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Best Train Journey From Tokyo | Winter Getaway Japan - Minakami

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Best train journey from Tokyo and winter getaway in Japan, the beautiful Minakami! We start the day in a cold Tokyo and make our way in to the mountains after a breathe taking train journey to the freezing Minakami. A traditional onsen town that's a 3 hour train journey from Tokyo. A must visit for the perfect winter getaway. Nakaya Ryoken https://www.nakaya-ryokan.com/en/ Music Clarity - Gavin Luke When The Dust Settles - Jack Elphick Something Unreal - Sebastian Forslund Set You Free 2 - Jonatan Jarpehag Sakura Dreams 19 - Neesgaard
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Leshen (10 months ago)
Im sorry.. ive been watching your videos on and off for the past couple of months and I think your videos are beautiful and all but there is something really sad and depressing about them. I cannot put my finger on what makes the videos really emotional, maybe ive just been watching too many indie films and I think this is the vibe of your videos... Anyways cheers you guys!
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
Hey Jeff, thanks for your response. That is a good question, so... when we booked this trip to Malaysia, Philippines and Japan we had money but had a few unexpected outgoings that hurt us. However we are used to travelling on a very small budget so are used to being very low on cash. Our main source of income comes from teaching online and we get paid weekly from that so we can usually work ourselves out of a hole quite quickly. We loved Japan so much that we just wanted to explore so didn't work as much so it is of course our fault but we kind of like having the odds stacked against us. We are now back in our apartment (Bangkok) working our little bums off for our next trip in 10 days. Money is not a problem now and we even just got a drone for the next trip. We really appreciate your concern/comment but rest assured we are not as irresponsible as we may seem, we just live a little too close to the edge sometimes :) p.s. also we are British so we like to complain about anything even if it is our own fault like a hangover
Jeff Lang (10 months ago)
Hello Beans, I love your music and I don't get depressed from your videos. BUT I do question if you are very low on cash, why you'd travel to Japan? I don't know how you generate an income, but you need to be fiscally responsible. You are young but you must think of the future! Just some thoughts from Southern California.
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
This is a really interesting comment and I am interested to see anyone elses opinion on this. I am really in to indie movies and the kind of melancholy of life. I like to try and reflect this in the soundtrack, a mix of sadness and hope in my song choices a lot of the time. So it could be that, or that we are very depressing people, who knows haha! Thanks for your observation, it will stay with me all day!
Ken Chew (5 months ago)
Hi. You could get them to serve vegetarian. Although they seldom has that concept, you could ask for "no animals, no meat". You may also use the term, pronounced "YHA SHAI", literally means "wild vegetables".
m105cinema (9 months ago)
Women's wearing a yukata is a mistake. In Japan it is the way to send the dead last. The way men are wearing is right. be careful.
Travel Beans (9 months ago)
Thanks for letting me know! Next time I'll definitely be sure to wear it the correct way! 😳
Rinzler (9 months ago)
My favorite beans couple..My wife and I enjoyed your japan travel and we end up craving for Japanese food lol....We both looking forward of planning our japan travel someday and hit the same spot that you guys went to. just lovely video..Keep rockin!
diegong tabak (9 months ago)
amazing content guys japan is very nice!
summermon1 (10 months ago)
I really love your videos. I really love how you both are on them - the way you talk , your faces , etc. There is something in them I can't explain. Thank you for your uploads!
Travel Beans (9 months ago)
Thank you for such a nice comment : )
Tom Barker (10 months ago)
That looked idealic! Extremely jealous, love the idea of a private onsen. If we go back, might check that place out.
sshiro99 (10 months ago)
Hi guys! Just 2 thinks! First what the name of the app? Second your boyfriend use the yukata correctly! You need put the right side under the left side of the yukata and kimono! They use the right side of the kimono only when the person is death! Sorry about my English! Keep your work!
