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Seal - Crazy

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Seal - Crazy. Live on North Sea Jazz Festival. July 12, 2009
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Text Comments (172)
The Big Sean onelove Old brother ,✌
e.g Goliat (1 year ago)
....♫♫♫.. Cool song ....♫♫♫..
Pedro Campos (2 years ago)
Super show!!!! woohoo...
Merseaman (2 years ago)
Merseaman (2 years ago)
SALA MALEKO (3 years ago)
muito show !!!!!!!!!
Sergey Nasonov (2 years ago)
+JIS NASCIMENTO Grande voz!!!
Hannes Gruner (3 years ago)
Wow Respekt perfekt immer wieder genial LG
Gilliard Santos (3 years ago)
Música boa ė pra sempre
Olivia Terlizzi (3 years ago)
Si Smith (4 years ago)
Nadia Valgaerts (4 years ago)
Song of the Life !!!
luuke luketer (4 years ago)
Gunta Varna (4 years ago)
Damned beautiful songs.
June Moris (4 years ago)
First 16 seconds: Do I hear "How soon is now" by the Smiths?
Sandra Gondim Mangeon (5 years ago)
I love all the songs  of Seal., just I LOVE HER
Mike Geiger (5 years ago)
Dave Topper T (5 years ago)
No shit! People think today that performers need a 50 dancer entourage and do not even know what an instrument, yet what a band is.
lubica007 (5 years ago)
this is the Man wow I love him
José Albuquerque do O (5 years ago)
BRYANT GOOSBY (5 years ago)
Nadine Dekok (5 years ago)
Un grand parmi les grands de la saoul
DovyTheChristian (5 years ago)
i feel bad for him, his wife left him for their bodyguard.
Kwasi Mensah (5 years ago)
great song from the metallic fella!
Helene Millar (5 years ago)
so in love with this beautiful man right now
Valentina Florez (5 years ago)
Ese negro es una puteria!!! que sentimiento para cantar!!!
eeniko e (5 years ago)
milyen puhány népség! lehidalok! A magyarok sokkal jobban tudnak tombolni, mondjuk egy ákos koncerten :)
eeniko e (5 years ago)
Q.-va jó hangja van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eeniko e (5 years ago)
Tud a srác!!!!
Dee Jay Mladenoff (5 years ago)
One Great man...thanks for you-Seal
Divine voice, a super song and Seal
Freddy Mateus (5 years ago)
Seal of approval!
specialme2 (5 years ago)
Chris Boyd (5 years ago)
So Cool
Liam Rottkov (5 years ago)
Middle aged white people sure love Seal
Samaria Antonio (5 years ago)
alanis morissette
IRINA HARINA (5 years ago)
Супер.Очень прекрасный глас,галлактический.
Lúu Moraes (5 years ago)
maravilhoso esse cara, essa música, o trabalho dele, adoro!
OLDIMAR LIMA (5 years ago)
muito linda esta musica.
Edson Tadeo Jr (5 years ago)
Alanis Morissette!
Hermes Campello (5 years ago)
Massa, simplesmente massa!!!!
asadodemierda (5 years ago)
I am trying to remember a version of this song made by a Woman. Anyone remember the name of her?
bigsetverdal (5 years ago)
voice, yess!!
Its BugsyGirl (6 years ago)
He is a great vocalist..its just gorgeous.
Eric Thibault (6 years ago)
Thank's again, SEAL !
Eric Thibault (6 years ago)
Adoro esta canção...Obrigado !
nathalie jacqueline (6 years ago)
il en existe un autre et meme bien d'autres mais j'aprouve
Michaël Marchand (6 years ago)
le prince!
simona chiriac (6 years ago)
wonderful voice!
20ilunga (6 years ago)
Lol,this peoples in hollywood are crazy
20ilunga (6 years ago)
Why he divorce heidi klum?
DarkPlague2010 (6 years ago)
Was just thinking the same thing! Always loved this song! Alanis Morrisette did a great version of it as well.
DarkPlague2010 (6 years ago)
gabriel grb Bezerra (6 years ago)
crazy good lol..
sagisgems (6 years ago)
i do agree...:-)...
