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Train Driver's View: Winter on the Flåm Line

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Winter has finally hit the steepest normal gauge railway in northern Europe. With its gradient of 1:18 (55‰) you can say it can be somewhat challenging if the snow becomes to deep. Thankfully I had two EL18’s at my disposal, with a total of 15.000hp and only four B3 carriages. The Flåm Line goes from Flåm to Myrdal where it connects to the Bergen Line. Flåm is located 2m (6.5ft) above sea level and Myrdal is located 866m (2841ft) above sea level. The line itself is 20.2km (12.6miles) long. 0:00 - Flåm 4:26 - Lunden 6:50 - Håreina 17:41 - Berekvam 22:14 - Blomheller 29:01 - Kjosfossen 34:21 - Reinunga 36:52 - Vatnahalsen 38:18 - Myrdal ► Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/skcDZC ► 🔔Remember to tap that bell to get notified!🔔 ► If you want to support the channel you can donate here https://goo.gl/R2LLL1 Donations will be used for: - More/upgraded camera - Editing hardware upgrade
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Text Comments (644)
Janete Delazari (5 days ago)
The most beautiful trip of my life! I've been there in March, 2018.... unforgetable!!!
Marlene Silvano (8 days ago)
Wonderful!! Thank you!
glennsgirl71 (3 months ago)
I'm going to change my  username to TRAIN DRIVERS VEIW
michel severino (3 months ago)
Danke for the trsn ride. Schoon'
Greg Hilton (3 months ago)
I liked the walk up to the locomotive at the beginning and you showed us the one you were driving with the snow plough in front of the wheels. A truly wonderful journey through such beautiful country. I was sad when it ended. Thank you for sharing this with us. Cheers
Why the name, "Hindu cow girl?" hey?
Henry Lewis (4 months ago)
HinduCowGirl I just Can't Get enough Of Watching Your Video's, It must Be Quite An interesting Ride Watching All this Wonderful Scenery From Inside Your Cab What A Amazing View Of Everything Wish I Could Join You But I Know It Is Strictly prohibited For Any Civilian From Even Being Allowed to Ride With You I Wish I Could That Would Be My Final Wish Before I Visit My Mom In Heaven Have A Wonderful Weekend My Dearest Train Driver My Request Would To Meet You One Day But I Know That's Not Possible I am Just A Dreamer Young Lady Greetings From A Land Far Far Away The USA Be Safe My Dear🌹🌹
Insaneous (5 months ago)
Would you recommend sitting on the right or on the left going from Flam to Myrdal?
Wizamicha Mechmicha (5 months ago)
Great video 😍😍😍
JangleJoe (7 months ago)
Your best video yet. Thanks HCG!
Hans Quennet (7 months ago)
Pardon me if you will? As much as I enjoy your charming videos as well as your style, I feel the need to comment 1:18 is a 5.5% grade, not 55%. No vehicles but airplanes could achieve such an ascent. Cable cars? Missed the decimal point above! I still think you are totally adorable! ;) Thanks again, HCG!
Hans Quennet (7 months ago)
Please pardon me! Old eyes did not register the % sign with double denominator zeros. Not that I can say I've ever seen that symbol before.
HinduCowGirl (7 months ago)
Hello Hans, Read the description one more time, and you’ll see that it’s 55‰ not 55% there is a significant difference ;)
Isbjørn (8 months ago)
How can anybody not be impressed when we know that most of the old tunnels in Norwy was build handmade in the realy old days, a "little" dynamitt and a shovel and a lot of manpower. Myst have been a hard life back then. Today they just "drive thrue" the mountain with huge mascines,
Bill Stedman (8 months ago)
This is really well made video! I could watch this for hours!
Love Love thankyou maravilhoso
Mary Cooper (8 months ago)
What a brilliant video.  Couldn't make this journey when I visited Norway a few years ago, but if I had, I would have wanted to be in the driver's cab to see where I was going.  Brilliant.  When  you say the journey can be challenging if the snow becomes too deep, how deep is 'too deep?  Why is it British Rail cancel trains all over the place if there is 1cm snow on the rails and this train can drive through what appears to be very many centimetres of snow on the line.  British Rail drivers need to take a lesson from Norwegian Rail drivers.
