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Epi #2 - Difference between Research Article and Magazine Article

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How to Learn Scientific Research? A Guide for Medical Students & Residents! In these episodes, I am trying to explain a series of lessons I learned during my career in medical research that I hope someone may find useful. The purpose of these episodes is to encourage young students and graduates to pursue their maximal potential and achieve their dreams confidently. It helps to know that someone like you, even with way less advantages was able to do the same. This means you can do the same as well.
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Nizar Saleh, MD (8 months ago)
If you find any of my videos helpful to you, please let me know in a message (www.facebook.com/nizarfsaleh) or an email ([email protected]) so that I happily keep making them. Thank you! :)
zeinab karam (23 days ago)
ممكن الpower pointالفديوهات رائعة
محمود طاهر (6 days ago)
جزاكم الله خيرا يا دكتور
Ahmed Hamdy (1 month ago)
مبدع كالعاده
Mohamed Gaber (4 months ago)
عااااش يا نزار بنتابعك من المانيا يا دفعتي
Nizar Saleh, MD (3 months ago)
مش ممكن! ازيك يا محمد؟ والله واحشني كتير !! ربنا يخليك كلامك بيفرحني
ghazi faisal (1 year ago)
You are enjoying the teaching dr...impressive way of teaching

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