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Train Driver's View: "Stormy" winter conditions on the mountainpass (Bergen Line, Norway)

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Long haul Voss - Ål on the Bergen Line. Gail winds and snow coming over the front on the mountain pass. Bergen Line, Norway ► Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/skcDZC ► 🔔Remember to tap that bell to get notified!🔔 ► If you want to support the channel you can donate here https://goo.gl/R2LLL1 Donations will be used for: - More/upgraded camera - Editing hardware upgrade
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愛희망 (26 days ago)
Thank you for those videos. It really helps me relax, and I just love the beautiful view and smooth ride! I love the quality and perfection of your videos! ❤💋
Dillon Ohlemiller (17 hours ago)
You should put Christmas music over this
Warren Bienz (2 days ago)
Thanks for your response Hindu! I'm from N.Y so I would just stop in A deli and get A soda. peace
Warren Bienz (2 days ago)
Aum,any place you can get A Diet Pepsi?
HinduCowGirl (2 days ago)
Of course, in the café car :) you’ll find it in the middle of the train between cars 4 and 6 :) they have a variety of hot and cold beverages as well as snack, warm meals and pastries ;)
Peter Edin (6 days ago)
Why is it Norway can have a train service running on rails you can't even see, yet here in the UK one snowflake falls and the whole network grinds to a halt.
Marlene Silvano (8 days ago)
Wow! I really like this a lot!! Thank you! I live in New York State, USA. I always wanted to be a train engineer. Could someone please tell me what the power line over the train is - is it electric? Also, there seems to be no headlight on the train, as it is very dark going through tunnels. Thanks again for this great video!!
Derek Finter (8 days ago)
I did this trip, in both directions, in May 1990. Weather totally opposite to this, blue skies all the way. Stunning scenery. Spent three hours at Finse, (1.06.00) in the video. Still snow and ice everywhere there in the middle of Summer. Love this video !!!
Anonim (10 days ago)
train simulator 100 xDD
Catherine Breitfeller (10 days ago)
Gorgeous scenery. Makes you feel like you’re actually on the train. Thanks !! ❤️❤️
Catherine Breitfeller (11 days ago)
Spooky !! 😊
Catherine Breitfeller (11 days ago)
I really can’t stop watching !! 😂😂
Catherine Breitfeller (11 days ago)
Beautiful. I could sit for hours & just watch. So much to see & really love trains. My dad did too. Thanks so much fir these videos !! 😁😁
Tony Danza (12 days ago)
I love it , I love it , I love it , great Video I'm from Puerto Rico and here we have sun all year long we don't know what Cold is LoL
Steven Osmond (15 days ago)
Great Video. I have not seen something like this since I took the Agawa Train in Saute Saint Marie, Ontario some 30 years ago.
Jeff DeWitt (15 days ago)
This was fascinating and beautiful. I'm curious though, that train is going through some pretty rough country and is powered by an overhead cable. If there is an avalanche or some other incident that takes out the power cable does that train have any kind of backup power? Or at least backup heat?
Tom Tee (17 days ago)
Fantastic but when or at what depth will the snow stop a train? Or when is it too deep to be out there without a snow plough going through first?
Kevin Tyler (20 days ago)
What an awesome ride. I rode the whole way, fantastic.
mennucc (23 days ago)
I would like to know more: when this video was recorded (date and time), what were the outside temperatures; thanks
Carol SUTTON (23 days ago)
Hi, A week ago we went through Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle and had massive damage and destruction on our farm, but that was like a walk in the park in the summer compared to this Norway train ride. This was scary. Norwegians, must be amazing builders and totally fearless.
Nikos Diamantis (23 days ago)
Alessandro Benetti (24 days ago)
My favourite weather ! I want to live in a place like this and have the same weather for whole year !
ToddHendry (27 days ago)
How do you know where you’re going?
Charm Me Tonight (1 month ago)
Awesome video!! I'll admit to losing my stomach when the tracks disappeared, then I lost my heart when everything turned white. I then died in the tunnel at 1:01:00 😳
niansenx (1 month ago)
Magical! I love it when you can't see the tracks at all and all the snow flies up the window.
SonOfAlba (1 month ago)
wirx T (1 month ago)
01:11:00 SUN or UFO?
wirx T (1 month ago)
Now I see the icy air glass can do!Amazing Magic.
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
UFO abducting people from the mountains and performing cattle mutilation 😂😂😂 better get that tinfoil hat out :) Yep, just the sun ☀️ behind the thin clouds.
Semper Fi (1 month ago)
That is impressive. Just plow through huge snow drifts like they are not even there. At that speed. wow. Some nice engineering.
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
At aprox 50mph :)
F. Ayyub Ben Asker (1 month ago)
Scary.. but captivating for someone like me, living practically near the desert.
Ivano Irrera (1 month ago)
What is the train model?
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
You're welcome :D
Ivano Irrera (1 month ago)
+HinduCowGirl thanks!
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
EL18 + B7 carriages.
