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The Real Reason USA is BANNING China Phones...😢

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Why is USA introducing a law to BAN US Gov't Employees from using China phones? Are they really spying? Enter Giveaway here! ▶▶▶ https://zireviewstech.com/giveaway-1 Keep up to date with all the latest chinese phone reviews, info, and unboxing videos by Subscribing for FREE!!! ▶▶▶ https://goo.gl/qVqqPp
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Zi Reviews Tech (1 year ago)
Hey guys I'm giving away TWO cell phones worth $369 & $269, link below! ▶▶▶ youtu.be/Xka5VtsnwzA
Gabriel (23 hours ago)
This blows. I just ordered a honor 8+ by hauwei. It hasn't even arrived yet. Now I have to return that shit. Very inconvenient.
its ye jake 12 (12 days ago)
Can I have a phone please
Scott persinger (1 month ago)
+Ana sanchez yeah, they never make up false charges.
Scott persinger (1 month ago)
+Ana sanchez No one is asleep here, we're fully awake, but we have about as much control over our government as you do yours.
Scott persinger (1 month ago)
+Malone Mantooth yeah right. If I wasn't doing anything wrong I would just make myself a burner phone, lol.
Yola Montalvan (1 hour ago)
Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia should get together and tell Google that they are infringing on their sovereignty. That’s a problem between the USA and China. The US is unable to compete with China and wants to hold the entire planet as hostage. I love Google but we cannot beheld hostage. This is a great opportunity to create another smartphone platform.
Fiz in Japan (1 hour ago)
Your info is probably the best one out of all the other people on youtube. Most of the people just say that Huawei was banned for a security risk... Then they all shoot off on what Huawei should do... But they never explain WHY or how they got banned . Thus your info did explain it so I appreciate it. Nice work.
AHS Society (2 hours ago)
Very disappointing conclusion. I think Trump and everyone know it is not a threat. It is like saying what can Iran do to make Israel feel safe.... Am Nothing. Israel does not want to feel safe, Israel and America expand by aggression, they are hoping you give them the grounds to attack. America does not care about backdoors, it is just an excuse.
AHS Society (2 hours ago)
I was doing something else while watching this video and You got my attention now after that bang. I am listening now, you got me to wake up.
Remco db (2 hours ago)
USA : dont buy russian gas , we will sanction you USA : dont buy chinese phones , we will sanction you USA : dont do a deal with IRAN , we will sanction you the Devided States of America is loosing on all front... we welcome CHINA AS OUR NEW WORLD LEADERS , FUCK YOU YANKS
djinn Man (3 hours ago)
Spying you say? Ask Angela Merkel. Who tapped her phone now? ;) It wasn't Huawei.
Nathan (5 hours ago)
what have you said also apply to google Microsoft Facebook and so on. should the world follows USA logic to ban them? don't tell me they are not controlled by us gav. google just banned Huawei by us gav.
bear gameing (6 hours ago)
I love Huawei no i support China love from Pakistan
Your Majesty (8 hours ago)
Is huawei phone are made in chinas?
Alex K (8 hours ago)
I wish Huawei starts supporting Ubuntu Touch. I'm dreaming to have a root access to my phone without using some unknown exploits. If Huawei makes some alternative with root access, everyone in my family would switch to that mobile.
Akmaluddin Abu Kasim (9 hours ago)
So... Google do not spy you...
peterkin1010 (10 hours ago)
Pretty much everybody is getting caught up with Huawei links to the Tiannaman Square Massacre ( remember that eh? No .. didn't think so!) Chinese Communists isn't the reason. Nor is the 5G dominance, trade wars, Huawei spying in the US,. backdoors etc. It is because Huawei is supplying Iran with American technology via the back door.. All of this can be used for military and terrorist purposes. And it can be reverse engineered to advance Iran"s advancement in technology. Without that Huawei would not be in this position.
