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Seal • Crazy • Live TV • 1991

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I do not own this footage, been capturing my VHS TV recordings from the 1990's to my computer
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Alexa Avery (5 days ago)
He is so fascinatingly different! HOT as HELL! CRAZY SEXY! ❤
Rebecca Kaas (8 days ago)
Wow, Seal looks so young in this video. of course, it was 27 years ago.
still pg (9 days ago)
only some want to fly. but they're the ones who invent the planes and change the world. great artist, realized it.
MrMustard2U (10 days ago)
Inna6101970 (14 days ago)
Omg, I never saw he is so handsome man!
Pilar Catala (16 days ago)
Guau esto es musica factastico
Andreia Santos Cardoso (17 days ago)
Fantástico nossa.
BUBBLE BUBBLE (18 days ago)
Even good live ❤️😊
Aisha Smith (18 days ago)
ToriKelly introduced me to this song! 😏
Levi's Mommy (19 days ago)
I can't believe Heidi Clum married this ugly bastard.
selky centeno (20 days ago)
Amazing Amazing.
googo151 (21 days ago)
Singing to tracks, so you can feel how lack luster this performance feels.
Cucu Ca (24 days ago)
I am still surviving, still a bit crazy but pushing one october 2018!
DIGITAL CHURCH (25 days ago)
All my life i thought seal was white?? what he is not???
Kim Dawes (27 days ago)
That is one crazy good looking guy! The epitome of tall, dark, and handsome! Great voice! Love his music!
MrMelgibstein (28 days ago)
Charles Robyn (28 days ago)
Sexy demais e super talentoso ❤🖒
Lidia Isabel Braga (28 days ago)
Amo as músicas deste cara.Ele é demais.
XeddieM (1 month ago)
Damn boy you are good
james eckley (1 month ago)
heather (1 month ago)
Sexy bitch dam sexy..
Mathieu Blanc (1 month ago)
Ca, c'est de la musique <3
Vaughn Stone (1 month ago)
Cuban Agassi (1 month ago)
His voice is so enchanting and good music and good voices are so underrated... We are so crappy in the year 2018... we are garbage
Jacob Online (1 month ago)
he can't sing and hes ugly wtf hes confident bitchs are turned on by the weirdest shit
Gabriel Talavera (1 month ago)
This song is a prophecy. Seal is a Pisces just like me and is jarring how important and poignant it is to know that we are not crazy but we need a little of it through humor and irony to survive. " Shoot the other one , together they were friends at school." Come on people .
Felipe Pacheco (1 month ago)
Perfect Perfeito
marlen perez (1 month ago)
Fabuloso 😘😘
gixxer750cc (1 month ago)
a Young Doug Wimbish of Living Colour on bass... 2:52 Well sorta on bass - LOL!!!
Música maravilhosa....💃💃💃
five Meng (1 month ago)
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Sandra Brandt (1 month ago)
Love u
Debra Dukes (1 month ago)
Absolutely love that I have all this Beautiful music in my life and so Awesome to have my two love it and say Mom I love your Music. 😉👌✌🔥
Broccoli Beefed (2 months ago)
He is so fuckin' sexy and talented. How many singers sound just like their record live these days?
antonella marconi (2 months ago)
Fascino e stile
gazza (2 months ago)
jeez seal had an ugly mug back then... still does but ....umm why is the guy playing the les paul upside down? hes left handed obviously, but dont they make them left handed?
Pani Krysia (2 months ago)
Super głos! Super utwór! 👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🍀
Monica Diaz (2 months ago)
My love 💖💕💞
Cesar campos (2 months ago)
Negrote se ve sabroso vale madre sus dicatrices jijiji
Karen Colegrove (2 months ago)
Something 2 c
YULIYA (2 months ago)
Некрасивый-Красавец!!!!песня попросту-эпичная!!!очи и глас у него попросту 'музыка'!
Juanito Alimaña (2 months ago)
Que cancion mas vacan
Nintendog140 (2 months ago)
Whoopi Goldberg and Seal look like brother and sister here
Teresa Osorio (2 months ago)
Maximo super love 👏👏👏
kdmil2002 (2 months ago)
He sounds good but the sound guy needed to turn up the reverb on his voice.  The recording has extreme reverb and maybe a little autotuner in comparison with his live voice.  I give him respect and credit for singing live even if It does not measure up to the recorded version.  I can't fault his style...dude was killing it in the style dept.
Claudio Fiorini (2 months ago)
Un grande Artista bravo GRANDE
Nonamerus1 (2 months ago)
YULIYA (2 months ago)
Прекрасная песня-она затмевает исполнителя....
Regiane Glamour (2 months ago)
Esse Seal é muito sexy.gosto de homem negro q assumem a cor.da pra ver q ele se alto valoriza.homem d verdade.
