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"A Change is Gonna Come" Brian Owens and Thomas Owens

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Brian and his father share the gift of music across generations in this cover of Sam Cooke's classic, "A Change is Gonna Come," in front of a studio audience at Shock City Studios in St. Louis, MO. Credits: Directed and Edited by Benjamin Kaplan Produced by Nicole Hudson and Benjamin Kaplan Cinematography by Scott Smith, Mike Speckhard, Ian Wasserman, Sean Funcik
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Text Comments (5704)
Elway Curley (49 minutes ago)
Love this song ❤️ this is real music that will never get old or die out🔥❤️
Serena Sereen (6 hours ago)
Can listen to this non stop! ❤🥰😍
Albert Noriega (7 hours ago)
Dad realk
charlie's world (11 hours ago)
Tweety Byrd (12 hours ago)
Always the best song to listen to when I'm hanging with my MAMA...
Kristina Llivia (14 hours ago)
Just : *Waouuuh* ! ! !
Gates Mcoy TV (17 hours ago)
Thank you for this it made me smile!
Amani Wanyoike (18 hours ago)
Don't care when your listening, just enjoy the music
Stephen Reed (20 hours ago)
I get chills every time I listen to this. Just awesome. So nice to see father and song together. As a guitar player, they both sound like really fine guitars of the same model, but dad's got that extra tone that comes with an aged guitar. I suspect Brian will also develop that same tone as he get's older.
Milca Paradzayi (1 day ago)
marie-rose daly (1 day ago)
beautiful - soulful!! ♥ keeping old school alive wonderful ♥ thx for the share!!!
Sasman1 Peterson (1 day ago)
Hi I'm listing in March change is a coming 2019 nz kiwi 1
03/22/2019 I'm begging God for that change. Cause America is falling in a big hole . . . And America do not need to be great again. America been before and it will be greater and awesome when a real men in power know how to respect others and same way he wants to be respected. And thank you guys the song is amazing. I will call that way of you two singing is glorious. Here from Virginia. Thank you for so amazing song.
Acu Masin (1 day ago)
love it
John Burnum (2 days ago)
Sounds like a Hammond B-3 organ in the background,one of my favorite instruments.
Yeshua835 (2 days ago)
Best rendition so far. Amazing.
Jay Lamb (3 days ago)
Danielle Reubens (3 days ago)
This song will always be amazing no matter how long it's been out. It's fanatic that he redid it with his family
deonildo malaquias (3 days ago)
This Song is expetaculary
Omega1st (3 days ago)
A wonderful Rendition and Great performance of the Classic Change Gonna Come by Brian Owens and Thomas Owens.
Jane Buggle (4 days ago)
mattsaadeh87 (4 days ago)
its emotional seeing his dad look at him with such pride. this seems like a dream for both a son and a father that they will never forget
Anglii i (4 days ago)
KCC (4 days ago)
The hairs on my back are still standing up,is this from the soul or not,absolutely brilliant,sam cooke would be looking down on you with a beautiful smile on he's face well done guy's fantastic performance 🙂👍❤👌
Angela T. (4 days ago)
Jammin' and Sangin this record ✌🏾👍🏾🤜🏾
Floyd Williams (4 days ago)
If you dislike this you got a hole in your soul and you don't eat chicken on Sunday
Lazaro Castro (5 days ago)
B Blakey Sr (5 days ago)
Sandra Dawson (5 days ago)
It's so true I'm tired of waiting 4 that change. This song makes me cry joyful tears. Saundra
Enrico anderson (5 days ago)
Who got tears in their eyes😭😭
Timothy Boone (5 days ago)
Go trump 2020
Alpha Sow (5 days ago)
Jean-Louis Mandeville (5 days ago)
Wow que j'aime cette version père fils
Vanessa Turner (6 days ago)
Youngblood sounds really good but the one that sounds from experience and the best and sexy too is the older gentleman well season just the way I like my men
LMN8 One (6 days ago)
Best version of this song ever <3
Michele Brown (6 days ago)
Sam Cooke would have been proud to see his music so respectfully done.Thank you for this so soulful rendition of this classic song.Father had it going on,very strong both of them!
Mpho Rametse (6 days ago)
Every time I listen to this song i am at peace
SG (6 days ago)
Love, love, love!
eric mkhungo (6 days ago)
dizzie337 (6 days ago)
Beautiful father & son!! God bless them
mike stephen kouakou (6 days ago)
Jacqueline Green (6 days ago)
These guys rock this song. Incredible they reached my heart each times I hear this song!!
ProZoom Credit Repair (6 days ago)
Lorraine Carrizales (7 days ago)
Transformation to hard living.Don't be afraid to die.Fear God he can only judge us.He is a forgiving God and a Loving God.It's a Wonderful World.😇🤲❤
Lorraine Carrizales (6 days ago)
Thanks glad I can reach out.
Roberta Cicchillitti (7 days ago)
I am listening , and I love this song and there will be a change , there has to be and all this pain and terror will stop . Thankyou Brian and his father for reminding us ,, there will be a change coming for sure . xxxxx
TINA kelly (7 days ago)
Luv this my unborn moves every time I play it
Brenda Henderson (7 days ago)
Sam cook we love you , R kelly need y'all my brother , help him God bless
smeisha (7 days ago)
I'm listening and still believing!. If this isn't enough go listen to Andra Day sing I will rise up, or Areatha Franklin and Mavis Staples sing Oh Happy Day. I'm listening !
