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Why Dating Sites Don't Work ~ MGTOW

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I go over why using dating sites is a complete waste of time, putting several hours a day into something with almost no return and having to pay for the privilege. Facebook is almost the same platform and it is free. Lets talk over the reasons why these sites are a complete money grab for both men and women. Marcel's channels New channel (Sgt. Marcel) Below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe9hPPT7iyu8gvcm4sPWehQ https://www.minds.com/Marcel_Enlightened https://twitter.com/MarcelEnlighten https://www.facebook.com/MarcelEnlightened/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrv0NCiVhht6HfViwlaVJBA http://www.dailymotion.com/Marcelenlightened https://vid.me/Marcel_Enlightened Outro song, The World Below: Score Squad (Rights were purchased)
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John A (4 hours ago)
truth really really hurts
Ron Merkus (8 hours ago)
Its funny with the dating apps, they send you like a half a dozen or so of there Hottest girls, claiming they want to meet you. Then when you finally pay for a membership, the so called one's that desire to meet you, all of a sudden are mute, and then there are the sites where a girl is trying to bull shit you in to joining something else, because she is concerned about her safety and before she will date you, she wants you to get a security check , which she claims does not cost money!!!
P.A. Beaulieu (9 hours ago)
A woman who's really hot doesn't have to suscribe (even for free) on a dating website to get a man, unless she only wants validation. I'm sure almost, if not all, dating sites, create Fembots accounts to attract more men. If a ratio of 50% men/50% women is shown, in reality, it's probably 80%/20%, even less than that, and those women are probably desperate cases.
Ron Merkus (9 hours ago)
You are better to just get a super Hot call girl!!!
Black Girls (9 hours ago)
Night Owl (11 hours ago)
From someone who has tried, only once, with a paid subscription, I will tell you like many others, just save your money. I knew it might not work, but I tried just to see, because I know I'm physically attractive, and I have many of the things women are supposedly looking for. Everything in this video is correct. I know from experience that this is not worth the money, don't do it. Ever. The one date I went on the woman was just a complete freak, she wouldn't talk to me, obviously had some agenda in her head, was a total cold bitch. It was beyond awkward and uncomfortable, I want nothing to do with these kinds of women, they are insane and rotten people, and I believe they are the ones plaguing these sites. Even if you have all the things a woman could want, they just want to roll you some how, take what you have. I can't say it enough, avoid these women. I can't speak for everyone, maybe you've been successful, I only joined because I had a friend who swore by one of these sites and actually met three women that he enjoyed dating, but for me and so many other guys it is just a smack to the face. A wake up call. Don't do it.
Bill Brown (14 hours ago)
FORGET the "dating sites" & Murcan gold diggin hoes I recommend "shopping" at your local ASIAN SUPERMARKET! I found my 25 y.o. FILIPINA DOLL on a ASIAN DATING SITE but the "process" cost me $20K & a 6 mo. "red tape" nightmare to get her here. We been married almost 5 yrs. now. She my 4th and BEST wife ever. Prev. wife died 17 yrs ago.
Bill Brown (15 hours ago)
My 3rd wife of 30 years died 17 years ago when I was age 60. I'm KID-FREE by choice. After 10 years being "in the hunt" and deciding that ALL MURCAN SKANKS ARE GOLD DIGGIN HOES only seekin a CHUMP to raise their kids for um, I found a 25 y.o. FILIPINA DOLL on a dating site! She is 100% better than MURCAN HOES. We married almost 5 yrs.
Broccoli Rob (13 hours ago)
Dude.....just be relatively decent looking and go on Ashley Madison saying "I like this and that - I like oral sex, conventional sex, no moms, and I like brunettes aged 22-40", avoiding the attached females seeking males.....go for single females seeking males only, most of them are single and hot bitches anyways, you'll still get about 20 to 30 chicks in just a couple weeks, which is more than enough, but still more yet will trickle in every single day.....you'll seriously have 2 fucking hot girls a day message you - quit acting like an incel and get out there and claim your birthright as a man.....and stop thinking "oh I want a relationship" like a girl - thats GIRL talk. QUIT IT, YOUNG MAN. ASHLEY MADISON. GO. NOW!!