Jerry Berglund (11 hours ago)
NO its not about spying at all. It has all to do with commerce and competition. Sure they tell us that China can spy, wich they can. As you also say Huawei has deep connection with the Chinese State. The problem is that the competition between chinese tech companies and western dont work. chinese can sell their products for less than any wester company can afford. And thats because of the CHinese state subsidize freight for instance and other things to support their tech companies. The only reason for Why ZTE and Huawei became this big, is that they could sell phone for almost half the price of the bigger companies as Samsung, SONY, HTC LG and so on. Even Samsung has problem competing. Spying is just a bogus explanation to get China to the conferrense table to talk about accepting rules and regulations that all other companies follow by. Thats is whats happening.
Classic Dufferin (11 hours ago)
i was spying the USA for decade and i found out there are so many bitches😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Bloxxer (11 hours ago)
Thank God I live in Australia I get to keep my Huawei phone!
Mello 1 (11 hours ago)
It's a known fact that the Chinese have spied, copied, stoled, intellectual property, ideas, and I'm sure top secret info from us. It's funny some people like to support a communist dictatorship who murders millions of there own people no freedom of speech, the military controlled country that really spys on there own people. Then puts them in slave camps for something they said. Yea they make good phones but once they get there act together we dont have to by there phones there software kinda sucks anyways compared to Apple, Samsung and Oneplus.
Md.Rony Rasal (11 hours ago)
At last USA going to losing their Information system business.China will create easily. Do we know Google,youtube,FB etc always monitoring us? 100%. USA trying to control Information business but may be fall in down. As a telecom engineer I my thinking that USA has losing their power.If you have mobile phone and INTERNET,you are connected with server. Google,youtube,GMail all software can trace your data easily and your information is stored in their server.IP address,Mac address,IMEI every information and even what site you are searching,what you like Artificial Intelligence shorting from routing table and give it to you. It act like information marketing. Now USA can easily their marketing,propaganda,news,hollywood movies share through this software. It is our bad luck we are using USA sofrware and our software is not popular due to dependence.Time has come to remove USA software dependence. Connected means you are under surveillance by that company.Whatever the company is.
Roque Leo Medalla (13 hours ago)
Its not just USA.. its not just the government officials. Its about businesses using huawei. Its about information from individuals being used by china to their advantage..
Muhammad Syahiran (13 hours ago)
Rip huawei..
How many countries are Huawei phones ban in.....
Joselito Fandino (14 hours ago)
It is about competition and the US is just protecting the competitiveness of its peoples businesses in the world market. The chinese phones lower prices are the reason for their popularity. That is the most basic effective tool used by news brands competing with popular brand products. Well. Make their prices also reasonable and affordable. If china can, they can do that also. Competition is the essence of free market. And its for the protection and benefit of consumers against exorbitant pricing. Ifons are actually highly over priced beyond the reach of many. Just lessen their greed. A slightly higher priced ifon will be more saleable still as against any huawei products. Even in china. The better technology edge of US products is no more. Because china stole it already and embodied in their products. Hehe. They are no longer cheap imitations in fact ifons are made in china.
shaban helal (15 hours ago)
great explination, to me it looks like what they did to honda shadow to protect harelly davidson
Todd Marshall (16 hours ago)
Smokescreen: NSA is neutered by 5G. Carriers get neutered by 5G. 5G uses a short hops, low power strategy where every handset is a node. IP requires a backbone and lots of big hardware to do 20 hops in 1/8th second. 5G is ATM like and can do thousands of hops to IPs 20. Further, it is connection oriented...not broadcast oriented. This leaves surveillance outfits like NSA high and dry. Good riddance.
Daniel Anwar (17 hours ago)
Mr. Orange
YouTube Archive (17 hours ago)
I don't hate USA, I am not from USA,but WHYY, I have a phone made in China and it works great,why!!!! F*****G USA
Baby GuiGui (18 hours ago)
hypocrite at its finest
Baby GuiGui (18 hours ago)
we shouldn't trust the Chinese phones... Why should we trust the phones from US?
