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Download Windows Lockscreen Wallpapers Free. Microsoft Bing Wallpapers HD Delivered to you daily. Beautiful Landscape Wallpapers and portrait Wallpaper HD iPhone. Wallpaper Download 1920x1080 HD Windows 10. Wallpapers Android 16:9, 9:16, 18:9, 18.5:9. Wallpapers Tumblr, Wallpapers Google Plus, 2560x1440. Safe Wallpaper Websites, Wallpaper Websites No Ads. Open Source. No Watermark Wallpapers. Wallpaper Photo, Love Wallpapers. This video contains my bloopers. Unedited and funny. Laugh at my expense. Originally planned for Patreon members only but decided to post it here for free for you to enjoy! You are Welcome... Don't have Windows 10? Download these incredible wallpapers and Desktop backgrounds from my daily Business Facebook Page - Home Computer Doctor https://www.facebook.com/pg/homecomputerdoctor/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1689797187721217 Bonus Free Wallpaper Websites Recommended by me : • https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17780/featured-wallpapers • https://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/downloads/date/any/ #wallpapers #desktop #download
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Text Comments (11)
Alternative Tech Reports (5 months ago)
These Wallpapers are amazing people! Another quality #ATR = Alternative Tech Report. Enjoy these apps and Downloads 👍
Paca Klun (5 months ago)
Good on you son (Y) nice Wallpapers :)
Alternative Tech Reports (5 months ago)
Thank you mother, share it with your computer friends 👍
Despina Efthimiou (5 months ago)
You made me laugh so much!
Driving Me Crazy (5 months ago)
Ah hell the giggles have won, the GIGGLES HAVE TAKEN OVER!!! LOL. OK now on to business, this is pretty cool! I followed along and did this in real time along with you :) NOt a fan of the ads and having to pay but the Spotbright one seems good just hope it doesn't take too much room on the hard drive all those images!
Alternative Tech Reports (5 months ago)
Lol, wasn't going to leave the giggles in the video till a friend persuaded me into leaving them in there... Enjoy the apps and don't worry, the pics shouldn't take more than 500MB on the hard drive. Thanks for watching! 👍
Wayne Martin (5 months ago)
Bring the girl back! Seriously nice video with cool wallpapers. Thank you.
Alternative Tech Reports (5 months ago)
Wayne Martin I'll ask her if she wants to come back hahaha.. Thanks for watching, these wallpapers are really good 👍
yevzor (5 months ago)
Damn made me laugh lmao
Alternative Tech Reports (5 months ago)
yevzor I was gonna cut it out but I made my friend laugh so I thought I leave it. Thanks for watching 👍
Fish Green (5 months ago)
Your laugh was contagious. LMAO! Good video tho, I will actually use these. Thanks for sharing.

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