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Watch this Before you Buy a Lenovo Smartphone

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My message to Lenovo and those who want to buy a Lenovo Product. Watch this before you buy a Lenovo smartphone so that you won't be cheated. I'm not saying that Lenovo's all products are kinda bad. Because they're not. But I just want to raise the voice against Lenovo as they are doing some things bad. I mean, really bad. I bought my first ever Lenovo product, yes the Lenovo Vibe X3a40 which was their so called flagship smartphone of 2016. I just loved the device at that time because of its technical specifications. It is indeed really good at doing heavy processes. Its powered by a Snapdragon 808 which was a flagship chipset from SD at that time or a little before. I know the tech specs are really dated but as of now, as I used it for more than a year now, I can clearly say that it is still holding up without having a single problem other than the customer support from lenovo. It is still running Android 6.0 and as of my previous video about this issue, Lenovo confirmed that they won't provide any more updates to this device. BUT WHY?!!! I just can't understand why they called it a flagship device when they launched it. Its got the performance to run any new Android versions including Android Oreo. Then why the hell isn't lenovo giving us that Android 7 update?!! Ok let's leave the newer android. But why didn't they still provide the VoLTE update which is very essential, especially now in India as Jio became a thing?! So I'm making this video in order to let you guys know that please don't buy an used Vibe X3 now because it does not stand upto your expectations in 2017. It is really dated by the most modern and even cheaper handsets that are from other brands. I hope you guys understand. Anyway, with Lenovo going to stock android, I expect to see them giving future android updates and security patches for their newer devices. But we can only expect. Let's see what they'll do. And to your knowledge, as this video is about Lenovo, it was recorded and edited entirely on my Lenovo Vibe X3. Sorry for the over exposed video. That is , again because of the bad software. I could have used another app for recording but in order to show you guys exactly what the problem is, its the software. Look at the video quality when the exposure is just right, its awesome. I mean the hardware is more than enough for a basic flagship like this. The software is making it so bad. Because of this, the autoexposure makes it look so bad. I have another app which I could use but I'm recording it in the SnapIt Camera app which is the default app for camera on lenovo in order to show you guys the problem. The auto exposure is just so weird. They could fix it so easily and give us an update. But they're not doing that. This is why I complain about Lenovo. And guys, even chinese brands like Xiaomi is giving a lot of updates to even their cheaper entry level devices. That is when I feel really stuck in this phone.
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Nived Karun (1 year ago)
Watching on my vibe x3
Nanogalaxy (1 year ago)
Okay. What do you think about Lenovo's service?
Harishanker Pradeep (1 year ago)
Every lenovo phone i know have microphone problems on phone 🙄
Nanogalaxy (1 year ago)
But my Vibe X3 has zero hardware issue to date. I'm pretty happy with the hardware. But I'm not satisfied with their software. No software is perfect, so they have to be giving enough software updates with bug fixes. But as they are not doing it, I can't support their phones even though they are good with their hardware. But as you said that all lenovo phones you know have some kind of microphone problems, I'm pretty sure that that's probably because of the laggy software. Surprisingly, my phone has a good set of 3 microphones which record really nice quality 3D audio with dolby atmos. I'm pretty happy with that. I suffer not much call drop issues.
Rohan Jadhav (1 year ago)
R u an Indian?
Nanogalaxy (1 year ago)
+Rohan Jadhav Yes I am Indian.
FrankTV (1 year ago)
Lenovo sucks man...
Nanogalaxy (1 year ago)
+FrankTV Yes! I won't buy another Lenovo smartphone
Jathindas Udinur (1 year ago)
Nanogalaxy (1 year ago)
+Jathindas Udinur 😊

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