Nicholas g (18 hours ago)
I don't care if China spy on me. Everything is made in China bitches
mysterasuarez (18 hours ago)
With all the grand wizardly that is the US government. Wouldn't it be easy for "them" to create a phone for government specific use with it's own OS and software.
copy cat (19 hours ago)
I want to help China spy and American government 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
IOS Fan (19 hours ago)
WOW ! 😮
Ramin Shakeri (19 hours ago)
The real reason why USA ban Huawei is because Huawei have the most salles than Apple and is become better than Apple
Hemo978x (19 hours ago)
I love your videos so much its a big problem I think it could contact apple and use iOS and they would happy
10 OG (19 hours ago)
If you can't beat them, ban them. USA just capitulated to China's rising economic prowess, and this is just the start. Now you need even more wars to avoid economic stagnation, or at least fuck up every other nation's economy except yours.
Zay Naing Oo Bruce (20 hours ago)
Ching chongs gonna face a huge threat in USA. omfg
Gene The Destroyer (20 hours ago)
huawei will now become cheaper
Lane Thurnau (20 hours ago)
Because your head person from hair we are how you pronounce it was caught spying dumbasses
tagi jumar (20 hours ago)
I hope that china will arrange this issuw
John Merced (20 hours ago)
So Google just ban them from using their Google Play Store so you're telling me all these countries and now Google Banning this company and it's not their fault 🤔 this company's is full of shit wake up people they can shove their P30 Pros up their ass!
lai pa (20 hours ago)
Wow! Made in China Huawei banned. I have to throw my phone. China China
Christopher (21 hours ago)
Stephen Choi (21 hours ago)
nicholas gakuu (22 hours ago)
Have they banned oppo and oneplus ?
Akmaluddin Abu Kasim (3 hours ago)
+nicholas gakuu i just bought one... Its amazing phone bro... But yeah... Need to rethink before buying...
nicholas gakuu (4 hours ago)
+Akmaluddin Abu Kasim yeah bro hope they sign a treaty to end all this..because i do love huawei..i was actualy planning on getting p30 pro because of its camera...now im not sure about it..untill i see my friends who have it getting updates i will just have to get s10 or stick with my s8 till next year.
Akmaluddin Abu Kasim (4 hours ago)
+nicholas gakuu yes bro.... I agree... This actually war between countries leaders.... So sad actually... The tech introduced by huawei is actually amazing... Im sure they will figure out something to secure their business in the market... May the best win... 😊
nicholas gakuu (5 hours ago)
+Akmaluddin Abu Kasim they did target huawei because the ceo is close to chinese government..just like when someone has a problem with you even ur friends are included in the fight...huawei is suffering for that...i agree with you they should not ban huawei from using google services...but when has war been fair anyway?..they are fighting an economic war so everthing goes.It is like targeting apple,amazon,microsoft or google to hurt usa...they know it will hurt the chinese economy and will impact their 5g rollout..remember all these problems started due to the 5g huawei progress in usa....and that is why they want other countries to stop using huawei tech...it is not about the phones....they just do not want huawei to win the 5g war as huawei is the only company right now with the capability to mass provide 5g...it is all about controll of internet and spying which both countries usually do.
Akmaluddin Abu Kasim (6 hours ago)
+nicholas gakuu to me... Banning product at country and banning collaboration between company is 2 different things... Banning collaboration is not just affect US user... But the whole world market.... Its ok if US banning hiawei from selling their product at US... Its normal practices for a country... But banning collaboration... Thats insane... How about asia user and other countries? They love huawei tech and they comfortable with google service
nQQii (22 hours ago)
Dear Trump, *FUCK YOU*
Trevor Philips (23 hours ago)
good thing. we don't want Chinese crap
R0NNi3 (23 hours ago)
Me-:I am alone.... Mr spy spying on me -: no you are not...
faisal Iqbal (23 hours ago)
The biggest end of usa is begin
I'm watching this using my Huawei p9 lite.even u.s government bans all cellphones from China..I will not buy IPHONE! or APPLE product's
Are u chinese sir?