Brenda B (1 day ago)
MGTOW = Misfits Griping To Overcome Wimpiness
Eric (1 day ago)
being in a very, very small town for almost 15 years, the vast majority of my meeting women has been from dating sites. my experience has been mixed, and i will agree that many sure seem to just be on these sites as attention whores. beyond that, women just seem to have a huge advantage, and the numbers are solidly stacked in their favor. the one key is patience and persistence. i have met some quality women, and they are out there. thing with me is, i am fine being alone, and as long as i have at least one piece of ass available, i am ok with not being in a relationship at the cost of my freedom. especially, since my schedule is so demanding, and i don't tolerate female nonsense.
jake williams (1 day ago)
women on those allways put a price on the poon ,, the problem is its never worth the price thats why they are single
Billy Angus (1 day ago)
Among other things, I think it's totally STUPID to spend a fortune just to try to find a date or a sweetheart when these so-called "matchmaking" companies are only in it for the money and not helping lonely singles connect. It's time to go back to the REAL-LIFE introductions and matchmaking. And so all you crazy lovebirds out there, cut out the hand-holding and smooching and help your lonely single friends get a date!!😖 Otherwise, you're on your own when your single friends reject you while you're so into each other with your silly lovey-dovey mush!🤢 After all, nobody wants to end up the "third wheel".
Gewgulkan Suhckitt (1 day ago)
Too much deception. Too few even moderately desirable people. Too many men and not enough women on such sites as well and the few women there should be run away from, not run towards.
Carniez (1 day ago)
nothing more humiliating than messaging a fat chick and having her laugh at you. LMAO
cmscms123456 (1 day ago)
US American society is DEAD and GONE... Im 50's, divorced and financially secure. Women don't understand, once they are past 28-30 years old, they are like an expired lotto ticket. And, divorced with kids.. Ladies, you're a bad joke.
Rick (2 days ago)
I'm really good looking and it still took a lot of work for me. I can go to a bar club party or whatever public and a woman will approach me some time throughout the night. Or I can go ask one to dance if I want to pick. Online is full of women with kids looking for Mr money banks. If your good looking enough and can convince them you are real you can get laid. Eventually they will break it off with you once they realize you are getting bored of their shit because the sex with them just isnt worth the being manipulated into doing shit for them or just listening to them complain, gripe, or womansplain feminism. Most of them were 1 night stands just because she looked way better in her pictures but what the hell Im here... lets fuck Some just like to go out with good looking guys just to dis them. They ask you questions until they find something they can dis you for assuming she had a chance. Well I have to say yes she had a chance at my dick in her but she never had a chance of anything more. I mean cmon... I fuck my fist on occasion. Me wanting to fuck you is nothing to take pride in . You Probably wont get something better than you get in person on date apps. Even the good ones I've met have something wrong that no one wants to deal with. Just think about it for a minute. If you're a good looking honest desirable woman, why are you single and why doesnt anyone you know want you since you have such great friends. Its all bells and whistles. Women cant control themselves so they try to control men.
M TD (2 days ago)
I know many good men who get 0 from dating sites but I know one or 2 tall fit model like pretty boys who honestly drown in tinder women, not dates, literally they just come over to fuck, one of the dudes was a housemate of mine, I've seen it first hand. Its just for girls to exercise there own shallowness. If you're not a 6 foot plus model looking dude, you get nothing. They care not for anything but finding a dude to fuck, not mr right.
Heath Harris (2 days ago)
I found my girlfriend on eharmony, we have been together for over 1 year.
yep, online dating is degrading for men.
Chuck Higgins (2 days ago)
I' ll spend my cash at my favorite casino. Guys BAD deal. Hard dick, call girls are nearby.
Leigh Doughty (2 days ago)
I think it depends on the city - I'm from a medium sized city in England and I've been hooked up with tons of women from tinder with not that much effort. I'm slightly above average in terms of looks, decent in social situations, not rich. I think people who have issues are americans or people from massive cities like London or Toronto.
Michael S (2 days ago)
The real truth: The days of the 1950's are over. Inflation, currency debasement, etc have insured that the days of only a man (or woman) going to work while the other stays home are over. (Unless of course you are a grossly overpaid, entitlement cop on Long Island, NY....but i digress). If by chance you are one of the lucky men who work & get paid enough of a 6 figure salary to keep your wife happy & not having to work well then you are good (That is until the money stops & then she dumps your ass = child support/ alimony) The majority of divorces in the USA happen because of.....MONEY. Not love. Love is typically not the problem. The simply, honest truth is this: People who want to get married MUST be on the same economic page & have the same economic goals. Period. If not, I can assure you...you WILL end up getting divorced & if you are the man you will pay thru the nose for alimony, child support, etc. What's worse: Way to many of today's "women" are barely above the mindless twit level in today's dumbed down world & many truly think that life is going to be just like the reality TV shows they all sit around watching & finger banging to. Couple that with the majority of women who literally make no effort to keep their bodies in any reasonable shape anymore. I've never seen so many 20 yr old women with more cellulite in my life. When i was 18 back in 1982 there were less than 5% of all females who were truly overweight and you could count the obese ones on one hand. Now something like +50% of all are overweight & of those 40% are obese. (Yet they are all deluded into believing men will want them....LOL) Oh God I have to stop. I'm tired. Guys, I've been married +25 years to the same woman. No one is 100% perfect but my wife: Still 100% cares about what she looks like. Contributes just as much economically as I do to the marriage (We have the net worth & fully paid college educations for our kids to prove it) This is how you do it guys. Most guys are wasting their time trying to "hunt" & "find" the right one, (Yes if you're looking ONLY to screw that's different). Most guys are best off meeting the right one out of nowhere (holding the door for a woman) or an off chance meeting. Statistics show that is the best way to meet the real "one" for life. Good luck guys.
