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Gucci Mane - Both (feat. Drake) [Official Audio]

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Gucci Mane - Both feat. Drake from The Return of East Atlanta Santa Download/stream 'The Return Of East Atlanta Santa': https://Atlantic.lnk.to/EASAY East Atlanta Santa Merch Shop now open, shop here: http://smarturl.it/Gucci.ShopYT Follow Gucci Mane http://GucciManeOnline.com http://Twitter.com/Gucci1017 http://Facebook.com/GucciMane http://Instagram.com/LaFlare1017 https://open.spotify.com/artist/13y7CgLHjMVRMDqxdx0Xdo
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Text Comments (9204)
TinargGTO (4 hours ago)
22 May 2019 anyone?
Cierra Bracero (5 hours ago)
Damn these hoes ain’t got no manners bruh...where’s the manager??? 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯
Hussain Ali (1 day ago)
I’m the king
John Johnson (2 days ago)
2 years later and Drake finally pulled the strings
OK Goonie (2 days ago)
Here bc Drake literally pulled those scrings
iiLulaYt (2 days ago)
john atta (2 days ago)
Lol..gucci finally went to canada
S1LENT S0UL (2 days ago)
I think it’s “drake gonna push some screens so let me check my calendar”I am not sure 🤔
Foo Farew (2 days ago)
Anyone listening after Drake pulled some strings and Gucci went to Canada?
Bryan M (2 days ago)
Drake really pulled some strings
walkin91 (2 days ago)
Who’s here after gucci came to Canada for the first time?
All Might (2 days ago)
Drake finally pulled some strings and got Gucci in Canada in May 2019 🇨🇦
Noune Miachieo (8 hours ago)
And he came wearing a Bucks jersey
Abishek Grg (2 days ago)
Drake really pulled some strings.Wop in Raptors game in Canada
Abishek Grg (2 days ago)
Who is here after They let Wop in Canada ?? 🤚🏽
Elvira Hancock (2 days ago)
Gucci is de real star in dis track. Most underrated in de game.
SkeletonMan84 (2 days ago)
Who here after Gucci and Drake were at the Raptors game together?
Infintite Tsukuyomi (2 days ago)
Who listening in May 2019? 🔥
Kabilan Asokan (2 days ago)
Who’s here after seeing Gucci Mane at game 3?
I have aids but, (2 days ago)
Drake wasn't playing with the Strings
Adil A (2 days ago)
I just saw Gucci at the raps game with drizzy in Canada toronto
Slpeeing Denúncias (3 days ago)
Lucas inutilismo
scarlett dunn (3 days ago)
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Lenny Hernandez (4 days ago)
Str8 dope...$$$$$$$$$$$
Danira Green (4 days ago)
When I was younger and this song first came out the beat freaked me out at night lol😂
Geezside808 (5 days ago)
This song will ever be a bop 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rx Mc (5 days ago)
scarlett dunn (6 days ago)
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Bình Lê (6 days ago)
Southside If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you I got so many felonies I might can't never go to Canada But Drake said he gon' pull some strings So let me check my calendar I just popped me one of them one what-you-call-its And it boosted my stamina Now I'm fucking her on the banister Guess I just East Atlanta'd her I'm in an all red drop tarantula Fuck a Challenger Damn these hoes ain't got no manners bruh Where's the manager? I keep throwing rubber bandies up Hoe, pull your panties up 'Cause you fuck like a granny fuck You're just an amateur This Patek Philipe gon' make this crooked judge Try throw the book at me I look like half a million worth of heroin When she look at me But you ain't gotta fuck with me my nig But you're stuck with me But how you called the cops on me my nig? You grew up with me I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high But I'm both right now, got me talking about my life I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high But I'm both right now I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high But I'm both right now and I need ya in my life I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high But I'm both right now Yeah, I'm both Yeah, I had a drink, yeah, I smoked Yeah, you think I need you, but I don't Just left out Dubai with all my folk Open water, my location is remote Shout out Yachty but this ain't a Lil Boat This some shit I wrote about when I was broke See the power of the mind is not a joke Man, I said that I would do it and I did Used to get leftovers out the fridge Nobody was famous where I lived 'Till I got it jumping at the crib Took a lot to be able to give, I mean I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high But I'm both right now, got me talking about my life I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high But I'm both right now I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high But I'm both right now and I need ya in my life I don't usually do this unless I'm drunk or I'm high But I'm both right now Southside
Hypnotic R.T.M (6 days ago)
this song is dope
John Constantine (9 days ago)
Kotaro (9 days ago)
Self Made Boss (9 days ago)
This is such a BANGAHHHH
This song crazzy 💯
jud Gonchi (7 days ago)
cedric kamgang (10 days ago)
Gucci is coming to Ottawa Canada this summer, Drake pulled some strings! 🙏🏿
Hayden Tanner (10 days ago)
I am both at the moment
Haku River (10 days ago)
Drake - Both (Feat. Gucci Mane)... there fixed it
Maria Pavlovic (7 days ago)
Yea I had a drink, yea I smoked yea you think I need you but I don't.
Nice Beatz (11 days ago)
Colinnation 2000 (11 days ago)
Anyone come hear to listen to drakes verse
Tavian Walker (7 days ago)
Julian Aronson (12 days ago)
2019? Anyone?
