago)
is this show kinda like the office?
krum will (2 months ago)
That ice skating one I laugh so hard every time!!!
Armando Claudio (2 months ago)
You missed all the scenes of Barney
Lillah Rose (2 months ago)
"I'm Ron F**kin Swanson"
9 tips (2 months ago)
Donna yasssss ma girl
Daniel Zajíc (2 months ago)
I just finished the office and I wanted to watch this show next but this video was so boring and unfunny that I don't know if I want to watch it anymore.
sanjeev shaw (2 months ago)
What about fart attack?
S. B. (2 months ago)
2:04 Oh Banana 🍌
Sima Wattar (2 months ago)
I miss this show😂
eiggam snirek (2 months ago)
How is the ice rink scene only number 10
Charlie Wolcott (2 months ago)
Mark Brendana-quits
virtualpainter (2 months ago)
the ice rink and snakejuice scenes will forever be my favorite scenes from this show. i miss parks and rec so much it was so funny
iSynnawesome (2 months ago)
What about where Andy shows up naked at Ann’s house but Leslie answers
Nguyen Kiet A. (2 months ago)
What does April say at 4:04 lol
Klee Klee (2 months ago)
I just started this show... Amy poehlers character is 34? Yeah and trump is the best president ever.
Abraham Manilla (2 months ago)
How they gon put the ice rink scene but not put when Pete slams his head on the ice
Anthony Chairez (2 months ago)
_"Our starship is in trouble."_ Did she just...? *NO*
Robert Deleo (2 months ago)
I need this show to make a comeback
Celebrity Waffle (2 months ago)
network connectivity problems???
robyn kerachsky (2 months ago)
Ice rink scene
SaltyBoi YT (2 months ago)
As soon as i found out it’s set in Indiana it was instantly one of my favorite shows because I live there
DJ Carver (2 months ago)
*macklin. You sunnavah bitch*
Angelina Scano (2 months ago)
My favorite moment was the whole episode of Johnny Karate
A Melon Named Kate (2 months ago)
The fucking ice rink and Requiem for a Tuesday get me every time
cam . i (2 months ago)
oh no
Elyssa Chandler (2 months ago)
You missed the best part of Ron’s hernia- when he just picked up his burger and threw it at his mouth with the most deadpan face and then later when April comes in you can see all of the food scattered across the floor-even the drink- like he just threw them at his face and missed. That was the first time I ever cackled at this show.
mateo alvarado (3 months ago)
the best drunk scene is at 3:50
Robbie Schalk (3 months ago)
Ripoff to the office
Elle D. (3 months ago)
Derrick Marshall (3 months ago)
I watched 3 episodes a day fully and now that it’s over I’m fine I just want to die
Hairy Scrambler (3 months ago)
These are all good but the Venezuelans are the best.
TheBreakDownTv (3 months ago)
I couldnt stop laughing for like 10 minutes when ben was like "Leslie if you dont know what your talking about"
Jawz247 (3 months ago)
do you seriously think requiem for a tuesday is the best parks and rec moment
LiOnS 4LIFE (3 months ago)
I like the 1st one ☝🏼 ahahahahah
Andrei Despinoiu (3 months ago)
3:15 "Our starship is in trouble", lol. 5:13 "Matthew McConaughey on a beach". And Ben's response: "All right, all right, all right".
Jack Snow (3 months ago)
Anyone know what the fuck April said on sneek juice
Titacus (3 months ago)
4:10 Hmmm...
Shan V Perera (3 months ago)
Havnt watched this show but seeing this it dsnt look that funny. Trying to be the next Office kinda. But I heard same writers did Brooklyn 9-9 so im hoping the show is actually great.
Andulas is (3 months ago)
I came from the office and was hoping this would be a good substitute but this show isnt really funny imo :/ The only funny guys are chris, tom and ron
PandaPower 12 (3 months ago)
I just recently finished parks and rec and I understand why they made the ending the way they did but they MUST CONTINUE THE SHOW
Angel Starfire (3 months ago)
4:10 got me out of surprise 😂😂
basilwick (3 months ago)
The last scene with karaoke is the best
Gracie Anne (3 months ago)
I wanna have a "Treat yo Self" day with someone
Insightful Studio (3 months ago)
Get on your feet😂😂😂😂😂
Oliver_ Trash (3 months ago)
This video isnt really funny
Celebrity Waffle (3 months ago)
#10 should’ve been #1.
MindGem (3 months ago)
I'm watching Parks and that guy Paul Schneider is soo boring and worthless as an actor. He has zero charisma. He is like an Asberger serialkiller. Why in the world would they cast him in anything other than for the part of a statue. I'm sure he didnt quit after two seasons but they fired him for bringing dowm the world with his facial pessimism.
Tim Rowe (3 months ago)
For a person who's been thinking of watching P&R because the Audrey Plaza clips I've seen piqued my interest, but never got around to watching it, well, if these are really the top 10 funniest moments uhh... Well, I got a laugh out of the Expendables 2 joke...
Hector Torres (3 months ago)
This show and the office are similar and one of my favorites 💯
Them Boys (3 months ago)
I mean, it’s an alright list, but Requiem for a Tuesday isn’t #1 at all.
Them Boys (3 months ago)

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