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10 Women In Hollywood With Very High IQ

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10 Most beautiful and classy women in Hollywood! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you know that some of your favorite celebs have very extensive educational backgrounds? After high school, they didn’t just jump right into the entertainment industry. Instead, they furthered their education by obtaining law degrees and PhDs. We’re going to show you a few famous women who pursued advanced degrees, such as Amal Clooney, Kerry Washington, and Debra Messing. If you’d like to hear more about their college days, make sure to watch our video: 10 Women Who Have More Class Than Your Masters Degree. For some stars, pursuing a higher level of education was a long time in the making. Actress Eva Longoria waited until she was 38 to graduate with her masters degree, and Lupita Nyong’o didn’t finish hers until one year before she appeared in the film “12 Years a Slave.” Ashley Judd is another entertainer who was already well-known in the industry when she decided to further her education. We just hope her celebrity status wasn’t a distraction to her classmates! Kristin Chenoweth is known for appearing in major Broadway plays, and her masters degree most definitely helped her along the way. Another celeb who has earned a Ph.D. is the star of “The Big Bang Theory,” Mayim Bialik. Make sure to watch our video to see the crazy coincidence between her real life degree and the character she portrays on the hit TV show! If you’d like hear even more stories about women who have more class than your masters degree, including Meryl Streep and Miuccia Prada, make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these stories inspired you the most! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (495)
C Sil (11 days ago)
Chicano studies?? Lol. If the list includes men, most of the current names would be out of the list. Dolph Lundgreen and Brian May would be on top.
rmgraphics (21 days ago)
Double degree undergrad? And a PhD in neuroscience. But i bet a neuroscientist like her would not even agree with the title of this video
rmgraphics (21 days ago)
These people are amazing high achievers and very successful indeed. But i disagree with the title. Having those fancy degrees and education does not always mean they have high iq. You must consider hardwork and perseverance too
Adam Blade (30 days ago)
Intelligent women =/= women who _feel_ they are intelligent.
Leanna Patwell (1 month ago)
What is up with the TheTalko host woman's mispronunciation of SO many everyday words, in every SINGLE video?! She needs to take a page from this video and work on her education, to learn how to pronounce her words, and say FAMOUS people's names correctly!.
Leanna Patwell (1 month ago)
Lonn Hoffman (1 month ago)
You missed one! Melissa peterman. She played Barbara jean in the T.V. Show Reba. Cast as a ditsey blond she is anything but. A few years back she appeared on the Jeff fox worthy show called are you smarter than a fifth grader. She aced every one of the questions. You need to do better research about what you’ve done on this subject. The title of fox worthy show is misleading, those questions were very hard. BTW.... what about the smart males? Or do you feel there are no intelligent men in the world? Talk about your prejudice!
Kerry-Ann McKenzie (1 month ago)
It is quite sad to read some of these comments. Why is it assumed that only persons with degrees in Mathematics or science, are intelligent? Maybe based on the title, they should have also posted their IQs, but, overall, these women are indeed quite intelligent.
nangamso Hlabahlaba (2 months ago)
I was expecting to see their IQ levels
M.J. Leger (2 months ago)
Being "beautiful and classy" does NOT equate with a high IQ! Many people go back at a later age and finish their education, and they may plod along until they get a degree, but that really means little. And if you are educated other than America where the standards are fairly high, it may not mean much. And you must take into consideration that MANY, MANY students are given a "social pass" -- whereas, to determine a high IQ involves taking SEVERAL KINDS of standardized IQ tests and even then, they do not always agree! While finishing your education or furthering your education is admirable, it often shows more tenacity than smarts! (OR fear of getting out on your own, can often cause balkiness and keep a "student" in school!) But celebrities WILL be noticed and sometimes exploited, by the schools as well as by their studios and other entities!
zak Sarwari (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing.
Jen Bo (2 months ago)
Lupita is stunning.
Jordyn Evans (2 months ago)
please pronounce these names better, its making my skin crawl
Robert Magbanua (2 months ago)
Amal is not an actor, but married to one.
Cuti Downy (2 months ago)
Shallow rubbish trying to persuade people that education or IQ (Idiocy Quotient?) represents anything of real value. It might only help them if they get tired of being a puppet in Hollyweird. True intelligence is not intellectual, but spiritual or moral intelligence, i.e. at least knowing the Golden Rule or the difference between right and wrong. No teacher can teach those priceless things; it's a gift from God if anyone is able to learn them or realize they are incapable of hurting or using anyone. An intellectual or "smart" moron is a more deadly moron. Intellectuality is an impediment to true intelligence. Hitler was intelligent, but a moral retard.
