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Dead Milkmen - If you love someone, set them on fire

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Show someone you love them, and set them on fire.
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Text Comments (190)
Vanilla Cookie (3 days ago)
Brings back memories
River Sutcliffe (3 months ago)
I set a lot of love ones on fire & I don't feel bad bc of this song
Brad Horner (4 months ago)
76 people are firefighters
Hannah Sandoz (11 months ago)
that asmr at the beginning
nancy18901 (1 year ago)
Not but Philly pride for this most fantastic band, timeless fun Love the Milkmen
CollectorOfMusic (1 year ago)
Just like mom used to say: If you love someone set them free If they don't come back... Set them on fire
Ruben Baeza (1 year ago)
Punk icons
Greg Graham (1 year ago)
johnp 85tx (1 year ago)
maybe we can have some fun, maybe we can burn someone.
Shane Camfield (2 years ago)
Benjamino Pennacchio (2 years ago)
I dig.
Tangy Orange (2 years ago)
Joe is hot.
Jack Hyde (2 years ago)
Latest episode of Bob's Burgers made me remember this song.
William Schutz (3 days ago)
Foxcutter productions (1 month ago)
What episode?
Scott Williamson (3 months ago)
The Couch Burners?
Emily D (2 years ago)
+Jack Hyde Loved these guys live! They used to play Boston in the late 80's, @ the Paradise, forget where else. Some of my best HS memories and met them at Tower Records, got my cassette signed :).
Santos Jezebel (2 years ago)
+Jack Hyde Same here. It took a few weeks of turning the chorus over in my head before I decided to look it up again. Fuck yeah for childhood and ska punk!
clint chason (2 years ago)
Made me love.....lizards,volcanoes. Etc. FUCK YOU...bandanna peels! Laundromats!
clint chason (2 years ago)
Grew up on the milkmen. Fuck you! Its punk!
Mark Schroeder (3 years ago)
I love this song I love this album I love The Dead Milkmen and also Wesley Willis Rodd Keith Poly Styrene ODB Wendy O Williams Evil Knievel Ninjas Pyrex Mongoloids Scuba Moccasins Candor and when all else fails
Alex McFuckingFaggot (3 years ago)
+Mark Schroeder What about left-handed, albino, midget, lesbian Eskimos?
multiplesifl (3 years ago)
Be right back, gotta set my boyfriend on fire.
BunnyLovesHam (2 years ago)
This GIRL is on fire
GraveRobby (3 years ago)
that's so sweet ^^ lucky guy
scoobysnax (3 years ago)
Worstnme69420 Kammerer (3 years ago)
So underrated!!
Mark Schroeder (3 years ago)
subcultures obsession with insanity if you had to feel thataway twenty four seven not so funny then huh
Ken French (7 months ago)
Mark Schroeder I do. It's fucking tits!
Doctor Turdmidget (2 years ago)
What's so horrible about insanity? I know a guy who thinks he's Jesus Christ and the CIA is coming after him. His life is way more exciting than mine.
Davesghola (3 years ago)
+Mark Schroeder I'm sorry I set your dad on fire.
Incense. Can't Eat (3 years ago)
Still a better love story than twilight!
Ken French (7 months ago)
Maybe we could ha e some fun maybe we could burn someone!
Kingfisher's Brother (3 years ago)
I've got my love to keep me warm...
+Kingfisher's Brother Same :)
notthatbrad (3 years ago)
+Jordan Stusiak well done, sir
Mary Anne Fontana (3 years ago)
"I went to your house last night, your Dad called me the human torch. Got a little pissed at him, so I burned down your front porch. Now I feel a little bad 'bout throwin' gas on your Dad, but once you start it's hard to quit. And anyway, he started it."
darthtortugas (3 years ago)
Maybe we can have some fun, Maybe we can burn someone?
Mary Anne Fontana (3 years ago)
+darthtortugas Oily rags are special things, more to me than diamond rings
darthtortugas (3 years ago)
+Mary Anne Fontana Rosato Just bought a new lighter and I just can't wait to use it
Mary Anne Fontana (3 years ago)
+Eric Kretzmer Love these guys!!!!!
