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2018 Seat Leon FR 1.5 Eco TSI Evo - Exterior and Interior - Geneva Motor Show 2018

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Automobile Classics shows short clips of cars taken at international automobile shows. We are interested in the evolution of cars, and show their future, present & past. Every day we upload new videos of world debuts, concept cars, classic cars and vintage cars. Welcome to Automobile Classics!
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Text Comments (4)
ferrrini (6 months ago)
What a great car!
Al Ds (7 months ago)
Must be rear spoiler!!!
Always learning (14 days ago)
+Matsosg1 no he cant! On this version the little original spoiler and boot panel was a same aluminium piece!
Matsosg1 (6 months ago)
You can find on ebay for 85 euros my friend

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