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Text Comments (5924)
large homo (2 days ago)
what's up guys it's tana mongoloid
Abigail Simpson (2 days ago)
your younger than 21 why are you drinking?!?!
Ashley S (6 days ago)
Ashley S (6 days ago)
sarikatimmi (7 days ago)
she looks bomb
Sara Dotsch (10 days ago)
In THE Netherlands we also drink at our 14😂😂
L O (11 days ago)
Ik I’m late but Water freezes and she said she got it from the freezer
Giselle P (11 days ago)
LadyofTruth (11 days ago)
Omg... Who is this.... What..
Nerona Sook (12 days ago)
But then if you took a baby sip, you would have known it's water, not ciroc...
Tatum Kile (17 days ago)
Geez your parents made one of your middle names fucking (lol I'm fucking stupid that wasn't funny lol)
Archie Whiting (22 days ago)
How the fuck is she 16 here?
Marissa Palafox (26 days ago)
Shit September 22nd is my birthday 😂
Samantha O'Brien (29 days ago)
Who is sheeeee?!?!?! Like who is sheeeee
Christina Kerris (1 month ago)
how does her mom live with her??!!
Dharma Alarid (1 month ago)
*the ciroc was water*
Astro Adri (1 month ago)
One time I drank a pina colada, and an hour later I realized I was drunk haha. That was my first time drinking.
TJ’s Aviation (1 month ago)
What about not deleting your channel? That is a pretty dumb thing you’ve done.
Pink Bunny (1 month ago)
Olivia Zissel (1 month ago)
If the ciroq was water and she said it was in the freezer, it would’ve been frozen 😂
R Murphy (1 month ago)
Aren’t you a dumbass when you’re sober?
Vanessa Arteaga (1 month ago)
liv (1 month ago)
if the ciroc was water then how did it not freeze in the freezer lmao
Marg Fischer (1 month ago)
hahahhahahhahahahahhahah lol im diend laughing
It's Brittani, Bitch (1 month ago)
Ive totally told a guy "i want my dick in you". Alcohol is sometimes a cock block. That pillow is life❤
rachillntx (1 month ago)
This vid needs more likes & views. This is classic
Lovely Women (1 month ago)
Tana “ I want my dick in you” 😂😂😂 omg that’s funny
EllaX0 (2 months ago)
wait.. if the bottle of “ciroc” was in the freezer but it was actually water wouldn’t it have been frozen
Autumn Watson (2 months ago)
I’m watching this video and stealing vodka from my kitchen while my family is sitting in the other room... fun
Sebsss (2 months ago)
holy shit that subcribe pillow you had at vidcon
Julia Dominiak (2 months ago)
Your hair looks so good ❤️❤️
Courtney Clouds (2 months ago)
its weird because she looks like a completely different person and sounds different
Sophie Jane (2 months ago)
if you had brown/black hair on your thumbnail you would literally pass as sniperwolf
Megan Odonnell (3 months ago)
If you pulled water out of the freezer it would be frozen dumbass
Ann-Marie Robinson (3 months ago)
omg she looked rlly pretty in this vid fr
Kyler (3 months ago)
All these comments are so stupid, most highschools do have parties that tons of people attend, you can also go to school, get good grades, while also partying. You CAN do both. Some people just choose not to.
Maria Claudia Poblete (3 months ago)
Im living for pre-juvederm tana
Jenna Ursaner (3 months ago)
please do another video like this
Breeana Freeman (3 months ago)
Audrey Rothbauer (3 months ago)
am i the only one who saw that she’s sitting in front of the chair instead of on it?? lol
KANYSHA (3 months ago)
I feek like kids today are scared to even mention weed
Hawa Barre (3 months ago)
Every comment be like tHe CiRoc WAs wAtEr
kiley mount (3 months ago)
I'm 12 almost 13 so I don't drink but I do go to parties 😜 And I study so I think I'm okay...
Grayce Danielle (4 months ago)
Before lipfillers??
Sydni -sydicide- (4 months ago)
*_the ciroc was water_*
brenda Gamboa (4 months ago)
Hailey Karrick (4 months ago)
I’m literally watching this in 2019.. even though I’ve already seen this video 😂
Elena Gagliardi (4 months ago)
josie shuster (4 months ago)
tana before lip injections omg
Iman Mohammed (4 months ago)
drunk driving 😂
Grete Grünmann (4 months ago)
and it was wAter..