Deven Keough (2 days ago)
You are never going to find a "quality" girl on a dating site, why do you think they're on there in the first place?
Mark Edwards (2 days ago)
Magfed Jim (2 days ago)
I've never met a single person through an online dating site that wasn't either a liar, a total crazy bitch, a scam artist, or had major family issues. All these girls are completely uninterested in getting to know me as a person for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. They're the ones that have more in common with a deadly parasite than any other being on this earth and deserve absolutely nothing. If you don't believe me, tell any girl you meet online that you don't have a great job (even if you do) and they'll be gone faster than you can blink your eyes...
Yvonne Poole (2 days ago)
Sites don't work for women either! :(
Mark Heath (3 days ago)
I think the only way to make dating sites work is by having a government run one like a national love service, singles can go to and do activities together to learn about people and opposite sex, take money out of it and volunteer run and tax funded like nhs or would that be even worse?
karl Kruger (3 days ago)
I was recently on a date site & was looking up the profiles, & as i live out side the city i looked up where these women were -to see if they were local. i began to notice they were comming from the same small villages around the district . one town had 9 people in living there but the site had 7 women from there wanting to meet me ,i began to take notice & the women came in blocks of 5 or 7 .some of the villages had every woman on the site & all wanted me. there were the cream of the crop young 17 -20 yrs claiming to be virgins & living with boy friends who wouldn't have sex with them //// do you know a 20 yr male who won't have sex with a virgin? so they wanted me to meet and do the deed ,now i am 68 yrs old can you imagine? MOST WOMEN ON THESE SITES DO NOT EXIST the site is there to make them money.
Greg Benwell (3 days ago)
Plenty Of Fish what a joke!!!!
There are no "dating" sites because women who are able to get men don't need to advertise outside their immediate vicinity. "Dating" sites are mostly just unappealing women bloating their own egos by 'rejecting' truckloads of men, as if they'd been personally approached. Guys who go on these places are looking for a potential partner; women who go on them are sorting through the crowd.
Rafael Baère (3 days ago)
I will just share my experience. Started on dating apps 2 months ago, once my job makes me travel basically every week to a different country/city. Got a decent amount of matches, most of them ended up after 2 or 3 sentences exchanged, and they were far from "Hi, how are you?", "Good, and you ?". Had one date, was a very nice one actually, I didn't pay for anything, we actually split the bill. After that she disappeared. Now the real bad side of it:  1) Most of the profiles are fake;  2) Most of them just want to suck your money, and they even say that in their profiles;  3) Most of them treat themselves like pieces of meat, with sentences like "You will have to message me first, prove me you are worth of my attention" and so on, as if they were a trophy.  4) Most of the profiles are of either fat, or old, or single mothers, or all of them in one. Most of these mothers are less than 23, which means they were not, let's say, very attentive, because I doubt all of them planned the baby. Notice that they are single now... 5) Many profiles are extremely offensive and they really post wild stuff like "don't waste my time if...", or "if you are like this swipe left".  6) Many profiles display several half naked pictures, showing their butts, boobs, lingerie and so on but in the description they say "Not here for hookups" or "I am looking for something serious"... What I see is many people who lost the battle for life, who are jaded, depressed, bored and lost.