MrSirMontana (6 years ago)
a flying song....watch our version...
energybengt (6 years ago)
I also think ... that we can all fly ... but some are 'ready to accept more' in their thinking than others. We are all journeying together ... we're individuals, yet we are not separate from anything, or anyone. Life is just as it seems to our senses, and yet, there is infinitely more when you open to seeing it without our eyes. This song speaks of the insight that arrives when you relentlessly believe in more ... you will come to find it. And it all resides inside. :)
energybengt (6 years ago)
This song is one of my own anthems through time I'd say. What I love about SeAL is that he keeps a lot of his lyrics (or did earlier on) deliberately ambiguous ... allowing the listener to 'insert' their own imagination into the music ... resonating and attuning to what it feels like its about to themselves, you know? This song has had some deep meanings for me and has reasserted itself at different stages in my life. It's unusual, yet very natural, this song. :)
Lozza1996 (6 years ago)
i love seal :) he can sing
Lorraine Formosa (6 years ago)
Whoa....My Paws brought me here !!!!!!!
live song is not good
zuman95 (6 years ago)
this dude rocks.he is a great performer.
cityfolkferal (6 years ago)
Tee Tee (6 years ago)
dbsklover4eva (6 years ago)
i only heard this song through the voice and I just loved it!
Sweet (6 years ago)
He has lupus, that causes scaring on his face.
charlie poppy (6 years ago)
Please dont hate i know he has an amazing vice, is incredibly talented and is a very nice guy but im interested, what heppend to his face?
Douglas Dobbs (6 years ago)
fk ur baby u die\
@slipslapsloppy what the hell are you doing here?? Because your life is a failure doesnt mean you should hate on somebodyelses success. I feel sorry for your poor soul and the hate you have on the inside of you, if not dealt with and repented, will destroy your being
Bawss Media (6 years ago)
@slipslapsloppy fuck off.
my3cents (6 years ago)
I don't know but all I seem to see is an amazingly sexy man, with gorgeous soulful eyes, incred bod, sexy kind soul...
my3cents (6 years ago)
@CaveGuy2008 The guy is sexy as hell.
my3cents (6 years ago)
@CaveGuy2008 Mulattos, mixed people are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.
lourdes Queiroz (6 years ago)
I am a crazy!!!!
Harmonlisa (6 years ago)
@CaveGuy2008 You are a guy correct? Why do you care what another guy looks like?
Trixxie1965 (6 years ago)
I got a chance to meet the band....nicest bunch of guys...
Thesuziebear (6 years ago)
I'm 51 and love this ... is it just cos i'm old or what?....all comments welcome. P.s don't like any X Factor artists other than Suebo...xx
Joshua Top (6 years ago)
@mustakpt Give Heidi respect for being able to look beyond the surface...
Steven Polivka (6 years ago)
how true. I heard this song a hundred times when I was younger.I just heard those lyrics. How sad.
marisol costa (7 years ago)
es un papazote
Mustak Aboobacar (7 years ago)
Its incredible how a guy like this can eat everyday single day heidi klum... boy I've got to give my respects!
dillikins (7 years ago)
No - they didn't sequence him singing his own backup vocals! That's terrible! Jeez, just hire some guys who can sing backgrounds!
Cubanarama Radio (7 years ago)
Great song! Love it....
Seneca Pellano-Jensen (7 years ago)
LMFAO @ 0:00 scary eyes of the lady! :D
TheBrinaleck (7 years ago)
northern ireland dup and sinn fein in government together: isn't that crazy
ruchet sanca (7 years ago)
perfeito ... nota 100000000000000000000000000000000
Wild Panda (7 years ago)
In a world full of people there's only some want to fly, Isn't that crazy?
sushma tiwari (7 years ago)
A great Artist----- Charismatic and wonderful song
Wendelaine Den Haag (7 years ago)
Great song...Very charismatic man...
Hasmik Margarian (7 years ago)
i love himmmmmmmmmmm :D he is so pozitiveeeeeeeeeeeeee................
liforever2 (7 years ago)
otimooooooooooooooooooooooo perfeitooooooooooooooooooooooooo
pim033 (7 years ago)
@windowsfan95 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
ourDC888 (7 years ago)
Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this wonderful performance!
Øyvind Svanevik (7 years ago)
where is the north sea jazz festival held??
ashwinkga (7 years ago)
Just one word - BRILLIANT!
Hermes Phettberg (7 years ago)
@Bosneger12 In Germany we call him the Klumficker :-)
Anelice de Carvalho (7 years ago)
@oliomario È verdade,pra mim tbm.
Pro Graphix (7 years ago)
chkoun les 4 perssone ki n'aime pas ça purééé !!!
Layden Robinson (7 years ago)
Very flat. Well, he at least he is still collecting massive royalty checks!
madcat61207 (7 years ago)
You'd be tired too if you just did a long set.

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