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Extreme Fashion : Episode 39 - Comedy Show Jay Hind!

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(telecast date 11th January, 2010) Comedy Show Jay Hind! Episode 39 : Height Of Fashion Show This is a Five Star Certified Licensed to Make You Laugh Episode. :))Sumeet delves into the world of Fashion and finds it funnier than Madhur Bhandarkar's film. Particularly The Pakistan Fashion Week. You will die laughing at the footage from that ultimate fashion show. Segment 2 has Cricket going all Pink and Gay. Then There is the interview with the absconding Doctor Scientist Munir Khan - who demanded a Bharat Ratna and was on Zee Tv every dayjust look at the man's audacity. :)) Plus proof that the Neanderthal man is Alive and weird footage of Shoaib Akhtar's liposuction. Segment 1: Comedy Show Jay Hind! Pakistan Fashion Weak Jay Hind! Episode 38 : Segment 1 - Footage from the ludicrously funny Pakistan Fashion Week. Ramp up your laughter!!!! Segment 2 : Comedy Show Jay Hind! Gays love Pink Ball Cricket Jay Hind! Episode 38 : Segment 2 - Sumeet shows the bold new gay avatar of cricket with pink balls. Never before seen footage of Lalit Modi and the Knightriders. Laughter threatens to engulf you. And don't forget the New NeanderthalsHahhahaha Segment 3 : Comedy Show Jay Hind! Munir Khan & Shoaib Akhtar Ka Liposuction Jay Hind! Episode 38 : Segment 3 - Shoaib Akhtar's liposuction is a very funny event and no Munir Khan wasn't responsible for this fiasco. But he is on our set and that's a clear and present danger to our sanity. Laugh Riot! :)) Segment 4 : Comedy Show Jay Hind! My Name Is Khan & I'm Not A Terrorist Jay Hind! Episode 38 : Segment 4 - My Name Is Khan - Munir Khan, I am not a terrorist, I am a Doctor Scientist. Don't Miss This unbelievable interview with the absconding fraud Doctor Munir Khan. or is it Muneer Khan? Warning : You might Die laughing! :)
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Text Comments (13)
Sandeep Saini (2 years ago)
Aman Arora (5 years ago)
Segment 3 Kya zabardast stand up kiya! Saare joke bomb thay.
Jay Hind! (5 years ago)
thanks. please share on FB as well
Aman Arora (5 years ago)
Segment 3 Kya zabardast stand up kiya! Saare joke bomb thay.
Shaheen Ameerally (8 years ago)
rmsprs (9 years ago)
lol...atleast some better show for indians. Sumeet is fabulous.
swati vinay (9 years ago)
extremely sarcastic comedy! loved the fashion show thingy... Why dont u improve ur graphics... sometimes its like Sumeet's face is overshadowed by the graphics.. Try to improve that... otherwise its an innovative show!
swati vinay (9 years ago)
LOL.. but this singer sucks too!
puneet singh (9 years ago)
and she can sing.. nice ;)
puneet singh (9 years ago)
awesome.. great work.. and I know you will be on TV some day but this is much better seriously man no censorship and real comedy.. in simple words MAA CHHODD DI
abraham santana (9 years ago)
shut the front door
Parmendra Kumar (9 years ago)
great effort................keep rocking.....
Krishan Mohan (9 years ago)
great show :) fashion show ke paint girte hi do bomb fata! fuuny! :D

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