Alex Salgado (3 days ago)
I would encounter these websites via random ads, and I’d always make a profile with a 10 minute email address just to look around; I always get bombarded with messages from “horny women” dying to meet me (even without a profile picture lol)! There’s so many bots on those sites it’s crazy
Zip Zenac (3 days ago)
I offer my fellow men another option. Do what I did. Vote with your feet and go to live in the paradise of Vietnam, replete with beautiful, slim, feminine women who will 'love you long time'. A couple of days ago I was riding my motorbike one of the thousands of great, low-cost bars in Ho Chi Minh City. I had an hour to kill, so ah, fuck it, I dropped in at a massage parlour en route. I got a head job to die for- full tongue bath, ball sucking, tongue up the butt, and deep throating...the works. The bad news is it cost me $15!!! Whew. Prices are going through the roof everywhere these days, ha ha. Oh, I should mention I'm a 68 year old grandfather and my lovely enthusiastic honey was 21. It's your choice guys. And the beers with the boys afterwards were great too, ha ha. A couple of Western women land whales did come here once mouthing off but they got speared and used to make Pho soup. End of problem.
nickderonde (3 days ago)
What’s wrong with a lil knuckle shuffle on the ol piss pump? There’s too much disease out there with these filthy animals.
Ian N (3 days ago)
"I'm a 4'10" overweight female. I require my man to be fit, 6'1" into sports" This is not an exaggeration. When I wasted my time on dating sites, I'd have searches miss because I'm 5'7" and not 5'9". Yup, I could be the perfect guy OTHER than I'm 2" shorter than their ideal. Despite the woman being 5'0" or shorter. Hell, I'm 7" taller than you... does that 2" matter??? It's just a waste of time and effort, and you end up being heartbroken. Accept your life without a partner. Get on with your life. If someone great comes along, perfect. If they don't, you're better off.
thepro08 (3 days ago)
is just another big scam, romance aka dating, in restaurants, clubs even cinemas was made to extract money from the straight male, even to condition females to prostitutes no matter how innocent they think they are, society told them to rank man by how much money they have, and to only talk with them if they give them money and pay for that shit, and of course only marry a man that is richer than them.... thats a form of prostitution specially when the billion dollar divorce industry and laws make men pay for it.... loose half of their money witch was more than the female in the first place all treat women like some social case, that need alimoney aka all his money.... is completely out of control and you cant find a attractive women in America that will go out with a men and pay for her food and drinks like the "independent" woman that she say she is.... stop defrauding man out of their money , all this industries live of man money.... and are the force beyond capitalism, women spend, man make money to have sex.... capitalism aka institucional prostitution, and I dont think this is good for either man or women.... both genders are being played.
Tim Grosse (3 days ago)
Hit the nail on the head with this video
Dead Prepper (3 days ago)
Based on my understanding in the beginning, pof worked for alot of people. The problem is, all the "good fish" are taken and whats left is the pond scum sitting at the bottom being useless.
onaturalia (3 days ago)
Doom and gloom. LOL
2nd classCitizen (3 days ago)
catfishing hoars wasting our time
RynieRynie (3 days ago)
My best friend met his wife on Tinder, and I also met my GF on Tinder. My GF and I bought a house, had a kid, and are getting married. It works, but you have to weed through a lot of people. I had ZERO expectations.
WPFreeinternet (3 days ago)
It is nothing more than a simple profile site. They straight up want attention. Boy do some of them go for the pants fast.
CatsMeowPaw (4 days ago)
My experience with online dating is women do not want free meals. My dates have always insisted on paying half. The reason is simple: they don't want the man to spend an extra $40 with the expectation that he can demand sex after the meal. So women are very keen to pay on dates. The video is completely wrong.
Dan Kirslis (5 days ago)
I tried not one but two dating sites. I did not even want to do it, but I had already tried everything else in my crap hometown Carbondale, IL. When my mom suggested online dating I was extremely hesitant. I thought about it for a week before I created two profiles on two sites. On one site I asked 16 women and nobody answered. One the other I asked out 20 and only got one date with a woman from Gallatin, TN. Fortunately we had a good night together. We enjoyed each others' company. But I checked that site three months after our date and the other women I asked still haven't responded.
David DeQuasie (5 days ago)
Hard to believe that men would fall for this scam. The women just want free dinners while they sit there and text their friends with photos of their food. Sounds boring.
Fadi (5 days ago)
Great video!
disndat1000 (6 days ago)
One Question to ask before going on a date to test for her honesty, confidence, integrity, reasonability and reveal what you are getting yourself into: ********* Ask for a no-make-up selfie. ********* (Trade tip: You won't get one 99% of the time) Huge money saver. If they actually do (1%), the pic will tell you whether they are desparate or whether they are in fact alpha and you might be on to something. Or just terminate your account already, which is an even bigger money saver.
