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The Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

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Strangeways, Her We Come | ©1987 Rough Trade
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Leah Pointon (1 day ago)
Who else listening to this gives you a sense of relief, love the power of it
MAX CASTRO (1 day ago)
What from Brazil?!
MAX CASTRO (1 day ago)
Incredible, I am love!!!!
Baran Halis (2 days ago)
Aaaa bu nasıl kaçmış ya gözden bunca senedir :(
Robbie Detour (7 days ago)
first time i heard this was in 1987, I bought the cassette from Woollies of their last album. Put it on my car stereo and I drove and drove. I was at a difficult age. Difficult job. The Smiths were my sanctuary.
jane massey (10 days ago)
Masterpiece 💙
JANE ILARI (11 days ago)
An old story..... But still fresh Long time now
La razón sonámbula (12 days ago)
Stirs the wasted time nailed in the heart of your memories.
defectivepokemon (13 days ago)
ah morrissey...
Stefano Pellegrini (13 days ago)
Love the doomsday scenario with all those zombies shouting in the background
Travis Roth (15 days ago)
"Alone & palely loitering ... "
Bad-Girl Bex (15 days ago)
I fucking love this song, but I'm perpetually haunted by the grim realisation that in a world where James Bond was played by Norman Wisdom, this would totally have been the Bond Theme.
Retro Fan (15 days ago)
Zichietto (17 days ago)
La perfezione
Juan Holmes (18 days ago)
Louie (19 days ago)
Poetic Genius.......
Marty Jane (24 days ago)
I think the beginning of the song is an auditory symbol of the turmoil going on in Morrissey's head
Markee Ledge (24 days ago)
R. Ive (28 days ago)
One of the saddest and most beautiful songs ever written by Morrissey.
Jet Cleveland (29 days ago)
Tune for all the casusls
Branimir Mitrovic (30 days ago)
Sophie Sygn (1 month ago)
I hope I can f*cking torture you in hell you assh*le pig !!! Damn it !!!!
Ela K. (1 month ago)
It is 7.30 am I just woke up from a dream like that and had to come here
Emily Kal (1 month ago)
the first minutes remind me of the kursk of matt elliott, am I the only one?
JULIAN SANBY (1 month ago)
Roberto V 3 out of 4, being half of a couple is not likely, or even desirable lately, if I'm honest with myself which is a sad but liberating thought.
Adina Wykes (1 month ago)
Somebody did love me. He ended with me yesterday. 11 months down the drain.
Bob Dobalina (1 month ago)
The greatest indie band that ever walked the earth. Just imagine what their next album could have been like. Imagine what they could have done had they gone on, if that f**ker at NME hadnt caused their breakup. Miss the 80s so much, where are the Smiths of today?? TELL ME, USELESS MILLENIALS!
Bre R. (1 month ago)
I love me, and that's kool
luca passeroni (1 month ago)
Gil Hazan (1 month ago)
What the screamig pepoles??
Gil Hazan (1 month ago)
no body know this
Gil Hazan (1 month ago)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9!
Icy Nights Icy Days (1 month ago)
“STRANGEWAYS, HERE WE COME” is written in the exact same font as Stranger Things
paulseylv (1 month ago)
I had yet another false alarm in the last week or so. The dream is real - I will keep on trying. P.P.M.
MR. Mayhem (1 month ago)
İçim yanıyor abi söyleme daha fazla
PEP KLOPP (1 month ago)
Don't be afraid if nobody loves you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi6DViA7Xuo
Papa Pa (2 months ago)
I have the same dream problem is the person stopped loving me 30yrs ago ain't life a bitch
ゼイSchüllzay (2 months ago)
This song makes me to love The Smiths with so much force, and be one of my fav bands. Arguably their best song.
David Maholchic (2 months ago)
Michael Bunn Ditto
David Maholchic (2 months ago)
Arguably their best song
Virginia Ciampi (2 months ago)
this song is legendary
jimeas popoloiv (2 months ago)
goosebumps...a bit to good, true and painfull...
Kwstas gusgr (2 months ago)
Fuck im lonely...so fucking lonely
Missouri Mosley (2 months ago)
My fave The Smiths song and it a tough choice to make :)
Mateus Pontes (2 months ago)
If you skip the intro, you don't have a soul... What a song, man, what a song!
