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Train Driver's View: "Stormy" winter conditions on the mountainpass (Bergen Line, Norway)

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Long haul Voss - Ål on the Bergen Line. Gail winds and snow coming over the front on the mountain pass. Bergen Line, Norway ► Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/skcDZC ► 🔔Remember to tap that bell to get notified!🔔 ► If you want to support the channel you can donate here https://goo.gl/R2LLL1 Donations will be used for: - More/upgraded camera - Editing hardware upgrade
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愛희망 (3 months ago)
Thank you for those videos. It really helps me relax, and I just love the beautiful view and smooth ride! I love the quality and perfection of your videos! ❤💋
비스트 (1 day ago)
Phil Oup'S (1 month ago)
Relax ? mdrrrrrr
Soumen Das (1 day ago)
Amazing... Really snowy & stormy.
Piotr Kruszyn (2 days ago)
Thanks for the ride. :-)
SOUMIK ADHIKARY (3 days ago)
Márton Tichi (3 days ago)
Is this Diesel or electric?
HinduCowGirl (3 days ago)
knowledge share (4 days ago)
SCREEN LEFT 1hr 45mins 11 secs car on slope stops to talk with someone 1hr 45mins 23 secs there is a jump cut as car starts to leave then vanishes SCREEN RIGHT 1hr 45mins 34 seconds TESLA MODEL S comes toward train on side road. Well it is Norway the land of more TESLA EVs pro rata to population than any other country. The train is electric powered by hydro energy The Model S is electric powered by hydro energy.
Prranjal Shrivaastav (4 days ago)
I've seen many train videos but never seen anything like this, it's amazing to watch. Norway surely is a beautiful country.
Oligampla (5 days ago)
Where are the tracks? It's a snowmobile! :D
Thank you for posting this video. You cannot see the tracks because of thick snow at times. In England we would have ground to a halt with frozen points, etc. I have only been to beautiful Norway once and that was in summer a long time ago.
LOMan (6 days ago)
Watch this at 2x.
Liftiga (6 days ago)
yep, everything based on donations
Great, Great and again, Great! Thank you! (: (: (:
Mukesh (7 days ago)
Best relaxing video
Pavlov (7 days ago)
who lives in these small huts in those remote places ?
HinduCowGirl (6 days ago)
People ;) they use it as recreational homes :)
D Moody (8 days ago)
Thanks for sharing. Really Liked This!
Ryan Craig (8 days ago)
Really cool, love the scenery. It's somewhat hypnotic and put me to sleep once - not because it's boring, though. The speed that the train goes through the curves in the climb up to the highlands is remarkable. I've seen a lot of people who would be going slower than that in a car on a road that twisty. In the snow, definitely. Cool video!
Binoy J S (8 days ago)
Thanks for these videos. I'm from India and in my city, the temperature always stays around 24C - 28C. In summer (February to May), it might go upto 35C in a sunny day and in 'extreme' winter (December and January), it might go down to 18C at night. I never seen snow in real life. Norway is beautiful. I really want to visit someday..
Frank Boneberger (9 days ago)
I don’t know if it was asked before: which engine model did you conduct? An EL18 or CE119/EL19?
HinduCowGirl (6 days ago)
EL18 :)
effyleven (9 days ago)
I recognised the church spire in Voss, before I read the notes. Ha! Yes! Mange takk.
Diesel Miro (9 days ago)
If this didn't help to sleep immediately, well, good news, you will not sleep tonight quit trying hahaha I literally fell asleep working after watching for 4 minutes.
Lanfranco Pignoli (10 days ago)
1:35:00 simply wonderful view, it look like ski station 👍👍👍
rishabh KumarR (10 days ago)
I wish I were born in Norway, not in India.
Pedro Figueiredo (10 days ago)
I've seen the 9 hours video to Bodo in the winter but it is the coolest one. I have to go and ride those trains one day
Armuotas (10 days ago)
This is one of those videos where setting to double speed really pays off :) And some music of one's choosing. Oh boy!!!
paul vinod (11 days ago)
Thought to stop this video after 4 min and never did that through out the video 😜😂
wavey61 (11 days ago)
It's crazy that it's all electric
[Project G]TizZEmanD (8 days ago)
+Snogers yeah I was shocked that the long island railroad still runs diesel trains.
