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How to Match Your Sneakers To Your Outfit

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Text Comments (1340)
John David (21 hours ago)
Jose fell off
Avenix (1 day ago)
love the nike flyknit racer!😍😍
senti jamir (4 days ago)
Please swallow ur saliva.. Ufff its so irritating
century. kam (6 days ago)
Stop trying to sell me shit, I'm here to learn style so I can choose notehst I want according to your advice. Not directly go to the page you linked
HaL Moss (7 days ago)
The real question is who is he smiling at in his poses
Fariduddin Ahmad (8 days ago)
if alpha m and rmrs have a son.. good sneaker info tq
TheSincereb11 (9 days ago)
this guy is a bit extra when he is talkin
Brian Biscuits (10 days ago)
Or Vincero as a watch brand
Navin (11 days ago)
Which sneakers are best for clubbing and parties?
Chase (18 hours ago)
Reflective yeezys. Jk unless you're loaded or they re-release them, don't get get them.
K.Larsson18 (12 days ago)
White t shirt, black suit pants and white shoes.
Tarnell Grove Street (16 days ago)
i just wear my boots with every clothing
l Wicked l (17 days ago)
Saw that Chain And instantly Knew it was A sponsor
The Neon Llama (21 days ago)
*The Neon Llama has joined the chat* *Rose Gold And Black has joined the chat* *The Neon Llama has left the chat*
WeWantLeisure (21 days ago)
That Smile at 1:56 lol I don’t know if it’s the fakest smile I’ve ever seen or just wanting to start a meme, anyway it put a smile on my face 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Thank You.
Mike W (21 days ago)
FYI: that necklace looks cheap and nasty, and jeans with zips at the bottom...terrible
Anthony Rodriguez (22 days ago)
Ur the whitest person I know
mogolfiero (24 days ago)
Dude straight up smiling and talking to himself for that ad
Daniel Rizkalla (24 days ago)
Jose I got the rose gold chain-necklace white bread stoned bracelet and lava bread bracelet And I used you discount code
Oscar Wilson (26 days ago)
what about all white Gazelles?
Kenneth Clemente (1 month ago)
Unsubscribe because of unwanted ads, damn man 30-40% of your content is ads!
Ashaun Walwyn (1 month ago)
that chain is way to long
r/ Woosh (1 month ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to tailor his socks. (Unoriginal Comment)
r/ Woosh (1 month ago)
Idk why I still watch this. I’m more of a streetwear guy. I’m not a stylish, fashionable, and casual guy
Andrea (1 month ago)
I'm getting alpha m vibes
Mark Baz (1 month ago)
Dude is trying way to hard! He must be SUPER SHORT!!!
Alvin Nonales (1 month ago)
Lroy Johnson (1 month ago)
I swear these videos are jus nothin more then ads hahahah
Charles Dailey (1 month ago)
What ultra boost are those? And where can I get them?
Nathan Colvin (1 month ago)
His vids would be 10 times better if he didn’t sponsor and talk about gold and black all the time every video
Gwen Coonen (1 month ago)
It's fairly simple : wear what suits YOU! Not what people tell you to or how to... I have a friend, he wears different colored shoes (yes he buys 2 colors of the same) , switches them up with the color of the socks and goes even wilder with color on lower and upper..he just comes away with it perfectly! But it truely suits him and his personality. Myself am far better with blues, blacks and greens..yellow and red just doesn't fit me overall... Don't stay boringly black/grey/white, it sucks hard, everything nowadays is the same boring color, the streets, the buildings, the cars..it's all grey/black/white..fckn wear colors people!
DrJay Craft (1 month ago)
Jose is the type of zuniga that wears essential tee and underwear with a gold necklace because it emits the light of the marias eye's *anyways congrats that you found yours truly love ones*
goz rikir (1 month ago)
taena magalaw amp
Jonathan (1 month ago)
Or just wear whatever you want 🤔🤔
nicholas wolf (1 month ago)
Always sponsoring some shit
Ryell Aves (1 month ago)
Why are you wearing chinos and jeans with performance runners in the first place
Mak'em Wet (1 month ago)
how to match your kniggers with your outfit? that's weird dude
vishal pallan (1 month ago)
jeez that long ad.
Billy Idol Rockstar (1 month ago)
Those are gay close man that's not a man close 😂
Dannydasavage (2 months ago)
For someone who knows style that necklace is definitely not acceptable you look like a 2006 reggaeton artist! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Hà Hiếu (2 months ago)
i just double tap to skip 2 minutes went jose start advertising:)
Vincent de Guard (2 months ago)
for those of us who have far less money and far more sense...buy two pairs of (sneakers) trainers; one for the (fall) autumn/winter and one for spring/summer ...make sure they go with anything, look good for casual/smart and save yourself money and time.
