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Seal - Crazy--The.2005.Victorias.Secret.Fashion.Show.avi

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Text Comments (63)
Jesus Quezada (6 months ago)
Oluchi Ownegaba my idol
Alejandro Aguilar (7 months ago)
Karolina Kurkova is probably the best body that has ever walked on that runway.
Thaís Caroline (18 days ago)
GISELE and ADRIANA before.
Jessica Madanda (1 month ago)
Yeah but how about candice
Jesus Quezada (6 months ago)
Alejandro Aguilar agree in 2005 she was perfection
Fernanda Alencar (8 months ago)
Os melhores da Victoria foi esse com Seal,Rihanna e da Lady gaga,ameiiiiiiiii😍😍😍😍
laura downey (9 months ago)
Danilo (1 year ago)
1:44 What is her name, please? I forgot =/
Jesus Quezada (6 months ago)
She 6 foot tall flat feet
Danilo (10 months ago)
You are right, thank you very much! <3
mrsas2233 3 (10 months ago)
Danilo - I think that’s Julia Stegner
iulioana (1 year ago)
so graceful!
xfort4 (1 year ago)
Karolina Kourkova the best body!!!
Jesus Quezada (6 months ago)
xfort4 yep back in 2005
David Correia (1 year ago)
Gisele é um destaque acompanhado com a música
Ronald C Assis (1 year ago)
Raquel in # 2:56 was so stunning. She was so underated in VS though an icon in high fashion.
Jesus Quezada (6 months ago)
Ronald C Assis true
BOMB.COM (1 year ago)
SEAL's music, though!
kh9234 (1 year ago)
I feel like Seal is too good for this show..
Renzo Rivera Valdivia (11 months ago)
kh9234 they went from Seal, Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Ricky Martin to Justin Bieber like wtf? lol
harris fathir (2 years ago)
Gisele is the ultimate #damn
Mafer Rguez (2 years ago)
alf88 (2 years ago)
Kiss of seal yeahhh
Celso Lopes Silva (2 years ago)
gisele a mais topppppp, LINDA !!!
Chloe Elbaz (2 years ago)
Carlos Nascimento (2 years ago)
crazy crazy
Brent Corpuz (2 years ago)
Karolina's body, though.. 👌
Jesus Quezada (4 months ago)
Brent Corpuz is to envy
JAVIER PALACIO (2 years ago)
Bellísimaaa Heidi !!!
lindalu22291 (2 years ago)
Seal is hotter than any of the models. Who mostly look like human sticks.
marcos arruda marcão (2 years ago)
seal detona..putz...presença de palco...
Aloizio Barros (2 years ago)
Luna. (2 years ago)
Maťa Nekorancová (2 years ago)
Natasha Poly, KK and Gisele are best for me
Antonio Pozelli (2 years ago)
1:11 Hands down. Queen Eugenia <3
Adriane Lima (2 years ago)
Canta muitoooo!
Franco Pansera (3 years ago)
Mark Gillard (3 years ago)
i wonder how long it took Seal to agree to do this gig?
lindalu22291 (2 years ago)
+Mark Gillard about..... 3 seconds :)
Stoss V (2 years ago)
+Mark Gillard Are you forgetting that he was married to Heidi (the first model to walk the runway)? It probably wasn't that difficult
Paula Benencio (3 years ago)
Nivaldo Osbourne (3 years ago)
monte de osso...sou mais nossas mulheres das praias do rio de janeiro....
Leonardo Rodrigues (2 months ago)
Tua mãe
Poltronieri (2 years ago)
E sabe como se chama mulher bonita no Rio de Janeiro? Turista.
Poltronieri (2 years ago)
engraçado que até hoje nunca teve 1 carioca na Victoria's Secret. Já teve várias representantes do Sul, São Paulo, Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte, até do Piauí, mas do Rio nenhuma.
Henrique Alves RJ26 (2 years ago)
puts... cara louco né ?
Aloizio Barros (2 years ago)
+Nivaldo Osbourne Sem resposta! Melhor ficar quieto.
Carmen M. (4 years ago)
I find this man incredible sexy.  Can't believe Heidi cheated on him with her bodyguard after 4 kids.  Dumb hoe she's even said he's a great lover,  treats her an the children excellent and her like a queen, I don't get it.
Polilla (1 year ago)
Carmen M. maybe she was tired and looking for new experiences:(
MrMot611 (4 years ago)
Nice to see my old friend Giselle struttin her stuff there.
MrMot611 (4 years ago)
Eugenia Rossa (4 years ago)
Somebody tell me pls what the song is playing in the end???
Hahah) it is only one song in this video
Jesus Quezada (6 months ago)
Eugenia Rossa crazy by seal
Reginaldo (4 years ago)
Incrível! Todas são lindas, mas quando a Gisele Bundchen entra é diferente! Ultra, mega, maxi diva! O desfile ao som de SEAL ficou showwwww. 
David Correia (1 year ago)
verdade cara, verdade
ezequielpaegle (5 years ago)
Gisele Bundchen é um furacão !
Prince James (5 years ago)
this song is to great for this show
Junior Solorzano (5 years ago)
when i go to vs i never see the same clothes the model wears.
Jesus Quezada (6 months ago)
Junior Solorzano back than yes they were only sold who attend the show via invitation only
Leo Dragonheart (5 years ago)
does anyone actually buy these clothes?
Jesus Quezada (6 months ago)
Leo Dragonheart yep those wbo are invite

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