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What Men's Dress Shoe Brands Are Worth Their Money - What Shoes You Should Buy - Gentleman's Gazette

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Ever wonder what shoe brands or styles are worth their money, which ones are overpriced and what is just crap? Here is what we discussed: 00:41 Stacy Adams, several comments about a great value for the money (sub $100). Thoughts? 01:02 What do you think of Lottusse? 01:40 Fratelli Rosetti? 03:18 Prime Shoes? ​03:22 Baldinini? 03:28 Acemarks? 04:18 Expensive heritage brands like Gucci, Ferragamo? Santoni? 05:45 JM Westons? 06:25 Best brands for loafers? 07:00 Any good brands for widths - wider or narrower feet? 07:38 Corthay? 08:44 Are Paul Evans shoes worth it? 10:03 Crockett and Jones? Bench grade? 10:51 Best brand for oxfords? 11:20 Allen Edmonds? 13:25 Shoepassion? 14:34 Loake L1 range? 15:07 Best brands under 200 Euro? 15:39 Meermin? 17:31 J Fitzpatrick? 18:14 Church’s? Are Church's shoes worth the money? As good as crockett & jones? 19:24 Magnanni? 19:41 Cole Haan? 20:04 Tod’s? 20:34 Cheaney london shoes are they worth 500 pounds 21:04 John Lobb? 21:56 Borgioli? 22:04 Carlos Santos? 22:18 Herring? 23:12 How to buy quality shoes if you’re broke? 24:19 What are the most high end shoes you own? Were they worth the price? 25:19 El Corte Ingles? 25:38 Are Berluti overpriced? 26:28 What are your thoughts on Russel & Bromley? I found them to be great cheaper alternative to Church's or Crockett & Jo. 26:43 Please How can we identify a good leather in a shoe? 27:58 Can you tell me what you think about R. M. Williams? I just bought my first 500€ Chelsea Boots from them. ​28:45 How do you rate Johnston Murphy..... 29:03 How long do you suspect a shoe for $400 would last without shoe care? 29:50 Edward Green? 30:38 What can you tell me about R. M. Williams? Liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf 30:44 Raphael what is your favorite shoe brand?I'm really curious! 31:33 CArly shoes? 31:35 Who do you get to resole your shoes? Do you always send back to the manufacturer or use a local cobbler? 33:30 St Crispin? 34:23 Thursday Boot Company? Are they really goodyear? 34:47 Peter Huber shoes? 34:52 Sperry boat shoes? 35:14 Alden? 35:56 OCHNIK leather shoes. They are from Poland and you can get them for a very good price and get top quality. 36:01 Are there any good Bespoke shoe companies in the US...What are they?? 36:42 Describe your outfit today Get a notification on your phone and email when you subscribe to our channel (make sure to check that little bell after you subscribe). In the meantime, get a copy of our eBook How To Avoid The 15 Most Common Style Mistakes https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/newsletter-sign-up/?utm_campaign=social-lead-gen&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube&utm_content=askgg&utm_term=youtube-description
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Text Comments (236)
gilbert zamorano (17 days ago)
Have you ever tried DIS custom shoes made in Italy? You customize everything from color to soles. I’ve been looking for navy white brogues but can’t seem to find some already made.
nmfl100 (25 days ago)
More like Pretentious Man's Gazette.
Christian Santiago (1 month ago)
Before this video I almost bought Johnson & Murphy.......thank God I didn't, thanks Raphael!
Steven Dye (1 month ago)
Perhaps third time is the charm on asking a question; What are the brands that have similar quality to Edward Green,but, are at a lower price point?
Brown Thought (2 months ago)
I have Cole Haan and love them, had a college buddy that worked for them and took advantage of his 50% off employee discount
jcfrmcali (2 months ago)
As an American, it's surprising to hear someone say they haven't heard of Stacey Adams. They are on the cheap side though.
Steven Dye (2 months ago)
My aplogy for the barrage of questions, yet, you are such a fount of knowledge.....Who are lesser known bespoke makers in Spain and Portugal that you would reccomend? The ones that are true values and not the names.
