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seal - amazing (live) victoria's secret 2007

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Costa Rica Lovers Blog (3 years ago)
Adriana it's so perfect!
Costa Rica Lovers Blog (3 years ago)
Kleisson Santos (4 years ago)
Adriana perfect! 
HOA LINNA (4 years ago)
Alessandra ambrosio so sexy
Alicia Salgado (5 years ago)
you won't find it to include the choir, the white duke mix is closest I could find, which is pretty much it minus the choir xxx good luck xxx it is on itunes btw xxx
shovelfxwg (6 years ago)
attacked by a shark?>
why is seal so ugly
apls291 (6 years ago)
i want this version of the song ;(
Kaylee Brown (6 years ago)
No joke seal was totally checking out that chick at 0:45 lol.
koolaidgetkrunk (7 years ago)
the only reason i would model would be so I could walk that catwalk to the beat of the music. i wouldnt care about anything else lol
Hazmondo (7 years ago)
Can't believe no one's mentioned Seal's classic silver sequin suit.
sass (7 years ago)
sass (7 years ago)
heidi, alessandra, marisa and adriana's outfits were my favorites!!!!
Frank Bouwman (8 years ago)
Only 29 thousand views? Half of that must be mine :D!
tayresa83 (8 years ago)
Heidi is FIERCE!
Leonardo Cardoso (9 years ago)
The brazilian girl...oh my gosh....very beatiful;;;
tommi eidwarts (9 years ago)
Eim Is (9 years ago)

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