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"Mentally Stimulate Me" date night card game : https://msmcardgame.com/
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Dylan Roman (2 days ago)
LMAOO!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Erica Smith (4 days ago)
I love when u talk in the other man voice lmao 😂
the lady sofie (6 days ago)
Wastedship... Yep, that sunk in deeply. 😑😒😩
K Deloris (6 days ago)
five year time wasted ship🤣🤣🤣
C Mcclain (8 days ago)
Listen, marriage is a big expensive thing. Ladies it’s not for everyone. marriage is not for everyone. Please don’t go rushing to be married. I am not understanding what’s the rush. Once you get married, everything changes including the person to whom ur marrying. Ladies and gents take caution and not move so damn quickly. Life is to short to be wasting it with someone who u were not even sure you wanted to be with or what’s even worst, never even loved!
Vicky Love (9 days ago)
Thanks Love. New Subby here with her notepad. 🎤🎹😎🎸🎶
Vicky Love (9 days ago)
Andromeda Townsend (10 days ago)
Thank you! 🙌🏾🔥👍🏾
Yulanda Tross (11 days ago)
Thank you! I will definitely implement this when I start dating again.
Gail Fisher (12 days ago)
🌸 wow my mom always said if a chap isn’t yielding the right fruit then it’s time to move on. She should have cut that dead tree ages ago, he was just sucking the life out of her So after a year she didn’t realise he wasn’t committed to marriage etc, then second yr etc....but 5 yrs 😳 I bet she also paying all the bills ? He was just a gigolo that leached off his victims....they look for women that have very little to no self esteem as they stay quiet and never rock the boat. Men like that look for docile little slaves that are eager to please and pay all bills and place to stay and have sex when they can’t pull their usual tart I say be confident and ask questions about what they want etc and don’t be a tart always be a lady.....you weed out fuck boys this way Never be subservient to any man....ever!
kelly washington (12 days ago)
The how ta game ta not get gamed game is still playin games. Questions are good and all, transparency is a must. But don't always overthink or rush things. Trust yourself and your choices, work with people if you can and build something that suits your needs. But screening for the sake of elimination is setting yourself up to fail. YOU set the intention and make it what you can. Then if that thing that has been made simply is not what you seek? Then move on. It's NOT a waste of time. If you learn from what you have lived through, then with wisdom and self control and good fortune, you won't repeat it. But give up on trying to control things, people and outcomes all the time. All is within. Be mindful of that as much as you can and externals will NEVER break you. And that includes people and things we invest in but don't get what we hoped out of. Some people make simple sh!+ too damn complicated.
Patience Curtis (12 days ago)
Many men are always about meeting their short term goals: whatever benefits them NOW. Women are on the opposite end of the spectrum seeking to plan for the future. Ladies cut that short sighted lame lose. Don't waste your virtue or TIME. 5 years!! SMDH!
NinJanika (12 days ago)
hunterkinkead (14 days ago)
How do we get those cards? I need them in my life !
Summer Brooke (14 days ago)
Can I just date you?? Hahaha. Jk. Great video!
Lacita Fleming (14 days ago)
Dam good questions! Thank you for the guidance 🙏🏾
Belinda Padron (14 days ago)
Thank you! I am going to utilize that question, what do you do for personal growth...something I should have asked a long time ago! I am a woman who is all about growth!
Kelly (15 days ago)
Omg chiils...love your videos and advice. I needed this right now as I am I promised myself I was not going to waste my time on just dating...Thank you!!
H M (15 days ago)
2:10 you’re welcome ☺️
Amanda Hager (16 days ago)
Very interested in these cards!
Aleda Boyd (18 days ago)
Damn, where have you been all my life? Lol
Angela Doyle (20 days ago)
Great video 😊 Thanks for sharing that free game 😉
Tia Hunter (20 days ago)
Bryan Sturgeon (20 days ago)
Pump or jump .
Con P (21 days ago)
Yep s waste of her time...NEXT!
Adama Wiggan (22 days ago)
I need you to have a talk show.
202020morehourstogo (23 days ago)
So good. Thank you.
TYH (23 days ago)
That guy is a trip!!! Lmao
crashlee12 (24 days ago)
Do questions also work for me too?
Paulette Noel (25 days ago)
Damn. How do you know about all that stuff? You hit that shit (as you say lol) right on. Where were you 10 years ago. I could of use those advices big time. You're cool😉
Great book.. How to Attract Great Relationships all the time! This book changed my life! https://freehousing.ecwid.com/$2-95-THE-NEW-RULES-Attract-GREAT-People-All-the-Time-Over-2-3-Million-Views-p74251472
danita powell (26 days ago)
Each comments got darker and darker. Literally. Figuratively handsome chocolate, you are right on point with these questions!😊
jennifer (27 days ago)
I really like this man’s videos because they’re short, straight to the point AND REAL.
Julie Anderson (27 days ago)
Just 'splaining reality.