Never Ending Purpose (6 days ago)
I’ve been on dating sites from time to time and all of the women that reached out were so overweight. Only one, with three kids, was in great shape but her personality was horrible. After a few dates, she started telling me that guys hit on her everywhere she goes and what man really wants it listen to that, constantly? She was so self absorbed that I came to realize she was only on the site to receive all the attention she could just to make her feel great about herself. Like the man who made this video stated, I have also seen the same women still looking for the perfect guy, years later. So where does a guy go to find a woman that is genuine?
ferkemall (6 days ago)
High milers with 160,000 on the clock been well hammered given all their best to the previous owners then you find out its been in the shop a lot to replace worn out components it been in the body shop as a few time but at the end of the day that old 70s model is just what it is its old and with the older models when they get to about 40 all hell breaks loose and now it dont want to fire up there is no performance left in it ,your thought it was going to going to last you at least untill you were 60 but sadly its not the case its time to junk it because there are younger models out there that you can rent and in the long run its the better deal !
Phoenix Rising (7 days ago)
“Online dating” is a politically correct way of saying “Chad and Tyrone’s harem”. Translation: 100% of women are only interested in the 5% of men (Chad and Tyrone). The women go online and get pumped and dumped in a rotation by the Chads and Tyrones. The 95% of all other men are all going MGTOW rapidly and all the whores aka (women) cry “All men are rapists!!” and ask “Where have all the good guys gone??”... These delusional cunts blame all men for the actions of the 5% of Chads and Tyrones. No man in his right mind would settle for Chad and Tyrone’s 35 year old “used goods”. The whores are old and lonely and childless now... and still fail to see the problem: Their delusional standards, hyperinflated sense of self worth, sense of self entitlement, horrible selfish arrogant attitude, and the fact that modern women emulate men! LMFAO. Sorry ladies but I’m not stupid, desperate, or gay. You aren’t attractive and infact you are an worthless illusion.
Frederick0220 (7 days ago)
Tinder/Online Dating is a cesspool of trannies, catfish, prostitutes, bots, and women who look nothing like their photos. Cold approach, especially daygame, is infinitely more effective and fulfilling than sitting in your apartment all day swiping right, in hopes of getting a date with a 4, whereas you can get a much more attractive girl off daygame and build your confidence in the process.
K (7 days ago)
Not true. As a women I have actually been looking for a real man not attention ( I have more then enough of that in real life). I have stopped using it because the quality of men is indeed low there. I agree with that part. No woman I know is looking for attention at those websites or even in internet in general. You (men) have to finally understand that we have so much attention all the time ( even on the street ) that we do not do anything to get more of it! We don't need to! Women on those websites are really looking for men. Because most women have a lot of attention but not enough real men.
David H (9 days ago)
Match was the worst. Your overview couldn't have been more spot on. The profiles were spectacular looking women with amazing lives...ran marathons....well traveled....successful....into hiking and shit...BUT.... they were looking for someone 6'3....never married...virgin....loved to do chic shit only....on and on. the ones i did have the misfortune to meet were broken...and looked noting like their profile. Hell I drove to Savanah Ga. to meet one at the huge St. Patricks Day celebration and she freaking passed out from drinking. We took the bus there because my dumb ass left my bike at her house...I was stuck with a hung over chick for the next 6 hours...but uhhh her best friend was hot. You can imagine the friends I made when I told her friend I was into HER and not the women i came to see. Jesus....
PlayStation Guy85 (9 days ago)
Women on dating websites all lie about who they are
Killsocialmedia (9 days ago)
Because they want to ride in your yacht and I don't have one
T Kash (9 days ago)
PLEASE tell me that this simp shyt is not your experience lmaaaoo
Farfy McDoogle (9 days ago)
Dating apps are all the same: bots, catfish and flakes. MAYBE 1% genuine people. Never trust anyone who filters every picture. I don’t wanna see you with animal ears (ok maybe 1 of your pictures like that is cute but get real) and it’s clear you’re hiding something. Is it trendy now to hike and have dogs? Obviously your kids come first. No need to state that. So we match and you don’t wanna talk? Oh you think it’s not obvious all your pictures are old? Paying does NOT increase your chances; you get the same bullsh for free. These services should not display inactive profiles. Learn how to read! Don’t ask me my age and interests when you haven’t even looked at my profile! Yeah umm.. everyone likes to have fun.. no need to say that in your bio either... and for those that put zero effort with 1 picture/no bio, or especially no pictures or only pictures of memes and inanimate objects? LOL: PASS! And don’t even get me started on the clown-face drawn eyebrows and fake lashes lol -end rant
da rey (12 days ago)
I matched on tinder last month with this hot althletic Slovakian woman I live in the UK. she was 30 I'm 27. I was low pretty bored at the time she offered to meet me I had the flu and said yeah when I'm abit better. Next thing you know she took a photo of my street. She lives miles from me and I did not tell her where I lived. She kept sending messages and said come find me. So I thought get her away from my house I played this game and eventually found. on the outside she was pretty hot. But then we went to a cafe she had one of those smart watches on it kept flashing and buzzing. Then she opened up instead of talking about her life. She told me about every guy she's been meeting on tinder and been screwing with she's only been single 2 months and was asking me for a relationship. Her phone was buzzing away like crazy she was loving it. And telling me about the guy she met couple days before me stuck his cock in her mouth. And alot more stories even guys shes been screwing in offices. Throughout the whole date I knew nothing about her and more about all her exs and sex life she even showed me pictures of her exs. And told me there cock sizes at this point I've had it I had to leave. Quickly made out with her and I left. She then gets home messaging she's having a panic attack and her 12 year old daughter had to help her out making out she was about to die. She phoned me later at night telling me her ex is gonna look after her two kids while she goes to a sex party. At that point I blocked all contact and deleted tinder.
