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if she ends up getting harassed or threatened I will have to delete the video because that isn't and never was my intention. I love you guys and want to spread positivity and tell my story I wonder where Sharon is now. Does she still hate eyeshadow? Am I really a harlet? CHECK OUT TANA MERCH: http://goo.gl/umfo5A STORYTIMES: https://goo.gl/KCfkra TANA & FRIENDS: https://goo.gl/vQ2uA2 BEST OF TANA: https://goo.gl/LPS4D9 MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: https://goo.gl/XPzcWm Instagram: https://goo.gl/VrsaRD Snapchat: tanamongeau1 Camera I Use: http://goo.gl/rO0N9I Tripod I Use: http://goo.gl/xgSwG8 My Lighting System: http://goo.gl/KPsoCM Use my invite code, tryfree5, and get a free ride up to $20. Redeem it at uber.com Free $20 Gift Card to Airbnb: https://goo.gl/VZxEVs SHOP MY SPYLIGHT CLOSET(find out what I wear): http://goo.gl/CZifuh I DO WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS THROUGH FAMEBIT AS WELL, if you'd like to take part in those sign up through this link: https://famebit.com/a/TanaMongeau if u see this comment #shrubaf below lol For business inquiries ONLY: [email protected] I LOVE U!!!!
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Blueberry Gang (1 day ago)
har·lot /ˈhärlət/ noun ARCHAIC a prostitute. synonyms:prostitute, call girl, sex worker; More DATED•DEROGATORY a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships
Lauren Salter (1 day ago)
she said she hated kids so she hates here fans
Crusty Dusty (1 day ago)
I legit looked up the teachers name and her net worth is less than $1 😂 CACKLE AT A BITCH
XxRaindropxX Drop (3 days ago)
Just to throw it out there a harlot means prostitute.
Delaney Sterling (3 days ago)
My 3rd grade teacher was a cunt
Marissa Howard (4 days ago)
i've always hated you... sharon.
Clout Kid (5 days ago)
All dislikes are from Sharon and her friends Oh wait who would want to be friends with a fucking cunt.
Nancy Botwin (5 days ago)
I believed everything up until the ending. Funny though
Courtney kraft (6 days ago)
You are ten to eleven in year five . How do I know that I am in year five
Rachel Brianna (6 days ago)
sending this video to every fucking teacher and principle i have ever had
simran makhani (6 days ago)
*i've always hated you...SHARON*
tamia morris (6 days ago)
Oh my god did anyone found there new YouTube addiction bc I have
Greta Kimble (6 days ago)
If someone starts wearing eyeshadow that young, chances are they will not turn out a harlot, but more likely will turn out AN ARTIST!!!!
Claudy Music (6 days ago)
Preach sis 🙌💀 Girls aren't objects. I can't believe she was suspended for thatt, she was going to school to fucking learn not for you to objectify her! Is boys education more important to you then girls *Sharon* ??
Leslie Deleon (6 days ago)
“ Im having pains “
Laura (7 days ago)
OMG TANA IS FROM VEGAS??? she said ccsd i’m shook
Shelbee Brown (8 days ago)
I got the bus driver fired in fifth grade
Jaylinn D (8 days ago)
I found out what harlick means a prostitute basically
Chloe Jaru (9 days ago)
Omg my teacher yelled at me for looking at the floor
Mira Swirsky (9 days ago)
Omfg I had a teacher who HATES me, kinda do something similar to me while I was wearing a tank top! And I went to the principal and got the teacher in trouble too!
Sissy 297 (9 days ago)
Why do you hate kids
I love you so muucchhh! But you’d probably hate me, I’m a kid.
