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Cafe Racer | RD 350 | Moto Exotica | Liberal Arts Productions

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http://www.motoexotica.org This is a Cafe Racer Yamaha RD 350 by Arjun Raina. He rode it himself in this video, watch how this Cafe Racer RD 350 made by Motoexotica India runs out on roads of Dehradun. A cinematic video by LA Production. Feel free to share. Rider: Arjun Raina Warning - Please do not try this at home, these stunts are performed by professionals. Like, Comment and Subscribe for more videos. Follow Team Evolution on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/teamevoofficial/ Video made by - LA Productions Follow LA Productions - https://www.facebook.com/LiberalArtsProductions/
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Text Comments (107)
I really want buy it plz replay
Cart 13 (27 days ago)
Why would you do this to RD 350.... People trying to find one have not been able to find it and you 😣😣😣😣😣
Stephen Harijanto (3 months ago)
In love with the song
KhaiJi Kavele (3 months ago)
i love your bike....yamaha 350
Earl Bigod (4 months ago)
At 1:33, great cinematography. Thanks for the film.
DEIVER NB PRO (5 months ago)
Que dolor de güevas eso es un clásico muy Melo como para volverlo café racer
Milkman 05 (8 months ago)
Sweet project! Looking great sounding awesome.
Jessica GOLD (8 months ago)
A moto ficou perfeita .... So o escape que ta meio solto repara la.
Ashish Haobam (8 months ago)
im interestd to knw top speed n price?
Jeevan Chaukar (1 year ago)
Now THAT truly is an exotic! I would have liked this even more if it had less of the sad kind of music and more of RD's rip-roaring sound and more wheelie antics!!
Federico Ferrari (1 year ago)
Great bike and even better video. very well put together! please keep on. i have subscribed ;)
Lobo Subaquático (1 year ago)
The vídeo is not working please fix it i love this vídeo
Rajas Gaikwad (1 year ago)
one of the best vids I've seen until date bro! Damn awesome bike! Those sharp edges on the tank just add up to the music in the background. Nothing Else Matters, what a song, what a bike! It's a pleasure to watch such a racer made out of a legendary RD 350. Keep up with the good work mate. Cheers!
Alice Fox (1 year ago)
*This video is too dark. Diliked*
danyal ehtedar (2 years ago)
Glad that you are able to hold on to a great bike , somehow it was not the same for me , i owned a LT for 5 years and never had good memories with her , i think it all boils down to the amount of patience and money one is willing to pump into an RD , this bike is a legend but never worked well for me , hats off for the amount of work and cash you have put into her so far , The new age breed of motorcycle are far more dependable , i dont mean to say an RD is not dependable but in the long run it really gets down to how much one is willing to spend (time and money ), BRAVO for your patience , !
sarvesh acharya (2 years ago)
The sound of the twins gave some extra beats in my heart. :)
MotoNinja (2 years ago)
nicely don video nice mix of the music and footage
awesome video awesome work on the bike its very good yeah but holy shit dont destroy moto to make a cafe racer
thesantiso (2 years ago)
Horribly shown bike, ugly as fuck petrol tank... but nice video nevertheless
Jan J1 (2 years ago)
Super !
Hiram Santos (2 years ago)
4t e moda 2t e foda
Utkarsh Dagor (3 years ago)
the music nothing else matters is very tuned with he video
Aadish Raikwar (3 years ago)
smartygauti (3 years ago)
the bike looks brilliant..and that scream...oh stunning
m.L. correa (3 years ago)
moto maravilhosa +  video espetacular + musica do apocalyptica = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEMx648zMXA
Pablo mariño (3 years ago)
ude dejar de cerrar la boca ,simplemente es pec ta cu larrrr
Aredde Serkle (3 years ago)
Nicely done.
ajay mann (3 years ago)
oh my god. Love
Old School Engineering (3 years ago)
O projeto ficou perfeito, e assim nasce mais uma cafe racer 
elliott cook (4 years ago)
Those forks tubes are perfect, I don't see many people using such high quality coatings.......I use them as well, Kashima uppers and DLC lowers...Fantastic job!!
Kingping (4 years ago)
Music by: apocalyptica - nothing else matters For those who wonders
John Roy (4 years ago)
nice gauge cluster  simple 
GaBy Arg (4 years ago)
nicolas platero estas equivocado, efectivamente es un RD 350 usada en India (creo que el video es de ahí) ... podes buscar en internet e interiorizarte con su historia.  Saludos.
Pavi uae (4 years ago)
Afonso Yamaha (4 years ago)
nicolas platero (4 years ago)
no es un rd 350 es un rd daytona 400!
gibby netto (4 years ago)
Fukin amazing  man \o/ VOW when you race the legend it moves with the song.I feel its the most touching part of this clip.Good job man ,but just consider another tank,its don't fit the cafe racer look.RD RULES!!! Have fun man!!
mccoy2mccoy (4 years ago)
SeansChocolates (4 years ago)
love your bike, i am currently building a cafe racer rx 100
Duke (4 years ago)
That, brought a tear to my eye ! She's beautiful. Great job!
Wilton Jr (4 years ago)
Cara adorei a moto, ficou Perfeita!
Ultra Cruiser (4 years ago)
@Lakshya Khanduri  what is the fork man ? 