Larry Boysen (12 days ago)
Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MGTOW ARE LOSERS (12 days ago)
Shut up mgtow is for loser heads
Throatwobbler Mangrove (12 days ago)
Most (if not all) of these dating sites seed their female profiles with fakes to keep guys spending money. Read the EULA and TOS. Many of them include this information there for legal reasons, justifying it by saying it encourages community involvement. These fake profiles are programmed to send messages to male members. Use care and just avoid them.
TheOneAndOnlycE (13 days ago)
It´s a myth that women are on online dating sites just to get attention. Just make a fake male model profile and watch your whole reality shatter. Women fuck like rabbits the problem is it´s only with the top 1% of men in terms of looks.
Luminous Emission (13 days ago)
You'll also notice that usually the men have to reveal their income but the women don't. NOW WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT IS?? 🤔🤔
John K (13 days ago)
100%...they're ego stroke grab bags for females
Justin K (14 days ago)
After being abstinent for more than 5 years, now I feel the physical sex being gross. Men CAN go their own way without getting laid.
velveetaslingshot (14 days ago)
The balance of power in every facet of life has shifted to women.
Paul Robin (15 days ago)
All date sites are a waste of time and money. Women are so entitled these days, they expect you to pay for everything.
I either get ugly fat chicks, or girls who match and then unmatch, and I’m a half way decent looking nice guy that just wants a relationship. I was honestly so depressed today because I had this same experience again. I hear people getting matches and messaging and shit and I wonder why not me? I really needed to hear this. Thank you
Gabriel the messenger (15 days ago)
I met a sociopath on plenty of fish - someone with clinically diagnosed narcissistic personality disorder. Its a hunting ground for these predators who thrive on the pain and suffering of people they select. Very beautiful and play the smitten girlfriend in the initial love bombing stage. I'd never even heard of NPD but  It turns into a living nightmare. Internet dating is a total waste of your precious time.
C L (15 days ago)
I mostly disagree with this video for the following reasons: - As a guy, you should initially meet for coffee/drink only. No need to pay for the other. So I do not understand about complaining about spending money. - His suggestion is to spend money to improve oneself... Well this is good but will not make you meet someone.
I met my ex-girlfriend on Mocospace after years of looking around and we’re the best of friends to this day... NEVER FOUND ANYBODY LIKE THAT SINCE. After her I pretty much retired from it shortly after... HUGE waste of time!
Matthew Morton (17 days ago)
Dear boys, There's more in life worth your time than JUST a woman's twat. I know, I know, it's harder to understand that quantum fuckin physics. But it still ain't as hard as understanding why in the FUCK ya'll just WORSHIPPED PUSSY, so I mean....what's stopping ya
Dan Chaput (18 days ago)
Here is my take: I have gone out with dozens of girls...The ones on the internet are normally sub-standard quality, normally in the looks department. Dont trust the pictures. if they were hot, they wouldn't be online. Even if they are decent, there is normally something very wrong with them emotionally or otherwise. here is the other thing, the only thing that really helps things "click" is chemistry. People have a much better chance at guaging chemistry in real life. Further more, women want guys to appraoch them in real life. They just like that better...it feels more natural an romantic to them.