Steven Dye (2 months ago)
Enjoyed this informative video. Which brands of the following will last longest if maintained well ? Give one more than decade of use Crockett & Jones Carmina Alden St . Crispins
edgar artis (2 months ago)
LOL ,please dont waste his time with Stacy Adams jokes
Emmanuel Diaz (3 months ago)
Is Rockport a good shoe brand?
TC (3 months ago)
please increase your volume by 10 fold next time. i turned up my speakers all the way and it's still too hard to hear you.
R Fulano (3 months ago)
Sanders, UK top brand.
Robo Slack (3 months ago)
Sorry my volume is turned up 100% and I can Not understand you - buh bye (that's 2 of three you guys) Split screens and bad quality is not what I signed up for !'
J S (4 months ago)
What do you think of Thursday boots? Second question, up to which price point is it better to make your own shoes than buying ready made brand? Thirdly, is Lloyd and Allen Edmonds the same OEM? Or which is better
Dave King (4 months ago)
Just curious what the concensous is on Rockaports? I purchased a pair tthat was 70% off so I only paid $80. They are comfortable all day, fit very well, and seem very sturdy.
Mark Goler (2 months ago)
I had a pair years ago. Extremely comfortable
Cameron McEldoon (4 months ago)
Allen Edmonds, Alden, and Santoni for me please
Cho Sai Kit (4 months ago)
Are Barker shoes worth the price that you pay ?
oleg iaremchuk (4 months ago)
Hi! What do you think about R.M.Williams chelsea?
Henry Williams (4 months ago)
How about Barker? They are English shoe makers that usually retail from £500-£1500 and I think they are brilliant.
Stallowned Stallion (4 months ago)
ecco?! Most comfy shoe ever, top tier leather and looks. Ummm...ya....nice shoe base
ben arellano (4 months ago)
Kodiak Daniels (4 months ago)
Wbu Whe Florsheim Shoe?
Cool beans 2.0 (5 months ago)
What about ALDO?
A. Burke (5 months ago)
No mention of Clarks - unless I missed it.
Naseer Khan (5 months ago)
I have bought a used Santoni Derby in burgundy/ kind of red. The shoe is in perfect condition but the insole is a little worn out, you feel it while wearing. Any suggestions for that ?
Jen Fester (6 months ago)
My late father always wore Florsheim dress shoes, made in Chicago. Those were the days.
SevenDeMagnus (6 months ago)
Cool Thanks
Sean Tisdale (7 months ago)
TJ U (7 months ago)
lol this is awful video
Cris Yorke (7 months ago)
A quality John Lobb shoes is never overpriced.
GeorgeDaymondLush (7 months ago)
I hate to say it but this could be said in a quarter of the time
Mocca LG (7 months ago)
This video is great and a really really great part is the description in the video discription!
Liviu Czifrak (8 months ago)
I bought a pair of goodyear welted Zign shoes. I bought it from a market place in Romania. They have an unusual look but are great for a casual outfit, the color is very dark blue/green and a bold welt. But I've bought them for 30 € and they are almost brand new, they look like they were only tried on, not worn by someone. The other time I went to that market place I've found a pair of classic full brogue, medium brown, goodyear welted, leather sole, derby shoes and they are no brand at all, maybe they are handmade. I bought those for 15 € and they were in very good condition, a bit of wear on the sole, very little wear. They are timeless and I couldn't found a pair like that for under 200 €. Buy vintage! Go vintage! Go for a treasure hunt! It's fun, after all. ;)
Charles Schrader (8 months ago)
Can't hear you, BYE.
Srihari Srinivasan (8 months ago)
Hi Gentleman's Gazette, Just sharing my top picks of Men's dress shoes, would like to know your take on my list. Yohei Fukuda Antonio Meccariello Marquess Masaru Okuyama Gaziano & Girling Ann. Bespoke shoemakers TYE Shoemakers Aubercy George Cleverly Stefano Bemer Saint Crispin's Alternatively, for an affordable pair of MTO or ready to wear dress shoes, I would go for - J Fitzpatrick shoes. Amazing shoes for the price and the closest one could get to top quality dress shoe, without going bespoke, which is expensive.
H. R. G.F. (9 months ago)
I have earphones and can't hear you
Felisindo Rodríguez (10 months ago)
Hi, thank you for your work. Well, have you heard about Barrat's and another one: George's? Both made in Mallorca.