Laura Hartley (2 months ago)
None of these equate to having a high IQ. Natalie Portman for example, yes, very intelligent and she’s not even in this list!! Miyam, neuroscience, yeah, she’s intelligent. And sure Amal has brains. But the rest of them, not hard. I have 2 bachelor degrees with honours. But I wouldn’t say I’m a genius with a high IQ. Very misleading title!
mayaknife (3 months ago)
A lot of garbage degrees in there, though getting a Ph.D in anything, even African Studies, does require above average intelligence and resolve.
xIrisMarie (3 months ago)
mother goose (3 months ago)
Education is a tool, which you can use to accomplish what you desire. A process which takes something exrtra. Life is a learning experience, that takes intelligence.
Frances Walker (3 months ago)
Just so you know, Kristin's last name is pronounced as "Chin-a-with", not Chin-a-worth.
Rozy Cantsay (3 months ago)
Sara Gilbert (daughter in Rosanne), went to Yale with ex-husband. David Duchovny, Chris Noth, Ben Stein (genius), George Bush, Natalie Portman, Henry Winkler, Pras and more.
karmakameleon113 (4 months ago)
I'm now 100% convinced that Talko vids are made by one single person at a time, in a basement somewhere, without a single script editor or narration editor involved.
Loli Love MA channel (4 months ago)
Talko , a degree doesn't qualify someone to have a HIGH IQ. Talko you guys are really stupid on how you look at the world and these celebrities. You just did a disservice to all women. Saying women with degrees in Hollywood have brains and the only ones who have brains. .Drama Arts doesn't qualify someone to have a high IQ also people struggle with learning disabilities. Women with learning disabilities I have seen these women work so much harder than others to make the grade . Talko your narrative is so warped. Your thought process is disgusting. The only women in the world who are actresses with high IQ's are the ones with the degrees. Is it surprising that women have High IQ's and/or go to college and become really successful? Why is this even a vlog? This is disrespectful to all humans. Like how surprising women have brains . I cannot listen to your vlogs because they make people stupid. IQ points go down . College is hard, School can be an obsession and some people are really good at it and it is fun to learn. I am a fast learner and I read all the time. i went to college , but left because I got really sick. I do not know what my IQ is. I know I am an intelligent woman. My point I made on another youtube vlog . I said that women are the worst to women and Talko you guys just proved my point. BTW Amal is not a movie star. She married one . You guys act like she is a starlet and she isn't. She went to law school, she is beautiful , smart , and married to one of the most famous actors of all time. She is successful and she is an over achiever and that is awesome. The title of this Vlog is stupid.
Amal Nasir (4 months ago)
Hi!I'm Amal...
Just lina (4 months ago)
Just, lame.
cristincik91 (4 months ago)
Having an education and high iq are not always the same
SN L (4 months ago)
Mayim has a high IQ.
Isha Purohit (4 months ago)
Where's Shakira? The woman speaks 6 languages and has a very high IQ
Kristine Mitoma (4 months ago)
Poster the title should be Most educated..the two are different
Clodagh Ni Fhaolain (5 months ago)
If she says 12 Years OF Slave one more time imma punch her
Zarra Hafiz (5 months ago)
well.. the title is misleading.. the only some deserve to be on the list. you didnt even inculde natalie portman.
Kat K (5 months ago)
The narrator has horrible vocal fry.
mischa1880 (5 months ago)
Movie actresses are just prostitutes. They prostitute themselves in every possible way (from political to sexual) to be rewarded with MONEY!!!!
Jenna Hopkins (5 months ago)
Why would you not title this video 'Famous women with advanced degrees', or something similar? One's level of education doesn't mean anything when it comes to IQ. There are individuals with a PhD that wouldn't test above average on an IQ test. And there are individuals that only graduated from high school that can text at genius levels.
Ana Luiz Santos (5 months ago)
yes i have a phD in *insert useless field that requires little intellectual talent* MY IQ IS SOARING!
MGTOW PS (5 months ago)
The title should read — Women with degrees. Very few of these women are in STEM.
kelly Beck (5 months ago)
Whom ever put this video together and titled it celebs with a high IQ... doesn't have a very high IQ! Geena Davis is a member of mensa. She has a very high IQ. Ladies like her should be on this list. These ladies get a big pat on the back and are good role models to show women everywhere that if you have the time and you have the means ( the will and the money, and transportation etc l) to expand your education, then being of an older age shouldn't you.