Monica petty (27 days ago)
I had been a man off and on for 9 years. I was in a abusive married for 20 years. I just wanted to date nothing serious. We talked about marriage yesterday year . In January he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said with his health issue that it was over no marriage. I’m really hurting over this decision but god goes what’s best me. I wasted to much time.😢
Monique Smi (28 days ago)
Really informative....most people are geared towards making the best impressions and saying what you want to hear. Often times that causes us to waste time. And often times we forget (having dealt with bs) that we shouldn't lower our expectations but like you said reframe the way we ask questions. I'm really happy you found your niche in life. Please keep the advice coming. I think you should do a panel and address a few women's concerns on certain things. Thanks again
Hailey Earls (1 month ago)
Psh.. well then can I just date Derrick Jaxn?🙋🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Ruru Home (1 month ago)
Bruh, how long did it take you to record this? #fromdawntodusk LOL This video should bookmarked for everyone woman looking for something real!
LaTrice Sullivan (1 month ago)
Thanks for this video and advice. I've been single for one year and currently not dating; however, I think I'm going to purchase this game so when I start dating I'll have it handy...
K'enosha Genesis (1 month ago)
I just wanted to know, why is he always in his car.... Probably doesn't matter anyway
Lisa Phillips (1 month ago)
Ladies i don't know but this is scary. How could you be with such deceit. It's 5yrs just gone....
LitChar (1 month ago)
I greatly appreciate your YouTube channel, keep UP the good work. I am definitely purchasing your game!!!!
queena hill (1 month ago)
Absolutely agree!!! 👌🏾
Jane Doe (1 month ago)
Dang!!!! It don got dark, how long have u been talking Derrick?
lena mack (1 month ago)
He doesn't miss a beat ...
Lena W (1 month ago)
time wasted-ships lol
Dawn Mitchell (1 month ago)
thank you!!! going on a first date tomorrow !! God Bless and thanks for keeping it real!!!
ElleJ (1 month ago)
What person thumbs this video down? This is gold right here
"What do you do for growth?" Good one Jaxn thanks
Global Donnica (1 month ago)
If s man’s mentality is negative or he feels he can’t move forward that’s a serious red flag .... if one stays with those type of men that usually means jealousy .... resentment and possible abuse of any form of one stays and the woman progresses
Global Donnica (1 month ago)
I ask a man a list of questions on the first meeting .... first is where do they see themselves in the next three years ...,if they say they are just Living day to day I’m out !!!
A Sipp (1 month ago)
J Antonsen (1 month ago)
Lol ive subscribed
Lost Sad (1 month ago)
I'm Ethiopian women I have not dating for 8 years I'm so picky is hard for me to like someone is that normal
sarahholic (1 month ago)
"What do you do for growth?" This is the gold dust question right there. Derrick, you legend!
Rachel Lee (2 months ago)
Exactly, eventually those kinds of relationship's grow apart.
tearra moore (2 months ago)
Crackin me up wit tha "Time-wasted-ships" ..he says it so seriously
Just Curious (2 months ago)
That's why I need to get your MSM cards
ty 6ie (2 months ago)
Damn, you’re always preachin man.... I LOVE IT. This man is so intelligent
Lora Rooks (2 months ago)
Love it
Berenice C. (2 months ago)
Awsome! Thank you 😊
Red Judith (2 months ago)
Tomorrow is the first time in 2 years that a boy from my school asks me out and I'm excited and nervous about it but hopefully tomorrow is the best date that I ever had in a long time
Heather Jones (2 months ago)
How does a grown man stay in a relationship he didn't want to be in for 5 years?
lolo (2 months ago)
The problem is too many black men in this country, s, do NOT want to grow up. They either want to play around forever, or they get hurt and want to stay stagnant. My husband and I call it the Peter Pan syndrome or the Gilligan Complex, either or or both are destroying the black community from within. The stagnant brother can sometimes come out of his delusion. But the player, NOW that one is hard, and difficult to cure. He see no value in growth for himself, family or community. He's the fun guy, that NO women, or girl should have serious fun with. I'm with the asking question, especially with the stagnant guy. The growth question will most likely give him some food for thought. However, it useless to asked the growth questions to a player, that question might get a response of his manhood size. Ask questions you want answers to, and don't be alarm with the answers. It best to know than waste either of your time.
contr4dixion (2 months ago)
Wow... this is so golden, that if it were a poster, I'd frame it and put it up...
Desiree Mckenneyrobinson (2 months ago)
I see that sometimes, we as women tend to say passive phrases that of hard work in relationships to others, I mean period. Stop saying put "God first", as if that will do the work on your behalf. At best you will attract the better half of the mess that is being offered out here. Point is that statement is not empowering. My sister, I began saying that I will put the "G-d in me first" principle into effect. I am The KING'S KID. HIS DAUGHTER. THE APPLE OF HIS EYE. So no I will not be dealing with the mess! Its beneath my station, goals and value. And since I am not deciding to slum around. No Sir. That what the G-d in you will do for you. Terminate nonsense on all levels. It will make you work to improve yourself first and foremost.