Beniesha Simon (11 days ago)
I've always hated you Sharon -Tana Mongeau
Brittany N (11 days ago)
This is fuc king SAVAGE
Ava Vanwezel (11 days ago)
Mackenzie Hutchinson (12 days ago)
tHaNk'S sHaRoN 😂😂
Naia Mackenzie (13 days ago)
her noseee thooo -2019 viewer
FullCringeMode. (12 days ago)
Harlet means sex worker prostituted etc. (I asked google only so yeah)
Jeanie Loves you (13 days ago)
wItCh AsS CuNt - tana
Roxy loveday101 (13 days ago)
harlot /ˈhɑːlət/ Learn to pronounce nounARCHAIC a prostitute. synonyms: prostitute, call girl, sex worker; More DATED•DEROGATORY a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships. thats the meaning of harlot #I'vEAllWaYsHatEdyOUsHArrOn
Rachael Dennis (13 days ago)
"Call Me Mrs. Mongeau"
Anna Ragsdale (14 days ago)
A teacher I had hit a kid with a paddle for saying something not to the teacher to him self like a bad word like he can tho so... he whole stomach was red she still works there
Anna Ragsdale (14 days ago)
Sharon would be the principle that a kid would get suspended for punching her
Spencer Lyst (14 days ago)
tana's white balance changes more than my mood.
Brailey Sims (14 days ago)
Ok I am a 13 year old now but back in 3rd grade I was 9 and my teacher called me out cause my 18 year old sis signed my conduct and then same day I ask to go to the bathroom and she asked the rest of my class and says (I Don’t Know CAN SHE)!!!!!!🤬🤬 and I walked out and I go to the bathroom and it was time to go to pe and I ask my pe coach and I go to the nurse cause I was having a panic attack and James goes up in there tells her it’s all for show and long story short she admitted to all of it and now I’m homeschooled...I have always hated you my drunk / hungover teacher named mrs hames 🤬🤬🤬🙄🙄😡
sophia the potato (14 days ago)
Am I the only person that looked up Sharon garheart
Jaya GC (15 days ago)
Were u really that desperate to wear eyeshadow in fifth grade? Wtf has happened to humanity...
Alexie Bélanger (16 days ago)
This is why I hate teachers lmao
• Q u e e n • (16 days ago)
WHAT!! HARLOT MEANS PROSTITUTE, what the fuck is wrong with Sharon and why would she think it’s ok to call a 5th grader a prostitute!?Sharon is a real bitch
Kathleen Russo (17 days ago)
i’m pretty sure tana went to Harriet Treem Elementary School bc she spelt sharon’s name wrong it’s actually Sharon Garhardt
GUA 145 (17 days ago)
I have my 8th-grade culmination in a few days and there is a strict dress code rule saying for all girls NO SHOLDERS SHOWING AT ANY TIME and no lace back or anything. So we have to go out and find a fancy dress that actually looks good and has to be completely covering our shoulders and back which is just really stupid. They're reasoning is that if our SHOULDERS are out it will distract all the boys! like damn I can't wear a pretty dress that I like just because you think my GODDAMN SHOULDERS will distract the boys and honestly boys don't even care about me so who cares.
Cloe (17 days ago)
After I heard the bit of if you where makeup you’re will grow to be a hoe I just though ok then I’ll just put some makeup on pineapple
Cloe (17 days ago)
I’m but sliver eyeshadow isn’t going to distract nobody
Georgia Clarke (17 days ago)
Harlot is a prostitute btw
Bella Oliver (17 days ago)
Tiara Ko (18 days ago)
Z4Ge Gaming (19 days ago)
Reilly Stolze (20 days ago)
Maybe Sharon should learn that Tana is the queen and she is a peasant. Know your place, SHARON.
Maeve Lampman (20 days ago)
6:13 is my favorite part😂😂
c.flint Isug (21 days ago)
Belles Povey (21 days ago)
Btw tana a harlot is a prostitute
spicegirlsxx (22 days ago)
Putting on silver eyeshadow in support fuck u Sharon I never liked u
Johanna R (22 days ago)
My principal got fired because he shoved a kids head into a locker or desk idk but yea and everyone was happy because nobody liked him. And he suspended everyone that went to the office🤷‍♀️😂
Jadyn Tolliver (22 days ago)
A harlot means a prostitute or slut
Aaila S (22 days ago)
Harlot ~ A prostitute
Fatima X (22 days ago)
Tana 2016- " don't get me wrong I hate kids" Tana 2019-"I'm soooo pregnant" 🤣🤣 How much tana has changed
Jessica 1 (23 days ago)
Lol I love your rants. This is exactly how I rant to my friends
sleep4days (24 days ago)
The principle sounds like professor umbridge from Harry Potter...no? Just meh? O k
Aleeah Maes (24 days ago)
Neil D (24 days ago)
tanas prime
Wolfgirl (25 days ago)
(Little story about me) at recess we have this pole and me and my friends where chasing eachother around a pole then my teacher comes up and says we where pole dancing I was like wtf she says we (me and my friends) are disgusting and horrible. Who thinks that was right of my teacher ? Cause it was not right to me,me and my friends got detention
meemee23/fam Johnson (25 days ago)
I am a 48 y/o woman and I must say that I have never witnessed someone tell a story that can make me laugh like Tana. You are too funny girl. I recently found out that you are with MTV and I saw the video today that you are going to Vidcom. Keep it up girl. You are doing so great, all by yourself!!!
