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Found GoPro Underwater - 4 Months Later, OWNER FOUND ME! (Best Reaction!)

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Found GoPro Underwater - 4 Months Later, OWNER FOUND ME! (Best Reaction!) In this video, we react to some lost footage from a GoPro 5 I found underwater in the river. 4 MONTHS LATER, the owner of the GoPro saw the video, and got in contact with me! I was all excited, and I got to meet with him and get it back to him, just in time for his birthday! Subscribe and help me reach my goal of 3 Million Subscribers! https://www.bit.ly/manplusriver ***BUY A LIMITED TIME MAN + RIVER T-SHIRT HERE:*** https://www.manplusriver.com Giveaway Details: If you purchased a T-Shirt between 11/1/18 - 11/18/18, you will be automatically entered into the GoPro Drawing. (GoPro Hero 4 Black, with new housing case). You will also be entered to win 9 other prizes including free merch, and other river treasure. I will announce the winners in a video shortly after the 18th. Good luck! Follow Man + River: Facebook: facebook.com/manplusriver Instagram: instagram.com/manplusriver Twitter: twitter.com/manplusriver1 Watch More Man + River: Latest Uploads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCo892UZJUA&list=PLghbbSSODojf77XFtfJl1YygH_tpFuz0w Popular Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs9uqGPco8w&list=PLghbbSSODojfi6YzQfh6yiapiJkTvqJsc Underwater Metal Detecting a WATERFALL - I Found an iPhone, Rings, Pocket Knife (Phone Returned!!!) https://youtu.be/fN7zAr-wKmU River Treasure: I Found a Working iPhone 7 PLUS, GoPro, Keys, Money (iPhone Returned to Owner!!!) https://youtu.be/3OLMTIs8EmQ Email: [email protected] About Man + River: Hey my name is Dallas! I’m a Free diver, Scuba Diver and Treasure hunter. Welcome to my channel Man + River, where I take you along on my lost river and lake treasure hunting adventures! Hit the subscribe button to join me on my next dive!
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Man + River (1 month ago)
Hey everybody! Here's a link to my BRAND NEW WEBSITE! (Can you tell I'm excited?) Grab a shirt by 11/18 to enter the GoPro Giveaway! https://www.manplusriver.com Good luck!
Irish Bongo (4 days ago)
I'm waiting your channel video for all days
Hey everybody! Here's a Link To My BRAND NEW WEBSITE! (Can You Tell L'm Excited?) Grab a Shirt by 11/18 to enter the GoPro
Js Nonny (17 days ago)
Nice .... But sorry brother I'm indan I can't buy .....coz it's much from me .....
Eileentomboy OOF (23 days ago)
I love your videos!
DJ Gamers (1 month ago)
You is very kind
It's Me Janessa (4 days ago)
Always watching your videos 😊😊😊 love from Philippines 😍😘😍
Idiots TV (9 days ago)
im from indonesia i love this guy
Ông Quắn (14 days ago)
I'm Vietnam's
Kate the Great 18 (15 days ago)
Did anyone else think that in the thumbnail it was Shawn Johnson and Andrew
M4ynarD Gaming (16 days ago)
Your a nice guy bro .... I love watching your videos mennnnnnn Keep it up as a Good person
Hannah Robinson (16 days ago)
some one. Bumped him
Love Sharma (16 days ago)
You and your wife ❤️ cute couple 💕💓👍🙏
Js Nonny (17 days ago)
Waheguru bless you bro Really you are a great honest
Itz Cena here (17 days ago)
Sheridan is a place in Wyoming ❤️
Kaye Barcenas (18 days ago)
I wonder what's wrong with the people who dislikes this video? It made me smile when he's talking to the owner, anyway more power to you Dallas
Blue GachaStudios (18 days ago)
You are such an amazing person! You are awesome!! We need more people like you in the world! Tonight I saw one of your videos for the first time & I was like, "Wow! This guy is amazing & kind!" I am a new subscriber! Btw congrats on 2M subs!!
L Ferret (19 days ago)
This is so cool!! So glad you were able to get it back to him. WTG Dallas!
Evan Tu (19 days ago)
Man that guy that got his GoPro back has a nice Jeep or whatever!
Khairul Umam (21 days ago)
Apa cuma gua doang orang Indonesia
Jason Davids (21 days ago)
hey bahy what do you thinkmis on here, baby i dont know, hubby hey might som3 murder lol had me boken
DoUcHe BaGg (21 days ago)
always the womans fault.