Kevin Meer (18 days ago)
If they solve your problem you are no longer a customer. Many businesses are set up to string people along with stick and carrot. You can have it but don't eat it. Cakeism is everywhere. It's not that solutions are impossible. They are just improbable because products and services that work send us away satisfied and a satisfied person doesn't need more. For some reason people aren't calling companies out. They keep their deceptions and we keep consuming and hoping. I hadn't realized this applied to dating sites but why wouldn't it. They need as large of a pool as possible to pull in clients and advertisers. It could be different. Sites are geared towards women and allow them to sit and soak up attention. There is no incentive for women to do the looking. Female flirting is gone. Clearly, girls need to participate in the selection process and reach out as well. The labor division is backwards. It makes no sense for men to pour their hearts into 100 messages for nothing when a girl could accomplish the same in 5. The majority of messages from females would actually be answered by (guess what?) guys they are kind of attracted to. Now men are beggars, women are choosers. Women want power? They earning dollars... no longer beholden to the scum? Ok dude. Use your freewill and make a choice!
T J (19 days ago)
I used free dating sites just to fuck them and not make them feel like they #1
Robert Esposito (19 days ago)
This is extremely true. Such waist of time and money. Seems like 80% are overweight lonely mother's. And that just never works out. Damaged goods with baggage is an extreme waist of time. And your right it doesn't matter what site you go on. Zoosk is the best one I've tried but I'm still single lol 😂 👍 MGTOW is the best way to go.
Jay Matthew (19 days ago)
Meetme= the new backpage
Jay Matthew (19 days ago)
Dating sites = a woman's self esteem booster. An average female who probably barely gets attention offline will get hundreds of messages from guys hence women will stay on these sites for years even after they have kids, fat and ugly.
Jakub Krajewski (19 days ago)
Getting laid on tinder got hot girlfriends idk why u all cry
poiuytrewq11422 (20 days ago)
Traps and Shemales. You get the best of both worlds.
Christine Plymouth (21 days ago)
I love these dating sites, overweight women who hit the wall 10 years ago saying, "I want to be treated like a princess" and "My kids come first", thinking some beta cuck will actually want to date them. That's why they end up with more cats than they have kids.
Joe Jones (21 days ago)
Gee, what are men attracted to? The "lady" should get a whole lot of tattoos and body piercings. They should be at least 100 lbs overweight. They should have their hair chopped off to a length similar to a first grade boy. They should cake the makeup on especially making the eyes look similar to a raccoon.They should have at least 3 children by different men (mixed race is a plus). They should smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish, curse like a sailor and be totally in debt with a horrible credit rating. Their online photo should show their face wearing sunglasses and with a baseball cap on their head. Oh, they should at least have two of their favorite dogs in the photo with them. These women should contact any man on the dating site without bothering to read his profile. First questions to ask are "What do you do for a living? Does that pay much?)
MansonX (21 days ago)
Tinder was just a hookup app now it’s been taken over as a relationship app. If u come for sex u may get lucky but it’s been changed by its users
MansonX (21 days ago)
I’ve used them because I don’t frequent bars or clubs. So it’s what I used. I agree with the views of this video.
Kai Henri (21 days ago)
This happened no too long ago. I matched with a girl on tinder. Her profile had 'not DTF' in it, however she had tats on her thighs and was spreading her legs in one of those stupid mirror selfies. So Immediately I knew she was a thot. We were texting and I went to go see my mom. She lived in the area as my mom so I was like "hey i could come through if you'd like since i'm here." She was like, "Another time lol" 15 minutes later she sent me another text saying "unleesss you wanna get some frozen yogurt we can work sum out." to which i replied "I'm not paying for anything" Long behold she said that she didnt expect me to pay in the first place, so when i asked "when do you want me to come" then I got no response and haven't heard from her. It's funny how when the idea of gettin some free treats is out the window, women bounce. Trust me, I would love to have a woman to call my own and not be forced to look at her as an object but goddamn thats hard to find. Until then, sleazeball gang for life these women get smash n passed. Pump n dumped, skeet and retreat
bullzeye1423 (22 days ago)
Society to me is in a tail spin. I feel this is mostly in the US though.
Eddie Runcorn (22 days ago)
I found dating sites great for screwing lots of women. The saying, “Treat them mean, keep them keen” really is true. Women can’t shit on men and not expect consequences, like being used just for sex and fuck any commitment.
Jesse Force (23 days ago)
mag steel (23 days ago)
I didn't have any problems meeting women using online dating. But they all had issues and all of them had lied about something. Marital status, kids, age, height, body type, interests, you name it. I lost interest in it.
Michael Carper (23 days ago)
Excellent analysis.
Front Kick (23 days ago)
Dating sites and social media are for losers. I do enjoy YT for relaxation.
Joe John (23 days ago)
Guys before you meet in person, always talk on the phone. Be honest and say it like it is. If you support Trump say so. You will weed out 60-75% of the women on the phone. Also make her “jump through hoops”. She will like you more.