Newt Skalamander (4 months ago)
*_the ciroc was water_*
Amara Mast (5 months ago)
To everyone saying, "wouldn't water freeze" and thinking they're super woke...4:38. Some of yall dont know how to LISTEN.
Nicole Wolfe (5 months ago)
Dakota McCurdy (5 months ago)
COOKIE (5 months ago)
Isn't illegal for you to drink
Maya Akcar (5 months ago)
I live in Vegas and the shit people do here are crazyyy
Emma Mccausland (5 months ago)
*Whispers to crush sexily* "I want my dick in you."
Katie Girl (5 months ago)
How was the water liquid? When it was in the freezer? ... ?
Melissa Thomas (5 months ago)
please get this girl off the internet
Vlogs by beh (5 months ago)
See i relate.. ive told a guy what she told him in the last story... except he was gay and so am i😂😂
SarahMalicat (5 months ago)
Your lips were so small!
isabel rodriguez (5 months ago)
Never forget the ciroc was water
Maddy DeBeeld (5 months ago)
i want my dick in you 😂😂
Maddy DeBeeld (5 months ago)
the ciroc was water
Maddy DeBeeld (5 months ago)
Aye_ Itz_Candyz_House (5 months ago)
Sarah Cohen (5 months ago)
Make “I’m sorry mom” merch
CJ Johnson (5 months ago)
Gianna P (5 months ago)
Rewatching this is 2018 for the thousandth time but wow you can definitely see the change. Tana where did you go we want you back.
jordyn risler (5 months ago)
Ur my fucking favorite person ever
Morgan Morin (5 months ago)
You made me spit juice out my nose w the "I wanna put my dick in you"😂😂😂
sofia orozcoo (5 months ago)
Her hair is brighter than my future
Meme Waffle (5 months ago)
tana: " i want my dick in you" guy: "haha" tana: HaHahAHhahHAHHhahHHhaha
RLeah Edits (5 months ago)
8:12 IM DYINGG😂😂😂
olivia M (5 months ago)
i live in a boring town but everyone gets drunk and there’s always party’s and i honestly love it
ItsPolly (5 months ago)
I remember when I was younger I thought ciroc was whisky ,few parties later I know that ciroc is not whisky
Lucky M. Santangelo (6 months ago)
Tana you are fucking epic haha
Fire Storm (6 months ago)
I want my dick in you 😏😂
Christy Gunwaldsen (6 months ago)
tana in every video known to man ever: “i’m so sorry mom.”
Aneesa Stewart (6 months ago)
Karen Cruz (6 months ago)
Her tongue is like white in the thumbnail... 😶
Rayleigh Setter (6 months ago)
*the ciroc was water*
Christi Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Lacey Love (6 months ago)
I fucking died when you talked about the story where u said you want your dick in him 😭😂😭😂 omfg this is why I love you and your channel , binge watching
Neidy Zamora (6 months ago)
I miss her lips like this but w.e you still look good now...
cooedkoo (6 months ago)
where i am, everyone is rich and arrogant asf im like a outcast,, middle-high class and watches porn
inzomniack2014 (6 months ago)
"I want my dick in you" ....love this be-yatch! 😂
Kai Andrea’ (6 months ago)
I love that tana’s only 20 💀
Dean Langworthy (6 months ago)
Umm but if the booze/water was in the freezer if it really was water it would be frozen..alcohol doesn't freeze
Life of Luna (7 months ago)
This is such a classic tana video i love it
Random Person (7 months ago)
lmfaooooo the last story 😭😭😭
Sarah Rockett (7 months ago)
i feel drunk/hungover even watching this
hihihihihi hihihihi (7 months ago)
khalessi GoT (7 months ago)
"I want my dick in u" omg has me fucking dyeing
hannah kim (7 months ago)
Lizbette Lopez (7 months ago)
Why did my little sister just say "you're watching jojo sigwa!!" I'm fucking dead
Monica Perez (7 months ago)
I’m watching all of her storytimes rn
Tyler Jay (7 months ago)
i’m fucking crying 😂😭 ohmygod tana

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