Eric Kretzmer (3 years ago)
Bunch o fun guys out of Philly!! Great album titles!! Beelzebubba!!
Franc-Eric Wiedmer (3 years ago)
The1234biteityouscum (4 years ago)
Another reason to love Philadelphia
Charles Moxley (4 years ago)
Much more succinct and to the point than the lame "Your Sex is on Fire"
Mia H (4 years ago)
The Soggy bread (6 months ago)
Shredward 666 (1 year ago)
Crystal shit ftw..
Alex Allie (2 years ago)
I was quoting popculture...it's a song from popculture
Pablo Peligro x (3 years ago)
Love me two times baby Love me twice today Love me two times girl Cause I got AIDS Love me two times baby, Once for tomorrow, Once cause I got AIDS
Ana Lazovic (3 years ago)
Mia H (4 years ago)
greg wilson (4 years ago)
Good memories
EagleBear Alvarado (4 years ago)
Badass song,
Contrariwise37 (4 years ago)
That Doors reference nice....
pneu _ (1 year ago)
+NinjaGamer2003 oh wow
NinjaGamer2003 (1 year ago)
pneu _ the Bahamas are islands
pneu _ (1 year ago)
NinjaGamer2003 (1 year ago)
pneu _ like I said I think I'm kidding
pneu _ (1 year ago)
+NinjaGamer2003 how'd you drive it here
chocolate thunda (4 years ago)
definitly this depicts my perspective of love
tim friend (3 years ago)
chocolate thunda (3 years ago)
+tim friend i bet you are
tim friend (3 years ago)
+chocolate thunda im glad your not my girlfriend
taxxman90210 (4 years ago)
mcknightdoesitright (4 years ago)
are there brothers or twins in this group? the guy in the middle and the one on the left look like the same person. 
Giacomo Carali (4 years ago)
TF2 Pyros :D
TheSquaidsFoundation (5 years ago)
Nib T (1 month ago)
...smokin' banana peels!
Perzyn (2 months ago)
I go out in my yard, and there's The Wurster kid, looking up in the tree. I say, "What are You looking for?"
Russell Neighbor (4 months ago)
So one day the kids' up in the tree at 10:30 at night
ill76 Mao (2 years ago)
+Maddy Dineen So the guy breaks down and gets him a Burrow owl.....
Maddy Dineen (4 years ago)
cory hobbs (5 years ago)
i wanna set jamie on fire funkin bitch messes with my heart tooooo much,
Knights& Daze (5 years ago)
Drakoak (5 years ago)
You must not listen to much punk if you think that makes him a hippy. Punk is about peace and equality.
TheMantits27 (5 years ago)
flopimus (5 years ago)
Freak0id (5 years ago)
You reak of SKA, bitch!
Freak0id (5 years ago)
drugstorehooligan (5 years ago)
heyplaguedoctor (5 years ago)
[a delightful hobby for all ages!]
heyplaguedoctor (5 years ago)
*reeks actually. :) Reeks = stinks wreaks= causes easy mistake
Sammy Pisciotta (5 years ago)
Ironic isn't it? A song about setting your love on fire brings the peace, I LOVE IT!
Sammy Pisciotta (5 years ago)
you still can!
sue Vixen (5 years ago)
burrellangell (5 years ago)
OMG I was litte, bring back good times
Chuck House (5 years ago)
10 people were never set on fire lol
codemonkey732 (5 years ago)
You can still do that
Twinklerwolf (5 years ago)
I thought it was setting things on fire that did
katthefantastic (5 years ago)
Fabulous! 3 since '93
dizzaztergirl (5 years ago)
Eleventy... YESSS!!! I am going to chuckle for days over this.
AgonizedCandle (5 years ago)
No God comments?
I Enemies (6 years ago)
I shall now go grab a can of gas and propose... excuse me... >.>
Hermunkle (6 years ago)
I think my best girl's a little worried that I love this love song.
microbyte1 (6 years ago)
that's exactly what i was gonna say !
