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Mtg: 15 Deck Ideas for Guilds of Ravnica Standard!!!

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Dev sits down to talk about not one, not two, but FIFTEEN deck ideas for Guilds of Ravnica standard! Check out TCGPlayer: http://bit.ly/TCGPlayer_GRNProduct Vote for these decks on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SBMTG Strictly Better Mtg is a Magic: the Gathering Channel that does videos on everything Magic the Gathering. We do Mtg Deck Techs, Mtg set reviews, Mtg spoilers, mtg news, mtg speculation, mtg top 10 lists, and much, much more mtg related ish! Category Gaming
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Rocro (2 months ago)
I bought the Orzhov Guild Kit in order to start playing Magic. I thought I could play it in Standard, but I can't, since the Guild cards are not legal. What should I do? Should I change those cards and add some legal ones? Did I spend my money in a bad way? I know I can play Modern and Casual. I don't play tourney either, but it gets my a bad feeling not being able to play Standard. Help :(
white williow (5 months ago)
I just got done building a burn Deck
Ryan Ferguson (7 months ago)
Hey dev I'm not sure if you will see this or if you check your old videos. But I was curious how accurate your predictions were. All in all, pretty accurate. Anyway, I was wondering if you could make a Grixis Dragons deck tech like the one you predicted it sounds like an awesome idea. If you have put it on your patreon let me know and I'll pitch in a dollar to vote on the deck lol.
Skullblade (7 months ago)
I played against Gutterburn earlier today on Arena, and I almost lost, except for the fact that I was playing the one deck archetype that is always ignored, never seen on Arena, utilizing one of the strongest, if not most underrated, Planeswalker that survived rotation. Yeah, I'm talking about Rakdos Pirates.
Joshua Christenson (8 months ago)
Congrats on making 34000 people accidentally wiping their screens thinking they have a hair on their screen!
Sam K (8 months ago)
There now 103124 subs
Sultai White is called "Witch" and Jeskai Black is called "Yore". the 4 color decks have names too. you can use this handy webside and check out all the color combos out. https://humpheh.com/magic/c/ <-- very good. That said, I don't really use the names of the shards. I only use guild names (2 color decks), So your Gruul, Golgari, Dimir, Boros, Selesnya, Simic, Izzet & Rakdos. the shards aren't worth bringing up. Shards are from Alara I think. so your shards are "Bant, Grixis, Esper, Jund & Naya". anything more than that is just "4 color deck" even if they do have names like I said, I just don't use them because I don't play 4 color decks, I play 1, 2 and sometimes 3.
Jay (9 months ago)
Gobos with flame and prospector+banefire seems good
ChillWithers (9 months ago)
Don't forget Sky Terror for the two drop slot in Boros Aggro. Everyone always seems to forget about it. 2/2 Flying, menace and with Mentor triggers becomes extra terrifying.
Courtney Gray (9 months ago)
Dev I love your brain man!!! The two decks I decided from spoilers that I wanted to build are hyped up on your list here: Turbo Surveil/Lazav/Etrata Deck and Selesnya Tokens My Surveil/Lazav/Etrata deck has been the bane of the LGS's events thus far and driving all the Golgari and Boros players mad :D. My Selesnya deck abuses Trostani, Legion's Landing, and Emmara for some turn 4/5 Alpha Strike shenanigans. I can't wait to finish it in time for this week's FNM. Just waiting on your deck techs now to see if I'm on the right track.
The Real Plato (9 months ago)
dev whats your preferred tools for building a new deck?
Fadhli Rosli (9 months ago)
Like for the cat
gLadd (9 months ago)
can someone tell me what UWx stands for ? more specifically the x part. would be awesome cheers
CJ O'Neill (9 months ago)
Ive been theory crafting some jank and i saw a shell for sultai walls. Run 4 of each of the 1 mana defenders in blue black and green, then run a dimir control shell with green for ramp and fixing as well as some surveil synergies cause of our blue wall
Adrian J (9 months ago)
Hes good he guessed my dino ramp deck
Todocogog (9 months ago)
I’m making a Naya deck. The one I made in draft made me go 2-1 and was faster than some Golgari decks
Andrew Baley (9 months ago)
Dude pls Lazav deck. Love your vids, content is always awesome. Thanks man.
RainMasterXD (9 months ago)
You're sleeping on elves man, huge board while drawing cards constantly and having limitless mana
Cheesy Spaghetti (9 months ago)
Regarding an undergrowth-focused deck, how worth would it be to include some explore cards? The synergy between surveil and undergrowth has been stated, and wouldn’t explore be strictly better than surveil in this case? Of course the problem would be which explore cards are good enough to warrant a spot in the deck over other choices, but what do you guys think?
Mike (9 months ago)
Truefire Captain + Star of extinction? Naya combo control?
