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Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive [Version 1] (Video)

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Read the story behind the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack and the birth of disco: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/night-fever-bee-gees-and-the-birth-of-the-disco-craze/ Listen to more from the Bee Gees: https://BeeGees.lnk.to/essentials Subscribe for more videos: https://beegees.lnk.to/subscribe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beegees/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/beegees Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beegees/ Website: https://www.beegees.com Music video by Bee Gees performing Saturday Night Fever. © Barry Gibb, The Estate of Robin Gibb and The Estate of Maurice Gibb, under exclusive license to Capitol Music Group.
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Text Comments (6923)
franco f (12 hours ago)
No entiendo ni m#@&$# pero suena muy bien...
vinix Gamegm (13 hours ago)
Tava procurando essa música muito tempo aí eu coloquei aí aí aí tênis da nike musica aí eu achei😂🤣
Godof War331 (13 hours ago)
Lajos Malya (16 hours ago)
Oké!! Szuper!!!
Alba Giordano (1 day ago)
bee gees forever
cheazovsky (1 day ago)
Серцево-легенева реанімація. Кращій ритм!
nereida ibarra (1 day ago)
No entiendo ni madres pero me fascina 😁2019 julio
الله يبارك
julie mainguen (1 day ago)
what's your name🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄
Augusto Ravazoli (2 days ago)
Put in 0.25 hahahab
deriva 38 (2 days ago)
Eso sí que es un pelo de los de antes
Brian Rose (2 days ago)
Madagascar anyone?
Natareno2001 (2 days ago)
2 0 2 0
agata neri (2 days ago)
Excelent 😇
Imad Maroc (2 days ago)
This will be the national anthem for Area 51 Raid
Madison (4 hours ago)
x Angai x (2 days ago)
Wtf busqué "ah ah ah ah exprimela exprimela" y esto fue lo primero que salió xD Como supieron que quería buscar esta cancion :v
MURAT İSLAM (2 days ago)
Kemal Sunal filminden hatırlayanlar
José villalta (3 days ago)
alguien 16 de Julio del 2019????
warwick jngle (3 days ago)
quem veio pelo madagascar
abdou senhadji (3 days ago)
Adam Munsyith (3 days ago)
16 july 2019 ☺️
AKXZAMASUJAGUAR666 (4 days ago)
a fazenda
luis costa (4 days ago)
RCP agree with the beat.
Mary Vera (4 days ago)
victoria aban (4 days ago)
Me toca bailar está rolaaaaa 🤙🔥🔥🔥🔥 amooooooo
Well Barry's not lying when he says he's staying alive he outlived the others
craig richards (5 days ago)
Am staying alive just to see another day and another until finally Trump is taken to jail. Rastafarian 🙏🙏🏿🙏🏻
Nizar Smiri (5 days ago)
James Moriaty <3 Sherlock
NVAC! Naya (6 days ago)
Me encanta 💜
Красавцы!Обожаю их 🤗🤗😚😙
Peter A (6 days ago)
Was wäre die heutige Musikszene ohne Bee Gees??...Bee Gees rule!!!
star wolf (6 days ago)
A song that was great in so many movies and still is 👌
Alan Lima Santos (6 days ago)
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah stayin' alive
macha la folle (7 days ago)
J'adore ce son
Hi. I'm. Paul (7 days ago)
Oh ok
yohan melendrez (7 days ago)
Love u beegees when i Was on 2006 <3
Sunny Beany (7 days ago)
When you have a voice that doesn't sounds like having balls but you are: "stayin alive"
Mohammed Fadil (7 days ago)
It's a very beautiful song
aarrgg22 (7 days ago)
Lol 2019. Meme
Edward Gulmatico (8 days ago)
damn todays music sucks 🤣
andree dragoon (8 days ago)
how the f*** can he reach such a high tone TEACH ME, MASTER
nodu ᴖ̈ (8 days ago)
who's here after dr. ken did CPR to this song "ah ah ah ah stayin' alive stayin' alive"
Hult Cult (5 days ago)
Another One Bites The Dust has the same (heart) beat. 😜
Yessie Cortes (8 days ago)
6.9 K people wont be stayin alive but we are stayin alive forever
Nicole Terzaki (8 days ago)
When morning coffee doesn't wake you up this song does
Blossem de Groat (9 days ago)
this is my song to the CIA LOL
Que. Buena. Musica
esta cancion baile en mi calegio
Mike Nolan (9 days ago)
Unlike  the  song  :STAYING  ALIVE , , ,  I  would  like  to  DIE  because  of  my  EPELTIC  SEIZURES  &  would  like  to  be  with   - - -  SHAUNA  once  more  . . .  and  live  happily  ever after
huycks (9 days ago)
hippy hopy i have a gun
Elias Exequiel (9 days ago)
manoel eugenio (9 days ago)
Mande uma foto irmão Bari gibii nos dias de hoje pra mim sou fà dos beegees. Aguardo
ProManZEditing Z (9 days ago)
Its kinda funny
J4CKT1C4L (9 days ago)
Finally! I finally found it Fucking Masterpiece
Johnny Cruze (10 days ago)
Three baddest mf.
