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"Mentally Stimulate Me" date night card game : https://msmcardgame.com/
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Mel A (1 day ago)
This is the best channel for amazing free advice!
Felicia Sheppard (2 days ago)
Deni (3 days ago)
Derrick you are bang on with your comments. If all men were like you us ladies would be on cloud 9. Great knowledge and insight and some very clever thinking and with humour too. Your videos are just excellent. Thank you.
Sarah SOPRANO (5 days ago)
They only get 2 yrs tops,
eva800 (9 days ago)
Derrick Jaxn,please can you answer my question? I am women in my 40s and widow. I started date again. I am not on any dating website or social media,so men approach me very organically person to person. To my surprise a lot of younger men ask me to go out and it happened several times already that they asked me to go hiking on a first date? Going hiking on a first date? Men don't ask women to go for dinner anymore? Thank you.
eva800 (5 days ago)
+Mailyn Montes Girl! This comment would truly pass the HiSET writing exam :-)))))
Mailyn Montes (5 days ago)
+eva800 lol.. it made me laugh too 😅 ... Im sort of in a similar situation... Single Mom of 2 amazing sons., Im 38 yrs old.... (feel Sooo many xs that its over for me 😔).. I just went through SoOOoooOoo Much my whole life ., abused by my ex husband (sons father- sperm donor better yet.)., in every way possible., physically mentally emotionally n verbally!!¡! 20 yrs of it. ( MY STORY WAYYY TOO LONG. BOOK LONGSO HAVE KEEP IT SHORTTT )., But i dated 1 guy n it didnt work out.. he wasnt good . Ego too high etccc. And Im just dealing with SoOOoooOoo Much Idk if ill EVER find MY , Wonderful Loving , Caring , handsome funny ,Great to my teenage sons ., Just has it all... A Real MAN!¡! 💯 My other half.... ♡ ❤ ♡ I relate a lot to ur situation as well!! Ahh girl... I hope we find our Real True MAN ♡♡ ☆♡♡ One day... I know ULL be first.. ❤ 🤞🏼 💗... Keeeeep me posted on this beautiful quest of urs lol.. U got this MaMa!!! G.L 🤞🏼👐🏼👍🏽 Ahh.. I hope Derrick does ans us both back now lol WE WANT UR ADVICE HERE DERRICK, WE'LL TRULY APPRECIATE IT!! THXX { LET'S SEE IF HE ANS BACK GIRL... WORTH THE SHOT!!! :) }
eva800 (5 days ago)
+Mailyn Montes Mailyn Montes I though about it. Maybe because they are so younger it's economically cheaper for them to take you to the nature instead pay for dinner???!!! I don't know. It make me laugh :-)
Mailyn Montes (5 days ago)
Good question !¿! I hope he replies to you ¡! 💯 👌🏽🤔⁉️
Thx 4 this info! I've uncovered much with these kinds of questions, though I usually don't ask about marriage. Unfortunately I've had the issue of guys making unsolicited declarations on the first date of wanting to marry me. To me, that's not assuring--it's scary. These are often the ones that become obsessive and controlling, refusing to let go. I also think some men throw that idea out there to bait women into relationships, regardless of their intentions. Instead I ask their viewpoint on past relationship dynamics. From there I can tell how they view women, if they have taken the time to evaluate & accept their part in the breakup, are still emotionally attached, etc. This usually gives me a snapshot of whether it's worth pursuing or not.
Marva Newborn (13 days ago)
DANIELA shewfelt (13 days ago)
Well said and how they treat other women like his mother, sister would give you a hint on how he will treat you. I also think good intentions are crucial because if you split up will he honorable and calm or storm.
Jade P (13 days ago)
One of the first few questions I ask a guy I'm interested in is if he's still in contact with an ex. Then I watch his reaction
M. Kitteh (14 days ago)
For 5 years tho? I can’t imagine just floating along and wasting time for that long.
Catherine Sutton (14 days ago)
Where were you 20 years ago? Love your channel!
Melissa Alexander (15 days ago)
I found the advise proper and fundamental
vstarhawthorne09 (18 days ago)
I once had a guy get mad at me for asking if he had a five year plan he said he is 48 yrs old and that is not the type of a question to ask someone. I think you are never too old to have and set goals for yourself. so this was a red flag. plus he lived in a roach infested condo, lived off of pay day loans, and asked me to float him a $1,000.00 until his income tax check came through to make his rent🤣🤣🤣 yes he was a 48yr old loser with anger issues. needless to say I blocked and deleted him.
j blah (19 days ago)
U got a job? LMAO
Helen Kennedy (22 days ago)
You are awesome! 👍👍✌
Lakeshia stewart (24 days ago)
Every time I’ve played the MSM card game, the game ends with a couple being upset due to their significant other response. My spouse and I tend to warn couples before playing now.
