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The Sexiest Harlem Shake Girls (Underwear Edition)

63 ratings | 46885 views
Top 10 of the Harlem Shake SEXY GIRLS Edition 2013 Uncensored Compilation! The best compilation of Harlem Shake Hot Girls Compilado de Harlem Shake con mujeres Sexys y Sensuales Harlem Shake (Sexy Underwear Girl Models Edition) Full Harlem SHake Sexy Harlem Shake Harlem SHake Sexy Sexiest Harlem Shake Till Date Subscribe for more
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Text Comments (23)
Michael Nobles (3 years ago)
LOVE IT!!!!!
pierrette domarde (5 years ago)
mmmmm sexy =)
OriginalWaxe (5 years ago)
It is like We will put them in underwear to get there attention. In really life we will but long sleeved shirts so people aren't happy. Other then that it was ok.
mrwii gamin (5 years ago)
they all kissed me LOLZ
Ricardo Villarreal (5 years ago)
that's not a hot chik harlem shake that's an ugly girl harlem shake...
Tyler Caleb (5 years ago)
Chris Post (5 years ago)
Da fuq did I just watch!
Ava Roth (5 years ago)
Viral marketing. This is how it's done, dumbass.
tapia dodoo (5 years ago)
this takes cock
MusicLoveSiK (5 years ago)
only if they were good dancers
Paola Diaz (5 years ago)
What stupidass bitches be doing to get famous-_- what has this world turned into?!?
Priscilla Martinez (5 years ago)
and thats what happens when u mix gamer girl and sexyness with a bit of a harlem shake
med lahyani (5 years ago)
+212626904534 <3 harlem shooooook :p ;p xD
Rebekah Mills (5 years ago)
oh god
Alycia Bryan (5 years ago)
that was funny
Yaad Gallery (5 years ago)
Lame. -__-
TrueStory ASA (5 years ago)
i'm Alienboyz (5 years ago)
History Bricks u failed :D
HistoryBricks (5 years ago)
A B (5 years ago)
Ali123456owl (5 years ago)
jthehardcoreboy123 (5 years ago)
second :)
Lucas Lowry (5 years ago)

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