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The Type of Questions to Ask a Woman on a First Date

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Dana Woodard (23 days ago)
Hi, Mr. Locario when I go to a place called the Tilted Kilt they have very Attractive woman and they are a selling point for the place you are at and are there to work and promote their product. So it's hard to get them to meet with you. I did notice when I had a conversation with a woman I was not generally hitting on her in the way that most do but getting to know her. She said that she had a boyfriend. I seem to ask the right questions. I introduce myself to the women with confidence which I notice they find that Attractive by their body language. One woman was wondering when Valentines Day was coming around the woman started to say something and stopped herself. She was saying something about how many dush bags would be there and was like I shouldn't say that so I told her something about that. That made her Attracted to me. She said a lot of men hit on them and act like dush bags or act obnoxious and I was not doing that but being myself. Most men are told to be alpha and dominant and they forget to be themselves. I ask a woman what do you like doing for fun or weekend what puts a smile on your face?" and when she asks you what that is. Then you reply with something about you. You know have a mini conversation then ask for her number but don't break. wait for a response from the woman then ask for her number then go from there. When I talk to the women long enough where I can say this I say because you get a good perception of a woman I say I love what a beautiful personality you have or seem to have. I love your great energy. depending on how they are talking say like they are conveying something about them. Then I say I love what a beautiful outlook you have on life you sound really awesome! :-)" Now if you started out a conversation without introducing yourself then after you say that then you say what is your name I'm_________ whatever that name happens to be. Then make the date happen. Women usually come around to talk but it seems like a selling point for the business but yet they are still friendly. It seems when you look really confident when introducing yourself to women that they are very Attractive are very approachable. :-)" sometimes it seems women think you are hitting on them so they bring up the boyfriend. Most really have a boyfriend. You can tell because I still had a conversation with the woman and she was taking her boyfriend to a concert so I talked about the boyfriend which most men don't do to see what band or artist or singer they were going to see. She was not familiar with the artist/singer. I was really having a conversation not really trying to get with her. There were women that were a bit more Attractive to me that were my type. You need to have a video about women not being able to dance around the issue and why they may bring the boyfriend up. What I liked is this brunette woman I could tell was really close to me which most men don't notice is a good sign with a woman who is into you. :-)"
Chris Brown (10 months ago)
Man...tbh, ain’t no solid questions. Ima put y’all up on the most secret game trick in the world...be yaself. If you want to qualify a woman, you are looking for something serious. If she is looking for something serious and legitimately is feeling you, she will roll with you regardless of what you say or do. The first date could be awkward but she will still deal with you because she truly likes you. If you’re broke, sick, depressed, or on top of the world, if she feeling you, she will play ball. Trying to frame questions to get a specific response is really a manipulation of the situation. Let the real come out and proceed accordingly.
Emp Sam (10 months ago)
Damn can't believe that shit he's 26 and she's 40? Then going on date with 40 years old woman no way, she's full of shit, guys need to value themselves she's 40 year old woman, you need to let her know what time is it asap no fucking date come to mine for hook up straight I don't care how she look she still 40 and should know Better .she's the one who should be happy having 26 years old man .
kzaggin20 (10 months ago)
Oh so the old hag saw fit to ask you questions about your occupation but the moment you flipped the script the bitch caught amnesia and got defensive…one word. Entitled! That’s how the bitch felt, instead of being grateful that a younger man was interested in her she felt like you was lucky to have her attention. Three words. Dump the bitch! Bro straight up and down I would’ve bounced ASAP the moment the “about to hit the wall” chick came at me sideways.
No Days Off (10 months ago)
Also remember it isn’t a job interview,make sure you’re having a conversation and not an interrogation 😁
Super Saturn (10 months ago)
DishonestTruths I was having a conversation. Didn't I say, that I had good conversational skills. It's just the questions part.
Everydaythoughtz jc (10 months ago)
I think you should video chat , 1st before meeting up in person, instead of wasting time trying to do a meet & greet. Might reduce her flakeness ,because she has a better idea of who you are. What do everyone think of that idea?
Jermaine Jones (10 months ago)
Is that sara in the thumb nail...?
G Up (10 months ago)
She doesn’t have a job. End of story
Super Saturn (10 months ago)
Thank you for your help Locario, when are you going to be in the DMV area? Man you are an expert in this field. You are great my brother.
Locario Fan (10 months ago)
Thanks bro. I'll be traveling more soon
Honest Introspection (10 months ago)
Long ass email 🙄
Cali King (10 months ago)
Honest Introspection The detailed emails are good sometimes. Gives more insight on the situation
Super Saturn (10 months ago)
Locario and I have been cool for years; its good to provide some detail some, so he knows the situation well.
Me. . i (10 months ago)
Guys this is really a big struggle for me in the *game* Here it is " The girl in street may look cute blonde , blue eyes, curve, long hair, etc ... The point is ... *Most men really beg for attention and they could fap on her when they go home* but for me i think that is b.s i literally if I approached her i will be talking like shit i don't want to date her .. i dont feel that attraction to her while all men fall over when they see her.... *Ist an excuse from my brain to not approach her or really every man has different.taste in women* She could be model tho but still i dont feel that my heart want her .. my gesture when I will be talking to her is like talking to a dog or smthg really i dont feel anything ... But also when i approached my 10 some people say ... Ewwww that is 7 ... For me it's 10 *Ist an excuse to not approach the models or every one is different*
mmapaper (10 months ago)
Mr. Hypertrophy damm exactly like you say!
Me. . i (10 months ago)
AMV Tournaments *u want to say *U APPROACH HOT girls... But when u deeg deeper to their personality u got turn off because most of 10s are just looks as i just mentioned before... So when u have high value and u see the girl has nothing to do or she is silly af... U jusy say... I will not. Spit my game and show her my value cuz she doesn't deserve it she is just a look....*
mmapaper (10 months ago)
Mr. Hypertrophy very true you think exactly like me. You know for me personally when i talk to a hot girl i feel cold (maybe because of deep anxiety) but on the other hand i feel that i have a higher value and i dont realy need her so mixed feelings. I still wanna fuck her but i feel kinda cold and not needy kinda difficult to explain
Me. . i (10 months ago)
AMV Tournaments * bruh this comm really good.. I think that's 90% true.... I have never thought of something like that before.... So i think this is the issue but also... There are some 10 girls if i become an PUA legend. I will. Never talk to them... Cuz most of 10 are silly and creepy af... They just look good... But there verbal game sucks af......
mmapaper (10 months ago)
You are have deep anxiety so you act different and cold to not be hurt. Im exactly like you she can be a 10 but i still will talk cold to her .

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