Dragon Killer (2 months ago)
Leather sneakers are usually kinda “classy” so try to stay away from pants like track pants Athletic sneakers go well with track pants and if u can pull it off then jeans too Hype sneakers pretty much go with anything but just make sure it’s in the modern and trendy look
Search For The Truth (2 months ago)
Gold plated anything is NOT luxury bro. Foh with your trash sponsors
Lone Raver (2 months ago)
Necklace looks wrong
Chantz temming (2 months ago)
Don't be your self. Be like this guy, then you will totally "find a girl" that likes you for everything your not. Or you can find your self and live to please your self not others 😅
pold (2 months ago)
the braclets and pendants look horrible and your shirt looks way too tight aaaaaaaand i dont get why you dont tie your laces
Skyone (2 months ago)
GREEN EYES (2 months ago)
johnperry91 (2 months ago)
That's a womens necklace.
Travis Scott (2 months ago)
Heinhtet hhtp (2 months ago)
Jose needs to breathe
Mitet Ratan (2 months ago)
Jose is the type of Zuniga whos making my Senior senorita crushing on me
Gaven Eleven (2 months ago)
2:46 ad over
FireMexx (2 months ago)
Wich shoes are these
andrew perez (2 months ago)
Care way to much
The Inheritance (2 months ago)
I notice that these videos very rarely have shorts in them.
Ektor Colon (2 months ago)
sponsor shit
The Dongerino (2 months ago)
best tip: The bigger the shoe the baggier the pants! example: Dad Shoes are to be worn with baggy pants bc skiny pants make ur feet look huge while flat shoes are ok with skinny pants
Escobar (2 months ago)
Ashy ass ankle
Bro.. i'd like most jenes wid sneakers
Irfan Arif (2 months ago)
Guys Don't ruin your look with a necklace, it's for woman and always will be ,looks really awkward
Kidd LV (2 months ago)
3:30 please don’t do that if ur jeans are baggy asf
Thaman Salami (2 months ago)
How did u advertised rgb in sneaker video
I Watch Organic (2 months ago)
That team mascot joke was racist with them pictures man.. You piece of shit
American- Cody (3 months ago)
Your watch dosent match
Finlay Stevenson (3 months ago)
What can I match with timberlands
Elijah Lindsey (3 months ago)
I dont need rose gold and black i make all my own jewlery.
Karefa Dabo (3 months ago)
Where do you get your pants from?
Lance ツ (3 months ago)
Thinking about getting an all white pair of AF1. (Getting them late because I treat shoes like ass)
Johnathan Roan (3 months ago)
Did this dude seriously spend 1/5 of the whole video talking about something that had nothing to do with shoes? 👎rose gold and black
AdamNightKore Nguyen (3 months ago)
This guy and alpha.m sound the same
Ben Brown (3 months ago)
Why is this guy always yelling
Djamel Barry (3 months ago)
i'm a watch collector and honestly I don't follow these rules. the only rule i have is no leather strap if i will be sweating a lot. You can wear dress watches with athletic outfit(looks nice to me).
Daniel Rabinowitz (3 months ago)
Where did you get that jacket at 1:21?
Gritty (3 months ago)
durr yeah home boy
Parker Rush Music (4 months ago)
I just buy black basketball shoes. I don’t play basketball but they are comfy so I like them
Humbleacho (4 months ago)
Idk what to wear with my air force 1s
Baby Food (4 months ago)
What Bomber Jacket is that
naisu official (4 months ago)
soooo where do I get that black shirt xD
Subscribe for free Sex (4 months ago)
what will look good with my black uptempo...??
Bradley H (4 months ago)
All these rich kids that have more than 1 pair of sneakers
pou12Tomas (4 months ago)
ADIDAS sneakers name please?
ctes world (4 months ago)
ITz Bronex (4 months ago)
Casey neistat: talented and relaxing videos Dantdm: gaming family friendly YouTuber Drama alert:always up to date on news Kavos: does rants about messed things on the internet Teaching men’s fashion: teaches fashion that no one listens to and is always thirsty for sponsors WHY AM I ON THIS CHANNEL
Osvaldo Gomez (4 months ago)
hello jose what haircut do you havcomo la pides pues e
La Nguyên B Tòng (4 months ago)
thank you.
Super Vince (4 months ago)
Do you have to show ankle or have the pants tight on the ankle? Is there another option you guys know of? I don't feel comfortable showing my ankles or having it tight on the ankles. Does anybody else feel like that?
Amhed Manuel (4 months ago)
Joy Ride (4 months ago)
“ultra boots”
Pj Guapo (4 months ago)
Ur style is not my style but u got som taste💯
Parzival 111 (4 months ago)
There are no rules in fashion... Fashion is comfort. If u r comfortable in paring sneakers with a suit, who cares how you look or what people thinks about you. Be comfortable with your style and go out with confidence..
itzmychannel (4 months ago)
I feel bad for the people who actually need this video
Hoody K (4 months ago)
could have been a movement watch sponser or a RGnB, could have gone either way there.
SlushierSmile18 (4 months ago)
3:14 tie your shoes 😂
Via Gonzo (5 months ago)
What watch is he wearing?
sad lad (5 months ago)
I like monochromatic color palettes. What do you think? Like all grey, pale blues, blacks. I’m not going around dressed like a highlighter or anything but yeah.
ffggh Q (5 months ago)
Nigga every video of this dude hes sneaking in some sponsored shit.
Lungelo Doncabe (5 months ago)
Hey broh. Is that vans "0:17" a sweat???...I'm in South Africa, i never seen any
RK channel (5 months ago)

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