HinduCowGirl (8 months ago)
The driver in the UK is not the problem. The problem is more on the technical side. - infrastructure must be able to cope with snow (heated points), closed conduits etc. - trains need to be built to cope with sno
Vídeos lindo maravilhoso nunca parem de gravar esses vídeos parabéns tankio you love
HinduCowGirl (8 months ago)
Obrigada! I will keep uploading videos :D
кто Я Вася (8 months ago)
Скримеры где?
Deadraque (8 months ago)
Not seeing the track would freak me out....
petervan333 (9 months ago)
Splendid ride. Thank you for uploading.
David Telford (9 months ago)
Two years ago in September we travelled on the train from Oslo to Bergen.  It was a beautiful journey. I love the snow blade at the front of the EL18.  I wince each time you crunch into a snow drift at high speed, but you always sail straight through.  Is there a time when you have to slow down for snow?
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Yes, sometimes we do reduce speed, especially on the Bergen line. The Flam line is slow in it nature, but on the Bergen line we reduce speeds to about 60 - 80km/h if the snow is deep. Reason for this is to make sure the snow does not get thrown on top of the the loco, forcing the pantograph down.
Fasza Anyàd (9 months ago)
I realy realy thank u for making these !!! If u ever have the extra money plz try a 360 or a vr vid ! 🤖
Grace Pursey (9 months ago)
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
It's either wipers or total distortion from the droplets on the windshield. There is no way on this planet you get to have snow and no wiper usage ;) But again, if you look through the channel, you'll find videos without wiper action ;)
MazRX84 KAT (9 months ago)
Very kool vid!! .
Aleksandr Aldonin (9 months ago)
Erik Skansebakken (9 months ago)
A most enjoyable train journey
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Thank you, Erik
funtime (9 months ago)
Soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.
darthgardner (9 months ago)
im no expert,but i was watching a recent TGV operated by a Belgium operator and that seemed noisy, the video at 16 mins in ..https://youtu.be/qdDvpNS9xyE not very quiet ! But the eurostar which is a modified TGV uses British-designed asynchronous motors for traction,i believe the eurostar and its french derivative were both built by GEC alsthom so the motors on the french TGV may be different but the thalys TGV was humming a bit :)
Private Private (9 months ago)
15-000hp - WOW
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Oh yeah :D
darthgardner (9 months ago)
Very nice to watch this journey,and the added near quietness of the traction motors,they sound refined ,the french TGV have a bit of a howl when picking up speed and at slower speeds, but these are almost silent .Swiss precision again.and ploughing through snow ! here in the uk that would stop a service believe me..
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
The original TGV have DC shunt engines, don't they? When did they start using asynchronous engines? :D HAHAHAH! You want to know something funny? Our Minister for transport (Progress party FrP), use the UK as an example of how excellent the rail industry can be done. So they are privatizing everything here too these days.... They are truly going to destroy everything.
Tomás Morgado (9 months ago)
Like 3994, great vid. Full view. Subbed.
akash mahesh (9 months ago)
nice video. Are u a indian?
Mr.veykayy (9 months ago)
po fon fang (9 months ago)
best view!
M S (9 months ago)
What country is this. Can you pls provide some details
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Hi, It’s the Flåm Line in Norway. The Flåm line is a branching line from the Bergen Line. :)
Ross Buddie (9 months ago)
Is this your video? @hinducowgirl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhPYnvZmFQA looks like someone else is claiming it...
Ross Buddie (9 months ago)
HinduCowGirl you could definitely put a copyright notice on the videos he has of yours. You should be monitising these yourself! You probably have one of the best jobs in the world...
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Hello Ross, Thanks for the heads up, that user used to have another channel where he had stolen all my videos. He got shut down and then started copying all my headlines and named his channel the same way. All he does is “live stream” the minute by minute production from the Norwegian State Television channel NRK. He’s still stealing other peoples work and monetizes it to pry on their hard work. Pretty disappointing and dishonest. I can’t do more than tell people to report him. His “live streams”, six of them, are only there to push every other video further down in the youtube search engine. Tried to shed light on that for the creator community managers, but to no veil. I’ll just keep on what I’m doing, and hopefully this channel will shine through the mud above. ;)
Marcus Trier (9 months ago)
Love your Videos, specialy of Flam Line. A short Cabin View would be cool👍
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Hey Marcus :) I will be able up everything up a notch soon ;) gimbal on it’s way Will make a better video of the cab in near future :)
OWL cossie (9 months ago)
Do you have two EL 18 locomotives, one in front and one in the tail of train? I saw two El 17 on elder photos of Flam Line, working this way. Is the Flom Line - really the most popular tourist railway in the world? And yes, it's so interesting - to read facts about railways that you see every working day.