Travel Beans (9 months ago)
Hi, it is just on the Google Translate app :) Thanks, we didn't realise at all, hope it is not offensive :)
sergio gomes (10 months ago)
sergio gomes (10 months ago)
Guys keep doing what you doing, travel and live free Such a nice couple and Emma.... such nice ass 👌🏻 I will watch all your videos and subscribe on all my accounts. I start spreading your videos in Facebook travel pages You guys will grow in no time. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
+sergio gomes ah thanks so much, we really appreciate your help sharing and hopefully we can entertain you and grow over this year
Cricket Gaming (10 months ago)
Nice video
Mara N (10 months ago)
Your videos are just amazing. Loved the end. So fun! Much love and aloha!
Travel Beans (9 months ago)
Thanks Mara :D
Hecydec (10 months ago)
love from love from towradgi Illawarra nsw Australia,. my name is Hector i was born Chiloe chile,. love i smoke weed marijuana,. i love life love life yes more yes asta luego thank you thank you thank you yes yes because life is life inspiration more see ta,. I feeling to smooch earth yes good good very good goodbye
Maurice W (10 months ago)
You knew you were going in the winter time. You should have brought cold weather gear and you wouldn't have to worry about spending money on clothes, since you say, you don't have any money. Planning ahead will save you money and the headache. Also shop at a supermarket instead of the conbini to save money.
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
I agree however we live in Bangkok so took all of the warm clothes we had. We had planned to buy clothes in Japan at the time but had some unexpected outgoings during the trip so didn't have as much money as planned. It turned out after this video that we didn't need any more warmer clothes so it wasn't an issue in the end. Thanks for the recommendation for the super market. We did shop at one in Okinawa and could see the price difference :)
Chooong7 (10 months ago)
Is your wife a former model? She's stunning
Travel Beans (9 months ago)
No she isn't but I agree ;)
TOBYTA35 (10 months ago)
I'm so happy that you guys enjoyed my home town!! But actually we spell Minakami I think. and you guys ate " Siratama dango"(looks with Macha syrup) " Siratama tango" made from sticky rice! Anyway I subscribe and waiting for next videos!!
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
Ah thank you :D I will change it now. Oooh it was so good. Minakami is so beautiful, one of our favourite places. Can't wait to show you the next one!
nik arev (10 months ago)
demi lovato is now a vlogger
TheYBCnetwork (10 months ago)
Another great video....all caught up now. Looks amazing there. Opening shots through the Japanese streets were cool. Also do you guys have a spotify playlist of all the songs in your videos? Your taste in music is great :) keep it up guys.
Travel Beans (9 months ago)
No we don't unfortunately, I am not sure if the songs are on there. Thanks though, I spend a lot of time looking for the right music so glad you enjoyed it :D
James Angrave (10 months ago)
So much fun watching you guys as usual. That tempura sounded great, basically a huge chicken McNugget 😁 I was wondering if there were any thrift stores (American English) or Charity shops in the area where you could buy cheap secondhand clothes, that might have been the short term answer to your clothing problem. Have never been to Japan but I have heard it's an incredibly polite and clean country as your vlog demonstrates, will definitely add it to the list. 👍🙂
Oh this is so cool!!! I've not really seen much on Japanese travel/tourism. This looks awesome, pretty much everything...but not the socks! Toe socks are terrible! I cant handle things between my toes. lol -h
Travel Beans (9 months ago)
i actually agree, keep our toes free!
Val Anaviso (10 months ago)
just subscribe 😉
Caitlin Drummond (10 months ago)
I was in Japan around this time last year!! Missing it so much. We went on a trip from Tokyo to Nagano and the scenery was unbelievably beautiful!! Hope you enjoy the trip guys. I’m sure you will! ❤️
JCej (10 months ago)
I enjoyed this video guys. Travel, tempura, the background music, your humor and gungho attitude..so cool. Keep posting...
Shane (10 months ago)
You ended it at the best part! :P
John Yap (10 months ago)
could tell me what apps you using to translate the stuff :D that's pretty kewl
Shut It (9 months ago)
That would be real beneficial to people who are learning Japanese. Scan it, write it in Japanese then write down the English translation.
