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The Real Reason USA is BANNING China Phones...😢

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Why is USA introducing a law to BAN US Gov't Employees from using China phones? Are they really spying? Enter Giveaway here! ▶▶▶ https://zireviewstech.com/giveaway-1 Keep up to date with all the latest chinese phone reviews, info, and unboxing videos by Subscribing for FREE!!! ▶▶▶ https://goo.gl/qVqqPp
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Zi Reviews Tech (9 months ago)
Hey guys I'm giving away TWO cell phones worth $369 & $269, link below! ▶▶▶ youtu.be/Xka5VtsnwzA
BlissinthemiX (3 days ago)
hey check out you dislike >:(
Kyco MC (16 days ago)
+Bitcoin Gorilla 90% of chinese phones have US components
Bitcoin Gorilla (16 days ago)
I can't afford a new iPhone and wouldn't by it again because apple tricked my country so they don't have to pay tax. I'm curious about China phones!
Kyco MC (20 days ago)
A Chinese defending china
Donaldson Pharaoh (1 month ago)
It's because the US won't be able to spy on its citizen. Huawei technology is way ahead of anything the US is putting out. You're better off having Huawei phone instead of an iPhone. The US government wants a backdoor to everybody's phones.
Gordon Huang (8 hours ago)
Actually US already lost, just manage to control the lost as much as possible. There is no proof that either China or HUAWEI hack or spy anyone. But everyone knows US is spying everyone, all news from Snowdon, or the government of EU. The major concern is that if HUAWEI has been used, US will not able to spy them, that is why HUAWEI is safety pain to US
Jesse Himmelfjord (17 hours ago)
He is and look like a fucking retard...
Jesse Himmelfjord (17 hours ago)
The real reason...Trump is a crybaby...he wants to play god and give a fuck about consequences...
Stephen Butler (23 hours ago)
It's about 5G and Qualcomm being 5 years behind huawei.
RoNīN GaiJiN (1 day ago)
China was hiding spy chips on motherboards. Doing so on iPhones too. Chinese companies have no say over government control.
procc (1 day ago)
Why do you show, a fight in Ukrainian parliament, when you talk about US senators???
sanmarinojr (4 days ago)
you scared the shit out of me dude why didn't you lower the volume geejz
Jonathan Wu (4 days ago)
The more Americans threaten other countries to ban Huawei, the more it shows it's for political reason instead of security reason.If it's really the case US worries Huawei equipment carries backdoor, the US can just ban Huawei in USA. Why can't Europeans decide for themselves to do business with Huawei or not? Whichever country don't trust Huawei will ban it and need the US empire to dictate them what to do?
Constance Yen (4 days ago)
Trump stole China’s 600 tons of gold which were saved in NY banks for the use of WTO. Trump kidnapped a young lady from Huawei as a hostage in order to obtain money and technology. Trump also kidnapped Chinese scientists worldwidely. Trump’s behavior was and is scandalous and illegal
Cj A CORDOVA (4 days ago)
wow great can i have it??
DS GAMING (5 days ago)
just buy an iphone
marvelv212 (5 days ago)
US and China both spy except USA point fingers the most
andy robinson (5 days ago)
The Chinese government need to ban apple and Samsung from the Chinese Market. They also need to stop building apple phone on the cheap and let apple do business elsewhere. Once apple geek the pinch they will lobby the hell out of capitol Hill til they get their way. Hauwei are in a position of strength here. They may want the us market but they don't need it.
Allen Hanson (6 days ago)
Do you remember that flap involving military systems? The one that was talking about crashing planes, causing ships to crash, etc? I recall the deal being something about circuits included in chips, or extra chips on boards that were allowing "someone" to cause malfunctions and who knows what else. Huawei and ZTE being singled out may just be paranoia, but I don't think so.
Kreation Pictures (6 days ago)
Fuka you, then tell Huawei to stop stealing tech from America and all nations.
sebc2s (6 days ago)
It's all of the reasons. Want an easy way to get rid of Chinese phone market share. Know that Chinese phone companies will do whatever their government tells them. NSA has less control over companies in China. Many people are benefiting of Huawei demonization, however I don't doubt that the Chinese government would love to have their ears in every home. It doesn't have to be just top politicians in DC, it can be anyone with any kind of influence. Of course the NSA and CIA have been doing this already.
bebe huawei (6 days ago)
will get huawei for my next phone .......
Darshan Biswas (7 days ago)
It's just a random guess....... ur ethnicity is chinese right!
Haojun Ma (9 days ago)
Everything is about 5G. Everyone should know it.