Ivano Irrera (1 month ago)
Where are the tracks? That is quite scary... Great journey btw!
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
They’re under the snow ;)
md dilshad (1 month ago)
Very nice View
clush1964 (1 month ago)
Great trip! At times the train is sliding on snow. Beautiful winter landscapes. I watched while riding my home bikes
Terry Beaton (1 month ago)
I'm noticing how similar the mood and harmonies are to Joni Mitchell's 'Blue'. Even the ending has a similar quality. I wonder if she wasn't deliberately modeling this song after that one. (?)
mxylpx (1 month ago)
Wonder what those little boxes are for along trackside every now and then...?
Fjord Vilkensen (1 month ago)
lovely scenery
mxylpx (1 month ago)
Wonderous journey and very gentle white noise for the body, the mind and the soul.
akarpowicz (1 month ago)
Very nice. And all natural sound! Super nice. Hate music. I would love to make this trip, it's hypnotically beautiful and there would be such a store of beautiful imagery to remember for some time.
Takk! Flott video! Але жутко, если рейок не видать.
kwkstar (1 month ago)
I am putting a shortcut to this video on my desktop! I love that there is no music. Thanks
Jesus Mind (1 month ago)
Love of long train rides, cows, and Hindu girls brought me here.
Matt Maness (1 month ago)
Very impressive video with the snow.. Outstanding..
Mécs Dániel (1 month ago)
Did you notice the snowball-impact like sound at 00:13:21? What was it? Here a link to this point: https://goo.gl/cHoxAV
HinduCowGirl (1 month ago)
Hello, it was snow falling off the catenary and hitting the windshield. :)
Ever Forward (1 month ago)
Beautiful and enjoyable video.
Alireza Sabet (2 months ago)
Way better than any so called "relaxing music". Teleport your mind to the place and make your eyes remain stuck on such an indescribable scenery.
Kjetil Jensen (2 months ago)
This brings back memories. I live at Voss and i have been on this train so many times. To me the Bergen line is just magic in winter
Bob Robertson (2 months ago)
In our balkanian county(Hungary) just starts the snow fall almost the complete railway network stops... Why? 'cause rail shifters freeze at that time...
rishi (2 months ago)
what an egineering marvel !
rishi (2 months ago)
Stinkfist762 (2 months ago)
I wonder what it looks like from the kaboos looking back
pianoman4Jesus (2 months ago)
Was this a freight / goods train? I keep seeing stations go by and the train never stops.
pianoman4Jesus (2 months ago)
Oh yes, a station stop at 41:41.
pianoman4Jesus (2 months ago)
So was it an express that does not stop at many stations? Or are many stations no longer in use?
HinduCowGirl (2 months ago)
Passenger train
Toadsmoothy 1960 (2 months ago)
I will never be able to travel to Norway. Now in some small way, I feel I have. Beautiful scenery, no annoying presenter, simply and quietly amazing! I would love to see this trip in the Summer time! Thank you for uploading this. What a gift!
Toadsmoothy 1960 (2 months ago)
I have now! I just stumbled across this video. Now I can't get enough! lol
HinduCowGirl (2 months ago)
Just browse my channel :) abd you’ll find the trip without snow :)
Ahmed Ahmed (2 months ago)
i dream of see snow. in my country egypt it never snowing
Desi J Richert (2 months ago)
Boring as Fuck!
Morten Johansen (2 months ago)
HinduCowGirl (2 months ago)
Not much, really :)
wgj 48 (2 months ago)
Did this ride in Jan 1967. It was an experience when our knowledge wasn't as extensive to leave Bergen wet a slushy in our shoes and an anorak and climb into temperatures of just on minus 20 with snowflakes inside the triple glazing on the train then getting off at Ornegerget 32.51 blink and you miss it, just snow and the railing, for the youth hostel below. The train did not stop, moving at a crawl through this unstaffed halt to avoid a stall. Bags and passengers jumped out onto the snow then a clamber down a pretty steep slippery slope. Bags went separately on a powered cable basket down to the youth hostel which was welcoming and warm.
HinduCowGirl (2 months ago)
The stop is till there and the hostel is still active :D
c2757 (2 months ago)
For a while I wondered why it was black and white - then I sussed that it isn't.
Peter Clark (2 months ago)
Pareidolia Express! It had everything from woolly mammoths to humping polar bears, from jazz giraffes to electric elephants. Just how long do these drivers stay sane?
Christopher Hall (2 months ago)
There is something extremely relaxing about this
tradesmansassistant (2 months ago)
i fell asleep twice
J P (2 months ago)
This trip has been on my bucket list for about 10 years now.
glennsgirl71 (2 months ago)
Are we headed to the Overlook Hotel by any chance?
JoyDivisionIsNotDead (2 months ago)
As I was just watching this for like the 5th time, severe lightning storms hit Tucson. Specifically my neighborhood, knocking out the power. I wanted a Storm, I got one😝
Sugary Snax (2 months ago)
Watching this at double speed while listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms. Pretty good.
