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Sagittarius| November 2018| Major achievements!

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This is your tarot and oracle reading for matters of the heart for November 2018. Please check your moon, rising and Venus signs for more clarity. The turn around for private readings are 3 business days but it can vary. If you would like a private consultation all about you, I can be reached at: [email protected] Price list: 1. 1 question-1 answer= $10.00 2. Mini tarot + oracle reading= $20.00 3. Full tarot + oracle reading=$35.00 4. Comprehensive soulmate/twin flame reading= $60.00 5. Emergency reading that is done within the same day of purchase= $65.00 or 15 minute emergency reading for $40.00 6. 2019 year in advance- we delve into the tarot and oracle cards for every single month in 2019! = On sale until December 1st for $90.00 and then it goes up to $115.00 For payment and donations: https://www.paypal.me/celestialtarot Find your rising sign here: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php My Facebook page where do contests for free readings! https://m.facebook.com/celestialtarotbynikki/ Love and light to you all 🕉💙💜 *** for entertainment purposes only ***
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Text Comments (9)
Jill Cavanaugh (3 months ago)
Cross watcher here. Looks and sounds a lot like Leo!! I like it 🥰
Angie Banks (4 months ago)
Sag sun, Leo rising, Libra moon
Angie Banks (4 months ago)
Could this be connection be a son in spirit coming back as a new pregnancy now
Lori B (4 months ago)
I hope its money love can take a back seat Thank You
Victor Leonardo (4 months ago)
Thanks for the reading blessings
Ashley Helmueller (4 months ago)
Amazingly accurate regarding recent past. ... got the job, and offer accepted on a house! I'm looking forward to the missed opportunity/reconciliation and trying to be patient. Good things come in threes and Jupiter is home! Sag is on fire 🔥♐
yulaisis Varela (4 months ago)
You are spot on....my new interest is Leo. This is very interesting.thank you for reading live 😘❤️🌷
prira watcha (4 months ago)
🙏🙏🙏Me and my partner we back together after healing, him go far far in spirit world, and trying to heal our family. Thank you for your time and the wonderful job you do, wish you all the best and blessings 🙏
Divine Love (4 months ago)
Just found out my Saggitarius sister is pregnant and she's having a boy. Plus I'm a Sagittarius moon I'm hoping I do get da job I applied for😏

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