Marina Fernandes (25 days ago)
Wasted years...plenty of that. ..but it's time for a change!!
Marina Fernandes (25 days ago)
Lol..friends with bullshit!!😂😂
Michellae Damontry (27 days ago)
Can I say your looking rather buff!!!
MasochistMouse (27 days ago)
That guy sounds like a complete jackass, but we only have one side of course.....
MasochistMouse (27 days ago)
I would think if i ask a guy that one question he'll get it in his mind as me just being a potential wastedship, and even if he wanted more with me than that the question would change that... lol If men are like that though there's no point in looking.
caramelhoney29 (27 days ago)
Great video.
darmedusa (1 month ago)
"What do you do for growth?" ... I like that.
Toni Crawford (1 month ago)
Best to believe I am going to pull this video up before I go on any first date's. I love these questions.
Beverly Townsley (1 month ago)
11STARFIRE (1 month ago)
The truth was in the cards!!
Bonnie Sass (1 month ago)
So cute...how long are ya gonna sit in that vehicle? It was daylight, then dusk, then dark...
Every question he sd to ask men, the men should be asking the women......derrick, how bout you do a video for men on this subject abt women or is that u only talk to women abt these kinds of things? This should hve included both?....hmmmm
julia louk (1 month ago)
so I got a question for you so me and this one male we went on the first date and you know everything was cool at first so I'm about at the end of the day before he took me home he just started like kissing me like sticking his tongue down my throat and I in the in my mind I was scared
Amanda Jayne (1 month ago)
Where do I get these cards????
Rosalind Owen (1 month ago)
That is the problem with dating versus courtship there is a big difference and when you understand the differences between the two it will save you a lot of hurt heartache and wasted time in the end. Please understand the differences.
Denise S (1 month ago)
Friends with bullshit, nice one.
tazzydennis1 (1 month ago)
butterflyqueenify (1 month ago)
Thanks! Great questions.
Leese Monya (1 month ago)
Can you ask the first question still if you’re already involved with the guy?
Jododn Xbsjdjebd (1 month ago)
Thats 😥 sad
Aliya Rahman (1 month ago)
The penny finally dropped. Dating is data gathering, it has a functional purpose!
Robin pst (1 month ago)
You are awesome. So glad I found you. Better late than never. Excellent advice.
tobywatcher (1 month ago)
Believe me, I ask about 10 more questions on top of the 5 you mentioned lol. It didn't stop the last guy I dated from hurting me... (he had to move for a job but decided not to say bye to me in person the day he was moving like he promised and basically ghosted me), but I guess there's a lot of other good men with integrity out there that'll live up to the answers they provide. The growth question is something I've never asked as a screening question and I think that was the missing piece to the last 2 relationships I had. It's important that the next man I date does something to grow because I'm doing several things myself and I can't be the only one that cares about self care.
Jennifer Moody (1 month ago)
whoa.. I'm not one to normally comment but the last question he said women needed to be asking, about what the person does for growth, caught me completely off guard with how deep and profoundly insightful it was. It makes me feel kinda dumbfounded because I've never even thought about asking a person that on a first date or otherwise, when in fact I am extremely dedicated to my own self growth and have worked so long and hard to make certain that I am constantly growing. This was such a vital tool for me to find and add to my list of the crucial knowledge I must know about a man before I decide if he's really worth my time and energy..thx for this!🙏✨
Cherita Mojica (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Louise Kullar (1 month ago)
I was directly asked that last night. ... ugh Friends with benifits!! It felt so good to say : 1. you are not a friend! 2. I ve already got all the benifits I need thanks!!! 😠😁
Stefanie Goodwin (1 month ago)
I think after reading the 5 love languages for singles I want the next guy I date to listen to the audio book also. I think a lot of us should listen to the audio book because it gives a great prospective of how people show love differently when it comes to: dating, family, friends, and even coworkers. Have you read this yet @derrickjaxn
Isela (2 months ago)
I ❤️U Derrick😘😘
I love how you re-word the question to get the real answer and avoid the cookie cutter bs
Vee Jay (2 months ago)
Jeezzz!!! He been waiting to say that for the longest!!