TheMcg197 (2 months ago)
Vj Avzone (2 months ago)
Never ever devalue yourself for another no matter how much you hurt. You are unique You are wonderful & full of wonder. 💜👍🏼
Vj Avzone (2 months ago)
Never ever devalue yourself for another no matter how much it hurts, u are unique you are wonderful & full of wonder. 💜👍🏼
the nag (2 months ago)
sad boys.
scooter scooter (3 months ago)
Awsome piece of music, my favourite, this song probably broke the smiths up, because they new in there hearts, they couldn't better it
John Snow (3 months ago)
Morrisey sigue dando estas bellezas. Supongo todos admiramos lo bello. Lo hermoso. Supongo todos admiramos esa magia hermosa.😎
E O (3 months ago)
Probably the most beautiful song ever written
CNVideos (3 months ago)
Abbey Fred (3 months ago)
I miss old morrissey
Abhinaba Majumder (3 months ago)
No offence but i like the cover by low more
Engineerin N stuff (3 months ago)
starts at 1:55 You're welcome
OnweD 99 (3 months ago)
Damn! Just another false alarm... Every year i come here again to listen the same song with the same feeling, i still waiting the day that the dice will help me in this life, ffs.
mickymoz1 (3 months ago)
what a masterpiece
firdevs _art (3 months ago)
This.. ı really felt alive
José San Martín (3 months ago)
The song of my life.
Michael Wolfe (3 months ago)
zappa, sabbath, rock and metal and of course THE SMITHS!! makes perfect sense !!
Mi Franco (3 months ago)
Sempre ouço e vou ouvir..pra sempre 😍
Stinky Pete (3 months ago)
God loves you all everyone.
Janice Rosenberger (4 months ago)
I've never dreamt that anybody loved me. Sad, but strangely acceptable.......... - Dave R.
Loulouu (4 months ago)
I like the song but am I the only one who hates the long boring intro?
Rivera (4 months ago)
Last night Someone 17july18
Travvis Todd (4 months ago)
The last great torch song.
Lucretciela (4 months ago)
For all those moments we spend sitting in the bathtub holding a razor blade...
sometimes i genuinely feel there isnt a person in this world who could love me. i dont think im lovable.not in a depressive way, im just not lovable. it's such a joke that im a hopeless romantic. universe really doesnt like me much, does it
Andy P (4 months ago)
...a "hopeless romantic" who's "unlovable"..? If you.re under 50 you still have a chance, if not gardening and alcohol are your only friends. the two can be combined, with unpredictable results sometimes. I joke of course, I still have my heart, as do you. Give it to none but those who are worthy of it !
Alex's Gallery (4 months ago)
personally, I think Alex Turner sings it better
Elbereth Vala Varda (4 months ago)
I hear some Angelo Badalamenti in the intro
Eddie Mooney (4 months ago)
It was the first song. I fell in love after that. So many years ago.
T. Herrmann (4 months ago)
This band isn't edgy. It is as genuine as it gets...
Al M (4 months ago)
They are only ever dreams unfortunately.
coolkid (4 months ago)
You don't understand this song until the one you love most leaves you in the morning.
Luna Mayhem (4 months ago)
Youtube comments are thoughts and feelings... where does art come from?
Luna Mayhem (4 months ago)
I want someone just to look TRULY into my eyes and smile and that moment was sincerely my gift
Katie T (4 months ago)
'No hope no harm' ~ truer words never spoken
Don Vito (4 months ago)
I want this to be played at my funeral
SunshineCloudyMusic (4 months ago)
William Thieu (4 months ago)
When Victor Axelsen lost the Indonesia open 2018 game against Lee Chong Wei.
Francesca Ruby (4 months ago)
I’m listening to this from Barcelona
Frank Martinez (4 months ago)
Gentlemen I hear you “cheers”
Ciel Jones (4 months ago)
Kathy Cervantes (4 months ago)
one of my favorite songs ever
john ferry (4 months ago)
my favorite song ever. god bless moz.
Barbaro Marii (4 months ago)
When you are a depressed boy and you fell in love with your therapist and you even confess your love to her but she doesnt give a fuck
dave conyard (4 months ago)
sleep well all xx
Singing starts 1:56
Mark Emerson (5 months ago)
Morrissey needs a hug. Mate, I’m here...
Antonia Criaco (5 months ago)
The Smiths. The story of my life
shelly k (5 months ago)
This song isn't the same without this intro added at the beginning added it's so harrowing. Amazing.
Zoe Ghost (5 months ago)
I see a lot of comments about how people are also dreaming that someone loved them. I have too, even though I have people who love me, just not the right ones. I dream that the one person I truly care about actually loved me too.
Mark Richardson (5 months ago)
The closest thing to a dirge The Smiths ever recorded.
Jean Duchemin (5 months ago)
Can anyone recommend me similar songs ?
Jean Duchemin (5 months ago)
It feels so good to feel bad
naldo borges (5 months ago)
Linda canção amoooooo
Last Night I Dreamt...
Niko Saraleguy (5 months ago)
#1:54 start singing part. You are wellcome.
Disorder 1889 (5 months ago)
Last night I dreamt that Morrissey was a cock and probs still is

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