Farhunson (21 days ago)
2:07 whoa whoa you're thinking too far man 😂😂😂..
Hijab Queen by Lia (21 days ago)
feeling so excited everytime u return all things to the owners back 😍 Man+ River
Molly Jean (21 days ago)
4:03 I think he drops it. Edit: lol I was trying to be smart by pointing out the obvi but he didn’t even drop it😂😂
Aishathxsx Shaira to x (21 days ago)
He throws it he thought it was a marshmallow
Matteo Do (22 days ago)
how much
Konner Wright (22 days ago)
He gets drunk and falls in the river
Lohana _XD (22 days ago)
Sorry for the misspellings because I am Brazilian I have a question you remove the trash inside the rivers? Thanks so much for you and your channel are helping me learn English
Cate R (17 days ago)
Lohana _XD Yes, Dallas removes the trash from the rivers.
Megumi Kurumada (23 days ago)
*I want Dalla's Laugh/chuckles on Spotify* Awwwwww And i'm so curious abt waht his wife look like and then .. BOOM ! How can she so so gorgeous by simply wearing a cap and a pretty smile ?
Eileentomboy OOF (23 days ago)
I love your videos I watch your videos every day
Hannah Mlsna (23 days ago)
I swear my birthday is on nov 6 also
Nana HJ (23 days ago)
Hay im your fans from Indonesia
Michael Linzenmeyer (23 days ago)
Hey Man+River. What if I wanted to give you some gear to help you search easier? Like a Dynamic Mammut rope and a harness complete with a couple carabiners and an ATC.
Daiane Gondim (23 days ago)
Wooooooohooooo i like this 😂😂😂❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Qory Ainia (23 days ago)
Indonesiaaaa haiiii👌👌👌
Sajjanpreet Singh (24 days ago)
lets find a deadbody then it ll be awesome
Jose Jimenez (24 days ago)
I want to enter the giveaway your my favorite YouTube and you are a really nive person god bless you
Ruth Cedillo (25 days ago)
Right before you said leave good comment I was like literally about to leave and that said about your wife she's like so so so so so so cute like if you agree that
Alena Halvorsen (25 days ago)
I love jour videos!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mini wolf (25 days ago)
Happy late birthday !!
Luis_Gabriel_TV (25 days ago)
Nice video
Hana Chahine (25 days ago)
been here since 346 k!
Minnu Mickey (25 days ago)
Bro Keep New Videos
Presley Drage (25 days ago)
Savannah's Toy Reviews (25 days ago)
He sat it down then it fell?
SIPLAYSE (26 days ago)
Channelation_ AGI (26 days ago)
How's the other phone doing?
MallieMoo🐼 (26 days ago)
His hands accidentally slip and he drops it...yikes😬.....oh nvm
Mr.Cubic (26 days ago)
Make a pop socket with man plus river
Gean Vincent A. (26 days ago)
Why do you only ever find iPhones? Do you only pick up iPhones and just leave androids behind?
Swapnil Paws (27 days ago)
Love your videos dude !!! You're really awesome !!! Keep entertaining me. Thank you !!! Love you from, India ... WHOOO-HOOOO !!!
Dubelsa Olea (27 days ago)
someone throws a marshemelo and The Gropro slips from his hands
Jammie Catarina (27 days ago)
You've got a new subscriber from the Philippines 👌🇵🇭
Jammie Catarina (27 days ago)
You've got a new subscriber from the Philippines 👌🇵🇭
Cai Gaming (27 days ago)
Man + River is the MANNN! and he inspired me to become a youtuber, I a filipino youtuber from philippines and Im hoping for your support to subscribe to my channel to inspire other people and also to help my family. Love You All! Mahal Ko kayo..
FrostedNorth (27 days ago)
GUYS WHAT tank does he use or gear or does he just hold his breath
BenBenRaider _MV (27 days ago)
hi i am from Indonesia when did you go diving in the indonesia river ?? if you dive in the Indonesian river you will find many things hehe I really like what you do, you do something without expecting a reward. Maybe in my country there are no channels like you. hopefully it can inspire many people ..
Nicole Loggins (28 days ago)
Why don’t you post any new videos?