amber sadler (25 days ago)
*hey* -Tana-
Tay Smith (26 days ago)
i’ve always hated you Sharon- tana i’m fucking YoDeLiNg!!!!😭😭😭
Sofia Rose (26 days ago)
Harlot means prostitot 😂😂
Emily Geisler (26 days ago)
I started cackling when she said "I never liked you SHARON" lollolol
Chris MEd (27 days ago)
that mens good game
Chris MEd (27 days ago)
Kale (27 days ago)
my principal was like this too hahaahh my school was fucked up
Khendyl Sharrer (27 days ago)
it’s pronounced “gear heart”
Isabella Olsen (27 days ago)
Is the principal dead now?
Ella MacKinnon (27 days ago)
Watching this in 2019 and OH MY GOD she has changed
Emma Watt (27 days ago)
A teacher called her a prostitute (harlot)
Tyler Taylor (27 days ago)
Zara Ahmed (27 days ago)
Who came from FaceTime ?
Brianna Lopez (28 days ago)
Lol I've always hated you sharon
Flo Fortune-Baylis (29 days ago)
Harlot means a woman who has many sexual relationships Xoxoxo
Alexis Wakefield (29 days ago)
When my 3rd grade teacher made me CRY is class cause she yelled at me and told me not be be a “cry baby” in front of the whole class??? Like what the fuck 😂😂😭😂 still traumatized by that
shrekerino69 (29 days ago)
i love tana cause she so sassy when she wants to be, and that my personality, and i can relate,because i would've been thinking about punching that principle in the face but i wouldn't (lol sorry for the long and detailed comment)
ALIVIA DISTAD (1 month ago)
harlot is a prositute ahhhhhhh
Samantha -x- (1 month ago)
Why is your life like a movie 🎥
Ivana Vlasic (1 month ago)
Awww she is so little
Lillyann Griffin (1 month ago)
I looked it up a harlot is a prostitute/sex worker
andrea stars music (1 month ago)
IVE NEVER LIKED U SHARON This was the first “full “ Tana video I watched
Sniper Traider550 (1 month ago)
2019? Anyone
Kinley Cox (1 month ago)
SimplyEmma :3 (1 month ago)
I’ve watched this video 24 times no cap
Giulia Piombo (1 month ago)
whose here in 2019
Eishita Misra (1 month ago)
That "Sharon" moment was iconic.
Cheyenne Hunt (1 month ago)
ED: Tip: Look at it sideways
beep lasagna (1 month ago)
What tf is a RPC?
Ruby Caswell (1 month ago)
My eyeshadow story 😂
Sally Williams (1 month ago)
My after school care teacher told a girl to stop playing with the boys (cause she was a tomboy, and they were her normal friends) and to play with some dolls. My friends and I now secretly call her the 'sexist bish'
Brooklynn Branson (1 month ago)
A harlot is a prostitute!
isitjustme ? (1 month ago)
She said why would you choose that job when shes a youtuber dont get me wrong i love tana but
[PBA]WILL’s gaming (1 month ago)
Whatcha your language
Baylee Ortiz (1 month ago)
He FuCkEd Me WiTh A tOoTHbrush - miss.tuna
Bo Peep (1 month ago)
*"You look like a Harlot"* Just added that to my insult vocabulary

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