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In this episode of SnewJ. SnewJ takes you through yet another adventure, but this time at CRSSD Festival 2017 at WaterFront Park San Diego, CA. Some artist that performed at this event were Destructo & Rufus Du Sol (Innerbloom was the favorite for the crew) Please drop a comment & LIKE the video if you enjoyed it;) **Follow SnewJ on Social Media** Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snewj/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snewjjj/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/snewazj SnapChat: @SnewJ Email: [email protected] **Mail stuff to SnewJ** SnewJ PO BOX: 9803 San Bernardino, CA 92427 **Listen to SnewJ Intro/theme song here** Joe Trufant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-AqhGcQgUs
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Text Comments (135)
Sunnyislife (1 month ago)
And that smile. Girl don’t be.
Richard He (1 month ago)
Anyone know who the girl is at 5:35 shes fineeee
BigUpVideo (3 months ago)
See how the house music parties are way better... dubstep sucks azz bruh
spag too heddy (3 months ago)
Follow him on social media
spag too heddy (3 months ago)
Is it me or the girls are gay lol
Nguyễn duy (3 months ago)
Pls give me the name of this music at https://youtu.be/c77Pk__eXpM?t=660 thanks!
trinityxsavage (4 months ago)
Anyone know that girl @2:41 She’s sexy af
AutoŹone (4 months ago)
Poor censore he got crashed by a truck
leo LOCS (5 months ago)
0:46 dammm blond girl
levinfilms (5 months ago)
why you gotta show the shit G, i was eating
Hacker News (5 months ago)
do you even ride anymore dude shiiit wtf.
whelp roblox vids (5 months ago)
Josh Mogo (5 months ago)
your vids are hella lit how did i just find these
Nick Fernandez (6 months ago)
My nigga zeek popped a molly ahaa
Lopez Guy (6 months ago)
I got nipples no hesi !!!!!
Marcus Estrada (6 months ago)
What was the song at 11:10?
RD84 (6 months ago)
Why does everyone keep taking their shirt off?
Hey I'm so happy that I found you on YouTube because you're the best YouTuber ever I am so happy I stumbled across you I know isn't that already but my don't care so I like the video
The David (7 months ago)
8:53 LMAO
beast _twin1500 (8 months ago)
A piss and a shee shee
Jay Dutta (8 months ago)
Man, you're funny. I like watching your videos XD
Shatabda Chakraborty (8 months ago)
bhai amra PhyiZeek ke khub miss korchi *#ZEEKFORPRESIDENENCY*
Sarah Roßmann (8 months ago)
Who is the cutie at 6:10?😍
CexsarPk (8 months ago)
Minute 7:49
crimpthe3rd (8 months ago)
the fuckin goosebumps at the end. fuck.
Million XBL (8 months ago)
I seen this already😢
Ruthless RayRay (8 months ago)
Yoo shawty at 2:42 doe gaaaw dayyum🤤😍
Quang Lam (8 months ago)
Nobody's is throwing down and there's no place to get down.
alysarox1 (8 months ago)
I feel bad for when you have a daughter the way you be acting with these females
Eagle wings (8 months ago)
7:51 guys
Eagle wings (8 months ago)
yerleri pisletmişsiniz piçler
Nat3_98 Michel (8 months ago)
The last song SnewJ was waiting for please?
amine amrah (7 months ago)
rufus - innerbloom
TARUN DEEP (8 months ago)
please bring back janeth in the videos , please brother , and please make everyday vlogs , please bring back janeth ......
UcHuK RaVeRX (8 months ago)
i wanna kill my self today.. but after i see the fun party that snewj into.. i cancelled my hang shit
OTGIA (8 months ago)
Still, one of the best times with my #nohesi fam!
Mr Buba (8 months ago)
5:50 she gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, totally in♥
RedogZuk (8 months ago)
Yeeeeeeeahhhhh buddy. Awesome vidz
#91 (8 months ago)
sucha badass event wow
Leo Messi (8 months ago)
lol someone bung the toilet
Rj Dom (8 months ago)
Last song?
Rj Dom (8 months ago)
LaT song
Hard Hitter (8 months ago)
Joseph Beltran (8 months ago)
Laxman (8 months ago)
So many thotties
MarlboroShiirt (8 months ago)
Yo that girl at 6:00 10/10
This is Ness (8 months ago)
Get them titties wet know what I mean hahahaha 😂😂😂
Steve Forbes (8 months ago)
You need some anavar bro. Winnie Some Gear
funny videos (8 months ago)
Mannnnnnn zeek in the house
RD84 (8 months ago)
Why does everyone take their shirt off?
Blazemaster9 (8 months ago)
I mean the temperature lol
Kelly Judd (8 months ago)
Blazemaster9 because they are good looking.. Zeek is still my #1
Blazemaster9 (8 months ago)
Cuz it’s hot
Kelly Judd (8 months ago)
RD84 cause they look Dam hot!!!
Uncl Drew (8 months ago)
Aii he want you snewj 😂(5:49) no hesi
Eagle wings (8 months ago)
mal piç
Rafael Flores (8 months ago)
Andrew Rodriguez lmfao lmfao dead 🤣
Arnold Alisir (8 months ago)
Brandon want weed 😂💪💪🔥
JNAS (8 months ago)
Get Zeek back
Nikola Dob (8 months ago)
snewj... we all know your on :p
Adil M (8 months ago)
5:36 thoooooooo
TrippyStunts TM (8 months ago)
Song at around 15:10?
Ricardo Marquez (8 months ago)
vTrip 123 Rüfüs Du Sol Innerbloom 👍
Truth Stellar (8 months ago)
Heavymetal122 (8 months ago)
That is a place to find someone to get laid.
