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SNSD & Wonder Girls Cuts @ Music Festival (Re-Up)

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# Re-Up(Originally uploaded on Jul 3, 2009) 1. Wonder Girls - To My Boyfriend (by Fin.K.L) 2. Girls Generation ( SNSD ) - I still don't know what love is (by Lee Ji-Hyun) @ Music Festival(Dec 30, 2007)
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Text Comments (126)
Hahaha snsd
Lol soo young hahaha
galaxy pluto (5 months ago)
I want to watch this show for a long time ago now i found it thank you so much😊 my wonder generation i really miss them❤
Bee Qizah (5 months ago)
WG looks the same until now..
Johnson Cheung (6 months ago)
Sooyoung: 「Sunye is mine, nobody can take away from my hand😛」
Shahad Alfarah (6 months ago)
Sooyoung 😂😂😂😂😂
vadjula wakaru (8 months ago)
handsome sooyoung
zhEy gonzales (9 months ago)
Phạm Minh Ti (10 months ago)
Wonder Girls - Queens of Kpop
superoche _09 (10 months ago)
Why all wonder girls cracked
African cunt (9 months ago)
True I appreciate singing live than lipsync
superoche _09 (10 months ago)
Johnson Cheung anyway, i still love them at least they sing it live...
Johnson Cheung (10 months ago)
superoche _09 that’s the critical weak point of. WG—Yeeun is unstable of her performance.
trecy 96 (1 year ago)
김동찬 (1 year ago)
라이브 원더하네 진짜ㅎㅎ 저런애들이 뭐가 좋다고
V Bà tám (1 year ago)
Snsd no. 1
Sooyoung que papu :v donde esta el me entristece por estos times tan hermosos? :,v
YT Huang (1 year ago)
2017 still following snsd
Isz Svnnyknight (1 year ago)
those days collab and special stages were da bomb. the 2nd generation groups are the best. SNSD Wonder Girls Big Bang 2pm Suju Shinee TVXQ
Mister Am (2 years ago)
Wonder Girls😘
Wafflee Bang (2 years ago)
Comparing the beauty beside the two groups WG win for much
Yookie Patinga (2 years ago)
SNSD is so cute ^_^ specially Yoona <3
Bánh Bao (2 years ago)
Wonder Girls <3
dora jimenes (2 years ago)
my sohee 😞
Bành Thị Nở (2 years ago)
I love SNSD
GG MEANS LIFE (3 years ago)
Tiffany,Hyoyeon,Sooyoung and Yoona..cute..Funny..so..gentle..haha..sooyoung still playing around.
Đz Zac (3 years ago)
sooyoung :v
chickensoshitwice (3 years ago)
lmfao sooyoung AHHAHAHAHAHA  and lol yubin was so cute here :)))
CherryBlossom (3 years ago)
Lol all of them were such boyish girls at that time compared to now where they have become feminine and graceful young ladies. But their boyish traits do slip out from time to time. Seriously, they have never really cared about their image and that's what I love the most about them <3
Vponq iPound (3 years ago)
I miss you all~
salma mahmoud (3 years ago)
wonder girls the queens
Belle Ame (3 years ago)
Seohyun slayed so hard. How can you carry a group performance like that?
taipo taipo (1 year ago)
Kooka Do now she is queen
Sone Taeganger (4 years ago)
Janie Nguyễn (4 years ago)
that's so funny at the moment Sooyoung acts like a real boy kkkkkkkkkk
Phuong Anh Ngn (4 years ago)
Omg Choi SooYoung =)))))))))))
Jessica Choi (4 years ago)
Sooyoung vwith who ??
Johnson Cheung (10 months ago)
Jessica Choi she “captured” Sunye😂
Hgng Ngdg (4 years ago)
Kwon Yuri, Kim Taeyeon =))))))))))))))))))))))))))
taylor ashley (4 years ago)
nga phạm (5 years ago)
hay thiệt
krittika sriprasit (5 years ago)
maybesoda (5 years ago)
Yes I also want that these type of events came back..it was so funny to watch and idols could bond more..hopefully they can do these types of shows again :)
poni Han (5 years ago)
hahaha so oi la so co cap yoonsic, taeny, soosun.kia haha
Patricia Cuevas (5 years ago)
wuajajajajajajjajaja xD que buena, me gusto el final !!!!
soft wintery (5 years ago)
Ren Leo (5 years ago)
wonder girl hát như hết hơi vậy chài @@
twiceshidae (5 years ago)
Trang Vu (5 years ago)
Ha ha ha, I love sis. Yubin's voice, but I prefer to hear her rapping than singing. :)
OddGirlKen (5 years ago)
Omg sooyoung is so funny!!! Love Wonder Generation!!!