Travel Beans (9 months ago)
Yes, it is Google Translate app :)
John Yap (10 months ago)
your beautiful =]
John Yap (10 months ago)
hahah cold :D
Fishing Buddy 360 (10 months ago)
Alex and Emma....here is a suggestion for your next Philippine trip: Check out "Hundred Islands" in Alaminos, Pangasinan. Google it to see if it's something you guys might want to visit. Hey Emma...what was that app you were using to translate? Travel safe, guys!
Ridzwan Wahid (10 months ago)
I wish I was there..
Jayner Jopio (10 months ago)
Michael Roxas (10 months ago)
Are you coming back to Philippines?
Michael Roxas (10 months ago)
Or from cebu you can go to iloilo city to attend dinagyang festival and to kalibo for ati atihan festival. You can have side trip to gigantes island in carles, iloilo. We will be there in jan 27. Hope to bump you there too.
Michael Roxas (10 months ago)
Travel Beans sagada , mountain province of the north luzon will be nice and cool weather. Baguio is good too but too crowded. Cant hardly wait to see your vids to your next adventure in Philippines ..
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
+Michael Roxas we are flying in to the Cebu area for a week with our friend from home. Then we have no real plans and are open to suggestions? We are going to try meet Tal in Luzon at some point as well
Michael Roxas (10 months ago)
Which part in philippines are you planing to be at this time?
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
Yes, we booked our tickets yesterday!! We will be there for a month this time. We are coming in 10 days
R Yu (10 months ago)
Hi Guys, if you're caught in cold weather, you can try stuffing some folded newspaper in your jacket. It might not completely keep you warm but it will help trap some body heat.
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
Amazing tip!!! Thank you so much :)
Yagibuman (10 months ago)
My family and I are visiting Japan this April.. cant wait!
Yagibuman (10 months ago)
Thanks! will take note of that..
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
You will all have a blast. I highly recommend Shibu onsen and Minokami as easy places to visit from Tokyo :)
Yagibuman (10 months ago)
yes! We are watching your video to get ideas on what places to see.
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
Amazing, are you going to see the cherry blossoms?
Rhanz Xavier (10 months ago)
Hello travel beans,, keep safe always..
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
Hey :D Thank you, we will try our best haha
maite maite (10 months ago)
That looks so cold! I wish you had warm clothes, brrr.
maite maite (10 months ago)
The past few days it was very cold, but today 9 degrees! Glad it didn't turn out as bad for you!
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
Haha actually it didn't turn out as bad as first thought (although cold) as you will see in the next one coming soon :) Hope Belgium is not to cold right now.
Peachy x0x0 (10 months ago)
can you please tell us where you stayed and how do we contact them? we'll be going to tokyo next month :) thanks!
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
Thanks for reminding me, I meant to put it in the description. It is there now :D You can contact them through the website (https://www.nakaya-ryokan.com/en/) If you could mention that you saw it through our video, that would be amazing :D
Thomast Tham (10 months ago)
Thanks for traveling for me as I can't afford it... as I'm always a economic and political prisoner all my life.. I feel for you abt the $$$ .. why don't you try to be a bit more richer? Just a little bit more to be still happy and comfortable.. DON'T be too rich though as it will ruin your craziness and happiness.
Thomast Tham (10 months ago)
Travel Beans Aaahhh! That's funny.. :)
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
+Thomast Tham oh ok well I don't think you have to worry about us doing that :)
Thomast Tham (10 months ago)
Travel Beans It's not mean to be funny!! Many tranny rulers and dictators eg Marcos of the Philippines, Suharto of Indonesia and now Najib Malaysia for their crave of power, wealth and comfort have Ruin the life of millions thru corruption, abuse of power, and restrict people's freedom and access to knowledge..
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
"DON'T be too rich though as it will ruin your craziness and happiness" is funny, nothing to be hurt by :)
Thomast Tham (10 months ago)
Travel Beans How did I make you laugh? I'm serious.. I feel so hurt now.. :(
Saurabh Kumar (10 months ago)
2nd! Better than last time at least
Saurabh Kumar (9 months ago)
Haha, correct! Awesome vlog! Man, the dinner you got in your hotel looked incredibly delicious!
Travel Beans (10 months ago)
But not as good as the time before that ;)

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