Alex Delgado (10 months ago)
I wore a pair of Stacy Adams for my first few years in college they're not a bad shoe if you only attend a couple of events but if you are wearing a dress shoe for work I can't recommend. If money is really an issue save up for two pairs of Meermins black and brown for about 220 each online 200 in the NY store.
Dusan Veselka (10 months ago)
Pity Sons of London were not mentioned...
Nick Caravaggio (10 months ago)
pollini shoes your thoughts on these?
Frank Rizzo (11 months ago)
Paul Evans thoughts...?
Himanshu Mehta (11 months ago)
Just cant hear you
William Wallace (11 months ago)
Joseph Cheaneys. Beautiful classic British leather design crafted shoes.
colin (1 year ago)
I've only had sperry top sidders that my dress shoe and y other recommendations also recommendations on suits ties and hats
antonc108 (1 year ago)
Sir did you mentioned you posted J Fitzpatrick's photos without crediting his brand and you don't want to deal with him anymore after he spoke up? Its an issue of principles over intellectual property, so he might have strong feelings over that aspect IMHO.
mydogskips2 (1 year ago)
OMG, glue together bridges... wish I hadn't heard that.
mydogskips2 (1 year ago)
I guess Cole Haan won't be sending you a pair of shoes anytime soon.
mydogskips2 (1 year ago)
Make sure your shoes are comfortable, function matters at least as much as looks/aesthetics. I had a pair of Santoni shoes, they're one of the nicest looking, most expensive I ever bought, but they were very uncomfortable making them hard to wear.
mydogskips2 (1 year ago)
He's never heard of Stacy Adams, but what he says is right, they do compromise a lot, and in my opinion they're not a good shoe.
mydogskips2 (1 year ago)
I bought Alden walkers, they're built like a tank, and walk like a tank. I don't run marathons, but they don't work for me. To call them clunky would be an understatement, at least in my opinion. Just had to say that, get it off my chest.
Mc Earl (1 year ago)
I’m glad you supported the local cobbler when you needed work. Really as long as you have a good local cobbler there’s very little reason to send them back to the manufacturer. I have a shoe repair shop and do high end work, I always remove old stitches and have a lot more options than the manufacturer. Allen Edmonds for example uses a very low quality leather sole and heel on most of their models. At my shop we have a standard leather that is better than most and offer JR leather as the premium upgrade. I can’t speak for every cobbler, there are lots of hacks out there unfortunately, but I personally spend more time on finishing than the manufacturer does and if you have an odd request, like green soles and laces or something we make it happen. Also most manufacturers will reject a repair job for any little reason, if you had work done elsewhere they reject them, if there’s a tiny little crack in the uppers, they reject them, did you wear a hole through the liner, REJECTED! Meanwhile the local cobbler will be happy to address those issues and you aren’t out shipping both ways. The manufacturer figures they’d rather have a new shoe sale than a recraft. Anyway, great video, it was nice hearing about some of the European brands I don’t often see. I’ve only seen one pair of JW Westin’s for example. Interestingly the customers name was J(Maybe John or something) Westin.
BIG J (1 year ago)
I wish you talked a bit more on ferragamo and your thoughts on it
Orlando Cruz (1 year ago)
He’s never heard of Stacy Adams brand of shoes.LOL He’s a snob who wouldn’t be caught dead in a $100 pair of shoes.
MultiMrMiles (1 year ago)
Trickers .....nuff said.
Jewell Jones (3 months ago)
one of them....we all know there are other well made shoes
R Fulano (3 months ago)
MultiMrMiles Best there is
Munozl360 (1 year ago)
I visited an Allen Edmonds store near me and was upset to see Made in Honduras, Vietnam, Dominican Republic. What a shame that they are turning away from Made in USA. The tables open for someone else to take the stage!
gcarv77 (1 year ago)
No can hear, brother!
Daniel Valenzuela (1 year ago)
Any new comments about Thursday boots? :)
Zhang Ken (1 year ago)
Hi Gazette, thank for sharing. Just wonder why most big shoe brand like Bally and Farrogamo, etc. Their shoes are glued rather than Blake or Goodyear? Because of the cost or other reason?
