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Dior Homme - Review

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Welcome back everyone to another fragrance review! This review is going to focused on the 2007 masterpiece from the house of Dior known as: Dior Homme. Dior Homme pretty much re-defined what a mens fragrance could be by basically challenging the actual concept of what makes a mens fragrance for men? They ended up creating a complex and sophisticated scent that captures the modern and classy gentleman. Dior Homme opens with an aromatic lavender that is supported by a sticky-moist iris, and YES it is quite reminiscent of a makeup bag, which is what this fragrance is famous for smelling like in the opening. In the mid the iris takes over and the creamy cocoa note starts to rise to the top. In cooler weather the cocoa is more powdery and richer, where as in warmer weather the lavender tends to override the cocoa in the mid. Dior Homme dries down to a woody-earthy vetiver patchouli combo held together by a natural and masculine leather accord. I really enjoy the transition on my skin with this one, truly a work of art. Performance is better than average, the compliments are minimal, and so is the versatility in my opinion. Overall I very much enjoy DH, I think it's every bit as good as the hype king DHI. Hope you enjoyed this review, make sure to like, comment & subscribe for more content!
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Text Comments (34)
JCA Gómez (9 months ago)
Dior homme vs dior homme EAU , wich should i buy , i heard they're very similar
Cael O'Donnell (9 months ago)
I really like your videos man, you cut straight to the point and have beautiful outside locations where you shoot. Nice! Subbed.
Wastavo M (9 months ago)
If I have to recommend a review of Dior Homme definitely and without a doubt you'll be the one, seriously after checking out a few reviewer's take on this one your video is the one that stands out the most, I'll say a 10 out of 10 review. Good job 🖒
Calvin W. (1 year ago)
My sisters absolute favourite scent
Calvin W. (1 year ago)
God (1 year ago)
She use Dior Homme?
imre szabolcs (1 year ago)
hi, i bought a used CD Homme and there is no CD sign at the top of the pump. Can be genuine? According to the seller it was bought on Miami airport
Ahmed Omar (1 year ago)
do a review on Dior Homme Eau like so he can see this comment !
The Fragrance Critic (1 year ago)
I use to hate this one, now I love it...lol better than dhi
StupidPunk (1 year ago)
my favorites are Dior Homme Sport 2012 and Dior Homme Eau for Men. I tried the others and just wasn't a huge fan of them for some reason.
دحام العنزي (1 year ago)
your reviews are great!!!
buri zaemon (2 years ago)
i have 2009 bottle of this and i really like it, is the new version better than the old one?..DHS 2008 & 2012 are my favorites from DH line
tripleinc. (2 years ago)
Haven't tried the original/older formulations, however I feel as though the newer batches are sufficient
MDCigan (2 years ago)
What are your thoughts on this vs Intense? To my nose, the opening on Intense has the more pronounced lipstick vibe
A.ROMERO78USN (2 years ago)
hello , have you ever heard of the house of Montale ? Mancera look them up from beauty spin.com......I THINK YOU MAY like them...what about Penhaligons ? look them up !!
JAY KAY (2 years ago)
Great take on DH!i have this and the big brother DHI.this definitely smells like a bag where women put their make up and lipstick.the cocoa is the main note and it's not creamy like Chanel fragrances this one is waxy. I was surprised how sweet it gets in the dry down. Great spot on review.
madridistaaa (2 years ago)
nice review! finally there is a reviewer who is telling the truth about this fragrance. i love it, but i know that maybe 1 out of 10 girls will like it. some youtubers vor fragranticas say ohh it is a laykiller blablabla. no, it isnt. dolce the one is a ladykiller. Dior sauvage is a lady killer. but Dior homme/homme intense is pretty sure no ladyKILLER. a woman doesnt want a man smelling lip stick or chocolatte. most of the ladies want a man, who smells fresh and clean. thats why bleu de Chanel, Dior sauvage or Versace eros are so popular amongst them
VT 24 (11 days ago)
Its gotten me a bunch of great ladies' reactions 👌...its other men who dont appreciate it from what ive heard when wearing it
House of Banelord. (2 years ago)
it good but does not last more then 5 hours on me, but DHI is a master work of art.
Darren Newell (2 years ago)
just couldn't get with this one .
ShaveNontheDarkside (2 years ago)
love Dior👍...✌
Apex Black (2 years ago)
Never tried this one but have tested Intense and Parfum. Intense is the most complex but at 30+ age I prefer the Parfum. If I had to choose one cold weather frag for life that would be it. Also sometimes I wear it just for personal enjoyment.
mike acord (2 years ago)
Honest review. Thanks.  Love the way you describe fragrances.  I get many compliments with it.  Might be because I'm older.  The one I'm rockin these days is Acqua di Gio Profumo.  WOW.  Tons of compliments!  And I bought it because of your review.
1987198719871 (2 years ago)
Dior homme actually hit the shelves orginally in 2005 and the perfumier was actually Olivier Polge.... but you are right about the current formulation regardless good review 👍
TARIQ BOUHOUT (2 years ago)
This or Valentino uomo? thanks
tripleinc. (2 years ago)
+TARIQ BOUHOUT If you don't mind iris, i would say Dior Homme all day long. However, Valentino Uomo is like a gourmand version of this
Blank Space (2 years ago)
do you think allure homme sport eau extreme would still last in a sweaty skin? great vid as always :) keep it up bro. jeremy like in the making 👍
tripleinc. (2 years ago)
lol thanks, in my experience Chanel allure homme sport eau extreme will last pretty much no matter what
tripleinc. (2 years ago)
I have very much love and respect for this one, truly a work of art! What's your take on Dior Homme?
Fernando Kain (26 days ago)
I Just love Dior homme line, the only one that I didn't put my nose on is the cologne, but DH, DHI, DHS, DHEFM and DHP are beautiful scents!
espresso (2 years ago)
My favourite from Dior Homme line. And I hate Dior Homme Intense. I like DH a lot but it just requires certain mood and/or occasion so I don't wear it often. I heard this one is popular with women. P.S. Check out some of Habit Rouge flankers.
Cash Money Jambro (2 years ago)
I like DH alot, although I don't wear it often for all the reasons you mentioned. when i do reach for it, it's for my personal enjoyment, not so much to get compliments, as i have only gotten a couple. solid review. i like the honesty. earned a sub. keep it up!
Michel Nahas (2 years ago)
lol first... jk love your vids
tripleinc. (2 years ago)
ahh! you got here b4 me this time:)

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