Wrathinside (9 days ago)
Actually no - NSA has access to the databases of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, you name it. Apple may make headlines about pissing off police that can't unlock the phone, but if FBI comes knocking, Apple will spread their legs. Sure, that won't happen with every citizen, and most likely won't happen for some small time drug dealer or some such, but when the chips are down, ALL phones have the same security, because their parenting companies operate under the same jurisdiction. Now, that's not all too bad. Spying\privacy rights have been at large for... millennia. What is a God? Someone, who sees all, knows all. Who is Santa? Someone, who knows whether you've been naughty or nice. Who is a priest? Someone you can "confess" your worst crimes and secrets to. Well, you can imagine who is the "physical god", you can imagine, who is the "physical santa" and who you can be helluva certain that priests do not ride in sport cars just from the tithe. In fact, spying in military is... kind of the point. CIA? Central INTELLIGENCE agency. If you do not "have intel" on something - you can't do anything. Spying is like breathing in international politics, hell, spying is what people do naturally to gain advantage. So, no, if some people were born without a chromosome or good parents and were not told what is good and what is bad, or did not figure it out and thought that "complete privacy" is possible... No. It was impossible in the analog days. It was impossible before the invention of electricity. In fact, if people were unable to spy - they wouldn't be able to hunt for food or evade predators. And in the days where everything is connected... well... It should be a basic fact that everything you type online - is compromisable. From your billion-dollar account data to your pornhub fake email. Encryption? While Crypto was at large - news about this hack or that hack were coming in monthly if not more often. Encryption, like compression, goes both ways. If something is encrypted - it can be decrypted, otherwise the correct term is garbled, though even THAT kind of encryption has actual divisions to "ungarble" it. Doesn't matter who spies on you. Nazi government, Soviet government, Chinese government, USA government, if you will be viewed as... not even a threat, but a liability - you will be burned. That's another basic fact. You can't keep the government if you have actual enemies at large. The thing is - most people are not those kinds of people. Let's say if you rape people and steal stuff and are dumb enough to use an Iphone... let's just say you got what's coming. But even then - in the big picture, you are just an insect, who has a financial value attached to you, and dealing with you costs money as well. This is where the bribery comes in - if don't just hide, but also "pay your dues"... well, no fear of spying. And if you get emotional and say "I want to kill the president" - chances are that you aren't going to be arrested and tried for treason or anything. But all your data may be gone through to make sure whether you are just a smoke blower, a troll or someone who can actually do harm. Only in the latter chance do you have anything to worry about, though most "able" people won't say compromisable stuff. You want to know how to achieve privacy? Read up on how spies operate. Even though every declassified\fictional\public data is not how things work - it gives a hint. And here's my hint - such privacy does not come with TOR browser, an Apple account, a VPN or a really, really kinky data scrambling. You know, when you actually manipulate the physical evidence of your existence, not once use any kind of static IP or comprehensible naming for anything. For Google you are s83m22 with Indian IP, for Amazon you are [email protected] with Pakistani, etc. It's far worse than that, because EVEN THAT kind of tomfoolery can be "cracked" because people that do it are not lurkers in the comment section, but individuals with top salaries. I'd like to finalize this wall of text with a simple fact about Apple security: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KickassTorrents Now, the war on piracy is a large subject by itself, however, the truth is that piracy never robs anyone, hurts anyone, threatens or invades anyone. Not by itself, that is. However, the website has been a sufficiently big itch in MAFIAA's ass that it paid FBI to force Apple to reveal transaction data. You know, not some nude pics or chat logs, but actual location-sensitive stuff. And it didn't take too long after that to wrap it up. Probably because the person thought he's safe from USA jurisdiction and that he isn't a physical criminal. Similar thing happened to Voksi, but if I recall it wasn't about Apple, it was just about how far can spying AND enforcement stretch. And, ultimately, if you buy a cheap warehouse-made phone that's loaded with bloatware and you have no idea what 2+2 is and you use your real credentials there and even make purchases by registering your bank account\credit card there... Let's just say this situation is quite non-plausible. Because while these bloatwares\stock systems may have malicious stuff in them... so does almost everything you do for cheap. People need to work and if there are fools to be "had" - they will be had. Nature of business. Most people, who buy any kind of "compromised" phones either have nothing of value to compromise, or take actions to make sure their devices "behave". Oh, and as for the video itself, I think all 3 of your guesses are correct. Huawei has no interest in actual spying on USA, because military-grade spying is not done on twitter(afaik president of China has a ZTE device), USA indeed needs to maintain global economical domination and it sees China as a threat, and NSA, like I said, technically has access to everything... but it wouldn't have access to the Chinese devices. Where does that leave Oppo\1+, Vivo and Samsung? Simple. First: if you are not against us - you are with us, one can only assume that these devices are tapped. Second: they, like the author said, are for-profit companies, they pay their "bribery". Huawei, Xiaomi, LeEco - these guys did not go "for-profit", so they do not pay the bribes and they upset the established economical order.
