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Akon | Drink Champs (Full Episode)

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Akon discusses how he went from being locked up to signing Lady Gaga. He talks growing up and being more financially responsible, he shares some advice on investing, and also the economic influence of Africa. Find REVOLT on TV here: https://revolt.tv/request-revolt Stay connected with REVOLT.TV here: + Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/REVOLT_Subscribe_Now Website: http://REVOLT.TV (Surf) Instagram: http://Instagram.com/REVOLTTV (Follow) Twitter: http://twitter.com/REVOLTTV (Follow) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/REVOLTTV (Like) Snapchat: Revolt.TV (Add) Tumblr: http://REVOLTTV.Tumblr.com (Create) About REVOLT.TV : Launched by Sean "Diddy" Combs, REVOLT.TV is the #1 name in music. Focused on expertly curating the best of the best in music and engaging youth in social conversation, the multi-genre, multi-platform network offers breaking music news, videos, artist interviews, exclusive performances, and original programming. Artists REVOLT.TV covers include: Drake, Chance the Rapper, Jay-Z, French Montana, Lil Wayne, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Future, Rick Ross, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lil Yachty, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Solange, and many more.
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Alena Kym (3 days ago)
I can’t get enuff of the “big pimpN” story N.O.R.E. tells. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
German Enthusiast (3 days ago)
CashMoney 704 (4 days ago)
Skin approach to women is something I can get...just don't LIE..keep it true and give the Woman The option...the lying will and can get a nigga fucked up!!! #HelloLove Song/Trone ....
CashMoney 704 (4 days ago)
GodGanji's TreeOfLife (8 days ago)
Let the man talk Nore shit.Fuckin too hyper.
KoollifeTv (8 days ago)
I don't accept with Akon on this points that Black African should go back to Africa. You have to remember there is no electricity, Access to clean water, security, politician plots because not all Africa are peaceful to invest and almost Africa nation have no leadership , Senegal is far better than the rest of Africa nation. Sometimes many Want to return back but due to corruptions by the greedy Africa leaders discourage lots of African to go back and invest.
The Donald Funk (9 days ago)
What a introduction
Reds Reds1 (10 days ago)
Tha Jamaican spot queen's in the southside of Richmond va in the southside Plaza💯💯💯
A1 G-Redd (12 days ago)
I solute you Akon my brother This was a dope interview.. I'd love to move to Africa some day. I'm just not sure what part exactly.. Any suggestions for an handsome ambitious single poligimous 30yr US Southern King starting from scratch??
Ally Fathana (13 days ago)
WOW!!!! I am blown away! found new level of respect for this dude!
PicassoPretty Love (15 days ago)
Akon is one of the most sexiest dark skin men n he rich ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lord send me a man like this!
Nicolas Travis Daniel (16 days ago)
Tetra Hydro (19 days ago)
Senegal love ya
Tetra Hydro (19 days ago)
As a proud senegalese, i think this guy is an example of the real humble senegalese. I swear to God. More life AKon.!!!!!
Ms Bell (22 days ago)
AKON is soo intelligent. His forward thinking is on point.
Marcus Garvey (17 days ago)
@ MsBell; Akon says " I sun turn for half an hour coz i can't let no one get any darker than me" am literally wasted LOL tearing out a little bit. That statement was goals and classic in nature. # Long live melanin supreme God nature. 😎👌👊.
Bitcoin is LIT (23 days ago)
Kenya stand up!
Clos Montana (23 days ago)
Hahah twin look like he off the erks
Clos Montana (23 days ago)
Is it true about the birthday gift
ŁK Banga Dâñîkø (25 days ago)
Who 💉🇨🇩🇨🇩 in here 👀? I’m representing for all my Zaïrois/Congolese across the world 🌍. Kinshasa 🇨🇩!!!
Breezy Hardi (5 days ago)
I'm here from the same background as you. Zaire
coliniscolin (26 days ago)
lol crypto the "future" HAHAHAA today esp
Broderick Daniel (26 days ago)
Akon is a GENUIS‼️‼️
Marcus Garvey (17 days ago)
@ BroderickDaniel ; His melanin statement is almost extraterrestial. Akon said " i sun turn regularly. I catch a sun turn for half an hour coz i can't let no one get any darker than me"! And i am like wasted LOL, Tearing a little bit on the floor. It was fuckin helarious, leggit and RAW at the same time. Never seen or heard a wise rich proud eloquent melanin brotha ever ! # Melanine Supreme Brothaz.
B P (26 days ago)
I thought this was an amazing interview. I agreed a lot of what Akon is saying but i have one question. Why tell us to go back to Africa, when you reside in the united states?