BinarySecond (9 months ago)
Turbo Surveil sounds amazing.
Phoenix Gagnon (9 months ago)
Runaway Steam Kin Risk Factor I’m no aggro player but common guys?!
Bach Frog (9 months ago)
Golgari zombies. Necrotic wound is nasty
Syrius Wormwood (9 months ago)
Sultai White is Witch.
creestab (9 months ago)
GB Saprolings though :(
Matheus Henrique (9 months ago)
How about bant merfolk with radiant destiny when ug shockland be released?
James Flanagan (9 months ago)
Looking forward to flame, wizards, and sultai deck tech(s), can 1K storm, murmur mysty and mission impossible pair with gut sniper and burn spells to make something beautiful?
King Conwell (9 months ago)
Someone have a shell for Jeskai mid range. I wanna go for it
C-Matt (9 months ago)
Waiting on that Boros Decktech
ThoughtShift (9 months ago)
What's your opinion on UR Guttersnipe?
duccio colella (9 months ago)
I have a feeling u play on untap an the same feeling i'e played against u sometimes with my mono green and my jeskai brewed decks :P. take a look at "Menonaihito"
Blake Hayman (9 months ago)
I used Legion Warboss in my Jeskai and Izzet builds in Prerelease to great effect with Passwall Adept. It definitely works as a threat in control builds.
Treaxvour W (9 months ago)
My second rotation since starting. I fell off standard a bit the last set, but this looks fun.
NickelsBolas (9 months ago)
Ethan Johnson (9 months ago)
Make Abzan Elves or Selesnya Elves or Golgari Elves
Dragonfyre52 (9 months ago)
I think the izzet counter burn is going to be heavily influencial
Dalton Cady (9 months ago)
Sultai white could work even in a blue black mana base because hello chromatic lantern?
Nickolas T. Raffone (9 months ago)
You can also change lazav into a different creature before he would shuffle
Boomshanka (9 months ago)
Been killing everybody with UB Surveil on MTG Arena. Doom Whisperer will end a game many times on the turn it comes down if you have a Dimir Spybug or Thoughtbound Phantasm out.
Gideon Bjorklund (9 months ago)
you need to stop having your cat in the vids because i just pay attention to him and not the magic
worldthroughabucket (9 months ago)
I honestly feel like Green-white stompy is the way to go. Maybe still splash black for assassin's trophy. If you play green-white you can play knight of autumn and the new trostani. Since green doesn't really have a good 5 drop anymore since verdurous gearhulk rotated. Nobody's gonna play gigantosaurus, why would they? It does something immediately when it enters, strengthens your board and still leaves something behind even if it gets removed. And if you need removal, seal away and conclave tribunal are both really solid pieces on top of knight of autumn to remove artifacts/enchantments, so you might not even necessarily need assassin's trophy.
Michael Archer (9 months ago)
congrats on 100,000!!!
danekarl (9 months ago)
Green stomp, splash black for butt trophy.
Benjamin McDonald (9 months ago)
I've been trying to run Izzet Wizards, and it feels way clunkier now that it's lost its best one-drop and its best two-drop. There just aren't very good replacements for them - too many 3-drops pretending to be 2-drops.
Fischer Schorch (9 months ago)
Boom! 100K. Congrats dev! You deserve it, keep up the good work.
Bob Ross is daddy - (9 months ago)
Blue red storm anyone no just me
Jordon How (9 months ago)
I gotta ask, is bant scapeshift a legit deck idea?
Nicolo DeWitt (9 months ago)
Devious Cover-up... What was Wizards smoking when they came up with that card
Seraph Stray (9 months ago)
That cat could probably beat me in MTG tbh. It probably has absorbed all of his knowledge by just listening to him talk like this lol
Lord Flocka (9 months ago)
✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽one love man
Paolo Rumi (9 months ago)
What about izzet drakes? I love some brews i saw around
Music is Good (9 months ago)
I'm a standard noob. When does it rotate? I thought it did already.
Kel'Thuzad (9 months ago)
Congrats on 100K subs Dev :) Here's my Selesyna Go-wide board at the end of turn 4, hehe.. https://mtgarena.community.gl/forums/threads/37798 (scroll down a bit)
GottaStayClassy (9 months ago)
Engine-style Dimir Reanimator: use Connive // Concoct and Whisper, Blood Liturgist to gravejuggle stuff like Lotleth Giant, Doom Whisperer and Chupacabras. Diregraf Ghouls and Doomed Dissenters as early drops and sacrificial fodder. Especially Reassembling Skeletons can be utilized a lot for chump blocking all to eternity and sacrificed for more valuable creatures. Still figuring more ways to protect the engine, but when it sets off, it's hard to stop.