David Stephens (2 months ago)
The meditating dog something called preotection
Saucy Hoes (6 months ago)
The meditating dog 😂😂😂😅
The meditating dog (7 months ago)
And probably get some STD's aswell
Its_Nelly X! (8 months ago)
Miss my boy Zeek Homo No Hesi
Solace (8 months ago)
This is honestly hella cringe lmao
TryingToCode (8 months ago)
Brandon Lundap it is what you make of it
J.B.P (8 months ago)
Why did it seem like i already watched this vid once before? I watched it again anyways but just didnt know if there was a reason....Totally confused!...lol
KangarooStepp (8 months ago)
Its a re-upload. He said there was copyright issues with the original.
Bucket Got Cents (8 months ago)
Re upload?
DeexOne DeexOne (8 months ago)
Snewj you’re fat friend is annoying af #NOHESI
Weyo' World (8 months ago)
😂 Who’s mans? Most def need to hit that up next year
Carlos King (8 months ago)
Brian Felix (8 months ago)
Chico Deen (8 months ago)
Brian Felix thank you lol😂
Andor Wágner (8 months ago)
Brian Felix ❤️thank you from hungary:)
Tou Lee (8 months ago)
What's the song for the outro?
Chris Griffin (8 months ago)
Juliannee lol
D4NNY VLOGS (8 months ago)
Can pleas living wid yaow. I givin yow nise massaj, just bring tities hom to me
David N (8 months ago)
Where that boy zeek at now days.... M.I.A. on the reals
Ck Dizon (8 months ago)
David N he Gade to move far away to do some secret missions :(
gibememoni (8 months ago)
Varo (8 months ago)
Nice video bro!!
Adrian Flores Vasquez (8 months ago)
Remember when I saw you in plaza las America's In San ysydro watch my videos please thank you very much.😃😃
reneh49ers (8 months ago)
No hesi
Jerry Ozwald (8 months ago)
I've been watching YouTube for years and thought I've seen just about everything until I saw a toilet full of shit and piss, damn I didn't see that one coming !!
Hor Net (8 months ago)
lol wtf, I think I'll skip this one
Sean Steter (8 months ago)
Dat reupload doe ;)
Erick Bonilla (8 months ago)
Eat Tide (8 months ago)
I'm almost old enough to get jn
GSXR Z06 (8 months ago)
Drunk ass lol
Axecutor Draven (8 months ago)
80 likes 0 dislikes! keep it up man love ya vids
JAY JAY (8 months ago)
29th comment yoo wasup
Edgar Anaya (8 months ago)
No hesi
Edgar Anaya (8 months ago)
Like my comment papi 😂
Carlos Cruz (8 months ago)
Whats goooood! Snewj fam!
JGeo521 (8 months ago)
SnewJ see you at EDC Vegas
Ivan Valenzuela (8 months ago)
Hey, what's up snewj?!?!
FuriousGaming (8 months ago)
Heather Lee Finney (8 months ago)
Etnik Fox (8 months ago)
Peter Boyd (8 months ago)
So this is last year? Or a typo in the thumbnail? Either way no doubt it’ll be a great vid as always
Carlos Sandoval (8 months ago)
Snewj ur may fav youtuber #NOHESI keep it up and plz like my comment it will mean everything
BigGeo777 (8 months ago)
yoo snewwj im buying a bike. im a beginner i dont want a dirt bike tho, nothing too fast. got any recommendations? great vids btw
Southerner (4 months ago)
BigGeo777 r3 was my first bike years ago lol. Good bike but damn you sure you don't want to start on like a r6? The height of the r6 would be so much more comfortable for you
BigGeo777 (8 months ago)
im 6''3 tho will it be good for a guy of my size. also what are your thoughts about r3?
Ernestas Antuzis (8 months ago)
ninja 300 bro perfect for a real beginner who has *never* rode before
glen sookram (8 months ago)
#Teamnohesi. Love your video bro
HoneyDabz (8 months ago)
you mistaken 2018 for 2017 or this a prerecorded video from last year???? just wondering buddy but keep those wheels goin fast an the energy faster!!!!!!!!!!! just got out on the bike the other day snow here's still melting but couldnt wait any longer!!!
TheYozzaCREW #43 (8 months ago)
HoneyDabz its a reupload from 2017
Jakamawatan (8 months ago)
Team No Hesi
SnewJ (8 months ago)
Hey what's up TEAM NO HESI! I had to re-upload this video due to copyright reasons. Feel free to watch this LIT VIDEO AGAIN! It was one of my favorite Music Festival videos I shot In San Diego. Thanks!
eE sengseng (3 months ago)
SnewJ huhu
woody Dupont (8 months ago)
Are you holding the go pro?
TARUN DEEP (8 months ago)
please bring back janeth in the videos , please brother , and please make everyday vlogs , please bring back janeth ......
Brandon Williams (8 months ago)
SnewJ i had to re up my youtube red but "im back and im better🎶" #TeamNoHesi !!!
glen sookram (8 months ago)
Team no hesi ..you the best ..whos the best snewj
alain troake (8 months ago)
Yo snewj
sakariyee (8 months ago)
Notfication gang 🔥🔥🔥
IlIllIlI llIIlll (8 months ago)
Yooo bro I love you man you a big inspiration..shout out the Barcode in the next video please man I will appreciate it a lot
bulldog57 (8 months ago)
Andrew Mclaughlin (8 months ago)
Hey SnewJ 👍✌
Savannah Monistere (8 months ago)
Im first lets go

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