Charity Pascual (2 months ago)
Friends with benefits should be named Friends with bullshit! lmao
Robert Gray (2 months ago)
Sadly women do not ask these types of questions and neither do men which they waste their own time No sympathy given for either side!
I M A QYN (2 months ago)
There are many guys that lie that they want marriage and stuff just to get into your panties. They will tell you what you wanna hear and you will fall for it.
Sona Falk (2 months ago)
I'm Muslim so I'm asking everything, inside of the mosque, with an 80yo woman watching. 😂😭😂 Those old women who observe the "meeting" phase of a relationship can tell you right away what is BULLSHIT and what isn't.
Vielka Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Why leave comments if you do not clarify or address or point to a video in which you address that topic.
Vielka Rodriguez (2 months ago)
This is why if you have few acquaintances, you access viability and not waste 5 yrs
Eseercam (3 months ago)
I saw the cartoon about this!
San Led (3 months ago)
My man asked me on the first date the marry question, i said no but eventually in 20 years maybe i could get married, we have been together for 14 years and still going strong we have grown together and have great mind stimulating conversations!
Isa'Bella Escoviché (3 months ago)
I, Ask... Hypothetical, Questions of him Often! So, Often.. He's, Numb.. Annoyed, & Complains that Basically I'm Nagging... Bitch'n! Whatever. But, I take that as a Sign that He's Not My Forever Mate... Perhaps, Just SEASONAL... Time-Wasted-Ships ..Suck! Also, a conversation about Fuckboys tonight... I, asked &, he said... "I, am a Fuckboy!" I, was taken back!... &, Then, based in my response.. He, then pretended to Not Know... &, Asked what it was! As, he's done with Other IMPORTANT Questions!!! Divert, Change the Topic to Sex etc... 🤔
T. Wood (3 months ago)
Perfect! Thanks for the advice.
Vicki C (3 months ago)
I asked the first question to a few guys. The response was that's deep. I walked out!
Shai Wilde (3 months ago)
Amen, brother!
trudi trudi (3 months ago)
A question that was asked to an ex which he wasn't ready for was, "What are your future plans?" He recoiled and struggled with an answer. That summed it and him up perfectly. All his bs that went before on how he wanted to marry me and how he was always going to be there was carefully thought out, because he needed a supply. When he was taken by surprise and called out, he had no clue what his plans were which defo didn't include me. No need to even ask the 'how would you improve yourself for growth' Bye bye.
Adonai Esau (3 months ago)
Hi Derick yesterday i asked the guy who is apparently interested in me one of the the questions you mentioned and i thank you so much for saving my precious time cause he just wants to be friends after all i don't roll that way he failed the test I blocked him #next!
K Jackson (3 months ago)
Lin Thin (3 months ago)
Thanks for these questions. I need these.
Mar-Lisa Kemp (3 months ago)
I think I’d like to have you coach me on the regular.
Tashea Key (3 months ago)
Love these questions
Cj Coffman (3 months ago)
5 year wastedship haha 😂🤣
Blessed 2911 (3 months ago)
Valerie Kimble (3 months ago)
I think I owe you a million dollars... But I don't have it. Please accept my sincere thank you forever!
HollieB. (3 months ago)
Uuummmm sooo I’ve just watched like 10 of your videos and I definitely could’ve used all of this a lllloooooong time ago!!! 😭
33ladyRAM (3 months ago)
Man...I bet there are a lot of men and women are pissed off Jaxn is giving it 100%!
Leija Farr (4 months ago)
That guy in the story is trash
Ludmila Marešová (4 months ago)
_"Five years time wasted-ship"_ Please tradermark this or I'm stealing it. It's perfect.
brokenjade21 (4 months ago)
We need a part 2 for this.
thantei c (4 months ago)
The third question is 🙌🏼
Kathy Warner (4 months ago)
Love that 2nd question.
Emily Noel (4 months ago)
Derrick Jaxn :- Can you please do a comprehensive list of dating questions, maybe it can be in a similar format to the mentally stimulate you card game( we know you have to earn a living and happy to pay for that info). The questions a female should ask a male abd vice versa (seperate boxes, we can buy as required). Maybe they can cover the 1st call thru the date 5 or 10, possibly up to the point the of being exclusive. We have wonderful videos on being in a relationship, maintaining our standards etc. The tricky part is often the 1st few conversations and dates before, effectively weeding out the trash with the correct questions at the correct time. Personally I know what I want, I even know what I want to know, but not necessarily how to pharse the question succinctly to get a clear honest answers without it seeming like water boarding or the get the usual rehersed BS answers (like the marriage one).
tskjesusfreak (4 months ago)
Two things that I want from a woman: Does she LOVE Jesus more than anything (including me)? Would she want to home school her kids? (If Jesus gives her kids)
Linda A (4 months ago)
chris bigarani (4 months ago)
Oh yes! Great questions!!!
Tina Ambrosio (4 months ago)
Aren't the majority of guys/men ok with a fwb deal? Won't most men be ok with sex? it seems that way... 🤔
Charles Pinkett (4 months ago)
Child please females are looking for baby daddies not husband. Facts.

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