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Text Comments (195)
Jeff Jefferson (11 months ago)
Watch this over some MDMA, trust me
Scion IQ is the Toyota IQ
James Smith (1 year ago)
The Audi wasn't safe
Alessandro Rona (1 year ago)
The FIAT Panda and BMW 3 Series did very well.
Mitsu00 (1 year ago)
This reminds me of that one spongebob episode were it shows squidwars as a crash dummy
Mika0w (1 year ago)
that was side hit?????
il est super ce crash test
Stephen Stewart (2 years ago)
That BMW that ppl rave on about is not actually that safe yea it takes the hit and crumples well but you got to think about the people inside ...the car lifting up like that and going sideways is bad because it's when the car comes back down and then you smash your head on things in the car .......the Volvo in my eyes did the best job only a slight lift but most of all it deflects the car away 👍
TrackNation (2 years ago)
Skoda driver: Excuse me, have you seen my son? BMW driver: Have you seen my wife? Skoda driver: No, but either way she her way into my bed. BMW driver: She wasn't my type anyway. Skoda driver: Ok, well you can keep my son if you find him because he's an annoying little bastard. BMW driver: *mutters* Ok time for my big white van. WE GOING ON PATROL
Alessio S (2 years ago)
i would scrap the scion, it's at limit
Alessio S (2 years ago)
+LoLzHaRrY musically I ment scrap from the list of safest cars because the a pillar was at the point to collapse
TrackNation (2 years ago)
Alessio S Who wouldnt
Carlos Quiroz (2 years ago)
Amazing, so much damage with the cars going so slow
Manhee Park (2 years ago)
ever heard of slow motion?
Adam R (2 years ago)
Acura TL did very well. Hondas tend to have very good small overlap crab test rating but what's weird is the front outer layer driver door(not the actual door it self just the sheet metal or something) always peels off like an orange compared to the other cars.
Walter Dersch (2 years ago)
3rd one was so boring over and over again
TrackNation (2 years ago)
Whys that?
TrackNation (2 years ago)
René Fluence Fits your personality. In one word
ManderEveryMinute (2 years ago)
too quiet
Fernando G. (2 years ago)
Why am I watching this at school I'm failing Chem class lmao
Random Guy (21 days ago)
Fernando G. Here you can learn Physics.
Matthew Hooper (2 years ago)
What would happen though if you filled the car with luggage, people and stuff like drinks? Would it be a different test and would the luggage harm the rear passengers?
gamerviciado237 (2 years ago)
What is the name of the second cara?
gamerviciado237 (2 years ago)
+Luca Bombardieri thnx man
Luca Bombardieri (2 years ago)
Toyota IQ
gamerviciado237 (2 years ago)
car *
Nicholas Stathopoulos (2 years ago)
And even IIHS tests... Amazing indeed!!
Paolo Santilli (2 years ago)
vector6977 (2 years ago)
THAT BMW just needed some touch up paint and a new propeller emblem.
Alessio S (2 years ago)
about BMW> wait when you hit it on 20% front width new test, it rips open from front to rear and you 'll find the front wheel in the rear trunk. BMW just specialised in Euro Ncap it fails hard in new tests just like all german cars . that said i see the toyota IQ and fiat panda also fail due to intense whiplash and heads dummy coming out out of the front window
JDMISMY LIFE (2 years ago)
idk why but I love watching crashes soo much XD
polaris911 (2 years ago)
funny how the more expensive models don't necessarily offer more crash protection.
Bou (2 years ago)
The first one was karma.
Adam Woodward (2 years ago)
scinon IQ ??????? Toyota IQ
Alessio S (2 years ago)
pracer der dritte (2 years ago)
+Adam Woodward Its the same car, just sold by a different brand. Like Vauxhall in the UK and Opel in Germany for example.
Luca Luke (2 years ago)
that beemer...
totalwar179 (2 years ago)
There was no way number two was safe.
TrackNation (2 years ago)
totalwar179 They'll be fine just a new pelvis new ribs and a new dick if they're male. If they're women then they have their tits and fanny as protection nothing that won't interest you.