Marcus Garvey (17 days ago)
@ BP ; Akon cash flow is at a level that gives him the luxury to live anywhere on this planet. He has a crib in the US, Africa and Dubai. So your opinionated question is empty of insight but full of fear and his statement was to provocke curiosity, reason and interested investment class people to go back there and explore the opportunities available for them. White America aint gonna give you the kind of opportunities the African continent can give to AfroAmericans who have ambitions to grow economically. So Its obvious he might not be talking to you coz you ain't at that level of cash flow, intellect and wisedom. Stay where you are and talk to chicken minded people and leave the African hawks like ( Mr. Akon )who flys higher can focus sharply and see the world from a different perspective and he is trying to inspire all African in the diaspora. He has a point when he said white Americas economic power was not build for Black Americans and he is right in all aspects..... Long live #Suprême Melanin Brothaz 👊😎👌.
Made in 96 (27 days ago)
Good shit 😂😂😂💯💯💯
OGD5000g (27 days ago)
47, Exactly
Phinhas Maina (27 days ago)
Men u r ma inspiration kp it up men
ooziebrown (29 days ago)
Wow. So many lies.... and with a straight face, too! This cat stole writers credits from musicians....he got his first deal off of music produced and written by Hakim, Tony Love, Khiry, etc. Amazing. He lies without conscious or flinching.
Sherlock Holmes (29 days ago)
Crypto currency is backed by the block chain!!!
HASSAN YOUSOUPH (29 days ago)
Akon said 35% of Africa spoke Spanish. Nahh nigga go home, your ass is drunk. I think of the 54 African countries, only Equatorial Guineans speak Spanish. He aslo he said Congo is in West African. Lmao Bro Akon you probably didn't study your geography of Africa well
CEDWA39 (1 month ago)
1:24:50 is hands down the most life changing piece of information I’ve ever encountered. That really just changed my world focus of life...fuck America 🛫 back to the home land
Siphelele Sokhela (1 month ago)
Black Americans should come back home, honestly what will America be without yall? instead of fighting that #blacksLivesMatter, you people have a home where you matter more than anything. With all resources that is needed. Fear doesnt exist
BigYah 144 (1 month ago)
When he said money is going to go digital eventually he was speaking on a RFID chip
Marlon Weir (1 month ago)
Best Drink Champs episode ever! I’m ready to go to Africa, who is with me?
Z.N Ama (1 month ago)
If you want to buy land in west Africa/build homes - holla me
Z.N Ama (1 month ago)
The most informative interview of all time, my only issue is they talking over Akon....we lost some jewels of knowledge by interrupting him. Nice one guys
Do4Self Music.com (1 month ago)
HENNY FINESSE (1 month ago)
You can tell hes laid back and cool but you can tell by his demeanor that he came to inform. I could tell 2 mins in he was lookin like. "These niggas..😔" im thug this interview out tho.
KPSelfArt (1 month ago)
This Interview reminds me Akon's collabo with Rihanna, Emergency room.They went hard
Mouhamed Gueye (1 month ago)
21:09 - I swear Hennything is possible on God. Akon, after couple drinks 🍹 said that Congo is actually a part of West Africa and none of these motherfuckers realized my nigga was wrong 😭😭
Anayah Harris (1 month ago)
make this man king of West Africa!
Anayah Harris (1 month ago)
I fuckin LOVE this man
Story (1 month ago)
Please #vote 2020 AKon
Dope ministry podcast (1 month ago)
Check my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgjRu0z0SJtV6ey4WGAE5ww
Tania Nieper (1 month ago)
Let the man speak, you need to stop cutting him off. Its annoying ASF
Shirley Allen (1 month ago)
Akon, I love you. Im getting ready for my Big 60 bday. Where you at? I miss you. I love you man. I love your music, I love your sound. Come back to me brother. I play you everyday. My neighbors want to have me kicked out cause I cant live without It dont matter. Love you young man. Come back to me!!!!
DeAnthony Leggett (1 month ago)
Nore @ 6:00 💎
King of MF'ing Hearts (1 month ago)
Shit, at this point if there ever were to be a Nas episode (not holding my breath for it) i bet it'll do at least 500k in a day, easily.
Thompa (1 month ago)
1:31:23 lol, how can he ask that with a straight face
Thompa (1 month ago)
Akon is the 2nd king of hooks, after nate dogg
Omar Scruggs (1 month ago)
Nore be having the chance to get some real game to spread to the people from people he has on the show and he'll joke through it and annoy the guest instead of getting the game out to the people. smh. biggest problem wit drink champs
702pow (1 month ago)
LMBAO!! "My real girl hates that you bring this story up all the fuckin time" lol fantasy island ASS nigga
gabe crump (1 month ago)
Akon droppin gems. Salute my nigga
clint fatu Lauoletolo (1 month ago)
Akon is a da fukin man respect
bakari Fuller (1 month ago)
I been asking people why us blacks should go to Africa and I've been yelled at threatened and everything else but he just gave me a real reason. Thank you Akon for SO MANY JEWELS
Mr.Clandestine (1 month ago)
The longer the interview goes the drunker NoRE gets.
hakim burton (1 month ago)
Melenessity Lmaaooo I love Nore Hes Retarded
Ayo Lovebugg (1 month ago)
Facebook brought me here 😍😍
Julien Kabangu (1 month ago)
Man i love this dude. He's the true example of GIVING A MEANING TO YOUR SUCCESS. Stepping out of the hip hop culture and going out there To change and impact the world. Salute Akon !!