Allen Edmonds, Alden, Viberg, Florsheim Imperials etc.
Peter Houle (1 year ago)
Volume very low, and it's not my computer
Josef Osborne (1 year ago)
My man, I'm new to your videos. I think they are insightful. I know this video is of poor sound quality, but it seems that you oftentimes soften your words and sentences. I don't know of that's the distinguished side of you versus the "normal" you, but it sounds a bit pretentious. I apologize for the unkind words, but it's truly constructive. I look forward to more videos from you, and I'll try to disregard my personal linguistic feelings in the meantime.
DrKno (1 year ago)
Never heard of Stacey Adams. Hmm.
scandihooiigan (1 year ago)
I understand your points on Paul Evans shoes. However, I think one can purchase their shoes for $100 off all the time. That makes them the same price point as Ace Marks. I believe the build quality is very similar for both brands and online the lasts don't look that different. Why all the hate for Paul Evans and the love for Ace Marks. Is their a significant difference between the two brands?
Eye Heart Sushi (1 year ago)
scandihooiigan I think it's mostly that Ace Marks has been very aggressive with their marketing. They have targeted the major men's style YouTube channels and sponsor many videos (not the Gentleman's Gazzette, of course).
Rob Case (1 year ago)
Must wear a pinkie ring.
Deadly Duddly (1 year ago)
Every gentleman knows the best shoes are made in England . I buy shoes at Crockett and Jones , i also have a pair of John Lobbs . I own pairs by Trickers, Church's , Barkers ,also Grenson , and Loakes . You can always buy Trickers, Church's and Barker's at a discount if you know where to look . Though i don't think you can go wrong with Grenson and Loake under £200 .
Jean Raspail (1 year ago)
Crockett andJones ftw. Bought my first pair 7y ago for £270, and the same model again recently for now £405. Still worth the money. Nice English design and slimmer look than Church.
Keyboard Warrior (1 year ago)
Lucky for me, I have nice headphones, so the volume wasn't initially much of a problem, I just had to turn it up all the way. And then an advertisement happened. . .
Eye Heart Sushi (1 year ago)
Gentleman's Gazette He probably meant a YouTube ad that automatically runs after a video exceeds a specific run time. In the case of this video, it was almost at the end of it.
Gentleman's Gazette (1 year ago)
+Keyboard Warrior what advertisement?
Keyboard Warrior (1 year ago)
That being said, the content itself is good, as always.
Oscr M (1 year ago)
Is posible do you recommend me , better price and quality in 3 shoes, i want an pair of double monk straps , dreser loafer, and chukkas boots . Sorry my english im from PR.
chato fernadez (1 year ago)
This was a great video, thank you. Technical quality not very good but after all this is not a channel about film making...
jarek1117 (1 year ago)
How did no one ask about Yanko?!
TCC (1 year ago)
What you said about Aldens surprises me....
Uber Zen Master (1 year ago)
Magnanni is from Spain, not Italy. Still, good video. Thumbs up.
Mr. Edmiston (1 year ago)
You need a proper wrist watch! You can go vintage and not even know you have it on. You can't go that far with your persona of a well dressed vintage inspired gentleman and not wear a damn wrist watch. Please take that last step if not for yourself for the wrist watch community we need men like you to help keep the art alive!!
Eye Heart Sushi (1 year ago)
Mr. Edmiston I actually like the fact that Mr. Schneider is not into wrist watches. The last thing we need is yet another men's style YouTuber talking about wrist watches.
Bob Mob (1 year ago)
If you can't afford Crockett & Jones (or Church's, Cheaney, ~£400-500), I'd recommend Barker. Far more so than Loake.
Mrfence 97 (1 year ago)
Nice volume
Asdrubal Ruiz (1 year ago)
Can you tell me anything about Paul Parkman handmade shoes?
Claudius (1 year ago)
Besides being packed with excellent and very useful information, like all Sven's videos. I found that the sound quality was perfect, I don't understand the complaints of the people, besides you have subtitles, so stop complaining!