Joe John (23 days ago)
My current and previous 2 gfs I met online. I’m older and work from home so I get limited chances to meet in real life. They are all pretty hot but the first 2 were a bit crazy/difficult.
Steve Thomas (24 days ago)
Great video, you really fucking nailed this, more than a lot of videos have on this subject. I once put my own spin on 'dating site jargon' and so I'll post it underneath. I'm sure a few of my fellow men might be able to relate: "I hate writing these things out" = I really can't be bothered. Why don't YOU fill in the blanks for me? "I don't know what to say on these things" = *see above answer "This is my first time on one of these sites" = Since the last time I went on one of these sites this week "I'm very bubbly" = I'm very annoying/hyperactive/ignorant. Sometimes all three at once "I'm a bit mad!" = I'm a bit fucking unbearable, truth be told! "I'm crazy but in a good way" = I haven't killed anyone or anything. Yet. "Don't want no pervs messaging me" = Just because I have several pics of me posing/pouting with my boobs barely contained in a shoelace for a top, upskirt shots a plenty and my tongue poking out in every shot like it's stuck that way, doesn't mean I'm slutty "I've kissed too many frogs trying to find my prince" = I've sufficiently lowered my standards time and time again and now I'm considering trying to meet someone who still looks good when I'm sober "Are there any genuine men left on here?!" = Are there any genuine lookers left on here?! "I'm a real party animal" = Hope you don't mind a binge drinker?! "No profile picture" = I'm an absolute horse-frightener "Pic on request" = Just not MY actual pic, you understand "I'm looking for a man who is independent, solvent, good looking, keeps in shape, patient, understands my moods, can sweep me off my feet in an instant, loves me and loves my kids, wines and dines me, takes me places, is ambitious, loves the outdoors, loves travelling, is cultured, strong, reliable and ....." = I want to live in a Nicholas Sparks novel minus the ending "Msg me if u wnt 2 no more" = I really can't be bothered to type out anything, so much so that I will use text-speak to emphasize this (I am also allergic to spell check) "Just sending me a msg saying "hi" or "nice pics" will not get a response/reply from me so don't waste your time" = You can message me with the absolute bare minimum of information. Only if you're hot. Or well off. Or preferably both. "If I don't reply back, it's probably because I am not attracted to you" = You're an absolute swamp-donkey *People who type 'lol' or 'lulz' every fourth or fifth word = Yes! I really AM that witless!
Moon (24 days ago)
Thanks for enlightening me too, I subscribed. Fuck Internet dating and dating sites that charge money. Just go out, live your life, and meet people the old fashioned way.
Sergio Vale da Serra (24 days ago)
Ha! This gives me some validation. I thought I was crazy thinking what you were saying about the ones that you actually go on dates being "broken". Honestly if you can't meet someone normal it just means you need to get out more. That's been the case with all the relationships that I've been in that actually meant something. Online dates always went bad, even when I got laid. They became stage five clingers. Like, whoa slow down it was just sex, yes I still want to go out with you, but we're not at the BF/GF stage yet. Fucked up thing is I use to have that same mindset, sex = relationship ... but it really doesn't. I sound like a horrible person hahahaha One girl said she would only dress up for sex if we were bf/gf and then started showing me outfits to entice me to say yes, we're an item ... I stopped starting to her. and no I never said yes just to have her dress up, I said I had to go lol
dina k (24 days ago)
It's a waist of money and time
Chris O (24 days ago)
They are all basically prostitutes.... If you have to spend money to get anything from the even of it is Just a date/dinner she is selling herself even if it is just for her time... Sonshe might as well sell the pussy or at least suck your cock. So they might as well just legalize it. At least with a prostitute you know you're going to get laid. I have been MGTOW since my divorce almost 15 yrs ago, just didn't realize there was an actually name for it until about a year ago! And I am loving every minute of it!
Andre Bonner (24 days ago)
dating was easier before social media/dating sites. You actually had to talk to women and play the social game, with the advent of instagram, women are no longer interested in meeting men, they are always on their phone, so you can't get their attention anyway, things weren't like that before the smart phone. Women now have infinite instant possibilities, men that would never go up and talk to these women. That kept these womens ego's and expectations in check, insecurities abound, women actually responded to men "in person" because they couldn't depend on tinder/facebook for male attention and validation. But now, its like, they want to see your instagram before they decide to like you? WTF IS GOING ON! I could literally create another person, a false idol page of everything women think they want to see, which is what most guys instagram is, complete bullshit.

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