Evil Head (1 month ago)
Vybz kartel the goat 🐐
Dramé Kanji Francina (1 month ago)
Akon spoke nothing but facts. My recent trip to Africa got me wanting to go back asap and establish my business out there.
Sikwitit Ball Pythons (1 month ago)
Nore is crazy and Akon was trying to spit game
Rotfl,more must of been in atl back in 2014 cause I was there when that snow storm hit. I was dying laughing at how ppl panicked over that little bit of snow. Until I had to go to walmart and nothing was running I found a guy who was making run and this ninja charged me $25 just to go the store. Shit pissed me off,but I needed to go to the store. $50 just to go to and from walmart. I was livid that damn day. ATL gotta do better.
April (1 month ago)
Been a min since I’ve seen Akon on anything. Nice interview
LV GOD here7 (1 month ago)
When you already know akon a legend but that moment you found out he is the reason lady gaga is who she is
Big Junz (1 month ago)
Best Interview ...Akon dropping financial investment knowledge. Akon signed that Canadian rapper Kardinal Official at one point . But big up to Akon for giving back to Africa
Mike Jones (1 month ago)
Nore stfu please!!
Diallo Amadou oury (1 month ago)
Yes that’s true we don’t even know how much the value we have
Diallo Amadou oury (1 month ago)
Akon is my legend because he’s music made me tronger for real
squaner1 (1 month ago)
Great listen. Congo is actually in Central Africa. Akon got that wrong there.
uzinigerdelta (1 month ago)
I watched the whole thing in my studio, you guys maybe me laugh a lot. Nice video
abu attah (1 month ago)
DJ Effen is interested in learning to be rich and productive.
uzinigerdelta (1 month ago)
Akon my brother Congo is in the central :p
Daris Hamilton (1 month ago)
I just realized they didn't do any tiger bone shots. Unless i missed it
Daris Hamilton (1 month ago)
Nore- "i need to wake up with you Akon" EFN- "Pause" Me- "😂"
Anderson K. Green III (2 months ago)
I wanna move to Africa, but don't know where to start.
Joseph Buckingham (2 months ago)
This interview was cool but when he went off on how 'you don't need shots' and 'malaria is a myth', he was chatting absolute shit. Medically speaking he is completely wrong
Team BLAM (2 months ago)
God Bless Akon! #TeamBLAM!
Brandon Nash (2 months ago)
Nore talk too much like stfu bra
uncle nytz (2 months ago)
nore why do you never people talk .. like ever ?? you ask them a question , the person goes to answer & you throw them off their train of thought with a lame interjection . apologies is cool but you’re still doing it
mochabetty (2 months ago)
Puffy should take a page or two from Akon’s book when it comes to building an artist after they’re signed
officialcpa (2 months ago)
Time stamps ?
Dane Carroll (2 months ago)
LMAO akons face when Nore sed that shit lol
Dane Carroll (2 months ago)
Legendary interview !
Blair Jones (2 months ago)
Nore is funny
King Davon (2 months ago)
They need to shut the fuck in let people TALK THEY ALWAYS CUTTING MFS Off
SHEKU JANNEH esq (2 months ago)
Wise Nubian Polygyny (2 months ago)
I Need People To Sub To My Page..
Enrique Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Akon and N.O.R.E Epic!
Wise Nubian Polygyny (2 months ago)
i am the same way!!
Jessica Wright (2 months ago)
Let akon talk!!
SYRIUS IDEAS (2 months ago)
NOREE you're a fuckin idiot , akon is giving you jewels, you keep bull shitting . DUMB ASS
Lekeisha Jones (2 months ago)
1:13:40 I've been to Island Cafe... he's telling the truth!
G. Duenas (2 months ago)
Nigga Nore talk too fuckin much!!
Amos Quito (2 months ago)
Can somebody please see Nore's lips shut for a second? Jeeez..
Jack Roro (2 months ago)
I don°t agree on crypto currency. But give those guys some manhood lessons. They don°t understand. teach them how to speak to the women
Rob Gill-Wilkinson (2 months ago)
Soooo many jewels 💎
Antonio Gutierrez (2 months ago)
Now I want to visit the Congo.
Precise Videos (2 months ago)
S/O to Dj EFN for the dope questions
Mo3 (2 months ago)
Island cafe on memorial is the shit on the eastside tho 1:22:36😂
TakeYouToTheGlory (2 months ago)
Akon 2020
Tameca Hopkins (2 months ago)
wow Akon is very wise!
Jeff Jordan (2 months ago)
We come straight no chaser, and what the FUCK is fear? Aries baby!

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