BestTits (6 years ago)
they must have listened to the doors a bit
jack haw (6 years ago)
Someone once gave me the advice, if you really love someone set them free, well I like this idea better.:)
leopardjeans (6 years ago)
I love how this is one of the few videos on YouTube where everyone's NOT fighting. The dead milkmen bringing everyone together
Brianna Schear (6 years ago)
This is me and my boyfriend's song now.
cwcwful (6 years ago)
Yes, you tell by the organ they are making fun of the Doors.
804safety (6 years ago)
loved these guys since i was 13..cheers from nova scotia,canada...(A)///(E)
This is not good advice.
TheEnormoose (6 years ago)
I know... that's why I find the song joyful rather than sadistic...
NOTSODOTCALM (6 years ago)
best band ever
David Arruda (6 years ago)
This comment is for those in Colorado, it's not every day your entire state is on fire.
scotty jay (6 years ago)
My Bick lighter is geting a hard on
TheEnormoose (6 years ago)
I listen to this song and get a raging smile on. I should probably get that checked out.
panzercat39 (6 years ago)
this is a pretty funny comment,I think the MilkMen would approve.
panzercat39 (6 years ago)
Hannah Johnson (6 years ago)
'teh' is the internet way of spelling 'the'. Just like 'porn' is 'pr0n'. :D
Vernon Cheatham (6 years ago)
is there a different version of this song sung by another bad? I love this one but i really like the other version better. anyone wanna hmu?
Dresdentrumpet (6 years ago)
@MrBeavisandbutthead1 Yeah I think they had a love/hate thing with the doors. They are always quoting them like in Bitchin Camero
ovlineman (6 years ago)
Im just misunderstood
Nightmonkey13 (6 years ago)
What's wrong with ska fuckwad?
HELLASMACHERAS (6 years ago)
Q:this song wreaks of SKA. Yea! it duz!! SKA can be PUNK........PUNK can be SKA!!!
Marlee Merritt (7 years ago)
Life can really burn you up when you're a pyromaniac. ;)
Robert Palmer (7 years ago)
this song wreaks of SKA :P
Beni BatCave (7 years ago)
@LockDown2341 not as horrible as your face
Sean patrick Maiorca (7 years ago)
I want to light some fires
TheInfamousniko (7 years ago)
@CrazyBear65 Please learn how to spell.
CrazyBear65 (7 years ago)
@spazz1981 Dont sett teh kitteh on fyr, oak ay? Cuz he/she/watevr aint dezurvz it, yeh. yeh, yeh, dead milkmen, hellyeh, D E D, dead. Cuz i wuz playn god ov war, but i got kilded D E D, dead. Nao i sett teh ps2 on fyr. :P
Justabitindecisive (7 years ago)
Seems legit.
Bridgette Noneya (7 years ago)
I reallllllllly wish Big Deal was somewhere on youtube :( It's probably my favorite song by them. Though this one is definately up there.
Ian Richardson (7 years ago)
this song is good. and i like it. that is all.
girlsatimebombxx (7 years ago)
if me and my boyfriend ever get married, i want him to sing this song to me at the reception. i'm such a romantic.
SilverHammer1 (7 years ago)
The Doors are pleased. lol
sweetdeathofi (7 years ago)
@spazz1981 LMFAO! :D
Denchot (7 years ago)
"Do you love me?" *scritchscritch*"Of course honey." *burningnoise* "But you said you loved me....."
any 1 wunder why you didnt hear about me seting my kids on fire...? cuz i dont love my kids (just in case you didnt cetch my joke)
any 1 wunder why you didnt hear about me seting my kids on fire...? cuz i ont love my kids (just in case you didnt cetch my joke)
Tabatha Lamont-Arthur (7 years ago)
4 people have never been set on fire :(
panzercat39 (7 years ago)
this is the best love song ever!!!
Sarah Rordam (7 years ago)
@assortedfish i just listen to em for the same reason i listen to the aquabats, they make me laugh (:
Peter Ranken (7 years ago)
hey ska. these guys really were pretty damn good musicians.
atomicinjun (7 years ago)
"Maybe we can have some fun, maybe we can burn someone..."
felderup (7 years ago)
@Defze it's also a kind of grain.

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