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emo girl icon

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meoji (7 years ago)
whats the diffrence between scene and emo?
Elizabeth Aguilera (8 years ago)
q genial el pelooo! :D
Juliano Bertim (8 years ago)
See my videos (BANDA TRAMPO) boituva SP, comment if you like , go to your friends , thanks !
Roz Is So Cool (8 years ago)
SCENE SCENE SCENE!!!!!! get your facts straight!!!
michelle h (9 years ago)
scene and emo r the same
Daniel Wojciechowski (10 years ago)
Short Video but really C001 girl :*
Shred Works (10 years ago)
O tej lasce to pasujątakie włoski :)!
Natasha PlasticWhore (10 years ago)
this girl is audrey kitching. or something like that xD

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