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Indigo Girls - "Galileo" (XPoNential Music Festival 2015)

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Indigo Girls perform "Galileo" live at the XPoNential Music Festival on July 26, 2015. Check out the complete recap on The Key: http://thekey.xpn.org/2015/07/26/indigo-girls-2/
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andrew michael (3 months ago)
it's beautiful seeing everyone sing
Mark Sapienza (9 months ago)
Grew up a metal head and a southern Rock Rebel. Love all genres of music. The Indigo Girls are one of my favorite bands of all time! Amy and Emily you still sound awesome. See ya this Summer!
mairi gearey (3 years ago)
I opened for you at the california state fair. I am am living in brooklyn and would like to work with you i have a grassroots studio. meaning I have nords and stuff .but my calling has been a lot of activism and i have instruments from all overt t .many made from bamboo . any whoos I tend to stay a wee bit of the grid. . But as a grant writer and activistist.(this spel check sucks!!! contact me or tell me how to contact you via my eamail

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