Graafschap 139 (2 months ago)
In what way?
Graafschap 139 (2 months ago)
1:11:11 The disappearance of the horizon; land and sky look the same everywhere...That's what can make people mad!
Graafschap 139 (2 months ago)
What kind of people live in those isolated houses? Where do they live from and how do they get their food if there is a layer of a meter of snow?
Graafschap 139 (2 months ago)
You cannot use lights for signals! Sight is sometimes gone!
Graafschap 139 (2 months ago)
Must have been a hell of a ride in the steam-era!!
Graafschap 139 (2 months ago)
Is it not dangerous to ride in this landscape? When you exit a tunnel, you could hit a wall of snow! I guess this makes an impact on the train and its passengers and driver! Am I correct?
Graafschap 139 (2 months ago)
Oeps! The answer is on 1:06:03
duayne veer (2 months ago)
very relaxing
ShelbyDude1 (2 months ago)
Awesome video. We sure don't have those incredible views here in West Texas. Very-well done. Keep 'em coming
Jean Marie Vaillant (2 months ago)
Extraordinaire voyage. JM
carlos daniel Scala (2 months ago)
Viva Perón Evita el Che Nestor y Cristina y Pancho.
Breaking Baz (2 months ago)
The views on the Norwegian railway are natures finest work just so beautiful on every level. I was totally mesmerised. Thank you so much. Subbed & Liked
mr y mysterious video (3 months ago)
something very relaxing about watching this once it gets to the countryside - only watched a few minutes but it's great especially those long tunnels.
sam nanwani (3 months ago)
Very nice
Chico de Moraes (3 months ago)
Almost unbelievable video !
Speedy Steve (3 months ago)
I got here from How It's Made
1EccentricMoFo (3 months ago)
Love It!!
draculasgirl1 (3 months ago)
Wow, that's some SERIOUS snow!!!
Pak Raillion (3 months ago)
Wonderful video, thanks for. Posting
ShadoHHR (3 months ago)
great video - thanks for sharing
glennsgirl71 (3 months ago)
Did anyone catch the parrasnowboarder at 1:34 on the right side of the screen? He/She is flying!!! YEAH!!!
Carol SUTTON (22 days ago)
I had to rewind several times but saw it. Nice. thanks
Hugo Dunsany (3 months ago)
Have three drinks then watch this while streaming Electric Six, "Flashy." The whole album. Dude, it'll change your life.
R Gray (3 months ago)
It's cold and snowy and beautiful......... I wanna buy everyone here in the bar cab a shot love you I really kind of wished this was for real !
Phil Prasco (3 months ago)
Do you have sand for traction ? Watching, I saw a couple of places where it may have played useful.
HinduCowGirl (3 months ago)
Yes we do, but no sand was used :)
Bruce C (3 months ago)
Scared B Jesus out of me !!
Greg Hilton (3 months ago)
Wow that was an incredible trip. I loved it so much I didn't want it to end. Thank you so much. Cheers
The FemAlien (3 months ago)
Lol. Three snowflakes in my country and the whole trainschedule countrywide falls still 😂
John Brown (3 months ago)
Love the video! Love the weather!
flamin'GOOD media (3 months ago)
amazing video ... in the UK the trains would of run into issues at the first snow flake ;)
peter smith (3 months ago)
Wow! Starts at about 55 minutes for me. Thanks for sharing.
Roboko (3 months ago)
I'm sure there's a pair of rails under there somewhere..
Next Age Cycles (3 months ago)
wonderful view! but thats got to be so boring after some time
shane parry (3 months ago)
Typical bunch of sad fucks giving this the thumbs down.
JoyDivisionIsNotDead (4 months ago)
Beautiful like a Bergman film, and that means a lot to this Bergman fan🎥
HinduCowGirl (4 months ago)
Thank you so much ❤️❤️
JoyDivisionIsNotDead (4 months ago)
Could this Video be any more Gorgeous? I don't think so. The part starting at 1:08:00 and going on, with the Sun filtering brilliantly through the Clouds, I almost cried. Unbelievable. I Will come to Norway one day and take this Train😄. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I would Hug you if I could
glennsgirl71 (4 months ago)
Mesmerizing!!! It's the David Lynch train! Relax and enjoy the journey.
benbisley (4 months ago)
Wonderful: completely mesmerising.
The Still Report (4 months ago)
What is the speed?
HinduCowGirl (4 months ago)
60-80km/h :)
OD (4 months ago)
Do people live in all those rural houses with snow completely surrounding them? I'd love to se the inside of all these buildings.
Rimrock300 (3 months ago)
Most of the houses along the track up in the snowy mountains are private holiday homes. Mainly used in the summer. Some of those houses used to belong to the railway company as homes for workers who guarded stretches of the railway line in the old days.
Aleksander (4 months ago)
Hmmmm, how much km/h?
HinduCowGirl (4 months ago)
About 60 - 80km/h

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