Yuuki (2 years ago)
dead from whiplash.
Jordan Jones (2 years ago)
exactly their hand and head came out the fucking window
Popper (2 years ago)
Jeez how strong is that little second car???
Oyun Meraklısı (2 years ago)
aırbag off crash test
Samuel G (2 years ago)
The red Mercedes got a poor rating in that crash test. Why is it on this list?
Blaster Argento (2 years ago)
Will that be fine if the rim shoves into the cockpit...? Isn't that gonna hurt driver's legs?
Maria Lerma (2 years ago)
like everyone said im am not going in a smart car or a three wheel car any car that danguris
XO Motors (2 years ago)
Any car, if not driven carefully and properly, can be dangerous or lethal.
Bernardo Santos (3 years ago)
that little IQ was amazing!!
Der Yeti (2 years ago)
+Bernardo Santos " the smart is a piece of tin almost... Its super dangerous. Airbags become useless when the steering wheel crushes your chest." Are you able to support that theory? In my opinion the smart car is (by all the flaws it might have) a quite safe car - and the steering column is designed to move away from the driver in case of a crash. So do you have any proof for your statement, a official crash test maybe? And please do NOT refer to the crappy "test" they performed years ago at the TV-show fifth gear: that was a crash at 70 mph - way more than any sincere crash test would be held at. Note: if you crash it hard enough, everything will be smashed ...
Bernardo Santos (2 years ago)
+20$ is 20$ hehe, my original comment was instigated by the diference between this IQ and the smart car. Same sizes, and the smart is a piece of tin almost... Its super dangerous. Airbags become useless when the steering wheel crushes your chest.
Bernardo Santos (2 years ago)
+20$ is 20$ yes, but in my limited knowledge of car safety its better to have alot of Kinetic force transferred on to you than a bit less force and being completely crushed inside the car..
Tanel Murd (3 years ago)
Lexus and vw sucks, in both case the drivers head missed the airbag and crashed in the dasboard or the door
Harshith SV (3 years ago)
at what speed of the car..... this has been conducted???
British-Aussie Lover (2 years ago)
They do it at 64 for some reason, very random speed but there you go.
tomasmalin (3 years ago)
+Harshith SV EuroNCAP head-on/side/pole test - 64/50/29 kmph.
Bottled Windex (3 years ago)
Around 40mph I think.
Louis Doyle (3 years ago)
On the 2nd one why does it say Scion iQ? I thought it was a Toyota iq.
Matthew Walkington (2 years ago)
hence why the new toyota gt 86 is exactly the same car as subaru and Toyota build witht the same engine, body and interior the only differance is a couple of panels and the badge, ✋🙉
OhFishyFish (2 years ago)
+Garry Mix Subaru is owned by Fuji Heavy Industries, completely different brand.
Danny Boy (3 years ago)
Toyota, Lexus, scion, Subaru- same thing
JGuero 12 (3 years ago)
toyota and scion are almost the same shit
TelPrank (3 years ago)
that BMW at the 4th place did realy realy good! GOOD JOB germans!
jadhav vinayak (3 years ago)
hello....! Can any one say me the crash load that the car experiences.
GS979 (3 years ago)
i like how the dummies wear shoes
Sam T. (3 years ago)
Daniel Zakrent (3 years ago)
wow, those cameras doing 1000 FPS
+amtdesign In Portugal roads are not safe at all, they kill every day! The majority of roads have quite poor surfece and are cover of holes and imperfections... only 4x4 can survive! German cars are unconfortable due to them too stiff suspension and mostly unconfortable on poor surfaces. They shake make interior and spring noises; My aunt has a Citroen C5 that suitable for these kinfd of roads; the suspension is smooth as a cat and you hardly notice the road holes. I have a Range Rover Sport that is hard but I use to shift to 4x4 and things going better, but harder is my Focus Diesel made in Germany by Ford Germany Koln. A fine and ultra reliable car but the suspension feels like stone! Portuguese roads are among the worst and most dangerous in all Europe... quite bad macadam, people drive like crazy and are dangerous at wheel, rude and impatient!
