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Cafe Racer Timelapse build - Yamaha XJ 600 (FJ 600)

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Here is the timelapse build of my third cafe racer project : a 1984 Yamaha FJ 600 (or XJ 600 in Europe) I chose a more difficult motorcycle this time as the XJ 600 is known not to ben easiest one to transform. If you want to support me you can get one of my original tshirt from my store : https://shop.spreadshirt.com/tom-racing-designs Please vote to tell me which bike is your favorite: http://tomracingdesigns.com/index.php/2018/06/04/vote-for-your-favorite-bike/ To learn more about my builds, check out my website : https://tomracingdesigns.com All rights reserved, no repost without permission. Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud
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Text Comments (565)
Jojo Joseph (18 hours ago)
stunning look
Văn Bắc (3 days ago)
I watch your Video every day. xD Very Excellent!
Thiago Ramos (3 days ago)
Incrível, me animei mais mexer na minha GN250
Darko (3 days ago)
Damn good job bro. Nice music choice too 👌How long did it take you to learn all you need to rebuild bikes like this?
Pavan Kumar (3 days ago)
This is awesome and extraordinary work of art.
Rory P. (4 days ago)
What fuel tank did you use?
gabor Aczel (6 days ago)
Good build,feel sorry for that garage floor...nice cars in the backround also
CROSSRIDER ! (7 days ago)
I want yor bike
Rodrigo Corrêa (7 days ago)
At 8:10 , Is needed a gicleur on the each one manometers pipes. this can limitate the air flux and stabilizes the pointers when you are equilizing de carburetors
mototarka (8 days ago)
I had XJ600 before and can tell this one doesn't sound healthy, something wrong with carbs or ignition timing....
Quan Tran (8 days ago)
you build it for selling ? or driving ? , Have you ever thought business these things? .. If yes , i am gonna buy one
Hellexs68 (9 days ago)
Franchement je trouve ta moto magnifique j'ai regardé aussi un petit peu tes autres vidéos je trouve que tu touche vraiment en terme de mécanique et de customisation de moto
Denis Duh (10 days ago)
Is that an old Porsche being rebuilt in the backgrount at 5:31? Cool work, bro. Keep going!
Spencer Brotherson (10 days ago)
This is one of the best cafe racer style builds that I've seen on YouTube . For some reason i love these old four cylinder bikes with separate carbs for each cylinder, and I'm dying to try something like this with a steampunk twist... best of luck in future builds
Douglas Scott (10 days ago)
Your videos are totally cool !!
Luc Chevalier (10 days ago)
Tu es Français ? Si oui tu viens du lot ? Parce que c'est le num de ta plaque
Agc2511 WTF (11 days ago)
you just destroyed a very beatiful motorcycle...
Janez Novak (11 days ago)
I watch on 0.25 speed
The Scale Factory PL (12 days ago)
Wow so many classic Porsches around!
Ben Jewell (12 days ago)
Such a cool build, and very tastefully done. Good job!
DMP XAPKAX (13 days ago)
what exhaust end is this ? Brand and Model?
phiAndpi (14 days ago)
Future bike restorers are going to weep when they watch what happened to these bikes!
wow... Good job, the bike looks amazing.
Bito (14 days ago)
can ya make for me one? for fair price?! Good video / Nice Bike!! <3 this is my favorite!! <3 :D
Gianluca Sansò (14 days ago)
WackoZacko15 (15 days ago)
Looking good that last photo of it finished I would clean up those throttle cables at the front ruins the front end look.
Rajesh Chauhan (16 days ago)
Great .... do u know any software to design a cafe racer
derrawhide (16 days ago)
Freakin love your bikes !!!! Watching build a bike is like watching Bob Ross painting !!!! love it
Егор Егоров (16 days ago)
до, было лучше
Dinesh Bhandari (18 days ago)
Loved the way the project was performed...not like dismantle everything and everything at single breathe...simultaneous and neat work...handles..headlamps...tank/carb...air filter...then finish tank..finally rear end...etc... Great work...amazing mod...beautiful ride... 👍🏽
мот естественно неплох,однако отчего вам плевать на людей,которые живут рядышком?
michael (19 days ago)
Dood... you do great work. The rust in the tank and throughout the system blew my mind. Awesome, just awesome.
Rafael Oliveira (19 days ago)
In Brazil This Xj600 looks like a GS 500E Suzuki, I never see this model before, Very nice
appel moi baby (20 days ago)
FRANCHEMENT TERRIBLE tu assure grave ça t'as pris combien de temps pour la préparer? prix de reviens? bonne continuation
kinooohasi (21 days ago)
Welcome to the racerTV.
Alain Bibi (25 days ago)
Salut Une chose que je trouve regrettable dans cette mode: où s'assoit le passager ?
David Cerny (25 days ago)
Salut. Je viens de voir ta vidéo! Superbe réalisation! Comme quoi avec des anciennes meules ont peut faire des bijoux! Bonne route à toi✌
sporsterini (25 days ago)
I wish more people would get these older bikes and do something cool like this.
M773 (25 days ago)
you need a restrictor between your vacuum hoses when they jump around like that.
Raggedy Man (27 days ago)
One of my favourite build videos on yt, watched it a few times. I had the xj a few years back and mine was just a hunk of crap. Amazing what you managed to do with it. Kudos
Husker (27 days ago)
Vraiment sympa ! T'as traité le réservoir avec quoi ? La soudure est vraiment propre, c'est fait au tig ?