Oded Sayar (9 months ago)
6 figures subs suits you great
Aether Veilborne (9 months ago)
I've been having a lot of fun with Grixis Dragons, been playing it for the past few days. Dragon Egg is actually pretty amazing for the deck, as it combos well with Dragon Hoard and Spit Flame.
Kairi Long (9 months ago)
I'm looking to build Sultai midrange, Grixis dragons and Izzet counterburn/wizards
Nick Little (9 months ago)
5:25 Be careful, Ziggy is always watching
Robbie Meixner (9 months ago)
This is strange, but i noticed when you say a ward with an predominate "i" your cats ear twitch... I thought it was funny. My cat always responded to the word "beer". Good video brother! Keep up the good work my man!
Firefist97 (9 months ago)
im excited for: -golgari/izoni with journey to eternity -izzet counterburn -naya tokens with divine visitation -jund (after ravnica allegiance)
john mcclendon (9 months ago)
Another good selection of decks Dev. Can't wait to see the grid is dragon's build. Don't forget chromatic lantern to go with dragon's hoard.
Spenser Smith (9 months ago)
Love what you do Dev, you're the first youtuber to convince me to head over and support you on patreon. Thanks for helping me get excited about Standard again!
Barrett Purvis (9 months ago)
Congrats on 100K
Ryan Dick (9 months ago)
I think Naya tokens will dominate. Just too much good stuff and so freaking fast. Plus I'm hearing Frenzied Experiment is showing some good. In a deck that is hellbent on dumping your hand by the time Experiment can hit the board you might only have 1 to 2 cards and the drawback is hardly an issue when you're top-decking anyways. Plus it can be a great edh pickup too so i'm sold on it.
Ryan Dick (9 months ago)
Dev, thoughts on this?
Ryan Dick (9 months ago)
I would bet money that Experiment becomes a T1 deck to play in the right shell though. Also did well with my Nayas at my lgs placing 3rd *almost hitting 1st* and went 6-0 on sealed arena. I think if my deck had been remotely close to what I had on mtg arena I could have won it.
YOURMOM230 (9 months ago)
Steel leaf champion is a knight, so a green-white- black knights ?
James Pierce (9 months ago)
How well do you feel Grixis Midrange is going to do post-rotation? Been messing around with the deck, not a big fan of the dragons though bar Nicky B and Demanding Dragon + Sarkhan.
Davis Parkhurst (9 months ago)
What’s up dev!!!
Jet Donovan (9 months ago)
Mardu deck w/lich's mastery and chance for glory
Bass Template (9 months ago)
Hey dev I made a brew with murmuring mystic and quasiduplicate with drowned secrets and psychic corrosigenerate on I call it mystic mill it has a load of control and bounce spells too the plan is to get some mill pieces on the board as well as as many murmuring mystics and generate as many birds as chump blockers till your opponent is milled out. I have been playing the brew on arena and it is doing really well as even some game I have won with so many birds on the board with swarm damage please could you do a brew about this and credit me for the initial idea my tag is Subatomica on Arena so please use that if you make the deck and do a video on it. Keep up the great work dude
William Walton (7 months ago)
Quasi is my new favorite spell and after trying it on A lot of different creatures but Mystic is a favorite.
Scrawkasaurus Lex (9 months ago)
t-shirt game on point as always, sir
phexkrew (9 months ago)
It’s the first of the month and I need to pay my rent but I’m watching this instead
Nicholas Intersimone (9 months ago)
Can't wait to hear your build of Azban Knights
Victor Pluntky (9 months ago)
Izzet Wizards is the deck I just built. A lot of fun to play, with fun interactions and enough tricks and aggro to play around with.
Dedicated Gamer (9 months ago)
Got cat on you.
Chris Stuedle (9 months ago)
5C control is the winner. play it all
Gerrador (9 months ago)
Been brewing a Jeskai control deck but it keeps ending up looking like RU amulet/counter burn splashing for Teferi, with Deafening Clarion and Seal Away in the sideboard. I want amulet to work now, since Abrade dealt with it a little too easily, but with Assassin's Trophy and Knight of Autumn coming in it might be just as hard to activate if green is popular enough. Also would like to get a bit of value out of Expansion//Explosion, but for a finisher Fight with Fire is probably just more consistent, but who knows.
Gerrador (9 months ago)
Here's a list I threw together last week: https://aetherhub.com/Deck/Public/22907, was roughly based off Kevin Jones' list from Nationals: https://mtgtop8.com/event?e=19574&d=325266&f=ST substituting cards that had rotated out with new options and adding Amulet. I feel like the Guttersnipes and Expansion//Explosion are probably sub-optimal, maybe a couple Dream Eater/Crackling Drakes and Syncopate/Negate/Seal Away would be more effective in the mainboard, there just seems to be a bit of a vacuum where Gearhulk used to be.