NotSoCommonSense (5 months ago)
Earning a degree does not indicate intelligence. Period.
Marilyn White (5 months ago)
These are not people to be proud of OKAY
alexandria nguyen (5 months ago)
Interesting, good video. I invite you all to enjoy & like & share our youtube channel: Rise of Great Royal Empire* Toda Orogold & Brilliance New York
lupe carmona (5 months ago)
RenShiWu (5 months ago)
I believe Mayim Bialik has a high (absolute) IQ. I believe Lupita Nyong'o and Amal Clooney have relatively high IQs. For all the others, hell no. Eva Longoria, particularly, is a dummy who has a career premised entirely on her looks. Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman should be on this list and few others.
Alana Humanity (5 months ago)
What does a degree have to do with a high IQ?
Laura Streeter (5 months ago)
This video stupid so I guess the video makers have a low IQ. Most of these actors are just people who went to college, which is admirable but still it doesn't' denote a high IQ. Geena Davis (not on the list) and Mayim Bialik actually DO have a high IQ's, both at 149 and Natalie Portman's (not mentioned) is is also very high at 140. Quentin Tarantino's is 160. For comparison both Stephen Hawking and Einstein had a IQ of 160.
Green Eyes Racy Fox (6 months ago)
Taking on the personality of someone's different frame of mind and making it believable is a sign of high intelligence.No I.Q.'s were shown and thank God what would some men and women do, if on top of GREAT LOOKS, FAME AND FORTUNE THERE IS ALSO HIGH INTELLIGENCE!!! Envy rots the bones GET A LIFE WORTH LIVING, SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BASH EVERYONE ELSE'S!!!
Elsa B (6 months ago)
But you never mentioned the IQ measures
Val Kitty (6 months ago)
What on earth is this rubbish list?!! There are two slightly intelligent women on there. The arts degrees count for crap and I can sya that as I have two science degrees :) !! Real Hollywood talent and a huge brain is someone like Hedy Lamarr who actually invented the mobile phone technology we have today. The idiots that put this stuff together need to be shot!
jmaedl027 jmaedl (6 months ago)
Merryl Streep is a POS
Rani Sun (6 months ago)
Where's Tina Fey???
Eva Kirigo (6 months ago)
dvdgalutube (6 months ago)
No Asian actresses being mentioned. I’m sorry to say it’s very typical.
Marie Lang (6 months ago)
Meryl is obnoxious!
Marie Lang (6 months ago)
Judd loves abortion.
Annie (6 months ago)
Lol. Anthropology is precisely the type of subject Olivia Pope would study. Criminal Justice or Political Science or Pre-Law are the type of subjects, she wouldn't study. They are for student at third tier law schools or who plan to be cops.
KY (6 months ago)
Omg Meryl is BEAUTIFUL and so graceful, you can tell what a lovely, decent, smart person she is. And yes, where is Natalie Portman?
pink unicorn (7 months ago)
Emma Watson?She got 9 A-stars!
Maxmillan Maxmillan (7 months ago)
And none of these women voted for tRUMP.
anny farinas (7 months ago)
Lisa Kudrow, Natalie Portman.
Loom Baba (7 months ago)
OK, so they have degrees & Master degrees, but what is their IQ? Wrong title of ur clip.
cris morash (7 months ago)
I'm only impressed with Amal Clooney
iluvharrypotter97 (7 months ago)
"12 Years of Slave"????
Sandcastles Inthesand (7 months ago)
I miss Jodie Foster and Lisa Kudrow in this video...
Toina Nwachuku (7 months ago)
Eva is not smart..
LulitaInPita (7 months ago)
Um, excuse me! You forgot Emma [email protected] Watson!!! 😤
Action News (8 months ago)
Correction: The person in the thumb is a MAN
Gurgur and Mom (8 months ago)
Their money paid for their education and made them look smart, it’s not their brain.
Elise Jabbour (8 months ago)
A lot is missing ...... where is Jodie Foster the most known for her high IQ ??? I don't think that Merril Streep deserves to be indicated here
STEFAN VELKOV (8 months ago)
Admiration for Amal!! George good choise _Frend George _Brad Pit Idiot!!! Feliz for Amal and Childrans!!!
michelle c (8 months ago)
Great they went back to school and got an education but they’re not doing anything with that so was it really worth it ? I think it’s pointless  I don’t get the Prado one her family already owned Prada?
Sonya Gutama (8 months ago)
Great genius
Losana (8 months ago)
yes people are confusing education with intelligence but I suspect the IQ bit is for luring us to watch the video.