Melissa Mc (1 day ago)
when I lock my phone It said Japan underneath the time and date on the bottom left hand corner. I'll have to take a screenshot of it when it pops up again it's annoying like I live Ireland not Japan 😪 I love the phone like I just bought it.
Go Mo (1 day ago)
US has the most Communistic government for the past two decades, its fun how everyone else is blind on that.
Aethelbeorn (1 hour ago)
Go Mo You can thank the left for that.
Julie Lim (1 day ago)
panagiotis (1 day ago)
Rob Estey (1 day ago)
This all happening coincidental at the same time as the US/China trade war. Merica first. Good video.
John Monteiro (1 day ago)
Tramp is the Best jack ass Of 🇺🇸 FUCK TRAMP HE IS THE BEST JACK ASS
whats up with the audio?
Florante Otaza (1 day ago)
that's good for huawei,. hehehe
Nole Hular (1 day ago)
Really unfair. Only US allowed to spy? Fuck US
You missed the true reason for the stigma against on Huawei... Superior devices. All other objections are hearsay and smokescreens. How dare they think it's okay to enter the US market and dominate without a fight. Ha!
Jaryd Jaryd (1 day ago)
Who is watching on their HUAWEI! 😂😳😂
S. (7 minutes ago)
I do, best phone I've ever had.
eden1 (4 hours ago)
+Korvus I'm watching from vanced who knows utube?
๖Rainforce (7 hours ago)
bye bye android
SpiritInTheMachine (1 day ago)
No mention of the Snowden leaks. The NSA is spying on you unless you're American then GCHQ are doing the spying and trading the info.
Wave Riderz (1 day ago)
World is shifting to a global economy. The masses are the ones who suffer most from decisions of the rich and powerful. Sooner or later the masses will grow tired of being colonized and the decision makers will have no place to run and hide. Then what? Progress has been made on the backs of everyday people. Sooner or later they'll be demanding their fair share of the benefits of that progress?
Usa spy for years
pjamese3 (1 day ago)
This whole mess with Huawei is bad business practice...but then again, have ya MET the President?
Rome Technical (1 day ago)
What is China's reply?
Akmaluddin Abu Kasim (9 hours ago)
China: OK U. S. .. HAVE A NICE DAY 😊
Jaime Costa (1 day ago)
So basically the us has said band sales of the huawei phones in the US and know they have said to the American company stop all Google services to Huawei.. In the world... Rediculess this is typically tramp... Just se what happens it chinês sstops the manufacturing of the iPhone and all its associated products apple will finish... Basacly usa is doling to China what they them selves acuse China of doing...
Robert Norman (1 day ago)
Dude has lip stick on.
Night Owl (1 day ago)
So according to the US government phones have become the modern Trojan horse? I think the real reason is that the American phone companies are threatened by China’s phone companies. what needs to happen is the building of US manufacturing capabilities at home first, then America can be self sufficient, and won’t need China for cheaper labor. All the US companies that sold their souls for cheaper labor, will be destroyed by the giant they created, and the US will weep when prices rise beyond reach, and poverty runs rampant because of a trade war. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you before you can start to feed yourself. This is all about $$$$$$ nothing more.
DominikPlayzHD (1 day ago)
I bought p20 3 days ago what is life
Chris Baubo (1 day ago)
no volume control
Phil Savage (1 day ago)
I hope China will retaliate to this absurd injustice based on disgusting protectionism and ban Apple and iPhones in return !!!!
Nalianna (18 hours ago)
or more amusingly, "stop making iPhones" :D
Iraqui Seit (2 days ago)
Hehehe :> I love Chinese phones.