Joel Pilapil (3 months ago)
Akmang akma this song sa nakaraang MU 2015. Great performance
I give it a 4. Cut out whoopie's 1.5 sec appearance then it's a 10.
Angel Reyes (3 months ago)
R- truth
Ms. Winter (3 months ago)
My best friend dating back to middle school & I loved Seal. She passed away in the late 90's, but this song always reminds me of her.
Cucu Ca (24 days ago)
Life, time, friend, the echoes of time! Ms Winter, have a nice winter! You buddy loves you!
Renée Tuzun (3 months ago)
He's the best!!!!!
Jean Baptiste eichmann (3 months ago)
lesley rhind (3 months ago)
Fit !
Ana Ordaz (3 months ago)
Stefania Partini (3 months ago)
Seal you are wonderful!!!!!
Angelica Kitali (3 months ago)
Wagner Gomes Junior (3 months ago)
Essa música embalou meu primeiro namoro!
Kamau Janai (3 months ago)
Still going crazy ..cause Jeanie"s got a gun.
Jacob Patrick Poulsen (3 months ago)
I like Seal and his music. He rarely lip-syncs and his voice is amazing. :)
Alex Bakermault (3 months ago)
A legend. 1st class.
Guiding Angel (3 months ago)
seal with hair?
Alex S.L (3 months ago)
Beau Art (1 month ago)
Stfu. He is sexy, handsome and can sing. And you?
Debbie Marquis (3 months ago)
My first Seal song...found him on the British top one hundred as a teen...i heard him before i saw him...
Christopher Nelson (3 months ago)
Seal is awesome
Sirkildalot (3 months ago)
Love seal but this sounds flat...
George Alderson (3 months ago)
Sirkildalot Maybe because it is live? Still good though!
Kim Crawford (4 months ago)
Rose Mary Mayrink lima (4 months ago)
💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗sem palavras 👏👏
Karl-Wilhelm Schmidt (4 months ago)
Karl-Wilhelm Schmidt vor 1 Sekunde Gott hat uns ein Engel geschickt! Seat Best, wow..
Kestee Davis (4 months ago)
I do like seal. His lips are touching that microphone.
Aoudou Abdel (4 months ago)
Dont forget Africa Please
Aoudou Abdel (4 months ago)
The Best Bia!
Canzone meravigliosa👍
Dyala Del Pino (4 months ago)
Me encanta su musica esa es una de mi preferida
Alessio Roma (4 months ago)
666 999 (4 months ago)
Крутой певец 👍👌
Елена К (2 months ago)
Боже, моя молоость возвратилась ко мне!
Jean Baptiste eichmann (3 months ago)
en france /watch?v=wbEixSdDsrs
stringer 2295 (4 months ago)
I wonder if he ever thanked Adamski.????
Anapaula Castro (4 months ago)
Lisa Bullock (4 months ago)
Love this song..... played the cd over and over.........
paul STARKS (4 months ago)
When Seal first came out this song was so different and dope. He style was totally different.
Jalamang Jobe (4 months ago)
I like seal music ever since may god him
будто же круто он исполняет, попросту тащусь от его голоса:)
Isabella Langridge (4 months ago)
He looks awesome with dread locks
Barbra Wells (4 months ago)
SEAL sexy and fine as hell.
Eva B. (4 months ago)
Que voz!
arios Indo (4 months ago)
hi seal,, i am from indonesia,, thank you for the song,, great performance,, although its almost imposible to meet you,, but who knows someday in miracle,,, Gbu,, we love you,, bye
catherine avrain (5 months ago)
Il était beau trop beau bisous Cathy
Canta pcc
Meu Deus, o que aconteceu com seu rosto, Deus abençoe
Rose Oliveira (3 months ago)
A pele dele já melhorou muito, da atualmente tá muito melhor..
Brunaliza Gouvea (4 months ago)
DikmaSampaio243/52 Marques ele sofre de uma doença que as células atacam uma as outras gerando cicatrizes e perda de cabelo
Bradley Barangwe (5 months ago)
seal the best
Bradley Barangwe (5 months ago)
seal the best
Bradley Barangwe (5 months ago)
seal the best
Bradley Barangwe (5 months ago)
seal the best
Bradley Barangwe (5 months ago)
seal the best
Hermione Oliveira (5 months ago)
Jesica Van Aertselaere (5 months ago)
Picobello seal💝💝💝
mattc941 (5 months ago)
Still a fantastic song but I remember when this came out it was incredible , a new sound that we had never heard before and just different type of music altogether
Ms. Winter (24 days ago)
Agreed, and it still is. He takes us to unfamiliar places.

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