OWL cossie (9 months ago)
I just watched another your Flam - Myrdal video tonight with passenger trains meeting, so have no questions anymore about it. This route looks so different without snow.
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Yep :) we run with one in each end :)
Rose Lyly (9 months ago)
Adam Hope (9 months ago)
Brilliant video, the. views amaziing
暦廷 (9 months ago)
good job!
Kevin Walker (9 months ago)
Awesome video. a ride I would like to take ..thank you
QE2 Lover (9 months ago)
As many others have said: thank you for this amazing video. A few years ago in May we took this lovely train trip and it was interesting to see the winter version.
Douglas Kerins (9 months ago)
all these tunnels, there's a story to be told there in the digging ... would love to hear it
Cassandra Glowacki (9 months ago)
How does the train continue when its buried by snow?
Roman Zerstoren (9 months ago)
very beautiful, and, i think, dangerous (who knows what can lay on rails under the snow)
obe dan (9 months ago)
just like in a dreamland...all black & white...
Zoea Zsss (9 months ago)
Almost looks like a black and white movie,, but very beautiful!
Serdar K (9 months ago)
the moment at the end of tunnel :)
D T (9 months ago)
Not stated in the intro, but this is in Norway, my home country. Not far from actual home either !! And yes it is amazing. Don't forget to see the "lady in the waterfall" if anyone does get the chance to take the ride...!!
William Larson (9 months ago)
Now we know there are at least 205 idiots out there who adore Amtrak, or their car when on their road rage to hell vacations . . . or maybe they just take themselves too seriously. As for this rail line, is there a better word than majestic? Thumbs up on this one! Beautiful!!
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Thanks for the love ❤️
mountainhobo (9 months ago)
Fairy tale scenery.
Martin S (9 months ago)
That was wonderful. Thank you!
WhiteTiger333 (9 months ago)
Quite stunning and a bit frightening in spots, even knowing how stable the train is. Easy to forget it is not a monochrome art film, but merely the natural landscape.
BaTLeZone (9 months ago)
Awesomely amazing thank-you for sharing. I wonder what it be like in the fall. cheers. PS hello from Canada.
HinduCowGirl (9 months ago)
Hi, What you're looking for cam be found right here on my channel. I've linked the Flåm playlist right here. Enjoy. https://goo.gl/SGjEUf
eupaketika EE (9 months ago)
Where is the Way?
Neil Harvey (9 months ago)
from sunny queensland Australia temp this week max 41oC what a contrast.. did this trip dec. 2004 still remember so much of beautiful norway. thank you for such a professional video.
Robert S. (9 months ago)
Fantastic video. Grandiose nature and disappeared rails. Thank you.
gacj2010 (9 months ago)
Noddy Twothree (8 months ago)
No, this is from Norway.
CT! (9 months ago)
Beautiful video. How do you maintain that speed on those completely snow covered tracks?
rztrzt (9 months ago)
Depressing weather.
erick canto (10 months ago)
I imagine that I was in the train for a minute. I enjoyed. Great video. Thank you.
Simon Archer (10 months ago)
So nice to have a genuine soundtrack rather than annoying music. A most impressive railway.
Griffith & Austin LLC (10 months ago)
Enjoyed the ride but what’s the reason for slowing way down? That’s not hard packed snow but fluff.
Downhill Dead (10 months ago)
Love your videos about trainrides. can we use one for a video? If you like I can give you a link to the song to listen to, it's alternative acoustic :) cheers!
DAVID SHARPLES (10 months ago)
That would never happen in England - all services cancelled,wrong type of snow on the line etc - bravo to these guys,that's how you operate a rail service.
trplpwr (10 months ago)
Wow, very beautiful
Тихон Горьков (10 months ago)
Wow! So beautiful winter landscape and so hard work...))
Þórarinn Jónsson (10 months ago)
Where is that train going? I was once many years ago in a train Flåm - Myrdal. I wouldd go there again if just Norway was little closer to Iceland.
Subramaniyan Omakutti (10 months ago)
really good picture
theCman (10 months ago)
Aren't you afraid of the snow derailing the train?
HinduCowGirl (10 months ago)
No :)
Bibi's awesome Life (10 months ago)
Gorgeous 😍
bambiajkora kim (10 months ago)
Awesome video, enjoyed very much, thank you.
Frances Henry (10 months ago)
Love the snow.and the train.