Manjula Prabath (27 days ago)
Man fucking great work...I think you are Pro.... but good help for amateur like me
SHOGUN (30 days ago)
Awesome bike man! Overall how much did the rebuild cost?
Radek Pohořelský (30 days ago)
First let me just tell that you did an amazing job. I really love it. Second I have some questions. How much did it cost you in total? Did you spray the tank yourself?
Samuel Schöninger (30 days ago)
The only thing which i do not like are the old tires. But everything else is very well done!
Arthur Dault (1 month ago)
Bravo! Excellent travail!
De HenSen (1 month ago)
Oh man.. what u've done to the bike is something like Thor who save the universe! Awesome job man👍👍👍
Service NJ (1 month ago)
your biulding manager called,,, he said WTF !
Rokh &Roll (1 month ago)
Looks and sounds great nice work
Vishnu Pathra (1 month ago)
Diego Antunez (1 month ago)
That is a sirious job. Love your work dude! I hope you keep going do this bikes
BearScience-ru (1 month ago)
Looks nice, but too loud. It will nervous people ...
C. G. (1 month ago)
Respect. Awesome movie. Just bought this bike.
Italo Kamimura (1 month ago)
megaman mooshrom (1 month ago)
Is that your 356? And the C63s?
Bora Brothers (1 month ago)
like to buy it
John Walker Lee (1 month ago)
You my friend are a rockstar!
Vanlalnunpuia Ralte (1 month ago)
Take my sub.
Ed R (1 month ago)
Beautiful result! How long did this all really take you?
Tchoupi (1 month ago)
Quel travail magnifique, bravo à toi ! Sinon la Porsche bleue dans ton garage est juste sublime, un grand classique !
LIck Lick (1 month ago)
Plynnio Marques (1 month ago)
Nice WORK broh
Marvin Jeanson (1 month ago)
Vraiment jolie :), ce projet t'as prit combien de temps ?
Sávio MotoVlog (1 month ago)
Muito top!
SHERA - VideoJuegos (1 month ago)
nice job
Alex Paulino (1 month ago)
Hi Bro. How much time did you take this customization?
acidluving (1 month ago)
Looks great brother. Excellent workmanship. But the tank looks horrendous.
michel duval (1 month ago)
un amoureux de la moto sans nul doute ! pas comme tous ces kasos qui font des burns et ruptures et bousille des motos. Ha si parce que la moto est sur la fin ou pour faire les malins ! on à la preuve avec cette personne passionné et de l'huile de coude, qu'on peut faire des belles restaurations. De toute façon on sera tous perdant avec l'électrique !!!
HardKoncept (1 month ago)
Haha ptain le réservoir ça lui a fait du bien ^^
XxDidir Meme xX (1 month ago)
Le résultat est stylé, très bon boulot.
Аккуратней на дорогах, хороший мот вышел
kopipanas motor (1 month ago)
Awesome you make thie bike self .
Shreyas Chandrashekhar (1 month ago)
Love the organization and the simplicity of this build. I just wish you had replaced the headlamp with a LED unit like the ones on the Honda CB series for example. Nevertheless, great job!
HxH (1 month ago)
민폐다 정말.. 저기 2층에 사는 사람은 얼마나 시끄러울까
бак говно , колеса под подмену.
Konstan_ Dis (1 month ago)
13:42 What da fuq mate ?
fucking gorgeous dude greta work!!
Bao-San Li (1 month ago)
You r so great!!!
H3110XP (1 month ago)
You are crazy riding the bike without proper seat mountage
Fernando Callo (1 month ago)
Fucking beautiful. Good job!
이승훈 (1 month ago)
저거머플러에 돌돌감는거 뭐에요?
Floris Colijn (1 month ago)
This looks sooooooooo good!!
Frédéric BLAISE (1 month ago)
But the bike is too noisy 😬. Trop bruyante en fait je suis aussi français...
Frédéric BLAISE (1 month ago)
The original bike was not so bad. I would prefer to restore it only. However good job for sure.
百合独友 (1 month ago)
Really nice styling & sound
Scott Pawley (1 month ago)
Well done buddy that looks 100 times better than a XJ you have done yourself proud fair play from a Brit biker
Benjamin Kirkendall (1 month ago)
wow dude this thing looks incredible. Great job.
Amimo7W (1 month ago)
OMG i want one! Amazing work!
Fede P. (1 month ago)
A lot of love on that bike, congrats!!
Shin Ume (1 month ago)
so cooi !!
Heya Nowe (1 month ago)
Dont like cafe racer style but good work regardless
Fraser King (1 month ago)
Excellent skill. Watched every second in awe. Magnificent work...
Xenshot (1 month ago)
that porsche so distracting ! so adorable
baconmakinmayor (1 month ago)
[email protected] bitch reacting to accelerating bike in the end
Stephane Becat (1 month ago)
Ah ouais quand même ! Sacré taff avec si peu de place ! Comme quoi quand on a la motivation. Bravo !
Osm modification bro
Madame Fitness (1 month ago)
Amazing work 🤘🏼
Tryant666 (1 month ago)
Hey I love this build and i also have an XJ 600! I was wondering if the clipons are not too low to ride comfortable? thinking about doing the same but not sure to go for normal clipons or riser clipons
Tyler A (1 month ago)
Wauw super awesome build i really like your work. It makes me want to build a caferacer. One question what kind of front fender did you use?
Jens Turek (1 month ago)
absolutly awsome , my girl have a Yamaha XJ 600 with 61 HP ...maybe i have time , i would do the same like this

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