Для чего все это тут.
Moonlight Comrade (10 days ago)
*My brain while mastering desert eagle in counter-strike*
Hakim Ait Seguer (10 days ago)
Des années immortels..
Evilstorm11 (10 days ago)
I need to strut. Don't try stopping me...……. I'm struttin,...………... around my backyard. I am the King.
jose ignacio misnaza (10 days ago)
Ja ja ja aaaaa
Fabian Soto (11 days ago)
July 2019????
Zebsauro Zebra (11 days ago)
B R ?
Nomad -81- (11 days ago)
I noticed i walk weird when listening to this, then notice people looking at me, then re-adjusting back to normal
Emeka Ofordile (11 days ago)
This song will still stay alive long after we are gone.
Роман К (11 days ago)
Да!кайфую с 1980года! Всегда в машине!😎
Gareth Balmer (11 days ago)
Very catchy
Gareth Balmer (11 days ago)
Great song
Rodolfo Delgado (12 days ago)
soy ferviente fans de esta música
Mirza Azmy (12 days ago)
Stayin' alive in July 2019?
AMORXLNTWA (12 days ago)
Staying Alive in California! ( little earthquake yesterday)
Sayyy (12 days ago)
This song is the best. Old music does not die.
enriquetheprofessor (13 days ago)
This video is just as powerful as the song.
Leszek Burchardt (13 days ago)
SwaggerLord 1106 (13 days ago)
You can't go wrong with Stayin' alive
Just Random Asian (13 days ago)
Stayin' alive in july 2019??? . . Anyone? . . . Just me??
Jenny Barba (3 days ago)
Here 👌
Games Front (6 days ago)
Nope you're not alone
AMORXLNTWA (12 days ago)
Staying Alive in California (earthquake yesterday)
عبود عقيل (13 days ago)
روعة هل الاغنية
Freddy Arratia (14 days ago)
6 de Julio 2019 Clasicoooo incomparable Like ?
Simón Schweben (14 days ago)
Rosse Waggonef (14 days ago)
RIP beegees
Shanmugam N (14 days ago)
Wow i am really crazy about this song
Giot to (15 days ago)
It's very nice song😍
Amparo Uribe Marin (15 days ago)
me encanta,muchos recuerdos de juventud.
agi gori (16 days ago)
JULY 2019????? I know u still listening now
Jojo Cherry (15 days ago)
I am😹
Dani Rojas (16 days ago)
alguien 2019
Abdisalan Omar Maalim (16 days ago)
Who's there July 2019
SARAH'VALENTINA 24 (16 days ago)
Quarta-feira 3 de Julho de 2019 Manaus-Am BRASIL
SARAH'VALENTINA 24 (16 days ago)
Greta Nardoni (16 days ago)
Wow 2019
Queen of Diamonds (16 days ago)
*Every time this song starts, I start walking with swag. People look at me weird. But haters gon' hate, ROFLMAO!!! Damn Barry was handsome If The Passion of the Christ was shot back then, he'd play Jesus!*
90-X cool
Haithem Harireche (16 days ago)
This song ...
Amy Kwok (17 days ago)
My favorite song
Hush Rush (17 days ago)
Any one in 2019 ????
When you get a victory royale in fortnite
RedditFan AUTTP/magahawk when you play fortnite ei should staying alive staying alive
Freddie Mercury (18 days ago)

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