Ishan (4 years ago)
A Legendary Motorcycle! RD. and a Legendary Song!!  Respect for the creators of this Motorcycle.!
Midhun Xavier (4 years ago)
let there b more, born from it
randhall joss (4 years ago)
GREAT..but the gas tank no no no on an 70 chopper ok but not on a cafe racer
this is insane 
Jatin Gor (4 years ago)
i have a tvs victor around 12 years old and has clocked above 2.5 lac kms, can we build something like from my victor
Jatin Gor (4 years ago)
its a beauty
prashant kumar (4 years ago)
That is one badass bike.Awesome guys.
Ambed Anand (4 years ago)
glitch005 (4 years ago)
Want one fantastic job well done 😃
L júnior (4 years ago)
year ?
Ishan Mishra (4 years ago)
nothing else matter... \m/
NunoRacing74 (4 years ago)
Amazing \o/
Roshan Kumar (4 years ago)
chumeshwari ride ,nice vdo shoot lakshaya bhai , one thing i notice at 1:44 that the rider doesnt wear gloves at that moment 
Carlos Moura (4 years ago)
And nothing else matters!
Boot2yourHead (4 years ago)
great looking build. and that freaking awesome sound. 
H.Godinho (4 years ago)
magnific *****
Anupam Potdar (4 years ago)
cichy996 (4 years ago)
Zajebisty Cafe Race,montaż i muzyka rewelacja!!
Track "exactly" name pls, metallica-N.E.M remix or not ?
Thomas Rott (4 years ago)
its Apocalyptica- N.E.M ;)
Jahed Ahmed (4 years ago)
pura matha nosto!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!
Marco Golia (4 years ago)
The second expansion moves
suresh joseph (4 years ago)
dude i thought some dude in europe had built it till i saw the people around.awesome job ,the bike looks rad and sounds beautiful.i wish u cud showcase it at india bike week.kick ass job dude.awesome detail and nice one side holding front mud guard
arjun raina (4 years ago)
Suresh thank you !.. btw we were at IBW last year had taken up a stall, this year we won the Biker Build off in the open class with the scramble..do check the fb page for pics. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Motoexotica-India/299684120152677?fref=ts
Ian Taylor (4 years ago)
Like the video..what camera did you use?
sick my duck (4 years ago)
nice mean machine, hey is that modification done in dehradun?...cos m also looking for bullet modfication..please let me know cheerz !!!
Anshul Chauhan (4 years ago)
funkin "awsom" simply rebirth...............................complete biking nirvana.......
BonoMeArse (4 years ago)
Nah mate...definately Metallica....LOL....nice bike....
Dahat Sagar (4 years ago)
Awesome Bike.....
Manu Saju (4 years ago)
gRt job...............................
Rioz Sayed (4 years ago)
wow what a noise
anson antachan (4 years ago)
mind lost.....
herry iori (4 years ago)
keren bro, gue suka gaya loe,, modifiksinya aslii kerenz, gue pengen punya motor kaya gini.i like this ,,
GamingNationEH (4 years ago)
what kind of forks did you use on this bad boy
Amy Lopez (4 years ago)
Simul Dev (4 years ago)
superb sanjeev ur lucky
Ichiban Moto (5 years ago)
Awesome bike and video !  I need to find a talented videographer to film my youtube bike once it's finished
cosmin v (5 years ago)
awesome work
rinuzx (5 years ago)
bro u r having one of my dream.. rd 350 cafe racer
Lucas Pomin (5 years ago)
INCREDIBLE, i have a project to do some clips bikes here in Brazil would you have any idea to help me? search channel  AGP BIKERS, and you see my project. please me some tips so I can improve. thanks and hugs
Achu MS (5 years ago)
hatz offf broooo ...awsmee <3
mymameisna (5 years ago)
My love!
maverickcruise111 (5 years ago)
legend with the classic music liked it
Rohith Krishnan (5 years ago)
1:36... Music to my ears.... :D
Abilash Sam (5 years ago)
2.09 ...is the bikes frame twisted :O... nd dnt the water splash frm the rear wheel ??
PraX (5 years ago)
Abinash murugesan - sound track is, Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
chetan saxena (5 years ago)
Nothin else matters theme i guess
Akash Chatterjee (5 years ago)
Sexo editng lucky bhaia.. Owned it!!
abinash murugesan (5 years ago)
name of the sound track?
Theophilos loco (5 years ago)
phalgun rao (5 years ago)
Please tell me where and how did you buy those inverted forks(USD forks) if you wanna sell them I wanna buy it from you
Aman Prakash (5 years ago)
Good to see such stuff coming out from DDUN !!
Aman Prakash (5 years ago)
Good to see such stuff coming out from DDUN !!
AknSan (5 years ago)
Show RD 350, THE BEST
Eduardo Miotto (5 years ago)
Long live two stroke! I love the smell of premix by the morning!
Jeff P (5 years ago)
Awesome video. Love the fact that it is a Yamaha 2 stroke. Love the classical instrumental Metallica as well. Keep riding that thing hard.
sameer chaoush (5 years ago)
What camera do u use to shot the video
Parash Dhakal (5 years ago)
Can we Buy The BIke???
Anirudh Rived Singh (5 years ago)
Mukhtar Ahmed (5 years ago)
LA productions can i have your contact info
Tenzin Jungnay (5 years ago)
wow !!!

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