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🍍 Interior Design | Wabi Sabi Apartment Tour, Kiev

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Text Comments (6)
Finding Frugal (1 month ago)
Very beautiful apartment to be sure. But definitely not "Wabi Sabi" as it's all brand new stuff and apart from the one painting and the few wood accents everything is very clean lines and incredibly modern.
Jordi Leonardo (1 month ago)
Que hermosura... Cuanta paz sólo de verlo
Mark Lawson (3 months ago)
Good Sabi, kemo sabi for decoration of a box, what would you do with mine, that is the real challenge, or better still consider RobertBruno(dot)com. Kudos on the music, can't find the source for it but great stereo separation with the intro/ you should always credit the music and light. Lawson di Ransom canyon
Solidarity1024 (4 months ago)
by Sergey Makhno architects
Rebecca Conn (11 months ago)
I love the ombre wall.
I really love this! Also the music! Who's the band???

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