+amtdesign My beloved father had a 2009 Audi A4...problems and more problems... my sister had a Seat Leon that burned out on the motorway two years ago...my uncle had a VW Golf that stoped on the road several times with electrical gremlins! VW group cars never again!!
+amtdesign My beloved father had a Audi A4 that was a true nigthmare!! Problems and more problems! German cars are quite poor in terms of reliability. Their reliability and safety are bad, quite bad! You you wish a car for along time with minor or no problems, buy a Mazda, Honda, Hyunai, dia, Kia,Toyota, Lexus, Volvo or Ford!
+Newgenerationisbg My beloved father had a Audi A4 that was a true nigthmare!! Problems and more problems!
+Newgenerationisbg VW is a myth! They make poor quality cars that gives lots of problems! Their reliability and safety is bad, quite bad! You you wish a car for along time with minor or no problems, buy a Mazda, Honda, Hyunadia, Kia,Toyota, Lexus, Volvo or Ford!
Shankovich (3 years ago)
Europe and Japan, yes guys!!
British-Aussie Lover (2 years ago)
Yay, a whole continent and one country compared. Makes total sense.
Nathan Woodall (4 years ago)
I voted down cause it repeated too many times and no sound.
Roysect (4 years ago)
The iq is the best!!!!
Little_Big_Seth{?:D} (3 years ago)
Aqil Kareem (4 years ago)
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Steven B2 (4 years ago)
0:57" dummy says : Help Me!
crxcrvxker 2 (1 year ago)
Steven B2 hahhahhaha
crxcrvxker 2 (1 year ago)
Steven B2 xd
Ethan Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Paul Erndwein (4 years ago)
the vw and the lexus at  the end didn´t look quite safe to me also they had only one airbag
Aaron Powell (3 years ago)
That's how all frontal offset crashes will look, those are the ugliest kind. What matters is that the safety features inside protected the occupants.
raca reca (4 years ago)
Is not that have one airbag, all of them have 6 airbag just that they didnt deploy
eelamuchug (4 years ago)
The fiat did good fiat panda
Jack Brand (4 years ago)
BMW 3 Series performed very well in the crash test!
Jay Anthony (4 years ago)
I'll take the BMW or Merc. Keep everything else. 
dimos k (3 years ago)
+Jay Anthony omg i have never read more bullshit from a single person in a single thread in my entire life... ye sure, merc and bmw will last 3 times as much if you pay 3 times their initial value on repairs. you should better read the TUV report about car reliability and look how "reliable" your precious mercedes and bmw are...
dimos k (3 years ago)
+Jay Anthony btw, you miss something very important. every car manufacturer builds their cars to barely pass the EuroNcap and IIHS tests to get type conformation to be able to sell their cars. now get your precious mercedes and compare it to a Volvo at a higher than 64km/h speed crash and watch how it falls into pieces...
dimos k (3 years ago)
+Jay Anthony if its just for safety, the best solution is, and always has been Volvo.
Vita Reuge (3 years ago)
I agree with jay. But who cares. It's your money, buy whatever you want.
deathTo tusk (3 years ago)
Hyundai genesis is better
Philip Battersby (4 years ago)
BMW 3-series, impressive safety! 
German engineering!
MrZirun (2 years ago)
+Samuel G Check 3 series E36 hehe :D
Samuel G (2 years ago)
+raca reca The 3 Series got a marginal rating for the Small Overlap test because the wheel got pushed into the footwell area. The upper part of the car held up extremely well tho. You would have easily survived. Maybe a broken ankle or something tho.
raca reca (4 years ago)
You knew that that bmw got poor rating because the wheel pushed into the occupant compartment and almost tooked the feet off the dummy
mikolaj korcz (4 years ago)
id rather take the A4 at 11.20, you'd probably end up with a broken thumb but it folded really well making sure your body doesn't have to take too many g's.
Tom Holt (4 years ago)
Don't wana feel the G's in the IQ, same problem the smart has.
Teo Di. (5 years ago)
4:23 PIANO!

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