Humberto Anaya (12 days ago)
Anybody listening in 2019
CooLix GFX (12 days ago)
Showed lil yachty this He became lil boat
slitandrew (12 days ago)
anyone know why gucci mane wasn't able to go to Canada?
Vroken Br4t (12 days ago)
“I might can’t never go to Canada”
janfn (12 days ago)
He finally pulled the strings
York. Taylor&37 BTS (13 days ago)
Im still twerking this at 3:00 am
KaiJMedina (13 days ago)
Who here after Gucci allowed in canada
Matei Craciunoiu (13 days ago)
Man i said that i will do it and i didddd
william papaioannou (13 days ago)
Looks like Drake pulled some strings
Hugo (13 days ago)
Gucci’s going to Canada. Drake must of pulled some strings 🤧
EK Mixed That (2 days ago)
Soldier Miguel (11 days ago)
Hugo this is old how did he pull them after 2 or 3 years?
Mace Windu (13 days ago)
Erry nigga gotta wait in line for this song every now and again it just fucking slapzz.
Damian Vice (13 days ago)
I know y’all came from twitter lmaoo
Fab (13 days ago)
Damian Vice fr💀
Mr Hippo (14 days ago)
Drake pulled them strings
Najib Dulane (14 days ago)
Mourtaadaa (12 days ago)
Najib Dulane lmfao he can go to Canada now
Kenni Mac (14 days ago)
Drake pulled those strings for Gucci Mane
Tray Savage (14 days ago)
HG Power
themondoshow (14 days ago)
Drake came THROUGH
themondoshow (14 days ago)
Oh we live now
Crazy Football (14 days ago)
drake really pulled them strings 😂 🦉
EK Mixed That (2 days ago)
LennertK7 (2 days ago)
Omg same 😂
Boss (2 days ago)
Owe Foe (12 days ago)
Same asf😂
Frisskk 510 (14 days ago)
Came here after that
justinschellerFL321 (14 days ago)
Old Wayne, old Gucci, old Kanye, and old Juicy J is my jam. It's the realest rappers before they sell out to the temptations of being mainstream, that can be true to there lyrics and technique.
Kamaron Charles (14 days ago)
"how you call the cops on me,my nig.you grew up with me."🔥
account (15 days ago)
sounds like a perfect timing beat
The Weeknd Remix (17 days ago)
man i love gucci mane
JAVIER (18 days ago)
oD Xanax (19 days ago)
I’m both rn
Werd) I do need you in my life to but your ego kills you so next time you see me just talk to me I'm a human been like you I'm no taran, taran nither a ding, dong) Draky, Draky I can make it happen! Lol
Roman Pico (19 days ago)
This song makes me like and comment on my own comment
Roman Pico (19 days ago)
Tyler Hutchinson (19 days ago)
And drake pulled them strings and he comin to canada loool
roberto heredia (20 days ago)
Black Rambo TV
Justin Collins (20 days ago)
Drake is ass
cute roblox107 zze (21 days ago)
Fuck gucci mane n fuck drake all about winnipeg most these days
Justin Collins (21 days ago)
Drake fucked it allll uupp
Memeree Jenea (24 days ago)
Yeah you think I need you but I don’t!!!
Brandon Clark (23 days ago)
I am a rich American man. Trust me I need you alot less than you need me. Jajaja
Ethaen Franiak (24 days ago)
this stuff is good man make more
thereal96 jp huerta jr (25 days ago)
Yeah I'm both.
Victor Reyes (25 days ago)
Da Vid Pre Koma (27 days ago)
Itz David PreKOma itz tjat NORThzide hila zide evolz
vincent jr (27 days ago)
Ryan Kerrigan (27 days ago)
april 25! tomorrow is the bday big 28. Official song for the entire day!! lets get it
Alan Gross (27 days ago)
The fat cunt crooked judge is on the payroll
Jelani (12 days ago)
More like Drake - both feat. Gucci Mane
Marcos Rhone (27 days ago)
Me nigga
Daniel Hernandez (27 days ago)
Still banging 2019
K3ygucci23 Thompson (28 days ago)
"Shout out yachty but this ain't a lil boat" im dead💀😂
P A N D A (1 month ago)
This song goes so fucking hard
Bubbles (1 month ago)
why is the part at 1:09 like soothing to my ears? its so peaceful and calm.
Sxperior (1 month ago)
Cause it's Drake duhh
DjAlexCostA (1 month ago)
hot track
Lil Gay person (1 month ago)
How does he know how grandmas f#*ck
Eli Meadows (1 month ago)
Still fire
Bryan Counts (1 month ago)
Drake Better :)
Ballin Boi (1 month ago)
yasminz (1 month ago)
you think i need you, but i don’t 🤪
Maki Fitness (1 month ago)
Yunus (1 month ago)
I said I will fail the exams and I did!
Sxperior (1 month ago)
Rebecca Wyant (1 month ago)
Frag_ Boom21 (1 month ago)
Dude drake fucking killled it
Rohit Verma (1 month ago)
Why no video 😕
Virk Does Work (1 month ago)
Nobody was famous where I lived till I got it jumpin' out the crib took a lot to be able to give!!
Yaboy PC (1 month ago)
This is literally the most lit flow for a song ever
Amber Nicole (1 month ago)
Someone needs to make an 8D version of this
Yunus (1 month ago)
Let's start with a 8d version of you

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