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Dream interpretation (killing someone in your dreams)

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Yes murder can come after you even in the few hours you escape the world. The act it self can represent an introverted person who feel a lot of anger. It can represent hating an aspect about yourself, that your are trying to escape from your waking life.
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Kylise Watt (10 months ago)
I had a killind dream where I was killing what I thought were enemies that meant me no good but the last person I tried to kill was my son who is two and I don't know why, now every body else I was able to kill and didn't haven't to worry about them again but my son I tried to cut off his head but for some reason I didn't get it quit off and I had to deal with the agony of him being in so much pain because of what I has done I was so hurt I wanted to kill myself but for some reason I couldn't finish him off, I really was trying to kill him fast so I wouldn't have to deal with the pain just like the rest of the ones I had killed but it didn't work that way with him. What does all this mean.

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