MYzone life (2 days ago)
Today all PRODAK made in China.
The Phone made in china are good better than American
CKD Master (2 days ago)
fuck u
Robina Ismaeel (2 days ago)
And yes and in China if someone who cares about dogs and rescue them I am with them and I respect you guys but majority is killing dogs someone save dogs puppies plsssssss be the kind person!!!! Don’t let this evil people to kill this beautiful dogs cats plsssssss stop them whatever you can plssss am bagging you guys whoever reading this May God bless you if you do anything to save them even though you guys still living in China and nothing say or do about it you are responsible for that take action speak out plssssss take dogs from cages and puppies god how adorable they are how human can be that dangerous for poor dogs and cats how they ignore thier innocent faces voices 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏plsssssss save dogs plsssssssssssssssssssssss
Jet Black (2 days ago)
Communists know how to Party.
Robina Ismaeel (2 days ago)
I don’t care why ban or why not and what the reason behind that whatever but all I want that #Trump should stop and ban the dogmeetred strictly! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Mr @Trump pls stop China to kill dogs they are angels and Chinese are evils creatures should be ban to them not only phon even food bcz Than after that they feel that how they hurting Dogs God china must disappear from the map ! Bcz than the dog will take fresh breath I am requesting to Americans thAt pls 🙏 am bagging you that whatever they doing with innocent Dogs they should treated this way too !!
PENDEKAR MUDA (2 days ago)
Banning usa..
ElOn (2 days ago)
Wtfuck TRUMP IS STUPID THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE AND huawei is japan and china
SPIT FIRE (2 days ago)
sooner later china will create their own platform system similar to google or android
S. (6 minutes ago)
+Yola Montalvan Google can nothing do against it, they been forced to do that step themselves.
Yola Montalvan (1 hour ago)
Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia should get together and tell Google that they are infringing in their sovereignty. That’s a problem between the USA and China. The US is unable to compete with China and wants to hold the entire planet as hostage. I love Google but we cannot beheld hostage. This is a great opportunity to create another smartphone platform.
Kike Lina (9 hours ago)
And that's completely for sure.
peterkin1010 (10 hours ago)
+along ilham hmmk President Trump is no fool despite what the media etc might say.
along ilham (12 hours ago)
Chinese is smarter than trump
Daniel Donny Teoh (2 days ago)
Stop talking nonsense about Chinese phone huawei equip with spy equipment over usa. it is a trade war, because huawei took over a lot of the america handheld market.
ilyas yamin4 (2 days ago)
and Now Huawei ban in Usa
Nam Khanh Ng (2 days ago)
To anyone think that US gov is banning Huawei to spy on its own citizen is just stupid. First, with or without Huawei phone, or you have a different phone, the US still spy on you. Second, “bUt tHeY wiLL uSE tHe CoLLeCtED dAtA aGaiNsT mE” yea, they will if you bomb and kill people. If you are privacy centered, get an iPhone or a brick phone. “bUt iPhOnE iS nOt vERY sEcUrE!” Yea, thats true, but iPhone sucks less data, if your typical android phone sucks 100% amount of data, iPhone sucks 30-50%. Huawei steals shit, recently, they bought STOLEN Samsung’s folding screen technology, just before Samsung introduce Galaxy Fold.
evolor (2 days ago)
You know what, to all Android users: We have all experienced random phone heating up chewing through battery for no apparent reason, either through new software update or not. It could be that it was by design, they hide behind this "oh it's just a software bug" reason to crank out data collection, it scour your phone for every last drop of data worth a damn, package it to some unknown server in some underground data mining bunker, analyse it, use it, bla bla bla, that's how they get your nudes, wife, daughter, message, number, intent, votes, they milk you dry before the slaughter house.
kadek adhi (2 days ago)
i tought iphone made in china too?...wait my tv, too..even underwear too
Akmaluddin Abu Kasim (9 hours ago)
Beware.... Your underware is installed with spying tech.... Ahahahaha...