Zen Gong (10 days ago)
Kryptowire has identified several models of Android mobile devices that contained firmware that collected sensitive personal data and transmitted in an encrypted format to servers in Shanghai. (Head quarter of PLA's Electronic Intelligence is in Shanghai) https://www.kryptowire.com/portal/kryptowire-discovers-mobile-phone-firmware-transmitted-personally-identifiable-information-pii-without-user-consent-disclosure/ Which mobile phone is safer? Huawei's management know best. https://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/19/01/02/huawei-celebrates-nikkei-iphone-ban-by-posting-2019-greeting-from-an-iphone/
dictator64 reborn (10 days ago)
China is a threat to human privacy
James BOND (10 days ago)
Conspiracy theory conspiracy theory conspiracy theory conspiracy theory stop spreading his spiracy theories that whole no wait this is nonsense means nothing
AHenStew 90 (10 days ago)
I phones are also made in China so they should be banned too right... They could have chips or software installed in it.
Si Filey (11 days ago)
Evil Western Post Colonialism Oppression Still Exists. People all over the world still suffer. Colonial Oppression Exists and its all hidden behind "Pop Culture"
Si Filey (11 days ago)
Microsoft Bing, Facebook, Google are also spy ware.
Bugatti Boss (11 days ago)
The West doesnt care how many shirts, pants screws China needs to assemble a product for Western Corporations but will do everything they can to protect their monopoly in technology and IP where the money is at. It will be the same with any developing country seeking to move up the value chain however China will not be denied.
Anthony Correia (11 days ago)
China is trash! go on China uncensored to learn all about the trash of communist data stealing of a country china is
Pihao Liu (11 days ago)
Does anybody in US knows that American government spy on Ms. Angela Dorothea Merkel in Germany for years? The show now is a real liar wants to make sure the others didn't do it.
maury8020 (12 days ago)
I don't understand what your point is. How can the USA give leniancy to Chinese companies that steal American technology and sell it as their own? No one wants your Chinese made brands. If you want things to change, China should allow American companies to work privately without the Chinese government stealing company secrets. I hate it that Chinese call foul play and they've been fucking us over for year. Please stop making china look like the victim and send you phones back to china.
Gabriel Escal (12 days ago)
Whose the dick- tator now??? Us sucks...
Bound Music (12 days ago)
bro that CK shirt you're wearing looks dope, where can I get it ? Can you throw me the link ?
J K. (13 days ago)
I bought 2 huwaei Nova 3's. Grabbing Nova 4 and Mate 20 next. Cameras are nicer than Sony and iPhone.
Tom (13 days ago)
Yes, just like we want to kill the enemy before he kills us, we shouldn't let the enemy spy on us, but we should spy on them. Who said spying is wrong? People have always spyed.
nick name (13 days ago)
Just reading through the comments here, and I realize that most people have no idea how powerful and intrusive the Chinese Communist Party is, in regards to Chinese owned and financed tech companies. Imagine if all of a sudden Space X was deemed unpatriotic due to Musk's tax avoidance, then jailed and all his assets seized along with Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company. Imagine further that this seizure was done without proof or a warrant and Musk was being held incommunicado without access to an attorney. Let's take this one step further and say all the personal information about any employee subcontractor and consumer of anything Musk sold, was now put in the hands of the government without any oversight or due process. That is how much power the Chinese Communist Party has over any Chinese business no matter how large or small. If you think the president of Huawei has any say over privacy and data issues, you are naive.
Dre (13 days ago)
No government officials are allowed to have those phones & should be sold in the USA to the public who have nothing to hide 📱
Anjaan Aadmi (14 days ago)
Kevin Hayes (14 days ago)
There all collecting data for the next generation ai who ever has the most data will be the most powerful
David Ramadeen (15 days ago)
Guy you can spy on ANYONE who use the cell phone. That is a fact of the technology.
