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The Amazing Everyday Spring Looks Ideas for Women Over 40.|Anna Sakhno Channel.|Spring Fashion 2019.

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The very nice casual and everyday classy street looks collection for women over 40. Spring is here! Fashionable ideas and creative looks for you! #annasakhno, #womenover40fashion, #springstyle The main secrets of look in this video: 1. The chic look you can create with the help of one coloe (ornament printed) women's suit and stylysh accsessories. Slide 1. (0:01 min) 2. Total white or total black look - its always chic and cool street style variant. Slide 2, 3. (0:10-0:16 min) 3. So, the cool option is black and white color mix. Its not boring, if you wear quality materials. Silk, mohair, cashmere, wool. Slide 3, 12. (0:19 min, 1:27 min) 4. One else secret: printed top OR printed pants. Something will be one color. Slide 4. 0:27 min. 5. Jeans! Yes, of couse, it's classy, its' must have and cool casual detail of wardrobe. The most stylish combination with one color (white/black/orange/grey/green/red) top, sweater, blouses. One color. Not more! Slide 5, 6, 7, 9 14. (0:32 min, 1:04 min, 1:58 min) 6. The really cool look with classy shirt. You can choose not inly white, but blue, plaid style, striped.... Slide 7. (0:53 min) 7. Classy pencil skirt is must have! Slide 8. (0:57 min) 8. Its really charming and truly gorgeous color for women over 40 is beige and its shades. Slide 10, 11, 13. (1:16 min, 1:40 min). 9. Leopard print. Its trendy and attracts attention. But only quality materials and right print! Slide 12. (1:35 min). 10. One chic color for gorgeous look is grey. Its the second black. SLide 14. (1:52 min). 11. Red and black colors! Amazing mix! Bright and very chic. Slide 15. (2:05 min). 12. Classy black and white look. Slide 17, 18. (2:18 min, 2:23 min). 13. Dont forget neck scarves and other chic accsessories, massive bracelets, ring and beads, Slide 19. (2:31 min). 14. Of course, the really stylish spring look you can create with the striped, sailor style top. Slide 25. (3:18) 15. Total white and its shades color style. Always fresh. Always! Slide 27, 28. (3:24 min). If you like my channel, please subscribe it. I’m trying to involve you in the world of fashion, the new trends and show truly interesting and stylish outfits ideas. https://www.youtube.com/c/AnnaSakhno The thematic of my channel includes three main streams of fashion: the first one is the most fashionable and trendiest seasonal ideas of ladies everyday outfit, street looks and jewelry trends. It’s the biggest part of all my videos. This part is devoted to casual stylish looks, everyday gorgeous outfits, cute and comfy look books and graceful urban fashion wear. The second one is the color blocking fashion and amazing everyday color mixing urban style. And the third is the fashion ideas for women over 50. Also, you can see in my channel a few video-ideas of men and kids fashion and cute families’ trends. For creating each of my videos I choose the best photo-material, pictures, I watch fashion news, observe designers works and see the latest, fresh trends. I’m trying to involve you in the world of fashion, the new trends and show truly interesting, trendy, really beautiful and stylish outfit ideas for your absolutely excellent and stunning everyday look. If you like my channel, please subscribe it, I’ll will be happy! Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/annsakhno0638/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anna.sakhnobessonova Tumbler: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/annasakhno Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sakhno_ann/?hl=ru Twitter: https://twitter.com/BessonovaAnn Telegtam: https://t.me/superstyle Everyday spring looks for women over 40, spring street looks for women over 40, street spring outfits for women over 40, chic street style, chic street looks ideas, stylish urban style for women over 40, stylish everyday looks, classy spring looks for women over 40, classy business spring style, spring classy looks ideas for women over 40, casual classy looks for women over 40, spring fashion ideas, spring fashionable street looks, spring best outfits
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Text Comments (23)
Hi anna, i love them all !!! So elegant, so nice, fantastic. Well done!!!!!!!
Anna Sakhno (2 months ago)
Thank you!!!!
Lillol F (3 months ago)
Hey, bring it on! These clothes were made for us! Looking fabulous!
Toni Pope (4 months ago)
I love the occasional pops of rich colors! Gorgeous! How do you do it! Every time I watch it gets more inspiring! Keep on with the beautiful ideas!
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
ThAnks a lot for your support!!!!😘😘😘
Toni Pope (4 months ago)
I love the occasional pops of rich colors! Gorgeous! How do you do it! Every time I watch it gets more inspiring! Keep on with the beautiful ideas!
Percy M.O. (4 months ago)
Wonderful ☺️💕
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
Denise Oates (4 months ago)
Yeah, thanks for concentrating on clips of the more mature sector of fashionable women. It shows that we (me 57) refuse to be locked into a stereotype of what appropriate anymore. No house dress for us, unless we wearing banging shoes and jewelry. Tee Hee
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching and writing me!!!!😘😘😘❤️🌹
Angela Petta (4 months ago)
Yes, woman over 40 are beautiful, stunning, wise & full of experiences. Thank you for celebrating women over 40 with these stylish looks. Cheers 😉 🌷
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
Totally agree!!!! Have a wonderful day!
Gabriele 54 (4 months ago)
Thank you for your inspiration, so many beautiful and charming outfits for ladies👍🌷
Adela López Bardo (2 months ago)
Gabriele 54 donde se puede encontrar estas prendas me gustaría tener contacto......
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
Thank you for watching!!!! I’m happy that you like this video!!!
Gigi McGuane (4 months ago)
So beautiful Anna. Love it
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
Thank you!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
jacqueline schael (4 months ago)
Great outfits by fantastic looking women (except for the one in 2:18).
Isabelle Laval (4 months ago)
Could be the lighting, could be the pose she was asked to take. I checked and sure enough, she looked like she was having a bad day. Not a problem, who's perfect? My eyes can't tell if she was featured more than once. Personally being a chubby size 42/44, (size 12?) I was concerned that all the models (all blonds? same model?) looked like they were wearing a size 36/38, really tiny. Would that be a size 8 in the US? Thank goodness everything was gorgeous and inspiring. Happy shopping!
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
Don’t like Lyn? Thanks for opinion!!!!
Lillol F (4 months ago)
Thanks for these doable looks for the mature woman that can be put together by most of us and know we look chic!
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
Thank you for watching!!!!
Anna Sakhno (4 months ago)
Nice casual and everyday classy outfits for womne over 40!

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