CC's Playhouse (2 months ago)
Love your channel! Thanks 😊👍
Crystal Boutin (2 months ago)
🙌 Preach 🙌
Queat300 (2 months ago)
Hi Derrick, I wish I saw your videos long before I met my fukboy husband. It would have saved me 7 years of pain. I’m listening and learning now. I love the card game concept even though I haven’t played it yet I really enjoy your videos about them and can’t wait to play with my friends. One question most of my friends keep asking, where can you go the find good a mentally stimulating conversationalist that could potentially turn in a date, to relationship, and beyond? Would you consider making a mentally stimulating dating website? I’m not looking now but some of my friends are and they are tired of the same dating website.
Kateri McKnight (2 months ago)
THIS is a great video...in addition with the cards most mindset and future behavior can be indicated
Barbi Love (2 months ago)
"5 year time wastedship" - yes 👍
Barbi Love (2 months ago)
Lot of users out there 😥 I just subscribed...u r good! "Friends w / b.s." 😪
Andrea Hamilton (2 months ago)
A "wastedship" 🤣😅
Marcia Kelly (2 months ago)
Like I said in my last comment Men will be filling out an application form, like applying for a job, if you don't pass the application process, you won't get a date. 😂
Willawilla S (2 months ago)
I just bought the card game 😀😀
p_virtuous3110 (2 months ago)
Not a "5 yr time wasted-ship"!!! I love your feedback lol!!
Serenity (2 months ago)
thank you!
tranquility (2 months ago)
Another thing that women need to stop doing is, A sleeping around with anyone and anything. B stop being baby factories with males who think you are good enough to bang but not marry C stop having zero criteria when you get with these fools. We have a tendency to let them choose us, instead of the other way around. It's so commonplace nowadays for women to bang and get knocked up by multiple males, with no jobs, no ambition, bringing nothing to the table except for lies and a hard piece of meat. Come on ladies. When you develop that self respect its game over for losers.
Mila (3 months ago)
Just out of a 4 year time-wasted-ship and never felt better! Should have ended it before it even started.. so many lies and cheating and secrets
Megs M (3 months ago)
Friends with bullshit 😆😂😆
Phairie Girl (3 months ago)
I like your straight forward approach. Thank you. I will be looking for more.
Freddie Johnson (3 months ago)
I understand this video only one important thing about a relationship or getting married is honest and trust without having that you have nothing alot of my classmates died from aids and other diseases due to sexual contact and most of them were married with kids being in a relationship is just like playing russian roulette or sticking your finger in a wall socket to see if it still hot no one wants to catch diseases like this when they don't have to people's cheats all the time in relationships or marriages when they see something that they like they go for it without thinking also those who are married sometimes it works and when it do works it have a lot of drama and if you are married you lose everything so be very careful who you date or married because we all not the same and once you have sex with someone married or just in a relationship YOU BETTER PRAY THAT YOU DOESN'T CATCH ANYTHING AND GET AWAY FROM THAT PERSON VERY FAST because Aids Is no joke also new diseases comes out all the time that we don't even know about yet
SSG Gilda Wright (3 months ago)
Derrick...umm...I think it’s time for you to go in the house before you get robbed. 🤣😂
Dylan Roman (3 months ago)
LMAOO!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Erica Smith (3 months ago)
I love when u talk in the other man voice lmao 😂
baby april (3 months ago)
Wastedship... Yep, that sunk in deeply. 😑😒😩
K Deloris (3 months ago)
five year time wasted ship🤣🤣🤣
C Mcclain (3 months ago)
Listen, marriage is a big expensive thing. Ladies it’s not for everyone. marriage is not for everyone. Please don’t go rushing to be married. I am not understanding what’s the rush. Once you get married, everything changes including the person to whom ur marrying. Ladies and gents take caution and not move so damn quickly. Life is to short to be wasting it with someone who u were not even sure you wanted to be with or what’s even worst, never even loved!
Vicky Love (3 months ago)
Thanks Love. New Subby here with her notepad. 🎤🎹😎🎸🎶
Vicky Love (3 months ago)
Andromeda Townsend (3 months ago)
Thank you! 🙌🏾🔥👍🏾
Yulanda Tross (3 months ago)
Thank you! I will definitely implement this when I start dating again.
