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I wanna be sedated (Ramones) [email protected] Chor

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Videoclip zu "I wanna be sedated" des [email protected] Chors
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Text Comments (76)
dirk tiggly (8 years ago)
A lot of them really do look like they would like to be sedated. Awesome rendition. !
Kayleigh Charlesworth (8 years ago)
is that a granny with fake tan at 1:22!? Looking rather orange!
i8yourfamily (8 years ago)
Found these punks on the documentary channel. Crazy kids.
Wade Bjorge (8 years ago)
Ahhh Breathing new life into the Ramones!!
Tyler H (8 years ago)
Really good song
Kim (8 years ago)
This film was pretty cool (shout out to Barry) and hey, they outlived Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee.
speakingofsegways (8 years ago)
The sad thing is, most of the people who were actually around when the Ramones were tearing it up, are actually coming up on being this age. Time is a loveless whore.
SVFrechenhausen (8 years ago)
cool, nice :o)
zoe51899999 (8 years ago)
"when i see the price ya gotta pay, i don't wanna grow up!" JK.. Great work grandma and grandpa! "
Zed P (8 years ago)
Now I know what I'm gonna do when I get old! :-)
Nit (8 years ago)
geniaaaaaaaallllll!!! xD
William Berg (8 years ago)
Friggin' awesome! If only Joey could see this!
Starsxboulevards (8 years ago)
Uh, not as good as the Ramones <3 but these guys are so sick haha I want to do this when I'm old.
Connor Weller (8 years ago)
@EmmaEasterling :'( Sad times
curiousgeorge555 (8 years ago)
Dude with the harp and cross pirate eye patch rocks! And so do the others!
kristen kehl-floberg (9 years ago)
Yeah I've heard this sentiment from more than a few nursing home residents! Perfect interpretation of this song.
reddev1n (9 years ago)
this vid is so awesome lol
curiousgeorge555 (9 years ago)
mcgurkryans (9 years ago)
Joey would get a kick out of this...
Horacio Pressello (9 years ago)
jajajjajaja xD very nice i wish i had a grandma or grandpa that sing this song :P
David Costa (9 years ago)
wow *.* AMAZING :D
frano133 (9 years ago)
when i see this...nothing seems hard to do in life :D
Amhlair (9 years ago)
@rimbaud108 And your tabs. Owsley, who created Purple Haze (270 mics of pure LSD) would have turned 75 last week. He could have been in this 'cute' group. See /watch?v=fOXDX8d8i4M&feature=related
syntaur (9 years ago)
Sorry you don't get off that easy Grandma... Anyway nowadays they consider a lot of meds to be chemical restraints... and nursing homes can get into trouble for sedating residents...
Li Lightfoot (9 years ago)
So that's where all my buds from the 70's wound up!
Dave Michael (9 years ago)
Fantastic, Inspirational - I watched them on PBS in the wee hours of the morning. O should have been sleeping but i couldn't turn them off.
Leopound5,000 (9 years ago)
Saw them on PBS about an hour ago - they are absolutely awesome!
marcards steve (9 years ago)
Please ,these great folks dont need to be sedated,watched it on PBS yesterday, and I could not stop thinking of Joe Strummer when Eileen Hall the 92 yr old bellowed out "Should I stay or should I go' in her English accent.Joe would have shed a tear , just like I did. RIP Joe and Eileen,Long live,Strummer,Lennon,Berry and Rock and Roll.
sologirl01 (9 years ago)
PBS is showing the movie. Check your local listings.I love these people !
annie lanzillotto (9 years ago)
best thing i ever saw
Jennifer Abreu (9 years ago)
I love this movie [email protected] it! Uplifting!
suburbangal (9 years ago)
Love this! its too cute! I actually play music in senior centers everyday, gotta have them see this LOL! and they really do rock out!
Brad Bradley (9 years ago)
Hilarious. : )
emanlautriv (9 years ago)
that's how I'd like to be when old!
ganja scarface (9 years ago)
im not sure what i just saw... lol
Sonni Echeverria (9 years ago)
this is the greatest thing i ever saw
Jordan Beauchemin (9 years ago)
This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen... and yet I find it very entertaining.
Bonnie Heiligmann (9 years ago)
Love this.. Ha!
katia pitzianti (9 years ago)
Fantastic! Best Ramones cover LOL
matteomarazzi (9 years ago)
hahahahaha awesome!!!
venomTang (9 years ago)
LMAO, i bet they do
Henk Sys (9 years ago)
gabba gabba geriatrics
Marcus Bennett (9 years ago)
well...it sure beats the alternative
bimmjim (9 years ago)
da fu?
shit311 (9 years ago)
0:07 wtf on his glasses
Zubat (9 years ago)
damn, the Beach Boys could have done a kick ass cover of this song.
goldenagenut (9 years ago)
For sure. That smile! lol
Carl Evz13 (9 years ago)
lmbo thats fucking awsome waahaahaha fucking tip top i love it haha
Ann-Kathrin Grandt (9 years ago)
Es wäre schön, wenn die Leute auf meiner Arbeit (Altenheim) auch so geil drauf wären! ;)
Andrei Koribanics II (9 years ago)
crossroadwalkin (9 years ago)
Thats how I want to be when I´m in their age! May God bless ´em!!!!
acorn2taco (9 years ago)
TheSirMagus (9 years ago)
Wow, lol this is Great!
ELLEH (9 years ago)
HAHA...they should be able to relate to the lyrics....i wanna be sedated should hit home for them lmao
Gatotida Tonta (9 years ago)
I watched this film and really love it. Those old people are so cute and they do have a super young heart. some of the members have passed away during the rehearsal period, and in the end of the film, my favlorite 92 years old grandma has passed away, too. But I am sure she is sitting on the other side of the rainbow and keep singing with all the others...like what she would wish.
equifilibricum (10 years ago)
Music calms the savage beast.
1967PONTIACGTO (10 years ago)
I like the harmonica break
paspax (10 years ago)
That rocked. THEY rock. Booyacka-sha. Big Rescetp.
igornonsuch (10 years ago)
This is superb Totally inspired Just a shame Joey didn't live long enough to join them! Keep it up people.
Bianca Fabielly (10 years ago)
Daora os velhinhos fazendo a festa pen pen pen pen pen pen pen pen pen I wanna be sedated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Dale (10 years ago)
keep rocking.now check out gypwin
Jimi Robinson.T (10 years ago)
My mum sent me this link. Is she trying to tell me something?
avaadora007 (10 years ago)
Twenty twenty twenty-four hours agooo, I wanna be sedated! Like the glasses! O-X
biden1 (10 years ago)
foo show :-D lol the original playa jk
Leila Alapour (10 years ago)
hahaha that sexy beast lol
biden1 (10 years ago)
steve martin is in me top 5 fav young at heart members...and yes i've spent the time to figure out who my top 5 is :-/...hey but u gotta addmitt these people are amazing 8-D
Marcelo Baptista (10 years ago)
Simply Amazing....lol...
CaluZz (10 years ago)
katlady5000 (10 years ago)
So cool!
Kebabmaschine (10 years ago)
that made my day ^^ awesome!!!
Ricardo Granados (10 years ago)
me encanto es facinante
Phil Hahn (10 years ago)
*rocks out* =D love it
danieldeantoni (10 years ago)
mto tri xD
bettyx1138 (10 years ago)
fucking awesom

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