Marcel Burton (7 days ago)
Bless these 2 MEN for this!!!!! #Blessed My Brothers!!!!! Sing On!!!!!
Elisha LaFleche (8 days ago)
One of my favorite songs and this version gave me goosebumps! <3
FERGNINTE YI (8 days ago)
Really i can't stay one single day without listening this song! When i listen it everytime it gives me patience and motivation ! A change gonna come
jacobyII (8 days ago)
What a great moment for a father and a son to share. The change is right here in front of us.
Loretta Fitzpatrick (8 days ago)
Oh my precious Lord! Amazing! Loving you two from ❤️👏👏👏🇨🇦
Urszula Wójcicka (8 days ago)
Doskonałe wykonanie. Lepszego jeszcze nie słyszałam. Aranżacja świetna.
casilda Leon-Haas (8 days ago)
I hope will we get peace to live together as one ☝️
Mike Molina (8 days ago)
Rioul Rose-Méry (8 days ago)
The change is coming right now...
sterlingfury (9 days ago)
Very appropriate for these and virtually any time in history
sterlingfury (9 days ago)
Inspiring, beautiful and powerful father and son rendition of a powerful and inspiring song of hope...Beautiful connection and interaction between them ...would LOVE to see/hear more collaborations from them😁😁😁 Sterling Fury
Sonny Van Stens (9 days ago)
I just took a wave of indescribable emotion. Two generations singing hope in an empty desert. Hence life ended up springing out of darkness. To my grand mother.
So beautiful!
Alvaro Dinis (9 days ago)
5000 some people ain't got no soul
Timothy Boone (9 days ago)
Love this tune and I'm a white man lol
Timothy Boone (9 days ago)
How great I wish
Marika Rollins (9 days ago)
for those who are saying who’s listening to this looks like you are
poe's ReLiC (10 days ago)
My life is great, I hope change takes forever
Veonka Mohedano (10 days ago)
YESSSSSSS, my Husband whom I thought Love me have proven that he doesn't
IvyMe (10 days ago)
This song is dope it really is....
Akinyemi Akinlawon (10 days ago)
Hmmmmm O Yes it will bro
Mr. Smith (11 days ago)
I pray for the 5K that gave it a 👎. 🙏🏽
IvyMe (7 days ago)
In March 2019 still waiting still hoping for that change 🥰🥰💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💞💗💗💖❤️💜🧡💛💙💙❤️💜💙💚❤️❤️ I played this back 3 times this is THE DOPEST SHIT IVE EVER HEARD it got me in tears 😭 and all I love it
Juan Garza (9 days ago)
Me best music ever
Cococombs C. (11 days ago)
This gives me chills.....love it!!!
fran15806 (11 days ago)
I love this! So moving.
Veronika Dursch (12 days ago)
Best Song ever!!! Mehr Gefühl geht nicht mehr. Love it so much
Chris Corbeil (12 days ago)
from africa i love it
Teresa HANCOCK (12 days ago)
It Don't Get Any Better Than This!🌟 🌟 🌟
1goldbaby (12 days ago)
When. Lord. When. ?
1goldbaby (12 days ago)
He gets it from his daddy..
1goldbaby (12 days ago)
Great voice ..great job..
Russell Halbert (12 days ago)
Just absolutely beautiful....
shank 0331 (12 days ago)
a change has to come damn people love one another. that's the only way we will survive. help our fellow man and love our women.
Ronnie Ellison (12 days ago)
god bless all
Paula Crevaux (12 days ago)
Oh yes, change will come
Vincent Momon (12 days ago)
Carin SpottedEagle (13 days ago)
Son and Father on the right chord of ART by music
Guerrilla Mac (13 days ago)
I’m playing this in March 10th 2019 while in the fight for justice of Stephon Clark killed by Sacramento PD....... FTP!
SangG Russell
Rozaay Alday (13 days ago)
2019 loving this
los Chevy (13 days ago)
Damn good , Sam cooked be proud
los Chevy (8 days ago)
Awesome, is me again.
Bubba Roberts (13 days ago)
Listening in 2019
Geoffery Stephens (13 days ago)
Come back I whislstel
Mary Brady (13 days ago)
Most soulful song. When is change gonna come?
BlackWolf RC (13 days ago)
Love this song and they nailed it 🤩
Michael Cooley (13 days ago)
You are blessed and highly favored 💓 😇 live and be prosperous in all you do. Your faith has made you new. No weapon shall prosper in Jesus mighty name Amen😇💪🙏🙌
VANITY Leap (14 days ago)
Together they melodized this song so perfectly. Such a feeling.
Glen Bruner (14 days ago)
When you think for yourself,the change will come. Musically, lyrics are for listening, not for littering. You and only you are the change. Hear what you have to say
Marineide Fernandes (14 days ago)
T Turner (14 days ago)
I’m listening in 2019...2020...2025 as long as I can hear
Belizean Diamond wen (14 days ago)
Anyone else knows this song from the movie daddys little girl Anyone here in 2019+.....

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