Timbucktoothed (15 days ago)
What a load of crap! Meng...the guy who started the Huawei worked for Chinese intelligence agency. How that hell do you think he got the money and engineering know-hows get his company of the biggest player in the world? Go D D a M Chinese military and the party!!!!! Meng is not Xi's connection (Meng was connected to Zang the Shanghai circle) so Xi sent this woman,,,whatever her name was... to oversee. Huawei has everything to do firewall in China and cyber espionage of Chinese military. I don't have problems with Mi, Oppo and others but ZTE and Huawei.... rot in hell
I would like to win that phone to spy US government. smart dude
Joseph DESTAUBIN (15 days ago)
China spies on the US and the US spies on China, and niether country denies this. The difference is that China's spies often work on behalf of private companies that communist party members have a controlling interest in. That kind of spying is basically corporate espionage, and clearly not appropriate for nation states to engage in. Moreover, there is a chance that we are headed to war with China. Thus, it would be inappropriate for the government to be purchasing any infrastructure from the Chinese government or government controlled corporations. The additional burden imposed on the American people by this prohibition is miniscule compared to what it would cost us in the event of War. And the thing is, there is no rationale to get around the aforementioned, because any war with China would be accompanied by massive losses in both life and treasure. And it doesn't really matter who starts it or whose fault it is, what matters is that Congress and the Executive are responsible for U.S. security much more than they are responsible for economic prosperity, and they are acting accordingly.
Roy Mindmybusiness (15 days ago)
have no delusions the NSA spies on everyone -everywhere they can and yes US companies bendover Chinese would not let NSA backdoor simple as
Zhizhou Chen (16 days ago)
National security is just an excuse. The only why to stop people from making rational choice is banning this choices in the first place.
Mateus Mahumane (16 days ago)
You seem to miss the point and real reason why the US government blocked any deal with ZTE and Huawei. The backdoor allegations are just and excuse. The real reason is the challenge of the US technological supremacy presented by the two companies.
John Doe (16 days ago)
Apple can do this still and they play the game with the NSA faking it's not possible , US products suck and the biggest spy's sit in the USA
Martin Rochejocquelein (16 days ago)
I have a Hauwei phone p20..I find it a great addition to our home..as far a spying goes I have nothing interesting on it...most if not all phones come from China..their phones with north american software beats most systems... I wanted a reliable phone and excellent camera to use this solved my problems..for me Hauwei has filled that need.
Team IronMan (16 days ago)
But it's ok to use Russian phones 🤔😁
alfonso ramirez (16 days ago)
I'm I able to buy a HUAWEI in China and activated here in the USA?? Anyone??
TheDiamontChanel YT (16 days ago)
Lol i have a huawei p8 lite Fuck usa
John Schaeffer Mike (17 days ago)
Bryan Welch (17 days ago)
Fucking zipper head
Edward Bookout (17 days ago)
Don’t drink Coke made in China either!!
StudRitaF (17 days ago)
China is a stealing country
lawrence hunter (17 days ago)
china steals intellectual property ''fact''... if these company's are so competitive why steel''
lawrence hunter (17 days ago)
Communism is only as free as the west..
Charles Chengyue Jin (17 days ago)
Actually, at Ren's time, almost one in ten in China is employed by the PLA. He was a civil engineer that helped to build a French-sponsored fabric factory.
John Mc (17 days ago)
ong kim (17 days ago)
You got a TARGET on your back...I LOVE my communist CHINA
Henrique Belini (17 days ago)
US are just recover then own economic. and that add think first on they things. And we all know what Hauwei did. please...
Knowledge Is Power (17 days ago)
As a US citizen i am not formy own government spying on me so why the fuck would i be cool with the chinese doing it? Some of you are dense enough to think US citizens like being spied on. Ask your own country's citizens i they like being spied on by their own government. If they like that sort of stuff then they are nothing but a tool. BTW Huawei has been caught stealing tech before in the past but you probably wont hear about that in this video.
megachava1964 (18 days ago)
No man! This is only a business war.
Nubbins (18 days ago)
They won't get very far with my data.
John Hampton (18 days ago)
Why would a U.S.A. president use a Chinese phone anyway. Those fools in American electronics chose to manufacture products in other countries
向前 徐 (18 days ago)
I see, thanks. Would this be what America complained upon HuaWei stealing their technology ?
Alle (18 days ago)
I’d rather be spied on by the CIA than the chinese.
spurs attack (18 days ago)
Love my pro mate and 🇨🇳 is awesome
waka1022 (18 days ago)
Watching this with Huawei y7 prime 2017 model
I Nuke Whales (18 days ago)
Wouldn’t it be more obvious that the US. Doesn’t want Chinese companies to gain popularity in the USA. The spying thing is just a red herring to justify their anti competition.