TaeNy CamRen (5 years ago)
Fany Oppa xD
LOORE (5 years ago)
naamooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut
WONDER TWICE (5 years ago)
The first thing catch my eyes is wonderbang.. for some reasons My eyes are only looking for them
yoong (5 years ago)
omg taengsic imagine a 60s/70s high school drama about them /nosebleed
IcebluiiZ (5 years ago)
snsd is so crazy LooL
hanservazki (5 years ago)
this is the generation of kpop that i never going to forget
maybesoda (5 years ago)
Afte seeing this, me too :) lol
jaaekacom LoveLove (5 years ago)
Wonder Girls I Love You
Nyu015 (6 years ago)
LOL xDDD Soo-Fanny-Sunye xD
sujika singpan (6 years ago)
sujika singpan (6 years ago)
Teangoo&Sica was so funny LOL They look like twin ^^
christinemaude (6 years ago)
dorky SNSD. Haha.
Asavaj (6 years ago)
i like this video how i can see who is who. there are so many groups coming out that when i look at the stage i cant tell them apart.
Jiania Lee (6 years ago)
I <3 Wonder Girl with SNSD, Super Junior and Big Bang. They are happy together :)
Tracy Hoang (6 years ago)
允若妍 (6 years ago)
wonder n soshi fighting!!!
Sandrine Basa (6 years ago)
Sooyoung's cheating on her bunny x)
IamSone (6 years ago)
wonder generation >>> so good
minhnhat95 (6 years ago)
don't they always? that's why we love themm
hong anh Mai (6 years ago)
malufet06 (6 years ago)
Siti Shaida (6 years ago)
do u have the full version for this show? im crazy to have it!
Sutida Kumyai (6 years ago)
ktuna (6 years ago)
wonder girls did it beautifully :)
twiceshidae (6 years ago)
shaiveeann Reen (6 years ago)
why this video isn't working properly with me?.. like its buffering but its continuously playing..
YD YD (6 years ago)
iczzzz (6 years ago)
sunmi i saw you sending heart sign to taeyeon unni kkk . .. comeback baby WonderGeneration would be much more fun with you TT TT
Jacqueline (6 years ago)
ROFL, Sooyoung gurrlll you pimp.
seoooify1 (6 years ago)
benloveyuri (6 years ago)
wondergirls เสียงหายอ่ะ...เสียงหลบด้วยย
minjin phiangphor (6 years ago)
lol i see super junior there.
ironbimbim (6 years ago)
Wg so cute
Twinsza (7 years ago)
snsd funny+++
mohinza (7 years ago)
Amal Mohammed (7 years ago)
I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation againI I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again I want to see Wonder Generation again
ninimonica (7 years ago)
wonder girls!wonder girls! snsd have 9 members but only seohyun sings??LOL
Choi Soo Yeon (7 years ago)
SunYe wouldn't mine if Soo do her like that coz.... they are classmate! ^^
_jehhh (7 years ago)
LOL @Sooyoung hahahha
meosa ocampo (7 years ago)
i like this because my 2 favorite kpop girl are in one go wondergirls and snsd go go go!
meosa ocampo (7 years ago)
i like this because my 2 favorite kpop girl are in one
namaau513 (7 years ago)
sohyoen and dancers?
hobj ha (7 years ago)
love wonder generation <3<3<3
Annismful (7 years ago)
Sooyoung hahahaXD
Kenneth Tang (7 years ago)
lol daesung 00:42, sad that the recent happenings to him made him so down... daesung ahhhh fighting!!!
herogone1 (7 years ago)
@wayarhitam i respect ur opinion. but the way u say it can start fan war.
sena serce (7 years ago)
Wondergeneration ;)
TREE KU SONE (7 years ago)
kuya4307 (7 years ago)
lol i never realise yeeun crack... :p wonsoka <333
vminnie (7 years ago)
They've improved so much now :) And wtf? xDD Look at Daesung from @ 0:42
kimjihyee (7 years ago)
oh my goodness~ i miss wonder generation moments D: i hope to see WonSoKa moments when the girls comeback in fall!! :D
herogone1 (7 years ago)
@wayarhitam If u have nothing to say about WG, plz don't say it. You will just start a fan war
Adryanna Mataele (7 years ago)
Wonder Girls have really improved vocally. Woot, go Seobaby! My Mithra Bear, please shutup! LOL @ Sooyoung <3
ashhliemin (7 years ago)
Xis10tialist (7 years ago)
NOW i know where all those picture of soofany in uniform came from. i think WGs performed beautifully, but SNSD's was just so damn entertaining :D sooyoung is a pimp. nuff said.

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