Wolfgang b (10 months ago)
Great! I must drive this line by myself, now! Immediately! Where is Interrail when you Need it... :-)
vegasable (10 months ago)
first 10 mins annoying wiper
Derek Thompson (10 months ago)
I thought the video very good I knit and watch the video is more relaxing and less stressful than watching TV. Can you please repeat the video in summer time as stereo scenery both side of the track in winter is a little bit boring :) (thumbs UP)
Craig Milton (10 months ago)
Sitting in my chair in Southern Ontario, Canada enjoying a couple cold beers while taking an absolutely stunning ride on the Flåm Railway to Myrdal... Totally blown-away by the beauty of Norway. Thank-you for very much for this video.
Karel Bosák (10 months ago)
Shirley Rierson (10 months ago)
The tunnels are scary
Shirley Rierson (10 months ago)
How fast is the train going at highest speed?
HinduCowGirl (10 months ago)
ml2trick-T.W (10 months ago)
Thanks for the Ride. Wisconsin in America and I wish I was there.
Pasha Defragzor (10 months ago)
The most boring job in the world ^^
Charlie Farnsbarns (10 months ago)
Great video. How many trains run each day on the winter timetable? Are all the intermediate stations on request? I suppose people got off at Kjosfussen (29m) and Vatnahalsen (36m) but what do they do then in such bleak places? The avalanche/snow shelters look as though they are built from timber. Is that right? Fantastic shots but I just shuddered at the awful cold it showed. I'll go in the summer.
Charlie Farnsbarns (10 months ago)
Thank you for your comprehensive reply
HinduCowGirl (10 months ago)
The intermediate’s are on all on request, except Vatnahalsen. The snow shelters are made of wood, good spot :) people get off at Kjosfossen to see the waterfall :) in the winter it’s usually dried out, but the ice formation is a spectacle too :) besides watching the waterfall, there is no place to go there. Time table: four departures :) 8:50am 11:50am 2:40pm 4:50pm
SpikeFlea (10 months ago)
soundseeker63 (10 months ago)
Incredible scenery, beautiful, but at times scary... you would not want to get stuck/derail out there!!
lessevdoolbretsim (10 months ago)
The expense of all that infrastructure all to support the electrical wires for power. Diesel engines would've been so much simpler. Talk about a winter wonderland, wow!
Noddy Twothree (8 months ago)
Norway has vast amounts of hydro power, for over a century (1870s and beyond). It was always cheaper than importing diesel.
Rob S. (10 months ago)
what kind of camera did you use? Fantastic footage by the way!
Ana (10 months ago)
<3 The snow looks like sugar! The contrast of the dark rock with the snow is so beautiful. The part of the tunnels is a bit scary. Looks like they never end. ;-)
S.T. J. (10 months ago)
beautiful! Gave me a long deep winter procrastination time. Delved deep in thoughts. Amaying atmosphere. At one with nature. Thank you for the upload! Safe ride!
Dan Pop (10 months ago)
Very nice.
Mark Doyle (10 months ago)
Great video.Do rock falls be a problem onto the track as going by the snow the line doesn't seem to be checked before services run.I see the locos are the same as the Swiss Re460s
HinduCowGirl (10 months ago)
Not a problem. The surrounding rocks and mountains are constantly surveyed. At points where the avalanche risk is high, we have a avalanche fence. When rock or snow hit this fence, it will trigger a signal so the driver can reduce the speed.
william Roland (10 months ago)
This is great. And this must be wonderful for people that can’t get out. Thank you!
Dave Knepp (10 months ago)
That horn sounds like a love sick moose.
Dave Knepp (10 months ago)
LOL. Thanks for the video.
HinduCowGirl (10 months ago)
Or a horny one :p no winder they come running out of the forest :p
Chris Tuft (10 months ago)
Another wonderful video. Thank you for posting it. Stunning!
Slomofogo (10 months ago)
Every time a snowflake hit the right side of the windshield I panicked and though it was an avalanche!
mdferreira (10 months ago)
Every time I see this kind of video I fall asleep .. In this one the windshield wiper is the cause of falling asleep ,,,
Tim O. (10 months ago)
I must say I really enjoy watching the scenery in your videos. Awesome work! I wouldn't mind that for an office at all.
László Ambrus (10 months ago)
Scruffy 61 (10 months ago)
Thank you for the ride along. When you went through the tunnels reminded of the time i spent working in tunnels.

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