Snogers (10 days ago)
Vinsu Karma if you compare it to the us, it is crazy. I don’t get it how the us is so bad at electrifying it’s tracks
Vinsu Karma (10 days ago)
not crazy but cool.
Vinsu Karma (11 days ago)
trains are unstoppable!
Nick Rilea (11 days ago)
Such a smooth ride... And with those views! Just wow!
aardeez (11 days ago)
22:02 try at 2x speed
Karl A (11 days ago)
I just genuinly love Norway (And trains)
Gerhard Selig (12 days ago)
Wow. A trip on invisible rails... feels almost surreal. Very hypnotic, too. Now, this was something else... when the world turns black and white...
Mark Rice (12 days ago)
Reaches my lost emotions. ..a breathtaking video, thank you.
Misha's Fun Channel (12 days ago)
I like trains...
Ashay Shingornikar (12 days ago)
Absolutely loved this video, this video made me feel cold jst looking at it. Forwarded from 10.00 mins to 30 mins, freaking, couldn't see tracks
Lejf Diecks (12 days ago)
I wonder if wheel slip is an issue, especially since the track looks like it has some gradient here and there?
Kalpesh Patel (12 days ago)
This is so soothing to watch.
Jerry Kitich (12 days ago)
Darn, I forgot to bring my harmonica....
Ruud Schoonderbeek (13 days ago)
Nederlandse Spoorwegen, kijken we even mee?
PszczulkaMaya (13 days ago)
im watching for a train :DDD
James Neilson Graham (13 days ago)
Christmas! Those tunnels look scary . . .
Shaun DuPlacey (13 days ago)
I could honestly watch this all day
Sandro Antonucci (13 days ago)
What was the maximum speed?
Bud Blanke (14 days ago)
Thank you for taking us along, I really enjoyed the ride, especially as read in the comments NO MUSIC, but must ask a dumb question....Why even have an engineer in the cab since there isn't anything you could do to prevent a catastrophe even if you could see it coming?
Claystead (12 days ago)
Bud Blanke Slam the emergency brakes and a normal non-bullet train can stop at 600 meters or so. It will be hell on the passengers, but will in most conditions be enough to avoid any larger disasters like driving into a rockslide or something.
Bud Blanke (14 days ago)
Not impuning your ability but at the speeds that I've seen (60 to 80 mph) and with no better visibility than you have from the cab and the given the long stopping distances of a train under normal conditions. I just don't see how an engineer could possibly see a problem on the the track in time to avoid a collision
HinduCowGirl (14 days ago)
Why isn’t it anything I can do? :) Just curious why you drew that assumption :)
HeavyHaulagePilbara (15 days ago)
The wheel slip we hear, sounds like it makes the journey of these sections fun.
Airesdark vanlore (15 days ago)
Very cool, could watch this all day.
Rob Zeg (15 days ago)
wow. super Video, Gruß aus Berlin.
Quicker Mafs (15 days ago)
Thumbnail looks like a sketch
Sometimes snow and cold storms hit Spain and the chaos happens. But one like this were the Armaggedom...
kriti sharma (15 days ago)
Marlene Silvano (16 days ago)
Dear HCG - you are an AMAZING train driver!!!
Brad Smith (16 days ago)
Who else thinks of Moria whenever the train goes through one of those tunnels with hexagonal struts?
Corb4n (16 days ago)
if i could have this scenery 16:37 every day, this would be my dream job. i'd do it for free.
Brad Smith (16 days ago)
Sheldon Cooper watched this 12000 times.
Trevor Thomas (16 days ago)
I downloaded train simulator 2019 just for the relaxation factor. Recommend to anyone who likes these videos as a way to decompress.
MagnetOnlyMotors (17 days ago)
12:21 I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Are we there yet?
MagnetOnlyMotors (17 days ago)
Gorgeous country side.
Frédéric BLAISE (17 days ago)
The sun is very low, we could touch it. Nice video.
Joybell Morgans (17 days ago)
Very beautiful country. Nice to see it this way!
realistthinker (18 days ago)
Full relax video. I envy you for your work... Thank you for upload! Greetings from Hungary!