NNelson (8 months ago)
Kristen Chenoworth?!?!? So much cringe 😑
2dasimmons (8 months ago)
Amal and George Clooney look like brother&sister.
Drita Berisha (8 months ago)
Hollywood and high IQ in the same title. Wow, that's something you don't hear everyday. Most Hollywood actors and actresses are famous for being narcissistic and undereducated.
Black Swan (8 months ago)
For Hollwood, it is sufficient to have IQ >80 to be considered intelligent (as compared to 40 IQ: Whoopi/ Meryl/ "bloody panty" Judd/ Jennifer Lawrence)
mysticmeg111 (8 months ago)
Amal Clooney is English domiciled-not Hollywood.
Ian Mercredi (8 months ago)
Where is Jane Fonda and Sharon Stone?
limespider8 (8 months ago)
Why do so many people assume the only way to measure intelligence is through standardized testing? I say this as a teacher. And why so quick to knock down creatives? They are some of the most innovative, emotionally intelligent and thoughtful people out there. Not to mention what true artistry and creative vision has contributed to the world in which we live. The sciences are essential, but if you look around you...so are the arts. (And these schools are not easy.) Still, Jodie F, Sharon S and Natalie P are missing from this list!
Parilee Bijou (8 months ago)
LOL I did wake up one morning only to have a Hollywood a-lister in one of my classes. It was Ashley Judd.
Sonia Razaqyar (8 months ago)
lol Hampshire also doesn't have a grading system
Alejandra Fidalgo (8 months ago)
Angelina is missing
h i (8 months ago)
Just because you have a degree doesn't mean you have a high IQ! People that have avarage or lower IQ can study hard and work hard and still get a masters degree..there are straight A students out there who don't have 100+ IQ ...you know?
Richard Mattingly (8 months ago)
Except for Bialik/Clooney's most of the degrees here are rather worthless, and having one in performing arts is more about being a extrovert than being intelligent. You'd think that the actresses here actually had degrees that were more meaningful but at least a degree about political science lives up to putting BS in a Bacelors Degree....
Kaffir (8 months ago)
Sorry I can't take Masters Degree in Drama seriously.
Prince G. Binondo (8 months ago)
Ed Wood has the highest IQ is Hollywood.
Hadoan Phan (9 months ago)
Natalie Portman???
sue xoxox (9 months ago)
Number of degrees doesn't mean you have high IQ, in India everybody goes to college and graduates .
Dario Werbowy (9 months ago)
amal is so inspired!!! brain, beauty, behave, and luckily
Jan Seymour (9 months ago)
Where is Judge Judy?  Isn't she is constantly telling us that she is the smartest person in the room!
Roei Yehuda (9 months ago)
well educated does not necessarily mean smart
TheOther (9 months ago)
Chicano studies?
mallikadasi (9 months ago)
rename your title. Going to college has nothing to do with a HIGH IQ. Smart yes, but not necessarily a HIGH IQ!
Brandon Morris (9 months ago)
A lot of degrees don't equate to high IQ, especially in USA. Subordination is what it takes to get most degrees. Look how many intelligent world thinkers of history had trouble in school or dropped out.
R Cole (9 months ago)
Did a highschool student make this video?..and where's jodie foster, winona, natalie portman..etc. the title is also misleading..
Dee J. (9 months ago)
Amal Clooney is not Hollywood. She is too classy for degenerate Hollywood.She is the only woman Clooney knew she was worthy to marry. He is in fact the proud one to have her as his wife.
siddharth nagar (9 months ago)
Jodie Foster is unequivocally the smartest celebrity in America
All of these girls have a degree or master in arts or comedian studies well but no one of them have a degree in a scientific speciality like. Medicine or computer science
abmong (9 months ago)
Why is Amal even on this list??? She's not an actor/entertainer... She only married one.
Rguha Liolrm (9 months ago)
When the whole world is in flames.. when we need to put an end to the hunger.. the poverty.. the violence.. the genocide.. deceases.. the way things are unequally and unfairly distributed in the world... we call on those who did studies like.. Chicano... ... drama.... musical theatre..
Jedina Istina (9 months ago)
And they are all transgendered from birth.
Jerk Joker (9 months ago)
Law degrees mean they have high IQ? Haha I would say the reverse, because of what the law has become & how it is used in the USA
Jerk Joker (9 months ago)
Even worse, far worse, is a degree in Chicano studies. What could be less useful than that? Dum-chick?

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