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Jeans For Guys With Bigger Legs (The Best Athletic Cut Tapered Jeans)

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GET LEVI'S 541 ATHLETIC FIT JEANS http://amzn.to/2HPnimv LOOK SHARP AND FEEL CONFIDENT in 6 WEEKS: https://effgnt.co/YTSMARTSHARPSTYLE SUB TO EGTV ON YT → https://effgnt.co/EGYOUTUBE FOLLOW EG ON INSTAGRAM → https://instagram.com/effortlessgent Are you an athletic guy? Maybe you do a bunch of squats and deadlifts, or you run sprints at the track? Do you have a bigger build in general, but you still want a clean, sharp casual look? Buying the right pair of jeans can be tough when you're a bigger guy. You have a slimmer waist, but huge thighs and calves, which means sizing up in jeans so your legs fit... but then the waist is too big and you just have to live with it. Super annoying. But I recently bought a pair of Levi's 541 athletic fit jeans and they're awesome for this exact problem. While I'm no massive powerlifter, I do have bigger legs that don't fit comfortably in slim cut jeans (unless I size up in the waist). This pair was the best of both worlds: fits perfectly at the waist (I can buy my actual size), comfortable in the seat, thighs, and calves, yet STILL tapered down to the leg opening. The result? A comfortable pair of jeans that doesn't look like sausage casings on my legs, while still being sharp and tapered. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- S H O P T H I S V I D E O → Levi's 541: http://amzn.to/2HPnimv → J.Crew chambray shirt: http://fave.co/2DHyP4O → Uniqlo cardigan: http://fave.co/2DGR7mO → Allen Edmonds Sedona loafer: http://amzn.to/2G03EUA S H O P A L L M Y R E C S → https://effortlessgent.com/shop M Y V I D E O / B U S I N E S S T O O L S → Build your email list — https://effgnt.co/egck → My web hosting (20% off) — https://effgnt.co/egwpe → Cam 1 (Canon SL2) – https://amzn.to/2Lpz9ui → Cam 2 (Canon EOS M6) — https://amzn.to/2wcJmGI → Lens 1 (18-35 f/1.8) — https://amzn.to/2xVRM3N → Lens 2 (24mm f/2.8) — https://amzn.to/2riXB7q → Lens 3 (50mm f/1.8) — https://amzn.to/2w90VHE → Tripod — https://amzn.to/2LorCvt → Laptop — https://amzn.to/2JPZzDG → Mic — https://amzn.to/2riRksd *some of these are affiliate links, which means I earn a few cents (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting the Effortless Gent channel! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- M O R E S T Y L E R E S O U R C E S Did you know Effortless Gent is also a resource site with 400+ men's style articles? Get all the info you need on how to look sharp and dress with confidence → https://effortlessgent.com J O I N T H E # E G F A M If you find Effortless Gent videos and articles helpful and you dress better because of them, consider becoming a patron! I have a wide range of rewards for our supporters. Check them out here: → https://effgnt.co/patreon S M A R T S H A R P S T Y L E Looking for a shortcut to looking sharp and dressing with confidence? Don't want to wade through hundreds of hours of men's style content on the web? Just want the low-down on how to build a classic style and a timeless wardrobe? → http://smartsharpstyle.com E T C . . . FREE STYLE RESOURCES (DOWNLOADABLE PDFS) → http://effgnt.co/SUBYT MATCH CLOTHES LIKE A PRO (code 'egyt' for 40% off): → http://effgnt.co/mcpro EG ON INSTAGRAM → http://instagram.com/effortlessgent JOIN OUR PRIVATE COMMUNITY → http://facebook.com/groups/effortlessgent ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- MUSIC BY https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads/spice-of-life
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Text Comments (42)
Ranks Tafari (1 day ago)
Merci beaucoup pour ces conseils!
Effortless Gent (1 day ago)
thank you for watching! glad it helps
Phoenix Thomas (7 days ago)
Lucky brand athletic slim are awesome as well. I will check out the Levi's though.
Effortless Gent (7 days ago)
Haven't tried these! I'll be on the lookout for em. Thanks for the rec
Xsellment (8 days ago)
Anyone know anything afforable? I'm looking for khakis.
Effortless Gent (7 days ago)
Levi's also makes the 541 model in different chino colors; i've seen them in navy, gray, and khaki.
david rouleau (2 months ago)
Thank you.
Effortless Gent (2 months ago)
appreciate you watching!
JenoPaciano (2 months ago)
I have three problems with a normal pair of jeans. If they fit my waist, they will be too long, too tight on my quads, and won't have enough crotch room. Deluth Ballroom Jeans solved all three problems for me.
Effortless Gent (2 months ago)
great! glad you found a pair that works. I like what Duluth is doing with all their clothing (as far as fit is concerned) but I find them to be too utilitarian / workwear for me personally. But if they work for you, perfect
Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf (4 months ago)
I have 16" calves. I'm sick of trying on jeans in the store and the damn leg opening is 15.5" or 16". I don't like that tight feeling.
AoiGP (4 months ago)
Mine are close to 18" calves and when I buy relaxed fit jeans, people assume I'm wearing boots. When I tell them those are my calves they give me this "good gosh man" look. I usually stick with Chinos or Joggers. I found Levi Strauss S67 Athletic to fit me best.
