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Knitting Pattern For Ladies Cardigan / sweater /Jacket / Pullover

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#knittingpattern #knittingstitchpattern #knittingdesign Knitting Pattern For Ladies Cardigan / sweater /Jacket / Pullover FOLLOW ME ON instagram: @knitwith.me PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE THAT WILL HELP ME A LOT THANK YOU FOR WATCHING
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Grazyna Praglowska (1 month ago)
This is amazing pattern, thank you very much.
Shilpy Garments (2 months ago)
Nice https://shilpygarments.blogspot.com/?m=1
Hi! I'd like to see how you do the bar. Thank you for your attention. 😘😘😘
knit with me (2 months ago)
Hi. https://youtu.be/C9Gy5kumwYM here it is.it is the same stitch. After you finished border you want to knit 1X1 rib for 2 rows to give it a clean look and you knit through back loop when you are knitting 1 and purl as normal.
Carla Johnson (2 months ago)
OH WOW now I LOVE 💕 This one! Is there a written pattern for this? That’s AMAZING Thank You 🙏🏽🦋💙
Geet Bawa (2 months ago)
Doris Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Linda puntada como se llama? Para buscar en español
Najah Shaheen (2 months ago)
Waaaaoo good 🙌🌷🌷🌷😀👍👍👍

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