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Online Brand Infringement - CitizenHawk CEO interview part 1 of 6 - ocAMA.org

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This video series is part of the OC AMA's Signature Speaker Series, "Protecting Your Brand in Today's Online Environment," event presented by David Duckwitz, CEO, CitizenHawk, in Orange County CA on Feb. 20, 2013. This video: Online Brand Infringement Series abstract: Business professionals understand how the Internet has revolutionized marketing, branding and communications. Yet few understand how the Internet's vast size and anonymous nature can create serious challenges for brands. Online brand and trademark abuse -- counterfeiters, cybersquatters, typosquatting and more -- is costing companies millions of dollars, not to mention customer trust and brand equity. CitizenHawk CEO Dave Duckwitz discusses the threats facing brands on the Internet and discuss steps professionals can take to defend them. About CitizenHawk: CitizenHawk is a global provider of online brand protection and enforcement services. They were established with a single-minded focus: to protect companies' brands on the Internet while helping ensure they receive the online traffic -- and collect the revenues -- they've rightfully earned. CitizenHawk helps organizations by managing their various domains, by continually monitoring the web to expose typosquatters and other cyberscammers preying on legitimate businesses and their customers, and by shutting down and recovering unauthorized, often fraudulent domains specifically created to deceive online shoppers and others. For more information, please visit citizenhawk.com . About the Orange County Chapter of the American Marketing Association (OC AMA) The OC AMA is dedicated to the leadership, advancement, and growth of the marketing and business community in Orange County, CA. The organization provides professional development programs, advanced marketing tools, and networking resources to address the communities professional and business needs, and marketing challenges. Through informative educational events, valuable networking vehicles and by engaging industry and local thought-leaders to share their ideas and experiences, OC AMA enables local business professionals to stay at the forefront of the marketing innovations that enhance business success. For more information, please visit ocAMA.org .
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