Rol Pfeiffer Müller (19 days ago)
Thanks airing the Outstanding vid.Namaste.
Paul best (20 days ago)
Starting at 46:00 we can see the train exiting the tunnel, into a super bright light. This might be the closest thing we can experience here, ofa near death/after life experience, well documented , of a tunnel, with super bright white light. IMHO it may be something like this, as our physical bodies take on spiritual bodies. watch those sections of exiting on speed .5 (half speed) the rest you can watch at speed 2. Really amazing video, which is why it has 1 million 281K views. in 1yr , 9 months.
Fred Mallon (20 days ago)
Great stuff Mate. Takes the boredom out when working on a boring Spreadsheet :-)
TheLOD2010 (20 days ago)
The sad truth is, if this conditions happens in Germany no train will run. Cuntrys like Norway or Swizerland run their trains on every weather. In Germany wind and ice are taking down all trains.
Misfit (10 days ago)
we should just get our old steam locomotives wind and weather and snow on the rails are no problem for them "polarexpress " :D
Piotr St (20 days ago)
Dream job
mr2gti (20 days ago)
Norway is pure bucket list material! Beautiful country!
Inflec (20 days ago)
Absolutely breathtaking! Who knew. ASMR by train. :) I can't help but think of a line from Arlo Guthrie's song, The City of New Orleans... "...and the sons of Pullman porters... And the sons of engineers. Ride their fathers' magic carpet made of steel. Mothers with their babes asleep, rocking to the gentle beat. And the rhythm of the rails is all they feel." This should count among the best videos on YouTube. Well done!
Hatlábú Farkas (21 days ago)
1:36:17 my fav part starts here :) #vasutak
Hallands Menved (22 days ago)
På Vossevangen der vil jeg bo, der vokser kløver over høje, der går hver ungkarl med blanke sko og med en sølverknappet trøje. Der danser piger med bånd i hår, de lange fletninger til jorden når. Ja, tro du mig, jeg siger dig, der er det fagert at leve! Og dér står hassel og birk og el, og dér står blåbær på lien, og dér står geden så højt på fjeld, og elven løber forbi 'en. På marken vokser den grønne løg, og hjorden vogtes af den vilde høg. Ja, tro du mig, jeg siger dig, der er det fagert at leve! Godt nytår og tak for det gamle!
K. Michael Rademacher (22 days ago)
How fast was this train going after Finse, it sure wasn’t crawling through the snow, 😂
HinduCowGirl (20 days ago)
Didn't faster than 100kmh, and reduced the speed to about 80kmh at those places where snow usually piles up :) Don't want the snow on the top of the roof pushing down the panto.
ianh (22 days ago)
These conditions would stop UK trains (yeah I know..tsk tsk!) ..so how does the Norway train run in snow, is it a technical thing?
HinduCowGirl (22 days ago)
1. Heated points on switches 2. Snow preparedness 3. Solid plows on the loco 4. Environmental experience :)
Ralph111417 (23 days ago)
Amazing. Like a Train Sim track straight from the mind of a lunatic! The permanent way is maintained to the very highest standards, which cannot be easy given the terrain and the weather. I really enjoyed that thank you!
Sulev-Madis Silber (23 days ago)
watching from estonia where some train lines are closing and most of them don't have power either... kind of sad fact sure, you can't really compare those countries, but that's still best type of long distance transport to me i also wonder if people sometimes use those narrow tunnels? a really dangerous thing to do
HinduCowGirl (23 days ago)
No these tunnels are so remote that there are very few people that ventures around in the area. And those who does hike around they're smart enough to keep out of the tunnels.
johnnylyme (24 days ago)
Now that's "The Hall of The Mountain King"
HinduCowGirl (23 days ago)
Queen, thank you. Hehehehehe!
Dream State (26 days ago)
Did i just spend more than 2 hours staring this video :D greetings from Finland.
Tor Steffensen (28 days ago)
It's not only a few cubic of snow that train moves away,djiisus krayst,tons of snow:))
chinese244 (29 days ago)
Wonderful video....
