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17 Year Old Stand Up Comedian - Mark Ricci (Fashion Show Comedy)

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17 year old, Mark Ricci performs Stand Up Comedy at a Fashion Show, this time without character impressions. But he makes fun of his Nonna, name brands and fashion for priests. http://www.youtube.com/MegaMovieManMark Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MegaMovieManMark Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MovieManMark Leave me a comment and Remember Subscribing to Mega Movie Man Mark is...MEGA cool.
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Text Comments (35)
Driifty (2 years ago)
Boomer Dante (3 years ago)
in your spidey video you said there was gonna be a Deadpool review..
Nerdy Hero (3 years ago)
That "Caw Caw" cracked me up
unknown (3 years ago)
Mark I have a question. Where did u get the SpiderMan saga suit at??
unknown (3 years ago)
+MEGA Movie Man Mark thx
Ashley Kirby (3 years ago)
Loved it <3
SKM (3 years ago)
There's a name brand by the name of "Good enough". It's almost as if they literally were discussing a name when someone said "C'mon! One of these has to be good enough!" (manager raises eyebrow in deep thought)
6:03 Productions (3 years ago)
Ali A (3 years ago)
I'm disappointed Mark.... I thought you would be modeling nude.
spiderboy2718 (3 years ago)
I'm choking on laughter 😂
spiderboy2718 (3 years ago)
I aint
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
Don't die.
Ryan Studios (3 years ago)
Nice stand up! Also, how much italian are you? I'm 1/4, but you seem much more italian based off your description of your nonna lol
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
I'm 3/4
young-DJ (3 years ago)
that was good mark
Ultra X (3 years ago)
your the best
TTNMX10 (3 years ago)
Could u check out my channel and react to it
LasLocurasYAventuras (3 years ago)
Comedy gold!
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
+LasLocurasYAventuras You're golden, Lucas ;)
Incentive (3 years ago)
Just keep it up u will hit 10k subs ik it
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
+savage Lage That would be insane!
Sir Squeaks A Lot (3 years ago)
Sir Squeaks A Lot (3 years ago)
+MEGA Movie Man Mark you are very welcome, sir. Jolly Good. (british accent)
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
+Westdog 01 Wow thanks!
Anthony DeMatteis (3 years ago)
Mega mega mega mega
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
+Anthony DeMatteis Anthony anthony anthony anthony
Triple D Studios (3 years ago)
Lol epic funny😂😂😂
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
+Triple D Studios mega funny?
1-Up Hedgehog (3 years ago)
i love theze!
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
+1-Up Hedgehog TM I'll keep doing them.
Joshua Daniel (3 years ago)
is this a reupload?
Humza Bukhari (3 years ago)
+MEGA Movie Man Mark lmao bed time
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
+One Wildfire11 I'll have to!
Joshua Daniel (3 years ago)
Movie Man Mark (3 years ago)
+Joshua Daniel Yea. Last time, it took so long to upload and finally did at 1am or something - far passed everyone's bedtime so I re-did ;)

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