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WANT TO BE A REAL CAR GUY? VISIT OUR SHOP AT: WORLDWIDE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/CARLIFESTYLE/ GERMAN: https://shop.spreadshirt.de/CARLIFESTYLE/ ___________ Don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more! We put new videos every week! ___________ Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. ___________ Please be careful on the roads! Never consume alcoholic beverages before driving. This is the most frequent cause of serious accidents. If you drink, use a non-drinking designated driver, a taxi, or sleep over. Follow street signs and traffic lights, but use your judgment too. Don't try to beat red lights. And expect others to try to do so, so give them time to go through, particularly trucks that have trouble slowing down. Always stay at a safe distance from other vehicles. A general rule is the farther you are from them, the safer you are. When you try to run a red light, there are many grave hazards. You take the risk that someone will turn in front of you (thinking that you must be stopping). Or, when the light changes, someone will pull out from the side and into your path. Or, a pedestrian (perhaps a child) will step out into the crosswalk on the far side. You are probably speeding and are committed to running the light, so the accident will be a severe one. The resulting carnage will be your fault, and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Keep in mind here that, it is exceptionally difficult for the other driver, when looking at your vehicle head on, whether your are about to accelerate, stop, or even how fast you are going. ___________ If you own any of these videos and have a copyright issue, please message us and we will find a solution. :) Mail us at: [email protected] HAVE A LUCKY DAY ! :) DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." ___________ Tags: Crash, ford mustang, Ford, Police, Crashes, audi, R8, Audi R8 (Automobile Model), Youtube, Chase, Cars, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bmw, Upload, Accident, Supercars, Crash Compilation, Car Crash, Race, Carrera, Panamera, Supercar (Automotive Class), Fire, Mp4, Tutorial, Aston, Martin, Supercars Crash Compilation #1 [only video] in HD (720p), only, video, Tuning, veneno, aventador, red, rouge, Corvette, Maserati, Lotus, F430, Bentley, Sound, Turbo, Rolls, Gmt, Cross, super, Bugatti EB110, Ferrari F50, expensive, exotic, exclusive, extreme, luxury, super, cars, crash, wreck, accident, fail, failure, spin, burnout, racing, drifting, sliding, lambo, lamborghini, gallardo, murceilago, ferrari, chevrolet, corvette, dodge, viper, srt, 10, porsche, Super car driver idiots, Cars Videos on YouTube, Super Car Driver Idiots, Porsche, Lamborghini, epic super car fail, super car faill compilation, funny car fail, Aston martin crashes 2016, Lamborghini Aventador crashes 2016, bugatti crashes 2016, ferrari crashes 2016, Sports car fail, Funny, Super Cars Stupid Driving Behavior by Rich owner, Super Car Crashes, Expensive Car Fail, Automotive Industry (Industry), Driving (Website Category), rich people car fail, Drive, Fail, Super car driver idiots, Super Car Driver Idiots, epic super car fail, super car faill compilation, funny car fail, Super Cars Stupid Driving Behavior by Rich owner, Super Car Crashes, Drive, car crash, car, crashes, suppercar crash, road, road accident, dashcam, dash camera, Car Crash Compilation Best Super Car Compilation | Best Supercar Compilation | Top 10 Compilation | Gallardo Crash | Murcielago Crash | Aventador Crash | Veneno Crash
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Text Comments (514)
edoo1 (34 minutes ago)
this vid makes no sense well ok
Fuľa Bakana (14 hours ago)
Russian people in BMW have litle cocks!!! Olny In Russia.. Russian People needs to be deleted from the map of the world
Im a bmw driver and i dont drive like this -_-
Кот Вася (1 day ago)
Биомусор на бмвэ умирает в 5-ть один резвее обычного человека! и это отлично!