Тишина (18 days ago)
Americans do not need a Chinese versions of Apple.
Richard Wood (18 days ago)
Yes they are valid.
Cheeto Residue (18 days ago)
It's not just Chinese phone companies it's Chinese cctv companies. There is only 2 top dogs, and they are based in China. Those 2 own all, even what you think is a us cctv company is actually Chinese owned. I recently worked for the second largest. The same exact thing that is happening to Huawei is happening to all large Chinese companies that have operations in the U. S. It's all out war with China. Sources you can reference is ipvm. It's all about stalling China fast growing power.
icecreamgee (18 days ago)
Have you read Xiaomi's Privacy Policy?
Kang Wu (18 days ago)
China spy and steal. Those are very true.
baukiki kiki (19 days ago)
Google know when I bought air ticket and email me boarding time 1 day before departure. US have been spying on everyone yet we don't complain much.
G. K. (19 days ago)
my huawei mate se is pretty good.
G. K. (19 days ago)
i hope comrade xi likes my memes.
sz42781 (19 days ago)
Cell phones are powerful and very personal devices.
Americus Patrioticus (19 days ago)
Behind all of this is a fear which people in the USA and NATO have of all communist countries, even when those communist countries have allowed some free market capitalism in their nations. China is still ruled by the CCP. China still wants to force Taiwan under the communist boot, without regard to the wishes of the citizens of Taiwan to have their duly elected republican form of government. China has also aggressively seized islands in the South China Sea in the territorial waters of other nations. This behavior is reminiscent of the behavior of the Nazis in regards to the Sudetenland at the beginning of WWII. When China works to alleviate those fears by returning those stolen islands to their rightful owners, gives Taiwan the option to return to China and still keep its elected republican government, and gives foreign entities the same business opportunities in China which China enjoys in foreign countries, the world will lose its fear of China.
Mr Peco (19 days ago)
are you from the twin cities?
boxlessthinking (19 days ago)
Since governments are inherently the most dangerous thing humans Have ever created. I believe we the people should watch them carefully. They are all spying on us. But most certainly it is a security threat to have Such technology being used By a government In the first place. phones are a security threat from any company. they should use special phones ffs. The phone is easily a earphone And eyeball. Chinese companies are still partially owned by the state. Even if they were not. security is security. But the peoples larger problem Are the Financiers Of the world and their capability to listen to government and use this to control and scam us all. so we should maybe have special devices made in our perspective countries as to keep a checks and balance to help our government officials be able to catch their asses. so we can hang them high, and return financial order. So the people of both countries should look into who runs the federal reserve its private look at how they set out to pay off politicians to pass laws remove laws and own the media who say its everything is good as they exploit the people. of the world.
Alan Chin (19 days ago)
Perhaps each $100 bill is able to spy on you since they keep mass produced. LoL
bill (19 days ago)
niks gee (20 days ago)
Have had Huawei for over a year. Best phone I have ever owned. My next phone will also be Huawei.
Johnny Sigzop (20 days ago)
These responses are hilarious
stxflyer (20 days ago)
Asshole, Take out the gif of a man hitting women.
Aleksandar Skopje (20 days ago)
USA spies on the whole world
Press Play (20 days ago)
It's because apple is losing that's why they banning Chinese phones
satalin john (20 days ago)
its about trust bro
Amine (20 days ago)
I'm watching this video with a Huawei mate 10 lite, please Huawei spy on us and give us good phones, next phone I'll buy will be mate 20 lite.
Countryside Living (21 days ago)
China already have a point system that controls them.. more worried about China killing us with technology
Treble Rebel (21 days ago)
It’s a case of don’t send your labor tokens to the Chinese economy because 1 it’s the competition 2 we can’t spy on you know more. I’d rather be spies on by a country I’ll never visit than a country I live in
Amanda Ouellet (22 days ago)
I would just be scared of China spying on my back door lol jk
Lil Phucker (22 days ago)
If you are smart, you don't trust China. Fuck China.
Chavdar Naidenov (22 days ago)
US and European industry is always at a disadvantage to China, because they are forced to pay huge dividents and loan rates. Big Finance is sucking their life out of them.
Hello Cast (22 days ago)
Chinese products are trash. Everyone knows that.
chris georgallis (23 days ago)
In Australia we have NSA spying on people.
Kwan Linus (23 days ago)
Support US and Canada or Meng Wan Zhou?
Kwan Linus (23 days ago)
Basically, Donald Trump is overprotective of his own companies.
Firstname Lastname (23 days ago)
So you're a shill for the Communist party ? I smell traitor....

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