Timmy2three (5 months ago)
I bought these jeans before. I did like how they fit, so I bought some black ones (like the ones within the video), kind of dark navy blue, and then like a real jean color (like light blue). I tried on the jean color ones in the store by the way. Now, the thing is even though each one is the same size, they all fit differently. The navy blue fits the most snuggest. I did some research & others were mentioning the same problem. One person mentioned each color is not made in the same country. So, you if are considering buying these, try each color on in the store.
Effortless Gent (5 months ago)
Yeah that's pretty common with bigger brands. That's why it's important to try a few of the same size to make sure you get a pair that fits you really well, i.e. if you're a 32x30, take 3 pairs of 32x30 in the fitting room w/ you and try them all on.
Lucky 6 (8 months ago)
Anything that doesn't make my thighs big I am willing to try I just want the "manly" look not a look that shows off my body lol
Lucky 6 (8 months ago)
Effortless Gent will do thanks
Effortless Gent (8 months ago)
I'd say these are manly. Give it a shot.
Rex Erection (9 months ago)
So athletic fits are bigger than slim fit? I didnt know the difference. Ive seen dress shirts athletic fit as well.
Rex Erection (9 months ago)
Effortless Gent Thanks man always very helpful. Btw a video on skin tones and colors that look best for your skin tone would be awesome 👍
Effortless Gent (9 months ago)
Athletic fits are bigger in certain places to accommodate an athletic body type. So for jeans, that typically means more room in the seat (butt) and thighs (and with the Levi's 541 specifically, a taper down to the ankle). For shirts, usually it's more room in the chest / back / shoulders, tapered midsection.
Trustin Christ (10 months ago)
Yes, the ones shown here aren't too bad. It's those ones that dudes wear that look like they belong on Beyoncé....that's the look that needs to stop
Tushaundra (3 months ago)
Trustin Christ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trustin Christ (10 months ago)
Men, just dress like men, for crying out loud! This tight, bladder-rubbing look must stop!
Dantes Inferno (20 days ago)
Yea but I ain't tryna look like some fat redneck motherfucker
Samantha Barton (11 months ago)
Can you do a video in the Levi’s jeans and zipped up leather biker greaser jacket? Shirt tucked in.....show full front and backsides
C B (5 months ago)
well someone's bossy...
Marc Cowans (11 months ago)
These are my favorite jeans!. I need to order another pair in black
Effortless Gent (11 months ago)
Yeah my first pair was in black, I want a dark and medium wash blue now
Epic Gardening (1 year ago)
Literally just picked these up before AdThrive. Used to rock the 511's, but let's just say these fat legs can't pull them off anymore.
Rex Erection (9 months ago)
Epic Gardening Do you squat or train legs?
Epic Gardening (11 months ago)
More like I thought I could, hahaha
Effortless Gent (1 year ago)
Haha man, I could NEVER fit in the 511s. Tried a few times, thinking something would change. At least you could say you once fit in them ;)
Dan McKeown (1 year ago)
I found 541s last year and they have been awesome. One issue I have though is that the sizing on them isn't as consistent as I'd like. Edit: I rewatched the video and realized that you mentioned that only some of the 541s have stretch in them. I'm going to have to go through my different pairs and see which ones do and which ones don't. Great video Barron!
Effortless Gent (1 year ago)
Yeah, only some! the non-stretch denim definitely feels tighter (understandably). I'm all about some stretch. Thanks for watching!
jeff deal (1 year ago)
Agreed on the stretch. I normally wear 513's and the occasional 511's and one time I bought a pair of 511's on ebay that were 100% cotton, no elastane/stretch. They still sit on the hanger to this day. 1-3% elastane is a MUST if you have thighs. Evidently women figured this out ages ago. I always wondered about the 541's but I have so many jeans now that I haven't bothered shopping, but next time I have some free time I will try on some 541's. The Arizona 'athletic fit' was what got me into jeans in the first place before I lost a bit of weight, so you guys may consider that option as well - they typically go on sale for $20-25 at JC Penney's all the time.
Effortless Gent (1 year ago)
If you fit into 513 / 511, the 541 will probably feel too big on you. If you're looking for a pair with a taper, go with the Levi's 512 slim taper... those would work better I imagine :)
coolerfiend (1 year ago)
Brosefs, check out abercrombie athletic slim (or hollister athletic skinny, same cut). From the knee down they are a levis 511 but from the knee up they are a 541. Win win
jeff deal (1 year ago)
I may be biased, but those brands are notoriously thin in their cuts i.e. may not favor 'athletic' i.e. strongfat kinda guys that may have waists higher than say 34 inches. Even in my highschool days an abercrombie "XL" shirt fit like a medium of any other brand, and the shorts/pants were an inch or two less roomy than your typical american brands.
Effortless Gent (1 year ago)
Great suggestion, thanks! I don’t fit in 511 from the knee down but I’m sure many guys need something in that fit
Debonaire Gamer (1 year ago)
Awesome video, buddy! You just can't beat the feeling of wearing an awesome pair of jeans :-)
jeff deal (1 year ago)
fo real
Effortless Gent (1 year ago)
I agree! Thanks for checking it out :)

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