ひみ (3 days ago)
john doe (4 days ago)
the last one gets butthurt when bmw passed him then does the same and pass other cars showing finger to the bmw driver then run away like a coward... get his ass kicked in the end hahah noice
On 5:56 it is Saint-Petersburg, Parashutnaya ulitsa, after Bogatirsky prospekt)
BMWTune (4 days ago)
понравилось будто юноша на BMW поступил с мотоциклистом ездите,вы гребаные 2-ух колосники сами между рядов и режете.
denizci berat (4 days ago)
super car and motorcycle page. subscrable my page
denizci berat (4 days ago)
super car and motorcycle page. subscrable my page
Naomi Kawai (8 days ago)
Non educated people drives BMW? Or arrogant people drives it??
some of these drivers didn't mean to crash, some of them are just stupid, but the raining one or anything during a storm is not their fault. They start to slide around. Does no one realize that some of these or other people crashing into the BMW driver?
CineMax -Paiva (10 days ago)
Muito louco
mani moto (10 days ago)
i think the reason of the first accident was hydroplanning. yo may see the driver was steering right while slipping to the left side. that was not an idiot driver.
Famous Rapper (13 days ago)
Thats why i dont buy BMW xD
Lokra (14 days ago)
Tow problems: car manufacturers produce sports cars, and brain dead people.
Prostia Doare (16 days ago)
Gypsy BMW driver*
Nagaraj R (16 days ago)
NagaRaj Naralakere
Justins Autowelt (17 days ago)
Russen spago vom allerfeinsten
Muzyczne Party Mix (17 days ago)
kovács gergő (19 days ago)
1:38 -1:45 -2:14 -6:17 why idiot?!?! Another guy are idiot
ProGamerFriendZ (21 days ago)
I think it’s kinda weird how everybody came to the Mazda driver and nobody cared about the BMW driver
Faiza Chowdhury (22 days ago)
On the first one I don’t think that person couldn’t help it, the roads were very slippery.
Lil way 777 (26 days ago)
I know
Keiller Ellis (27 days ago)
everybody is sayin that this video is all about russian drivers. its not, a couple of these videos are either american or down south in the UK edit: and i say this all the time. why do people who have nicearse cars feel the need to drive like fucking twats?! youre gonna do either one of three things 1) completely fuck up your car and not be able to drive it 2) kill yourself, another driver, pedestrain or animal. OR 3) damage a building or wall and also i get the who recording point of it but if youre driving like a twat and somebody gets out and hits ur car surely you would stop and ask them why the hit your car?? im not a driver yet myself but i still understand the rules of the road.
Khalid Awan (29 days ago)
What the hell ...all are mental
Aliyan Jafery (30 days ago)
Idiot drivers
Tomasz Orion (1 month ago)
O nie
Ge0miiX & DekuSan_ (1 month ago)
Erkan Nadiv (1 month ago)
Dariga Kudabaeva (1 month ago)
Жаман болды
Paola Corona Martinez (1 month ago)
Escapando de las deudas itodo tesalemal 😂😂😂
long dick!! (1 month ago)
The first one is called losing controll
Jessica Reyes (1 month ago)
Kristian Johnson (1 month ago)
That’s why you have breaks for a reason idiots
gtr BOA (1 month ago)
Можете по русски строчить!!!
Luis Betts (1 month ago)
This is bad for bimers reputation!
Micaela Sanchez (1 month ago)
I got that shit is gonna make you body flip
Santino Silva (1 month ago)
Luna 9130:3 (1 month ago)
I don't have my license yet but it turns out I have road rage lol
Rebecca Adams (1 month ago)
On your next car crash video, you should use 'March of the flowers' for background music....
Deepak Chaurasiya (1 month ago)
Dual (1 month ago)
oh thats nice. do all cars have emergency brakes?
III TRAP III (1 month ago)
5:26 Song name?
Super JG Gaming (1 month ago)
That guy on the motorcycle racing the white BMW was pretty dumb. He should've just left it when the car cut him off. Pointing (I think) the middle finger at the person and trying to drive away quickly was a bad move. He could've gotten himself in serious danger! Please don't do these things, it can just make it worse. Just report their actions to the police.