Johny Vannijlen (1 year ago)
Meermin Espagna, very nice shoes under 200 bucks
R Fulano (3 months ago)
Johny Vannijlen Made in China
Marke Pulido (1 year ago)
Stacy Adams have been in business since 1875. How could you not know of them?! I have 7 pairs of Stacy's. Love them all and looking to buy more.
OSRS Fiend (5 months ago)
glwalcott Snobby much? >.>
glwalcott (7 months ago)
Cheap tacky garbage for clowns.
Srihari Srinivasan (8 months ago)
Because Stacy Adams, isn't in the league of high quality men's dress shoes and isn't something someone would consider being a shoe connoisseur.
Gabriel Santos (1 year ago)
Your thoughts on Grenson shoes? I actually like them over my several pairs of Allen Edmonds.
Deadly Duddly (1 year ago)
Grensons are excellent mid range handmade English shoes . Just look after them .
hendabomb (1 year ago)
Quality is fairly average apparently.
Rawest (1 year ago)
howd you tie that tie it looks so good and natural
DZ (1 year ago)
What do you think about Redwing boots. Mostly their heritage line. Are they worth the price? I really want to get a pair of their Beckman chukka or oxfords but don't know if they are worth the money. Thank you.
Tank Man (1 year ago)
On an unrelated note, gentlemen, don't forget (as I did) to turn your volume back down before clicking the next video.
Anthony Sforza (8 months ago)
Yea... an ad came through at 9:26 and almost blew my ears out.
Minatozaki Sana (1 year ago)
The ads will still get u
Jean Raspail (1 year ago)
especially if you use headphones...
Nissim Levy (1 year ago)
ha ha ha yeah, I noticed that. I had to turn the volume way way up on this one here
Tank Man (1 year ago)
I agree with your sentiments on fashion brands. My Gucci Chelsea boots have a poor quality to price ratio compared to my Aldens, Rag & Bones, or Lobbs. Now for an unsolicited critique: I think it's important, when addressing the subject of style, to press your suit before you shoot your video. Your suit appears to be around 20-25 years old, is outdated, and isn't pressed. Also, your tie is crooked and poorly tied.  I shot a recent video wearing a tank top for crying out loud, so I have no room to judge; however,  I was reviewing an ATV, thus the attire was not entirely inappropriate.
שאול רגואן (1 year ago)
What do you think about Paul Parkman shoes?
Patrick B (1 year ago)
Every guy is a watch guy, he just doesn’t know it yet. Great info here, thanks for making these types of videos.
Thomas Conoscienti (1 year ago)
What about belvedere’s??
edge4006 (1 year ago)
love your Windsor knot!!!!!!!!
Gabriel Waggoner (1 year ago)
My ears didn’t like this video
Superimposing (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to say that this was unlistenable on my IMac
SUAVE_ D-LUX (1 year ago)
How the hell have you never heard of Stacy Adams??
Jewell Jones (3 months ago)
that right....carl
Carl Garrett (3 months ago)
Mc Earl Stacey Adams is a brand that has become “cheapened “ over the years , just as many companies that may have been relevant in the ‘60s , ‘70s etc but later bought out , changed markets. Traditional Stacey Adams were highly regarded shoes in their day
Ruben Tieken (4 months ago)
Because it is not known in Europe. It's clunky anyway.
glwalcott (7 months ago)
Cheap tacky garbage.
Jay M (7 months ago)
Whatever this brand is you're talking about isn't in Europe, hence how we haven't heard of it. Welcome to the internet.
Menachem Goldstein (1 year ago)
to boot new york? any advice on those???
dthomson409 (1 year ago)
do you know much about tom ford shoes?
Mandeep Baweja (1 year ago)
Sir what do you think about Steve Maden shoes??? pls i hope a reply sir!
Linus De Ocampo (7 months ago)
Luis Correz (1 year ago)
Neil Natic (1 year ago)
Any experience with Cobbler Union shoes? Where do they rank on the quality range?
thisisdevin (1 year ago)
these folks in the comments are gonna have to invest in some hearing aids before a pair of shoes .. coz I hear fine
Gembel Gembel (1 year ago)
what about G J Cleverly ?
Croissant Granados (1 year ago)
What are your thoughts on Florsheim?
T Styles (1 year ago)
You really don't answer the questions

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