Ronald Kearn (29 days ago)
Is that train powered by overhead lines. ? Not only that,but, going around 45 to 50 miles an hyour. :-)
tomar5e115 (30 days ago)
I'm amazed it is an electric line, the infrastructure to set that up must have been expensive. Well done Norway
Nathan Pounds (1 month ago)
listen to this  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJSuKb8YAYI&list=LLzTtJeL1ZUGTP1VIPGuZCUw&index=19 while watching this
Когда рельсы не видать, будто как будто на машине едешь. Ты в конце -впереди вагон покажи.
Miguel R (1 month ago)
Hermoso video
Sunflowers159 (1 month ago)
I agree with everyone else. A good "no frills" video. Just the train, the snow and the countryside and those tunnels! No silly music or commentary. We can enjoy the ride in peace.
blackkey1976 (1 month ago)
This seems like an enjoyable and satisfying job. How many years do I have to wait and people do I need to bribe to get it?
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
If just waiting and bribing was the way, then it would be easy :p hehehe Apply for academy. If qualifications are good then you're send off for a psychological evaluation. Pass that and you're off for a medical evaluation. Pass that and you're offered a slot at the academy. One year of studying, exams, simulations/real life true service trains with a coach and you're off to the company that hires you, where you will undergo more training and check outs on the rolling stock and line knowledge. Which is about another 3 - 6 months depending on the company you start working for. :)
Deepak Goswami (1 month ago)
Wow , snow , snow and snow everywhere and a train with a beautiful lady driver .
djgazmic (1 month ago)
I love this, it almost felt like a drone flying through a winter forest when you couldn't see the tracks.
Great footage. Thank you
Peter (1 month ago)
Picturesque, very pretty with the snow.
LegendLength (1 month ago)
I just want to live in a shack on one of those hills for the rest of my life
nuckler31 (1 month ago)
Can somebody explain the horn policy? I surmised that exiting a long tunnel is cause for a horn blast, but there are quite a few that sounded for no reason that I could observe. Just curious!
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
Look for diamond shaped signs ;) there is a reason for every action ;)
Togo Burrows (1 month ago)
I’m listening to the Beatles Norwegian Wood while watching this...
Sam Hamsord (1 month ago)
That's one damn long tunnel 37:30 And there is countless amount of them in general, oh my.
quicktastic (1 month ago)
Sometimes, there's just so much beauty in the world, I feel like a just can't take it.
Roger Furneaux (1 month ago)
Like many others I suppose, found this amazing video by accident...mesmorising! I would like to know how deep the snow gets, and whether the loco has any sort of snow plough on it. A speed indicator would also be instructive.
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
The snow can get pretty deep, but there is a rotary that goes between trains to clear the track. That is the machine you see waiting at Finse Station. Does not take long before the track starts to get packed again. The snow can get as deep as half way up the catenary. That is of course the worst case :) So during the winters like that, you're driving in a trench that can just fit the train. :)
Baron Local (1 month ago)
37:34   wood - excelent use
XBGamerX 20 (1 month ago)
I love that its AWESOME! I liked that! 4K and 60 FPS Camera😀
Edna Turnbull (1 month ago)
By the length of those station platforms and how far forward you stopped to the waiting passengers it would have been nice if you could have shown the whole train at the beginning.
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
If you look around on the channel, especially in the long haul playlist, You see me do a walk through on the train in one of the videos :D
Zaine Ridling (1 month ago)
What a great video, thank you! ⭐⭐⭐
Thomas Schneider (1 month ago)
Absolutely like it. I reminds me of my Interrail tour back in 2001. On my way to England I took the overnight-train from Oslo to Bergen. In the middle of the night I awoke looking outside and thought "It's so bright and white out there! What is this?? Snow - WTF - it's August!!" The days before in Oslo it had nearly 30°C. Do not underestimate this pass!
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
Yes I did, as with all the other videos on my channel :D
Thomas Schneider (1 month ago)
I've just read your channel description. Did you drive that train yourself?? O_o P.S.: thanks for your quick response. P.P.S: I'm now determined to revisit that line again next year combined with a hiking trip over the pass!
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
Never, ever, underestimate the pass :) it will kill you if unprepared... if you’re outside, that is :) safest place to be is in the train :)
michela derry (1 month ago)
fantastic journey. Ive never seen a landscape like this. How beautiful.

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