Luis Galvez (9 months ago)
hey Gerrador, do you have any list of your jeskai brew, or some links where your deck is based on? I'm thinking (and brewing though) on similar strategy (thinking on Amulet, jeskai or 4-5 colors control deck, with FwF and Banefire as finishers) Tell me what you got, thanks!
Simto (9 months ago)
Sultai midrange and control are going to be insane!
Dillon Frederick (9 months ago)
Dev, What do you think about doing an update to the Kwende first/double strike deck? I’ve had some thoughts about it but I’m curious your thoughts.
Jonathan DeAngelis (9 months ago)
I created gutterburn and holy cow its a nasty deck, i've crushed every deck i've faced off against except a pre rotation cats lifegain, and I still got them down to 6 despite gaining 15-20 life during the game
Jacob Dachauer (9 months ago)
abzan/naya angels!
Tony C (9 months ago)
Lazav dragons seems sweet also an easier way to cast niv mizzet lol
MTG Diagnosis (9 months ago)
Tony C ooooooh! That’s a great idea! Lazav in a Grixis dragons deck!
Trey Harrison (9 months ago)
Maya angels
Tommy Stav (9 months ago)
For jeskai contol Sinister sabatoge is not the counter you want to play. Sure some people will sware by it but jeskai control is teferi contol in a red shell. What does red do that teferi cant do? It can reduce your life total to 0 without needing to have a single creature in a deck. Rather than run any sinister sabatoge 4 instead move into a 4ionize build, and focus your mana base on being able to cast settle(even with clarion settle is still needed in this deck) then have a couple shocks a strike or 2. 2 copies of expansion/explosion and one banefire and bam you have incidentally have a teferi contol deck that only has to devote a single slot to actually killing you(1 banefire) And that's still even removal! everything else in the deck that does damage incidentally does things that you want it to do ionize counters spells, expansion is a versatile card that draws cards late game AND you can use teferi to generate to extra for the X in your end step. Top it off with a couple mission briefing for flashback on ionize or even banefire and well.. you have in my opinion the best way to play teferi in a control deck no creatures and simply wins by the game dragging on. Oh also you run 2 nexus in the mainboard in place of gearhulks(wizards crazy if they think well play dream eater, even if hes good I just wont on the principle of my finisher dies to lighting strike? Lmao nooowayyy) also you multiple goblin electromancer(3-4) and 2 more nexus in the board and you literally can't lose the mirror
Dudeist Priest (9 months ago)
It may not end up being much, but I wanna do boros/naya auras to break Swiftblade Vindicator.
Kattywagon29 (9 months ago)
DEV!!! I was so excited to log in today and see that you hit 100k. Good for you man! You are my ONLY source for standard deck techs. I trust no one else. Keep up the good work!
Francis Sladek (9 months ago)
Dev, two decks I'm looking forward to playing are counterburn (with guttersnipe) and g/w midrange (Deathgorge scavenger is going to do some heavy lifting now that undergrowth and surveil are around). My sleeper deck is Grixis Mirari Conjecture. I'm really looking forward to ultimating a conjecture with a thousand year storm in play.
Hend0 (9 months ago)
everyone for boros has forgotten sky terror for a 2 drop...
Hmm and here I was just going to use my U/R Wizards into gutter counter burn:P
joe paine (9 months ago)
Just got a sub from me Dev, really enjoy and admire the work you do
Lars Krappel (9 months ago)
uhh Dev hit that 100k subs .... I'm really looking forward to seeing the special... What about his cat beating him in a game of Magic?
Mark Nichols (9 months ago)
Golgari elves is looking good. Poison tip archer and the ability to spawn 1/1 insect tokens through elves....Idk been loving it on arena
Lewis Bolger (9 months ago)
boi eeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss
Jaime GS (9 months ago)
Elfs, izzet drakes, izzet ammulet, golgari sacrifice!
Justin Maruco (9 months ago)
100K congrats!!!
Taylor Gaspard (9 months ago)
Congrats on 100K subs, man! Well deserved. One of the few channels I turn notifications on for. All weekend on MtG Arena I played a deck that's a mashup of Counterburn and Gutterburn. I had decent success with it, and it's a lot of fun. If anyone is curious, decklist is below. Open to suggestions! https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/01-10-18-counterburn/
Tony Burgio (9 months ago)
Congrats on 100k subs! Some sweet decks here dude, its gonna be a sick time in Standard for a good bit I think.
Indomakio (9 months ago)
What about Elves? There are some powerful pieces around, and can go Selesnya or Abzan.
JillyN HunD (9 months ago)
I built a Boros lifegain deck on mtgo and it seems to be doing alright.
Peter Klein (9 months ago)
Ziggy: 'Yeah - he's putting up the cameras and stuff - I'm gona get some love'
Megadeth Fanboy (9 months ago)
I’m excited for U/B midrange

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