Daniel Yap (2 days ago)
Spy Vs spy 🤣
Dusan Grubor (4 days ago)
US ban on huawei? cool, time to buy Huawei
Otaku Burrito (4 days ago)
I got a huawei phone so the use government can't spy on me. Hell I'll take a chance with the Chinese. I trust my asian people way more than I trust the cheeto in the stuit.
general wu (4 days ago)
Watching this from my Mate 20 Pro👍🔥😋
Law Rence (10 hours ago)
Rip google
general wu (17 hours ago)
+Wyatt B maybe so but not my Phone 😋
Wyatt B (18 hours ago)
It's just a strategy to get huawei to lose out in the mobile race because it seems as if they about to knock iPhone off the second position and brain washing the people will let them stop buying huawei phones. It's all propaganda and a dishonest gester. All the Chinese government have to do is block Apple products in China and call it even.
roger smith (4 days ago)
America has become a decay tyrant that loves gay sex, sjws.. fatties as cute.. and now bans innovation because of jealousy. Simple China stop all productions on us products in china.. NO more apple.. and 80 percent of Amazon is made in china.. First if you do this. Riots will break out in major cities for NPCS , nowflakes, sjws if they can find a cell phone charger or their favorite pork grinds they will riot.
roger smith (4 days ago)
America has become a decay tyrant that loves gay sex, sjws.. fatties as cute.. and now bans innovation because of jealousy. Simple China stop all productions on us products in china.. NO more apple.. and 80 percent of Amazon is made in china.. First if you do this. Riots will break out in major cities for NPCS , nowflakes, sjws if they can find a cell phone charger or their favorite pork grinds they will riot.
roger smith (4 days ago)
America has become a decay tyrant that loves gay sex, sjws.. fatties as cute.. and now bans innovation because of jealousy. Simple China stop all productions on us products in china.. NO more apple.. and 80 percent of Amazon is made in china.. First if you do this. Riots will break out in major cities for NPCS , nowflakes, sjws if they can find a cell phone charger or their favorite pork grinds they will riot.
Steve Mano (5 days ago)
C’mon. Governments are all the same, greedy and ruthless. It don’t matter what country they’re from.
Pssst (7 days ago)
To China, stop harassing our Filipino fishermen and stop destroying our seas, your men are destroying the coral reefs. You claimed our territorial seas as yours yet you signed the UNCLOS for countries with 200 nautical miles as still part of their territory. No wonder the US won't let your product in cause you've been hacking the US and stealing their military tech. plus you're greedy in enough taking everything and bragging about your military might? Remember, the bigger you are, the harder you. So no matter how big of an economy or nation you are, be kind to others and teach your men how to respect others and the nature.
Steve Mano (5 days ago)
Pssst don’t think the Chinese government cares, or any other powerful economy, for that matter.
Rene Hellman (8 days ago)
ZTE is complete pieces of cheap shit anyway, not only do i think banning ZTE is a great idea but i think all shit products and services should be banned, and since most cheap faulty products come from china i think an embargo is needed. it in the end would greatly help our economy, because cheap chinese knock offs would be very hard to come by meaning one would have to buy the real deal, putting money back into OUR economy. When i say services im talking about companies that piggy back off of other services such as Straight Talk. this also includes obsolete services too such as uverse. if we ban all this shit holding us back we can finally move into a better working smooth running future.
Omino dell'ergastolo (10 days ago)
I think they dont know the existence of custom roms
Balbisiana A (11 days ago)
This has nothing to do with spying. And the Uk very happy to have 5 g
Can i use xiomi phones in Europian countries???? Pls reply
Paulo Maia (2 days ago)
Yes, you can. Also Xiaomi also opened Mi stores in several European countries, like Spain, France, Italy, and some more

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