Gail (3 months ago)
🌸 wow my mom always said if a chap isn’t yielding the right fruit then it’s time to move on. She should have cut that dead tree ages ago, he was just sucking the life out of her So after a year she didn’t realise he wasn’t committed to marriage etc, then second yr etc....but 5 yrs 😳 I bet she also paying all the bills ? He was just a gigolo that leached off his victims....they look for women that have very little to no self esteem as they stay quiet and never rock the boat. Men like that look for docile little slaves that are eager to please and pay all bills and place to stay and have sex when they can’t pull their usual tart I say be confident and ask questions about what they want etc and don’t be a tart always be a lady.....you weed out fuck boys this way Never be subservient to any man....ever!
kelly washington (3 months ago)
The how ta game ta not get gamed game is still playin games. Questions are good and all, transparency is a must. But don't always overthink or rush things. Trust yourself and your choices, work with people if you can and build something that suits your needs. But screening for the sake of elimination is setting yourself up to fail. YOU set the intention and make it what you can. Then if that thing that has been made simply is not what you seek? Then move on. It's NOT a waste of time. If you learn from what you have lived through, then with wisdom and self control and good fortune, you won't repeat it. But give up on trying to control things, people and outcomes all the time. All is within. Be mindful of that as much as you can and externals will NEVER break you. And that includes people and things we invest in but don't get what we hoped out of. Some people make simple sh!+ too damn complicated.
Patience Curtis (3 months ago)
Many men are always about meeting their short term goals: whatever benefits them NOW. Women are on the opposite end of the spectrum seeking to plan for the future. Ladies cut that short sighted lame lose. Don't waste your virtue or TIME. 5 years!! SMDH!
NinJanika (3 months ago)
hunterkinkead (3 months ago)
How do we get those cards? I need them in my life !
Summer Brooke (3 months ago)
Can I just date you?? Hahaha. Jk. Great video!
Lacita Fleming (3 months ago)
Dam good questions! Thank you for the guidance 🙏🏾
Belinda Padron (3 months ago)
Thank you! I am going to utilize that question, what do you do for personal growth...something I should have asked a long time ago! I am a woman who is all about growth!
Kelly (3 months ago)
Omg chiils...love your videos and advice. I needed this right now as I am I promised myself I was not going to waste my time on just dating...Thank you!!
H Maya (3 months ago)
2:10 you’re welcome ☺️
Amanda Hager (3 months ago)
Very interested in these cards!
Aleda Boyd (3 months ago)
Damn, where have you been all my life? Lol
Angela Doyle (3 months ago)
Great video 😊 Thanks for sharing that free game 😉
Tia Hunter (3 months ago)
Bryan Sturgeon (3 months ago)
Pump or jump .
Con P (3 months ago)
Yep s waste of her time...NEXT!
Adama Wiggan (3 months ago)
I need you to have a talk show.
202020morehourstogo (3 months ago)
So good. Thank you.
TYH (3 months ago)
That guy is a trip!!! Lmao
crashlee12 (3 months ago)
Do questions also work for me too?
Paulette Noel (4 months ago)
Damn. How do you know about all that stuff? You hit that shit (as you say lol) right on. Where were you 10 years ago. I could of use those advices big time. You're cool😉
GlobalFreeHousing. org (4 months ago)
Great book.. How to Attract Great Relationships all the time! This book changed my life! https://freehousing.ecwid.com/$2-95-THE-NEW-RULES-Attract-GREAT-People-All-the-Time-Over-2-3-Million-Views-p74251472
danita powell (4 months ago)
Each comments got darker and darker. Literally. Figuratively handsome chocolate, you are right on point with these questions!😊
jennifer (4 months ago)
I really like this man’s videos because they’re short, straight to the point AND REAL.
Julie Anderson (4 months ago)
Just 'splaining reality.
Monica petty (4 months ago)
I had been a man off and on for 9 years. I was in a abusive married for 20 years. I just wanted to date nothing serious. We talked about marriage yesterday year . In January he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said with his health issue that it was over no marriage. I’m really hurting over this decision but god goes what’s best me. I wasted to much time.😢
Monique Smi (4 months ago)
Really informative....most people are geared towards making the best impressions and saying what you want to hear. Often times that causes us to waste time. And often times we forget (having dealt with bs) that we shouldn't lower our expectations but like you said reframe the way we ask questions. I'm really happy you found your niche in life. Please keep the advice coming. I think you should do a panel and address a few women's concerns on certain things. Thanks again
Hailey Earls (4 months ago)
Psh.. well then can I just date Derrick Jaxn?🙋🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Ruru Home (4 months ago)
Bruh, how long did it take you to record this? #fromdawntodusk LOL This video should bookmarked for everyone woman looking for something real!

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