Ekipa ma Bzika (1 month ago)
Noob 4748 (1 month ago)
2:21 that was t the bmw fault
Sairam Uyyala (1 month ago)
DRIVER not perfect in porn country's
Andy P (1 month ago)
BMW - Ultimate Dying Machine
Coupydog (1 month ago)
01:33 what kind of car is this? That had nice getup & go!
Nikki Landwehr (1 month ago)
"best of 2017 car crashes" posts it on januari 8th 2017
Lewis Jones (1 month ago)
Black car after crash help shitrag
Ghstcsttcn Fünffaches (1 month ago)
Robert Meiers (1 month ago)
günther irius
Xx fox123 (1 month ago)
Insted of look out for the train) it can be (look out for the BMW)
Andrei Mazilu (1 month ago)
tare men
Ruby Evans (1 month ago)
Finally I found one with bmw drivers because literally most people who own BMW’s can’t drive
Primal Patel (1 month ago)
I have ADUI R8
CoopsCraft PS4 (1 month ago)
Yeah well I have a _ADUI R9_
Mario Stroie game (1 month ago)
Police nafting
Ray Nunez (1 month ago)
1 Xavier David Mariano (1 month ago)
he crashed at the stupid thingi
Darek Chatkievicius (1 month ago)
ItsLola 100 (1 month ago)
That white car was an idiot
justin nb (1 month ago)
Becki Lorch (1 month ago)
Yes 👍👍👍
عمر النشمي (1 month ago)
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته فيه بعض الحوادث خطيره وبعضها خفيفه بس يضحك حق الجمس وا ال بي ام دبليو بس أكترها بي ام دبليو في المقطع وسلام☺️😎🤩
Я одинешенек российский?
merlingt1 (1 month ago)
BMW drivers only use their blinkers at the track when they constantly have to move out of the way of faster traffic.
S4LTY4LIFE YT (1 month ago)
i life (1 month ago)
Aree Akram (1 month ago)
kraljevi balkana (1 month ago)
Heena Shariff (1 month ago)
Fuck you ass the 3rd video is not about BMW
Ben Roblox (1 month ago)
at 1:01 did he have brakes
ewa Gazda (1 month ago)
Nitjaporn Thongsan (1 month ago)
DoubleLucky777 (1 month ago)
NO not the bmws 😯
Newa Bibi (1 month ago)
These idiots are showing off
Newa Bibi (1 month ago)
Lynne Millar (1 month ago)
People with expensive cars are idiots.
sashu portillo (1 month ago)
dios como chocan que feo 😕😥😥😥😥
Ben Ashton (1 month ago)
this bmw driver I filmed secretly tops most of these clips: https://youtu.be/TE05MFkUhc0
Simona Casetta (1 month ago)
greatest man ever (1 month ago)
Women drive!!!
NONたん (1 month ago)
roblox videos for fun (2 months ago)
Scorpio TheGamer (2 months ago)
[NK]STEVEN_YT (2 months ago)
Yeahhhhhh 1:33🤘
ipan tampan (2 months ago)
Vipan Kumar (2 months ago)
I think people forget that they have braked
Pezzi (2 months ago)
Paxton Epperly (2 months ago)
No it's not jack
ElderTheSmasher (2 months ago)
Only some are the BMW idiots but most are other people that are idiots
Jakeplayz YT (2 months ago)
What’s the difference between bmw drivers and porkipines? For porkiepines the pricks are on the outside
Unicorns eat Rainbows (2 months ago)
My dad calls bmws big massive wanckers
Becki Lorch (1 month ago)
WHAT 😣😣😣😤😤😤😤😤😓😓👎👎
Saban Demiri (2 months ago)
Auf pase
EREBOS EVIL (2 months ago)
DANILO VELJKOVIC (2 months ago)
BMW stands for: Bavarian Motorised Wankermobile
Becki Lorch (1 month ago)
Olivia Wallace Petchey (2 months ago)
In the first one the white car was on the rebra crossing and the crosing man was red XD
adama coulibaly (2 months ago)
PPeople are idiots
shahriar ahmad (2 months ago)
Green Kraven YT (2 months ago)
Rip bmw

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