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3 Men in a Boat along the Great Caerleon River Trail

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3 Men in a Boat (Well... 1 man in a boat and on occasions 2 men on an inflatable sofa). Mr Maule-Ffinch, Mr Roulstone and Mr Roberts sail down the Great Caerleon River Trail, witnessing the scenic natural beauty and mastering the white water rapids. Then, a spot of cliff jumping!
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cinimodssegrub (11 years ago)
Amazing video! Would make a good Blair Witch 3!
seahorseoysterfish (11 years ago)
Ahhh, I could feel the breeze, sense the rushing power of the majestic river, taste the icy chill of the rapids and smell the niff off that soggy sheep. Best bit was the sofa jump off the bank, ending up stuck in the sofa like a cranefly in chewing gum. Bit steamy around the eight minute mark, though...
Chisabella (11 years ago)
uhuhuhhuhuuhhu awesome

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