AbanG GameR (28 days ago)
How much do you have a phone and glasses
Hannah Parsons (28 days ago)
I have been watching your videos for the past few days then i realised that I did not subscribe. I raced to the subscribe button and BOOM you have another subscriber. I love your videos! Keep going and i will keep liking every single video. your amazing. PS..I have notifications on! xx
HUGO ROSAS-MORALES (28 days ago)
Hey how do I unlock a android
stephanie lombard (28 days ago)
the lady sitting beside him hit the gopro with her paddle
Ryan Cookie (28 days ago)
8800th like
cherry Nguyễn (29 days ago)
Im in Vietnam and i love all your video and i love you
Very lovely, thank you due to give!
Cole White (29 days ago)
Have you ever returned an item to a person that was a woo-hoo face
Victoria Contreras (29 days ago)
Your name is dallas
FADLIN 04 (1 month ago)
hi from malaysian😬💞
XBowo TV (1 month ago)
I want to ask u something. Do u get payed if u do this? Pls answer
420 LIFE (1 month ago)
i predict that he was taking a video and a marsmello hit the camera
Mercedes Quiroz (1 month ago)
I think that maybe he tried to catch a marshmallow with the hand that had the camera in it & let it go under the water
Dingle Derper (1 month ago)
I dropped my phone last winter while i was snowmobiling, i found it 3 months later fully working. It was an iPhone 8!
Cadence Greeson (1 month ago)
I think how it falls is the float flips over and he dropped it
Erin Haley (1 month ago)
Seriously my favorite one! Love this
Jit Pal (1 month ago)
😍😍😍😍this is really good vedio
Mrx Gaming (1 month ago)
You we also bikers
Mrx Gaming (1 month ago)
You are so kind
JAS Gaming (1 month ago)
Want free gifts Just Go to the river Throw your phone in the river(cover it with waterproof case) And anytime you can get call for dallas
This is so sad 😂😂😂
elybenedict alag (1 month ago)
Pa iyot si dallas💓
unknown world (1 month ago)
I OPENED A NEW CLAN IN CLASH OF ROYALS ...IT IS called ..........MAN+RIVER...😱😱😱💧💧💧🔥🔥🔥🔥🌋🌋🌋🌋🌊
A U (1 month ago)
Are you based in Arizona??
Chithra Y (1 month ago)
What do u do with the phones that u can’t return?
Ghel Valparaiso (1 month ago)
New subscriber here from the philippines bro! And you are really amazing, I hope someday you can go here in the Philippins and do the same thing..
hunter mallery (1 month ago)
Please find mi pone's info is on mi channel hunter mallery
Jocelyn Cook (1 month ago)
been watching you since last night with my brother and I already LOOOOVVVEEE you!
POPS NO ESTILO 110i (1 month ago)
Mano bota traducao para portugues
Apen GT (1 month ago)
Bro try to go to Indonesian river you only get a trash XD
M0z!lA F!reF0x (1 month ago)
I want to show Indonesian in the title
Ikhsan Alfazri (1 month ago)
in my country,i found trash everywhere in the river,no go pros,no handphone,no glasses. Just a trash.
Auie Cano (1 month ago)
I want that gopro plzzzz😭😭😭
Joelle Leisure (1 month ago)
New subscriber all the way from Singapore~~~~~~~ hope ur channel goes far far far to international level~~~~~~
Joshua Argueta (1 month ago)
Ryan Collins (1 month ago)
Is this a re-upload I remember seeing this but it was longer than a week ago
ItsJustSoda (1 month ago)
Yo new sub I love ur content
Dipti Rana (1 month ago)
Hello Dear sir, How to you unlock all iPhone?????
Anjali Nile (1 month ago)
In which water u r swiming plz tell us we will also scooba dive inside that and find the items
ToyChica KC (1 month ago)
What's your highest score of finding phones
ricel gl (1 month ago)
What a nice person you are man keep it up good luck and be safe always
Pricsilla Mendiola (1 month ago)
u have a new sub ^_^
Cauan Victor (1 month ago)
Oi eubsou brasileiro ou como vocês dizem briziliam gosto muito do seu canal se der manda um salve pra mim
Gliza Abitan (1 month ago)
Loved your videos. Amazing how you return cellphones and GoPro to the owners without asking for payment! You are so humble and kind 👍 keep it up Idol 👍👍👍😘
Toys Net (1 month ago)
I love your channel i from Indonesia For DALLAS
FearzZ : (1 month ago)
Your such a amazing YouTuber because you give back to the community keep it up
Ty seš z České republiky Prosím odpověď

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